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'Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon' Trailer Premiere!

'Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon' Trailer Premiere!

Check out the official trailer for Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon!

The film, directed by Michael Bay, stars Shia LaBeouf, newcomer Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and Patrick Dempsey.

Synopsis: The Autobots and Decepticons become involved in a perilous space race between the U.S. and Russia, and once again human Sam Witwicky (Shia) has to come to the aid of his robot friends. There’s new characters too, including a new villain in the form of Shockwave, a longtime Transformers character who rules Cybertron while the Autobots and Decepticons battle it out on Earth.

Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon hits theaters on Friday (July 1)!

‘Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon’ Trailer
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  • Wes

    WIthout Megan, I’m not watching!

  • Callie


  • junior mint

    Micheal Bay did it again. Action looks great, but not much dialogue, hope it has a plot this time

  • http://justjared eric


  • Matt

    Awwesome this movie will make huge $$$

  • Sarah

    That trailer would have been so much more appealing/exciting if Megan Fox had been it :-(

  • snickers

    throughout the entire trailer i was like “who is she???” they didn’t set up any intro to how they met in the trailer

  • Pete

    Anyone notice that this is the second trailer and still the new chick doesn’t speak. She looks so wrong like an extra. She didn’t exactly set the screen a light did she??????



  • Michael Bay Rocks

    Rosie doesn’t speak because she has a British accent in the film, research shows American’s prefer native accents…so they keep her pretty and mute :)

  • kidd

    You guys can all watch Megans new movie Passion Play on dvd.
    this movie looks awesome.

    Anyways, she got herself kicked out for being a b*tch.

  • claudis

    This will be the first transformer movie I ever watch because of Rosie! I was a fan of hers pre movie stardom and I can’t wait to see her in action!

  • larry

    @claudis: set your standards low, Michael Bay objectifies women…they are nothing but trophies for males

  • Jordan

    Megan isn’t in the film, get over it. She never spoke in the trailers either, Josh didn’t speak in the trailer…What’s your point oh that’s right you don’t have one. Stay fat and mad. Team Rosie!

  • Anon56

    Transformers 3 is going to be so BIG Megan Fox added nothing to the other two films but a pretty face, get over it because while you’re sitting at home sulking this movie is going to be making big money.

  • ash

    awesome trailer but srsly,that rosie woman is just ugly!!My eyes can’t take it!!UGH!

  • Jordan

    @snickers: Its a trailer not the movie. It’s about THE ROBOTS you people seem to not get that part.

  • nkenk

    that chick’s lips are disgusting

  • Jo

    @kidd: Might have gotten herself kicked off for speaking her mind instead of sleepin with the boss but she sure as hell can’t be replaced. It seems they both lost out then.

    Megan Fox first appeared in Transformers she was iconic and will continue to be. The newcomer just a filler, the world knows that and doesn’t matter how you spin it.

    Passion Play on DVD yes, I’m buyin.

  • CK

    Ironhide looks awesome up against those two cons. Are the twins in this one? The new girl is cute, haters gonna hate!

  • giles

    another film where they make this short little twerp look big and tough – lol

  • good

    Rosie is more naturally gorgeous than Megan therefore she is prettier to me. People infatuated with meg just go watch an adult film. you will see the same types.

  • wow

    wow Megan fans seem to be immature and bitter! I have already seen them bash rosie to her face on her twitter! how shameful!

  • JJ

    Why do Megan fans want her to appear in a movie so badly that she wanted to quit? Doesn’t make sense to me! Can’t wait for TF3!

  • ???????

    Rosie’s face is more suited to Avatar or Star Trek.

    All the hating Megan Fox gets about botox or plastic surgery, she’s still trillion times appealing than Rosie. The thing is there are better Victoria Secrets models out there and they picked lips.

    Dark days – Team Megan!

    I could bitch slap both Megan and Michael for destroying the format of this movie aaahhhhhhh. Sure it will make money but not the same.

  • Lola

    Pause at 1:25, So funny lol

  • kendall

    Seriously? You are all talking about Megan? She’s just a supporting actress duh

  • Maddie

    Looks good… but where the frick is Patrick Dempsey in the trailer? His role mustn’t be that big… or his role is being kept secret? SO WEIRD!

  • Red Mask

    Yeah! You keep blowing up America, Bay! You go blow it up to helll!

  • Andie


    Who cares if the movie makes a success or not? It will make a success because of special effects, not because of the story (another festival of explosions without a REAL story) and not because of boring Megan Fox replacement AKA Rosie. At least Meg didn’t sleep with BAY to ge the part and was nobody’s replacement. Megan is an icon, she became HUGE in a matter of days and that won’t happen to Rosie. Bay and his team will try hard to promote this botox model in the next months but sorry BAY, she doesn’t have the misterious presence and personality Megan has. She’s not interesting. Even with movies flopping and etc, the media and the people are crazy about Megan. They look for her, they wanna know what’s she up to, they wanna know her next steps, etc. A few months after Transformers 3 and nobody will care about Rosie anymore. And she’s going back to modeling world.

    And Transformers 3 may get a bigger box office than the first two ONLY because is 3D which means MORE EXPENSIVE TICKETS.

  • Andie

    Oh, and I forgot.

    Of course I’m not watching this movie. No Megan, no Transformers movie.

    And for the idiot who said Megan’s next movie will go straight to DVD, get the facts straight. It will have a theatre limited release next month. Do some research.

  • ellen

    another earth invasion ???? this year we have 3 so far

  • Sun

    @Maddie: yeah, or Megan’s role.

  • kerri

    I like Shia!!!!

  • zephon


  • Mary

    wait, wait, WAIT!!!!! Where the HELL is Megan Fox?

  • zephon

    Megan Fox was FIRED for comparing a Jewish director Adolf Hitler…and also because she was intimidated by Rosie and her height difference. You guys don’t like that she’s not in this? Then go lip off to Mega Farce – this movie is infinitely better off. To add to that every individual who I know ( not counting my associates ) all agree they are watching this movie just because:

    A) More TF time
    B) More TF time
    C) Epic battle scenes /Explosions/ cars
    E) SFX and TF’s in 3D
    F) No Mega farse

  • zephon

    Micheal Bay if this trailer is anything to go on; you have just redeemed yourself and have now reclaimed the title for BAD ASS Director – everything looks great the cutting was smooth and the music was perfect.

  • Ms. O

    It does not matter if Megan Fox was just a pretty face…Shia & Megan had chemistry..this looks like another action movie with robots..

  • i’m your dealer

    look first of all Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington Whitely(what a name) got casted for Transformers for their looks – as an eye candy for the movie – not for anything else!

    now after watching THOR, can i say the same for Natalie Portman who got casted for the reason of being an eye candy only? NO

  • SpeakindaTruth

    This movie looks dope man! I would’ve given it an A+ if they had some Megan in it and at least a shot of Patrick Dempsey. Rupaul is a horrible actress, she has no kind of chemistry with Shia LaBeouf and she looks like her face is high off some pain killers. It’s like SNAP – Her big lips is open and her eyes are blank like some zombie statue mannequin robot. Did she see a robot or some destruction? I definitely can’t tell by looking at her. she SUCKS! & I doubt if she’ll be a big deal in the few weeks before this movie comes out, besides in a man’s mag, which is where all chicks are so it’s nothing special. She’s too ugly.

    Megan did have some lines in the trailers for the 2nd movie she told Sam “I’m not going anywhere without you” Go get cha facts straight before you post.

    Natalie Portman is no better of an actress than Megan, she’s just acted in more dramas. Natalie sounds like a robot, which is why BS worked out well for her, the character was freakin’ robotic and emotionless.

    But awesome trailer, I will see this, though I wish not too(I love Megan) but I must and yes it will make more than the 1st 2 because it’s in 3D and it’s coming out close to Independence day.

  • Ana

    Where the hell is Patrick Dempsey? He’s the reason I’m watching this thing.

  • Genne

    Megan Fox NOW!

  • Yeah, well, um, I dunno…

    I personally think that this Rosie girl looks totally wrong for this film. She just does not look like she fits this movie after seeing the trailor. It is like Bay put in this Barbie in this film where a “barbie” is so not needed.
    Okay, so, it is like this, you have a painting of dark colors, navy’s, dark green, black,, grey and then this bright pink color is in it, just kind of throws off the entire painting well that is what I see when I see this Rosie girls with lips that look like they are all over her face.
    If this was a movie like “Mean Girls” okay maybe she would totally fit it, but not this movie.
    Megan fit it like 1000 times better. Sorry but that is how I see it.
    It will be very interesting to see how much money this movie makes at the box office this summer.

  • Starscream

    All TF Movies from 2000 sucks…the real movie was 1985 animated…all this crap movies is only images and special effects..false plots,,false original tranformers forms..all worng..Michael Bay you are really a disgrace for all TF fans…and an special comment for my favourite tf..Starscream iis a mix of a monkey with an airplane…At least Starscream will survive to this crap…

    The Transformers fans wansts a G-1 history,plots and all this cheap movies with an empty spark…

  • Transformersguy_23

    It did turn out that Megan was sorely missed. While not even she could have saved Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon from the abysmal metallic mess it turned out to be, Rosie’s absence would have been one less strike against Bay’s overlong behemoth.