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Alexander Skarsgard: Lunch Break at Joan's on Third

Alexander Skarsgard: Lunch Break at Joan's on Third

Alexander Skarsgard makes a phone call after having lunch on Thursday (April 28) at Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor is a huge fan of Joan’s on Third and has brought girlfriend Kate Bosworth along with him for lunch in the past.

Last week, Alexander was spotted going to the gym for a post-Coachella workout!

Alex‘s latest film, Melancholia, will screen at the Cannes Film Festival next month!

Kirsten Dunst also stars in the Lars Von Trier film – be sure to check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet!

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120 Responses to “Alexander Skarsgard: Lunch Break at Joan's on Third”

  1. 1
    Stranger Says:

    So Hawt! I want, can have. Please.

  2. 2
    YES Says:

    He’s twigless! And man is he looking sexy. Even though he looks tense.

  3. 3
    ElisaDay Says:

    I was pretty disappointed that AS didn’t get the part in Thor, but I went to see it yesterday and Chris Hemsworth is absolutely brilliant. And yummy too ;)

  4. 4
    seriously Says:

    Christ Jared, can’t you let him have a post just to himself, do you have to drag that famewhore into the convo every d*mn time?

  5. 5
    KV Says:

    @seriously: Agreed!

  6. 6
    Doreen Says:

    Alex looks great! So sexy in that black t-shirt and I like those sunglasses a lot better than the ones he had on at Coachelle. He does look tense on the phone though. Maybe not a good conversation?

  7. 7
    serios actor yo Says:

    go to a pap hangout, look annoyed while being papped. get your pictures ~bought~ by a publicist fed blog. profit.

  8. 8
    Fame tour Says:

    Joan’s on Third √
    Chateau Marmont
    Equinox gym
    Fashion event

  9. 9
    Putting her order in Says:

    Oh Honey, get me some of that red velvel cake, oh nevermind, a toothpick would be fine, with a glass of water. I have to watch my figure. LOL. Oh, nevermind, I just got an “ewwwww” after rereading it. Sorry for mentioning her.

  10. 10
    overi Says:

    I dont think pale blonde men with over bites are hot but maybe that’s just me. Tall dark and handsome FTW!!!

  11. 11
    iv league Says:

    Yes he’s a big fan of Joans…I’m sure the paps appreciate ASkars making life easy for them. This guy’s PR has gone from bs to boring. I’ve decided he and twigs are great together. At least they’re always good for a laugh. I don’t look forward to the day when twigs is gone and Skars is going around with an actual supermodel, because that is probably next.

  12. 12
    seriously Says:

    @overi: Love that overbite!!! Love it Love it Love it!!!

  13. 13
    seriously Says:

    @Doreen: He does look great! I swear that man is walking sex appeal!

  14. 14
    tense Says:

    yeah alex looks tense what does he expect hangs out in pap place and dates a wannabe model/actress, famewhore, pap lover,
    I bet the little famewhore who is WORKING for once is on the other end of that phone sorting out there little couply outing his weekend and having a little disagreement on where they should go to be paped met gala sounds good to me for there photo op as a couple in NYC LOL I think it is may 2nd??, how about a summer trip to sweden?? or cannes where melancholia premiere’s there all couply photo opportunities lol lol

    and I wonder if alex actually knows the paps are there??

  15. 15
    tami Says:

    He looks so handsome! I love his arms.

  16. 16
    A Says:

    @overi: “tall dark and handsome” is so overrated.
    and if you’re a darker women, you are only shooting yourself in the foot if you think dark men are more masculine than lighter men because you are essentially saying light is more feminine than dark.
    Just saying!! I prefer dark blond men with blue or green eyes myself ;)

  17. 17
    Delicious Says:

    Ok, I’ll take an order of Skars and a side of that hip thrust with a dash of strut. Man he looks good. Maybe he can get po’d at Joan’s more often and we can enjoy the results. Too bad he’s not on the takeout menu. Ahh..the sunlight glinting off his hair just so…(and you all know JJ just throws in the unmentionable’s name to get us all worked up and post 75 more times than normal because of it, ignore him..)

  18. 18
    Lawrence Says:

    Ummm what a hunk!.

  19. 19
    MERRICK Says:

    Wow, he’s looking really FAS in these pics. The sunglasses help a little, but still, poor thing.
    But I’m glad he gets around.

  20. 20
    MERRICK Says:

    He looks good.

  21. 21
    Tanter Says:

    About him eating lunch the same place so often even when the paps show up: taking long lunch breaks and eating out is HUGE in Sweden. The same with going for coffee. He’s probably just doing what he does at home: eating his lunch at his favorite place. If it wasn’t for his paploving gf, I doubt we’d get so many photos of him at Joans so I say it makes him more dumb than a famewhore. Because that’s really what it comes down to: he wants his privacy, yet dates a girl who sell hers. How they want that to work out, I don’t know but I suspect he’ll be the one loosing and that’s a shame.

    That being said he looks great here. Simple look, stunning guy. Hope he makes it to Cannes! Can’t wait for Melancholia.

  22. 22
    time Says:

    No blonde and blue eyes is SO overrated! He is ok nothinh that special. sexy but not gorgeous.

  23. 23
    Camille Says:

    Some other pics that weren’t posted. He looks fantastic BTW. Good to see him out.×580.jpg×580.jpg

  24. 24
    Camille Says:

    After careful inspection I concur, he looks damn hot. I love him in black.

  25. 25
    Bikini Kill Says:

    Love his overbite, eye bags, dimpled chin, close set eyes, big @zz forehead LOL, it is those unique features that makes him very attractive, to me anyway :-)

  26. 26
    Camille Says:

    Some more from another angle.

  27. 27
    Tanter Says:

    @Camille: Thanks! Wow – those arms :O Someone’s been hitting the gym :D I like it!

  28. 28
    F.A.S. FACE HE HAS Says:

    Really, how blind are fangirls?

  29. 29
    Camille Says:

    LOL gotta love the yuku chicks for scouring the net for photos. More again.

  30. 30
    man Says:

    wow he hasmany fangirls! I did not know!

  31. 31
    Camille Says:

    @F.A.S. FACE HE HAS:

    I wish this moronic comment string would die already. Obviously you know nothing about FAS if you think Alex has it. I love how people think he does just because of his eyes, what a f*cking load of sh*t. Um, yeah there are tons of other determinants too, like the ability to reason and follow logical consequences. Only an complete idiot would think he’s got FAS.

  32. 32
    Camille Says:


    Hey no problem. Thank the yuku girls for being obsessed enough to source them out and post them. I posted more from them, but for some reason it isn’t showing up.

  33. 33
    JJ what's up with the -15 Says:

    You know what I mean.

  34. 34
    TheRealMe Says:

    He looks good. See no need to mention her in this post, but that’s par for the course, and she’s paying good money to be promoted.

  35. 35
    MERRICK Says:

    @JJ what’s up with the -15:

    ; )

  36. 36
    F.A.S. FACE HE HAS Says:

    @Bikini Kill: “Love his overbite, eye bags, dimpled chin, close set eyes, big @zz forehead LOL, it is those unique features that makes him very attractive, to me anyway :-)”
    Who knew that FAS-look is attractive to some people! cute.

  37. 37
    MERRICK Says:

    @F.A.S. FACE HE HAS:

    Your mother.

  38. 38
    Doreen Says:

    For the life of me, I cannot see why someone would be so heinous to make light of a serious conditon like FAS. Why people keep saying Alexander has FAS and like it is something to be laughed at is beyond me. It’s disgusting for people to write this, and anyone who does should be ashamed.

    All anyone has to do is google FAS and see that Alex doesn’t even begin to possess the typical facial features of this symptom, let alone show the malfuntioning normally found in the brain. If you are too lazy to look it up, I’ll give you some hints, as I work with LOTS of people who have it.

    Typicall they have a really thin upper lip, the area between the nose and upper lip is flat, they have wide set eyes, lower than normal ears, and short, typicall flat noses with flat nasal bridges. Alex has NONE of these things! He also is obviously well spoken and posesses normal levels of reasoning and though processing. People affected by FAS do not, and it’s pretty noticable if you spent any amount of time talking with them. They can’t follow logic to the end to get a conclusion, they lack abstract reasoning and judgement and this is typically why they get into legal issues, have trouble in school, and can fall into substance abuse.

    For the love of all that is holy please STOP making fun of FAS. It’s disgusting and it causes serious problems in society. Instead of sounding like an unhinged idiot, do some research!

    Sorry for the rant, but as someone who works with addicts I find it seriously offensive for people to keep up these comments. Same with comments about people’s mental health, that should never be made light of.

  39. 39
    Doreen Says:

    @F.A.S. FACE HE HAS:

    Having an overbite, under eye bags, and a dimple in your chin has NOTHING to do with FAS. Nor does his forehead being higher, lots of people have that. People like you p*ss me off. You, sir/madam…are a moron plain and simple.

  40. 40
    MERRICK Says:


    Don’t give credence to the existence of this (these) moron(s). They exemplify the type of vapid, puerile minds that would glorify a person who screwed over foster kids to famewh*re toplessly in Mexico.

  41. 41
    mforman Says:

    I know that she pays the really good money, but there is absolutely no reason for JJ to put her name in this post. There is no merit to mentioning the famewhores name at all. I really think that JJ knows what is up and is trying to cover things over by putting her name into his posts.
    Maybe JJ should just go onto Alex’s side and dump KB also, wouldn’t that be sweet revenge for all the crap she has put him through.
    This is the best that he has looked in quite sometime, I can only hope this is how we get to see him from now on–alone (or with friends) and looking absolutely yummy.

  42. 42
    Doreen Says:


    Sorry, I know I shouldn’t. That’s exactly what the hope was in posting that utter nonsense. I just get really annoyed being in the position I’m in. I see the mess these types of things create every day and it’s heartbreaking.

  43. 43
    Bikini Kill Says:

    @F.A.S. FACE HE HAS: What the fvck evah dumb@zz SMH……….

  44. 44
    Doreen Says:

    Le sigh! Apparently I am annoyed enough mess up my spelling.

  45. 45
    MERRICK Says:


    That’s because you’re a rational, compassionate, mature adult; something that this moron( most likely 40+) will never understand.

  46. 46
    Bikini Kill Says:

    What I originally posted was what some people always bring up for their personal reasons as to why they think he’s not attractive. I personally think that those very same reasons are why he’s so attractive. His features are unique and unconventional and I just really dig that.

  47. 47
    Brunette Says:

    My goodness this man is so damn sexy!

  48. 48
    ElisaDay Says:

    @F.A.S. FACE HE HAS:
    you are the one who is blind here, those pictures only show the has the exact same eyes, and same facial structure as his father, both very good looking men

  49. 49
    Rex Says:

    @Bikini Kill: he could dig you 2.

  50. 50
    Shannon Says:

    Why are you people even acknowledging the FAS comments? Just ignore the troll, & he’ll go away. Ugh.

    And am I blind? How is he blonde?

  51. 51
    team Says:

    He could get way hotter than Kate! she is an average blonde.

  52. 52
    Shannon Says:

    @team: Have you seen his ex Sara Tun? She’s proof he could, & has done better

  53. 53
    seriously Says:

    @Shannon: Don’t forget Izabella Miko!!! She’s beautiful!

  54. 54
    Delicious Says:

    WENN has a bunch of addt’l photos up on him as well:

    If link doesn’t work, go to WENN home page at and you’ll find them.

  55. 55
    Lory Says:

    I love his body. He’s not too lean but not a roided up mess.

    And having a pretty face also helps a lot.

  56. 56
    Lilla Says:

    Sweet Jesus…those arms…sigh. He looks so good.

  57. 57
    Camille Says:


    He has the exact body that I like, lean but toned. I hate juice monkey bodies.

  58. 58
    Jessie Says:

    Camille, you made it onto yuku comments! Hahah! Nothing bad, just that you posted the photos they put up.

  59. 59
    Camille Says:


    LOL, okay! Interesting.

  60. 60
    eww Says:

    Never get his appeal…

  61. 61
    chelle Says:

    Much better pictures to look at than the mess I have dealt with the last 30 hours here in the south. Nice way to end the horror for a few hours sleep!!! Swede dreams!!!

  62. 62
    IKR! Says:

    @eww: He’s tall and swedish.
    Don’t feel weird, he has like five fans who post and vote for him.

  63. 63
    Gina Says:

    Damn it! Why is it he is always able to get parking there? I always have to park on the street. I do understand why he goes there so often, they have good food. I’m obsessed with their salad trio. So good! Alas, as often as I go, I’ve yet to have an Askars spotting. He is looking good. Can’t wait for S4 to start!

  64. 64
    So Says:

    @Camille: Unfortunately that will get you unfairly spam’d everywhere because you know the fan site hate=on. My own view is that yuku is behind the curve because they steal from purse forum too much or WoS but everyone has fair game on what shows up on the photo sites..and he looks awesome, totally, even if he is not pleased to be pap’d, he’s one lovely man..

  65. 65
    R. FACE HE HAS Says:

    @Doreen: “Having an overbite, under eye bags, and a dimple in your chin has NOTHING to do with FAS. Nor does his forehead being higher” (you forgot the close set eyes and the untied shoes).
    oooohh… I think I get it! …ASkars looks retarded, but he doesn’t have FAS.
    Well, thank you for your time, you’ve been wonderful and kind.

  66. 66
    V Says:

    You guys are pathetic!

  67. 67
    Claire Says:

    I love Alex. He and Kate are both very cool.

  68. 68
    Jessie Says:

    @R. FACE HE HAS:

    There’s only one retarded person here and it’s the person I quoted.

  69. 69
    Rachel() Says:

    “The 34-year-old True Blood actor is a huge fan of Joan’s on Third and has brought girlfriend Kate Bosworth along with him for lunch in the past.”
    Yep…in the past….

  70. 70
    Rachel() Says:

    @Bikini Kill#25: “Love his overbite, eye bags, dimpled chin, close set eyes, big @zz forehead LOL, it is those unique features that makes him very attractive, to me anyway :-)”
    ITA. I generally think guys and girls with dark hair are more attractive(I suppose I’m biased due to my own dark hair/tone)…but Alex has opened my eyes to the world of hot blonde guys..thank you Alex, thank you.
    I also, while not being attracted to Stellan, dig just how much Alex looks like him sometimes. It’s sweet.

  71. 71
    Rachel() Says:

    @chelle: I’m in the South too. Did anything hit near you? The biggest one hit right next to me, but missed. I hope you’re doing ok!

  72. 72
    Nikki Says:

    Elisa I am with you I was let down he did not get it as he would have been good as Thor but from the reviews and the trailer as well as Chris having a glowing review so I am going to wait to cast judgment and see what its like.
    I cannot wait to see it with my husband he is suprise want to go more that he does he finds my reaction weird lol.

  73. 73
    Alexandra Says:

    Alexander and I would make such a great couple, we would be Alex squared.

  74. 74
    Canuck Says:

    Well hello again Mr. Yummy!

  75. 75
    Sookie Says:

    Please explain why this complete nonenity gets like 2 pages of comments and then like, 8-9 pages when he’s seen with his nasty beard/girlfriend? Is catty BS more popular with you guys than appreciation?

  76. 76
    Canuck Says:

    @Sookie: I think you answered your own question when you used “nasty” to describe his girlfriend.

  77. 77
    Rachel() Says:

    @Sookie: What’s a nonenity? (It really takes the sting out of a burn when the poster doesn’t know how to spell)
    And to your question, yes, yes making fun of KB is more popular with me. We can only make three pages of posts about how hot and talented Alex is(that’s more than most actors can say), but there is unmeasurable evidence of how much Kate sucks for us to discuss. I’m not really sure why you’re talking about appreciation when you’re calling A a “nonenity”.
    SPOILER: Sookie and Eric end up together! You’d better start warming up to Alex quick or you’re gonna have a rough time this season.

  78. 78
    new pics of alex Says:

    new pics of alex and joe at IWC Schaffhausen, thursday night, gosh alex is smiling, what a beautiful smile, I almost forgot about it, I am so used to seeing him grumpy when around that **** actress KB , joe is also looking mighty fine, but alex can do wronge, simply beautiful.

  79. 79
    seriously Says:

    Did anyone see the Ted C. piece where someone suggested Alex for the role of the Hunter opposite Kristen Stewart? I think he would be awesome in that part, agree?

  80. 80
    chelle Says:

    @Rachel(): some places around us were pretty messed up but work has been very bad.Lots of people being transfered to our hospital. It’s awful. I’m glad you are ok. I’m headed back to work now.

  81. 81
    +15 MERRICK Says:


  82. 82
    U "girls" have bad taste Says:

  83. 83
    Who is she? Says:

    Who is Alexander having lunch with? That does not look like Kate Bosworth sitting across from him. Her hair actually looks washed and brushed, she looks healthier and has an arm tattoo? More photos are at Ability Films.

  84. 84
    Elle Says:

    I was missing him!! Thanks for all the links guys :)

  85. 85
    who is? Says:

    @Who is she?: Interesting. And at his right is the boy friend.

  86. 86
    Who is she? Says:

    @who is?: he is even smiling & laughing at this mystery blond! So it cant be KB, right?

  87. 87
    Brenda Says:

    I think the blonde is Lisa

  88. 88
    Who is? Says:

    I’m not sure. Skinny blondes with egg heads look all the same from the back.
    And I don’t think she looks healthier at all, just bones and some hanging flesh.
    Alex is smiling because he’s with his boy friend. :P

  89. 89
    Hott in here! Says:

    He’s calling me ;”D

  90. 90
    Camille Says:

    That’s defintiely not KB. She’s a bit bigger and obviously eats. Plus, she has a tattoo around her arm. Does Lisa have a tattoo? I thought her hair was darker too.

  91. 91
    Emma Says:

    You guys are pathetic! haha I’m swedish and know Alex.
    Skaffa ett liv era jävla nördar!!

  92. 92
    Debbie Says:


  93. 93
    Becca Says:

    who the hell is lisa and whose boyfriend?

  94. 94
    aaaaaaaa Says:

    wow, looser,

  95. 95
    Camille Says:


    I’m going to follow Rachel here and say that misspelling your burn really takes the point out of it. What’s looser? His pants? It’s loser, not looser.

    Becca, Lisa is a friend of Alex’s. She’s the wife of one of his closest friends, Bjorne. I’ve no idea who the “boyfriend” is. I assume someone is trying to make a “hilarious” comment about Alex being gay.

  96. 96
    British Latin American Says:

    God, how I love those shoulders, those arms, and those legs! And he’s talented and sexy too.

  97. 97
    seeshay Says:

    he just looks better and better. Thanks to those who posted links to other pics — nice to see him relaxed and smiling, obviously having a good time. Have no clue who the girl is but she doesn’t look like either KB or Lisa to me. I don’t think any of the people in the lunch group were identified on the other sites either.

  98. 98
    Canuck Says:

    @Emma: Well, I’m Canadian and know Doug and Bob McKenzie. So take off eh…

  99. 99
    Canuck Says:

    @seeshay: I sincerely hope that if he looks that good in a t-shirt these days, that they have him without one for most of Season 4.

  100. 100
    chelle Says:

    @Elle: go to Santress website she always has great pictures. Can’t post link cuz I’m on my mobile ….sorry ….just google her name.

  101. 101
    ElisaDay Says:

    lol, my husband was the same! I am tempted to go and see it again ;)
    Askars definitely has some serious competition in Chris Hemsworth. Luckily though Alex has a bit more screen time with 3 (soon to be 4) seasons of TB and GK

  102. 102
    LOL Says:

    I bet bonesworth is pulling her 3 bleached blond hairs out, only to log on to JJ and finding out that her swedish beau!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is having lunch with pals and what seems to be enjoying the company of the females and actually laughing and looking at the blond lady,

    I think bonesworth phoned him up he took the phone call outside and bonesworth gave him an ear bashing for looking happy in public with other females, hence the tense look on his face LOL LOL LOL

  103. 103
    DJ Says:

    I wish you all would let up on him. I had the good luck to meet him once and he was very kind to me. Really, if the worst thing he ever does in his life is date someone you don’t like, then leave him alone! On the list of sins that celebrities can an do commit, that ranks pretty low! Personally, I have nothing against KB. She’s an acceptable actress and very pretty. A friend of mine met her and said she was very sweet. If she makes him happy, then I say good for them! As for the famewhore charges–hell, even if they were true (remembering that they live and work in an environment where publicity is EVERYTHING!) there’s a lot of things they coud be doing that are much, much worse!

    I say enjoy the photos and otherwise back off!

  104. 104
    Becca Says:

    @Camille: oh, You mean “the boyfriend” ha ha ha ah it is so funny, people can be so funny………………………………………………………………seriously what is about him being gay….
    Having and awful clinger behind you and not accepting it does not mean your gay….have you seen his ex-girlfriends? they were quite pretty!

    Thanks for clearing who was who, Camille :)

  105. 105
    Camille Says:


    I don’t get the gay comments either but the “hilarious” person kept insisting that the blck guy is Alex’s boyfriend. Uh huh.

  106. 106
    Amanda Says:

    This is such a hot picture! I love his furrowed brow. He doesn’t seem to be having a pleasant conversation though, and oddly in all the pictures he only seems to be listening and not talking.

  107. 107
    Walk away Says:

    He looks like he is getting an earfull. I wonder if she is the type that bi*chs and whines when she is not happy, and goes on and on about something and doesnt let it go. He just listens and hopes that she stops, or when she loses her temper she just starts using the F*** word, because she is not able to think of anything else to say. AS just walk away and keep walking, she is not going to change. You could always block her cell number. LOL

  108. 108
    lafamepoma Says:

    I think they aren’t a couple, they are something bizarre but anyway. He’s extremely handsome, well he’s the typical scanadinavian boy, the south of Europe we know very well that boys from there are cute and gorgeous. And about famewhore he isn’t sure. In my opinion he’d be a good couple with Alexis Bledel or Eva Green or Carice Van Houten.

  109. 109
    Ladybug Says:

    @Walk away: Whenever this ends, he’s going to have to block her number, fire Robin Baum, get a new manager, agent, undo anything he may have done on her advice, change the locks, get a restraining order, etc.

  110. 110
    Becca Says:

    @lafamepoma: ohhh Eva Green i LOVEEEE HERR, such a couple! oh, you got me excited!!!

  111. 111
    HesANiceGuy Says:

    @Brenda: That is not Lisa L. Not sure who it is, but it is not her.

  112. 112
    HesANiceGuy Says:

    @lafamepoma: I love Alexis Bledel but I dont think she would know what to do with him! LOL

  113. 113
    MERRICK Says:

    @+15 MERRICK:

    IRL, I’d have to get a restraining order. Obsessed much? Just buy new batteries, I’m sure you’ll feel better. Maybe if you left your computer you can find a real live man, like I have.

  114. 114
    board inspector Says:


    these “hilarious” gay comments are cooked up on purse forum by some joe manganiello fans. they seemingly have allied with some vicious moyerists. Same is going on here. I’ve seen all these deragotary comments on true blood fb and imdb board too.

  115. 115
    more pics Says:

    here are somemore pics of the lunch @ joan’s, if I am not mistaken there eating inside so how did the paps snap him inside?? or my theory do U think k’ho sceretly hired a private investigator to keep tabs on her swedish man?!!…… lol……………… anyway he looks comfortable and happy for once,,,,,,, until she gets back from where ever she is and then alex will look like **** again…………………….

  116. 116
    Doreen Says:

    @more pics:

    Those pictures look like they were taken with a cell phone. It seems to be a website where people can take pictures and sell them for money. Kind of creepy but it is nice to see Alex out with his friends and happy.

  117. 117
    Sars Says:

    Yeah, I saw the comments. There are 3 people there trashing Alex for any ridiculous reason almost everyday. Sometimes they pretend they’rehis fans but they only really cheer up when they’re bashing him.

  118. 118 Says:

    I’m sorry he likes all that attention. When someone don’t wants there pictures taken they can have some get them a sandwhich so why keep going someplace where the papps hangout at. They are being called. If this is not the case when there is and article you may here of someones else that famous being there also. But most of the time he gets all the coverage. Him and Kate together. Eating lunch at this place is getting boring and smells like a set up to take pictures.

  119. 119 Says:

    Give him and Kate another three days they well be seen at the same place eating again. These article of him haviing lunnch get a lot of attention. Him being on the phone is being very detailed. Couple of days later you will see him eating at these same place but he will be with Kate. They take turns if you notice when she is not in the photos they remind us that they are dating even if she is not in the pictures. Then next she will be seen at the same place but only this time they will remind us although her hunk is not with her they are together.

  120. 120
    mforman Says:

    Well it seems that it is over, but there are obligations, they go 3 or 4 weeks without him being near her at all and then he allows one or two photos at some planned outing, and then it is like another 3 or 4 weeks, what a loving and happy “relationship”, what a joke, they are so not a couple anymore; also we know he is in control now, just look at Coachella, he definitely controlled that whole situation, that is why I am so sure it is over and done, but he is a professional and if he has obligations to attend to he will finish them.

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