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Jessica Simpson: Hot Hollywood Party with Kathy Griffin!

Jessica Simpson: Hot Hollywood Party with Kathy Griffin!

Jessica Simpson looks flawless in Etro as she arrives at the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood party with comedienne Kathy Griffin held at Hollywood’s Eden lounge on Tuesday (April 26) .

Last week, the 30-year-old singer and fashion designer was announced as Us Weekly’s Style Icon of the Year. “I’m in the workroom in [L.A.'s] Westwood a few times a week from 11 to 7 at night,” she told Us Weekly. “Nothing goes out without me seeing it or my mom [Tina Simpson, cocreative director] seeing it.”

“This year, I’ve taken time for myself to enjoy being engaged and in love and being a businesswoman instead of an entertainer,” Jessica said. “It’s really helped the collection!”

FYI: Jess finished her look with Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, Isharya earrings, and a Ferragamo clutch!

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Credit: Sara Jaye Weiss, Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty, Startraksphoto
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  • Mick Nolte

    Jessica Simpson is so beautiful and voluptuous. This sensual young woman is incredibly gorgeous and curvaceous. I love her. She’s a really sweet girl.

  • Dantius

    God, you has great legs. Excellent body overall. She’s really sexy with her toned, shapely legs and has such a curvy and juicy body!

  • Kat Jennings

    Jessica has a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh please…she looks like if she bends over that dress will bust open! And business woman??? What a joke!!! Does this girl even have a high school diploma??

  • Tina

    flawless? you mean for a drag queen right?

  • Andrew Shepherd

    Jessica Simpson has done nothing to you people. She is a singer, actress, television personality and fashion designer and YOU WILL ALL RESPECT HER AS SUCH. You want a character debate, guys? You better stick with me, ’cause Jessica Simpson is way out of your league. This is a time for serious people and your fifteen minutes are up.

  • catchy

    jess looks like a fat troll in this dress

  • gigi

    bad choice, does nothin to emphasise her curvy figure.

  • belle

    Here comes the style icon of the follies!
    Drag queens look better than these 2.

  • Thai

    She looks good, ok. How about her job? Does she sing? Does she act? Does she do modeling? What is she doing? Nada, absolutely nada. Famous for nothing. Rich for nothing. Let me go and puke.

  • brainy box


  • heshe

    Was this an event to crown the most convincing drag queen? Because the dude with all the blonde hair extensions makes a terrible woman. I think he/she was a linebacker on my highschool football team before he/she started cross dressing. He/she still has those beefy shoulders and massive manly thighs even in those platforms.

  • Go Kathy

    Kathy Griffin looks so tiny next to the bulky Jessica Simpson. Take a look at Kathy, Jessica. That’s what a woman’s body at a healthy weight should look like.

  • rodney

    @ Andrew Shepherd: “respect” and “Jessica Simpson” do not belong in the same sentence. “fart”, “fat”, “drunk”, “tranny”, “fart”, “untalented”, “used”, “fart”, “joke”, “cheap”, “fart”, “unfashionable”, “dumb”, “fart”, and “jessica simpson” belong in the same sentence, but never ever “respect”. She is the Rodney Dangerfield of her tabloid world and always will be, no matter how many fake “awards” her dad pays a tabloid to give her.

  • rodney

    @ Andrew Shepherd: “respect” and “Jessica Simpson” do not belong in the same sentence. “f art”, “fat”, “drunk”, “tranny”, “f art”, “untalented”, “used”, “f art”, “joke”, “cheap”, “f art”, “unfashionable”, “dumb”, “f art”, and “jessica simpson” belong in the same sentence, but never ever “respect”. She is the Rodney Dangerfield of her tabloid world and always will be, no matter how many fake “awards” her dad pays a tabloid to give her.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, Kathy looks great, especially next to Jessica Simpson’s thickened body. Jessica, don’t you know to never get photographed next to a woman who is thinner than you are? It makes you look even bigger! Next time only pose with the stars from the “Biggest Loser” before they start losing and you might look better.

  • the blob

    What is Jessicow wearing? Did she steal the tablecloth from the all-you-can-eat buffet she was at before this and thow it over her non-curves? There’s probably bbq stains all over it.

  • Butter_Fly

    She looks good here! Ugly dress though.

  • Ms. TooLate

    She looks great. She is a very pretty girl. Can’t deny that and she has great legs.
    Her entertainment career,well,CM fans and industry did not take to her pushiness due to her father. It was so phony.
    The brand line is hugely successful as in tens of millions of dollars for her. Her father engineered that right.
    She should havestayed with Nick.
    Too bad Tony Romo did not want her.
    The guy she has is low rate, a nobody, but she can afford to buy him and he makes her happy.
    Jessica does a good singingvoice. pop style. No better no wrost than a lot out there. Better voice than Britney Spears of protools and computers.

  • Not

    Look at the side shot of Kathy and Jessica. You can totally see how much thicker Jessica is compared to Kathy’s trim figure. I love it–Kathy is 50 years old, and has a better figure and better sense of style than this dumpy 30 year old that is being pushed down the public’s throat as a “style icon”. Jessica Simpson, style icon…yeah, right.

  • Ms. TooLate

    Doodfus ugly Eric Johnson looks bad even dressed up. He looks silly, Howdy Doody looking no matter what.

  • Lisa

    HEY Jared you made one BIG JOKE calling Jessica No Talent Simpson a singer. Jessica can’t sing and can not act. Jessica has done nothing in the music business, Jessica is a MANUFACTURED NO TALENT PRODUCT pushed by her sicko daddy and without Nick Jessica No Talent Siimpson went nowhere

  • lucy

    i don’t understand the fake hair – it looks like a pile of straw on top of her head and it makes her look cheap, especially combined with the too-short dress that she looks stuffed into. that sausage look isn’t good on anyone.

    kathy looks awesome, though. I love the color of her dress and her hair style really flatters her.

  • pigbearman

    superficial vapid cow

  • itstrueagain

    The dress hurts my eyes, and apparently from the side view is going to pop. I have no ill feelings for this person. Just think she’s a talentless bimbo. If she’s fine with paying for a man, I guess it’s her life.

  • Diane

    Jessica looks gorgeous! Love it.

  • me2

    jessica simpson looks awful…..doesn’t she own a mirror?? do people around her just like to tell her she looks good? when she doesn’t? a fashion maven?? i think not…..and yes, the fake hair is awful!! kate husdon looks better than jessica simpson…and she’s pregnant!!!

  • me2

    fake hair looks awful!! jess ica is too fat in a too small dress…get a mirror jess!!! kate hudson looks better than u do jess, and she’s pregnant!!

  • boston61

    I love Kathy!!! Jessica really lucked into lots of money.