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Orlando Bloom: Flynn Named After Late Grandmother

Orlando Bloom: Flynn Named After Late Grandmother

Orlando Bloom attends the Sympathy For Delicious after party on Wednesday (April 27) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 34-year-old actor appeared on Live With Regis and Kelly on Wednesday and revealead that his baby Flynn was named after his late grandmother who passed away while Miranda Kerr was pregnant.

“I was convinced we were going to have a girl. Because my grandmother actually passed when Flynn was conceived and she was really dear to my heart,” Orlando said. “Evelyn was my grandmother, on my father’s side… I was thinking Evelyn. We’re going to have a girl, it’s going to be called Evelyn. And it was a boy. And so Flynn! Evelyn, Flynn. Flynn, Evelyn.”

10+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom at the Sympathy For Delicious after party…

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • reese

    cute story!

  • whocares

    who the F cares? It’s an ugly name anyway.

  • wha

    I’m sure their son will be happy knowing he got a girl’s name. What a bunch of idiots this family is.

  • Maggie

    Evelyn is a cute name, Flynn is not

  • Mlef

    I love Mark Ruffalo, I’m waiting for this movie for centuries now !

  • brainy box


  • boo

    sexy man! and his wife is not! she looks like a care bear!

  • Heathr

    He is too british looking for me, lol.

  • overrated

    ew don’t see the appeal..he looks like a leprachaun.

  • @5

    Uhmmm, since when is Flynn a girl’s name?

  • bast

    Flynn is a great name. It has character.
    Their baby is so gorgeous!

  • catchy

    oh come on he was named after KEVIN FLYNN, I know!

  • @4

    Evidently you care
    After all, you cared enough to stop and post.

  • @13

    Since when are ‘leprachauns’ tall, dark and drop dead gorgeous?

  • isis

    I don’t find him appealing either. He’s scrawny and looks like he smells.

  • mirl

    he ok.

  • huh


    he’s neither of those..dark hair and eyes yes,..squinty eyes and dirty greasy hair.. he isn’t tall, and far from gorgeous.

  • voiceofreason

    The only reason Miranda the cabbage-patch kid got pregnant was to increase her appeal and popularity by getting breast implants and disguising them as “pregnancy growth”..

    Let’s be honest, she is the least sexy VS model. Most boyish looking body, and least model-like. She doesn’t stand out like Candice, or Adriana, or even Rosie, so in order to increase her popularity she thought she’d get breast implants. It would be pretty obvious and she’d probably become less unlikeable if she just went out and got them. Well, her manager decided the best way to convince some idiots was to get them after she gives birth to her baby – that way these idiots would think her boobs just grew naturally from pregnancy. Even though she didn’t gain more than 10 lbs elsewhere in her body, all of a sudden her boobs have tripled in size. Wouldn’t that be amazing if we could just choose where our extra weight goes?

    Further proof that Miranda did get breast implants is her sudden urge to display them everywhere she goes.

    Newsflash Miranda, we know they’re fake and you still have a boy’s body. Oh, and you are still the least pretty VS model, and about as sexy as a tree.

  • Mary

    @voiceofreason: wow where did that long drawn out ordeal come from? lol

  • voiceofreasonmyass

    On the previous JJ thread about Miranda you already tried to “prove” that she got breast implants, even saying that you’re surgeons and you know lots about plastic surgery and sh-t (hahaha, still laughing at that one), and you were proven wrong right away. Remember? Breast implants are not put on women who are lactating, it’s dangerous as it may cause infections and since the breasts are bigger than normal, putting implants would change the final results as soon as she stopped breastfeeding. Just saying in case someone believes your BS.

  • voiceofreasonmyass

    BTW she didn’t get breast implants but even if she had, there’s nothing wrong about it. Really, getting people to believe that is not worth all that lying and all the embarrassment when you’re proven wrong.

  • michelle

    I think he has a sex appeal and very sexy eyes! Not my ideal man but defnitely not anything you haters say, lol. Im sure your man ain’t half as good looking!!!

  • @24

    Your name should be ‘voiceofNOreason.
    The other day we had the delphidiots claiming that her middle class parents ‘bribed’ VS into hiring her.
    Now, they are claiming that they havs sooooo much influence that they can convince a surgeon to risk their ENTIRE CAREER by performing an ill advised, elective surgery on a lactating woman.
    Sure thing.
    Hold on…..
    BTW, if she is the “least sexy VS model’, how come she is to popular with men across the board???
    It’s fine if you don’t find her attractive, but you don’t speak for the rest of the world.
    They, evidently, strongly disagree with you.

  • @24

    BTW, breast feeding causes your breasts to enlarge.
    Doutzen’s are larger, too.
    Did she get implants too??

  • Mike

    Well, isn’t that is a lovely little story their people concocted to deflect from the bad buzz SHE got when she stated that SHE gave the kid the middle name Christopher after some randon dude she banged when she was a kid. Let’s also not forget that SHE stated on mulitple occasions that they named the kid Flynn because “he looked like a Flynn.” (Her own words) Which one of them is the liar?

  • @24….voiceofreason….

    Least sexiest model…..yeah right, that’s why Miranda was voted the 5th sexiest woman in the WORLD by 6 million men on askmen….lol….you really need to get over your jealousy and envy of the beautiful MIranda!!!

  • @31

    where you been old girl?
    Off duty? Or just slacking?
    But how ’bout NEITHER of them lying?
    He was convinced that they were having a girl.
    Wanted to name her Evelyn.
    They have a bouncing baby boy!
    Evelyn is OBVIOUSLY out.
    Out of the possible names for him, he looked like a Flynn.
    Gee, Flynn rhymes (sorta) with Evelyn.
    Tribute semi intact.
    Tribute to dead FRIEND also intact, because Flynn Christopher Bloom all go quite well together.
    I know, we are just being difficult.
    Asking you to use rational thought from what little brain mayyer you have, instead of the place where your ideas normally come from.
    Yhe only “bad buzz” that she got about using Christopher’s name was from you four delphidiots. And since NO ONE cares about you, no one cared what you thought..

  • lep

    well I think miranda is pretty but I will never get when people say she is sexy! her sex appeal is low and she looks too young and innocent to be considered sexy. Her face is too cherub and chubby to be a sexy face. I think men just find her bod sexy. she is cute and pretty, sexy, NO!.

  • andi


    wow, and you say the haters spin. christopher was her boyfriend, therfore mike is right, she named the baby after a man she banged when she was a teen and a lot of people, not just four “haters” thought it was bad form. flynn doesn’t rhym with evelyn. this really is just a good pr story that you ahve obviously swallowed without question like you swallow everything else. your tinhat only lets in pr press releases and keeps out reality.

  • ALan

    I don’t think Miranda is pretty at all, lol. Reminds me of an alien.

  • anon

    He looks very tired here. Go get some rest Orlando!

  • @35

    She dated Christopher when she was sixteen.
    SIXTEEN, and you idiot haters talk about her like she was a loose adult woman..
    Just because YOU were “banging” boys at 16 doesn’t mean that she was.
    Besides, they had already stopped dating before he was killed. They weer FRIENDS. Got that? FRIENDS.
    And it was Orlando himself who made the rhyme Flynn – Evelyn. Even he said “kinda”, or something to that effect, just as #33 said “sorta”.
    And you haters wouldn’t know “reality” if it came up and bit you in your fat a$$es. You still can’t admit that they are together, or that they have a child together.
    Get over it.
    Move on.
    Do something positive with your life for a change, or something that brings you joy.
    Wallowing in hatred will make you a very sad, lonely person.
    Or should I say ‘sadder’, and ‘lonelier’?

  • @35

    You talk about reality when you guys are the ones who can’t admit what your own eyes are seeing.
    You have no concept of reality.
    Only your sick, twisted vision.

  • couper

    So the kid’s first name comes from a person that died during Miranda’s pregnancy…. and the middle name comes from Miranda’s ex-boyfriend who died in a car crash. What a strange way to name a kid. The grandmother thing’s not so bad, but the dead ex-boyfriend, that’s weird.

  • Tala

    @wha: I honestly thought he was named after the actor Errol Flynn; therefore Flynn is more associated with a male . . . guessing you are what 12 years old, so you would not have a clue there. How dare you attack someone’s affection for their grandmother and the bestowing of that love onto their newborn? Really you need to take a hard look at your character.

  • go tala!

    @Tala: i concur. i think you have the best retort Tala. It’s just awful, really it is. these aren’t characters in a movie. They are people, your brother’s and sister’s, that you’ve viciously attacked.
    would you walk up to some one and speak like this? If you would then i feel so bad for you and your family. you weren’t raised with such hatred i’m sure of it. but the way you act, the first thing they’ll ask is, “who raised him/her?” bad form

  • Wow

    People can give their babies whatever name (or names) they want to. Doesn’t have to make any sense to YOU – only to those involved in the naming. From the fact that it took them awhile, I’m guessing they discussed/debated various options/combinations and then finally arrived at a combo that was meaningful and satisfactory to BOTH parents.