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Katie Holmes: Gym and a Treat!

Katie Holmes: Gym and a Treat!

Katie Holmes leaves her local gym refreshed after a long workout on Friday (April 29) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress then stopped by her favorite bakery, Le Pain Quotidien, and picked up a yummy pastry and a hot coffee.

Earlier this week, Katie attended the Ann Taylor Summer 2011 Collection Luncheon at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.

Katie‘s miniseries, The Kennedys, is set to be released on DVD May 15th. Be sure to pre-order your copy today!

20+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes leaving the bakery after her workout…

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katie holmes gym pastry 01
katie holmes gym pastry 02
katie holmes gym pastry 03
katie holmes gym pastry 04
katie holmes gym pastry 05
katie holmes gym pastry 06
katie holmes gym pastry 07
katie holmes gym pastry 08
katie holmes gym pastry 09
katie holmes gym pastry 10
katie holmes gym pastry 11
katie holmes gym pastry 12
katie holmes gym pastry 13
katie holmes gym pastry 14
katie holmes gym pastry 15
katie holmes gym pastry 16
katie holmes gym pastry 17
katie holmes gym pastry 18
katie holmes gym pastry 19
katie holmes gym pastry 20

Photos: GSI Media
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  • hardon

    Katie Cruise is beautiful beyond words

  • brainy box


  • Magdalena

    Isn’t it about time she had another child? You would think she wants a son as well but she doesn’t seem interested. Their relationship has been basically stagnant since 2006.

  • Jack Easton

    Katie is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl.

  • Musgrave

    She has to drop that ugly horse’s ass husband of hers, Tom Cruise. It is unfortunate that she is as attractive as she is misguided with her poor taste in men. She should be with someone around her age not a guy who obviously can’t handle women around his age.

  • louanne lee

    Katie is a brainwashed cult member married to a xenu luvin midget.

  • KC


  • sorella

    Obviously wants attention because with all her money she has no home gym????

  • susan

    Does she dress like this to embarrass Tom. This can’t be an accident.

    Passive aggressive move if you ask me

  • missy b

    She goes to the gym to take spin classes. Even if you have money it’s fun to get out of the house and be in a class with other people.

  • Caitlin

    Whoever writes these articles is on bad drugs – Katie goes to the gym. Big deal, end of story, right? No, we can’t leave it at that.

    The writer is certain that it was a “LONG” workout. How the fu*k he knows that is anyone’s guess. And WTF does Katie’s work with Anne Taylor have to do with this? And the Kennedy mini-series?

    Please tell me Katie doesn’t ask/pay to have this stuff promoted. Please.

  • kg

    Katie looks really pretty in the 2nd to last pic.

  • annie

    I agree kg, Katie is very pretty, and those pics are nice. She’s a girl who suits having long hair, the longer the better, I’ve always thought that. Short hair makes her look too mature, it just wasn’t Katie Holmes.
    Doubt she has extensions.

  • crazy

    Who eat pastry after workout?


    She looks the same as always… a slob.

  • siennagold

    Why does she always look disheveled and unkempt?

  • dani

    Was anyone else struck by the elegance, class, and rightness of Kate Middleton’s second wedding dress–the one with angora type sweater? Yet a month or two ago, Katie managed to make a similar sweater look totally awful by pairing it with a T-shirt type top, 50′s skirt, and shoes that didn’t go. Kate’s outfit screamed “I’m Kate and I’m wearing this” while Katie’s screamed “I’m the outfit and I’m wearing Katie.” Katie could take a few lessons in grooming, comportment, and class with regards to wearing clothes from KM. Like being clean, wearing pressed clothing, wearing clothing that fits your body type, WEARing clothing rather than having the clothes wear you, and choosing styles that flatter. Anyone can do this on any budget. Katie has more money that most of the world and yet she still manages to dress like an ill-groomed slob in clothes that don’t fit her body type and make her look like a major frump regardless of their cost, style, etc.

  • AEP

    Looking scared and paranoid!!! Thats what drugs will do. What a frickin freak coke head. Notice the constant movement of her mouth? It was also evident in that hair commercial she did. COKE!

  • annie

    well somehow this so called ” ill ”groomed slob” has managed to be in much demand, as the face of …… a whole pile of things if i remember correctly. the people who chose her , had a choice from hundreds of non ”slobs” to represent them. it’s important to remember that before you start going off your brain.
    because , sorry danni you don’t make much sense, whatever you decide to come up with.
    you really dislike her don’t you, you pop up everywhere saying the same things.
    i believe katie wore that outfit to a dinner, at someones penthouse arpartment, not a reception at buckingham palace.
    have a good weekend people!

  • dani


    No I don’t care for Katie. Not because of her looks, but because of how she comes off in interviews–as vapid, boring, and idiotic. The woman doesn’t have an original thought in her brain.

    I realize that Katie wore her outfit to a small personal party, but that didn’t make it any better. If Katie had taken the time to put together something that actually fit, was unwrinkled and flattering, 81 percent of the public who voted in the various People/InStyle etc polls wouldn’t haven’t given it a thumbs down vs. 94 percent or so that gave KM a thumbs up.

    Katie has no conception of how to dress as you can see by the overwhelming outfits that get thumbs down in the various style polls. Yes she gets it right occasionally, but mostly wrong.

    You know Annie you can be casual and put together. It involves wearing flattering clothes in terms of color, fit, cleanliness and style for your body. Katie or Suri in their picking of her clothes misses the mark more than 90 percent of the time. And this is a woman who designs fashion and brags about knowing materials, colors, style and fit? Ha!

    She can model whatever she wants, but that doesn’t make her a style icon no matter how the magazines have tried to throw that down her throats. They also push Taylor Momsen has a style icon and this person models too. Look at many of the faces of lower end stores and designers or lesser known ones–and most of them aren’t considered style icons.

    However, maybe some day Katie will become the face of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace or Dior. However, she’ll have to dress much better than this.

    And Annie, Katie would be more respected, awesome and amazingif she was actually good at acting, singing, dancing, designing, parenting, or anything. She is average for the most part. Not always bad, but certainly in all arenas she is not stellar. Hearing her interviews doesn’t make people like her any better. She has small screen presence and should stay there instead of trying to foist her limited charms on audiences on the big screens. Unless she doesn’t mind her movies going straight to the basement’s toilet which they seem to do. Tom Cruise’s name and money has given her an overinflated sense of importance and her abilities. If she were to divorce him or he divorce her–just how many of the opportunities that his name and money have bought her way into would remain? Think about it. Not many.

  • bytheway 28

    You said it Dani! 90% of the public agrees completely with your assessment of Katie Holmes.

    Those are the facts.

    Well Done.

  • annie

    @ Danni
    You have no idea how many times I look at comments, and I think to myself –just let it go, and then I get sucked in, and comment.
    Danni I ‘ve said it before, I have no problem with other peoples opinions , but yours stand out , because you try so hard to constantly put her down. Nobody is perfect Danni , just because I ‘m a fan doesn’t make Katie or anybody for that matter perfect.
    So she married somebody who may have opened a few doors, it happens all the time, not only in Hollywood , but everywhere, but his name can only take her so far, and certainly not in the fashion industry.
    Her biggest mistake was turning down Batman, maybe if she didn’t ,she would have been in all of them, but Toms movies seem to take so long to complete, so now she takes on movies even when he’s working.
    Big blockbuster movies don’t come around all the time, so maybe it was a big missed opportunity.
    I didn’t like The Romantics, even tho her acting in it for most of the movie was good. I read the book as soon as I found out what role Katie was playing, and I remember thinking , that I hoped the movie was going to be better than the book….well it wasn’t, and I still can’t understand why all these good actors were drawn to it.
    So I don’t stick up for Katie, because it’s Katie. Mad Money was an enjoyable little movie, but it wasn’t her flop. It didn’t do any better or worse than some other academy award actresses movies.
    Her Broadway show AMS did well—well enough for her to be given the main role in Extremeties.
    Whether you like Katie or not , you come across as quite intelligent, so you know that producers want to make money on the play, consistantly, like every night money, not curiosity money.
    I don’t always like her fashion choices, but then again I don’t like a lot of what celebs wear, everyone wears the same , but I’m not going to bash her for being game to try new things, of course it’s going to be hit and miss, when you try different things.
    I have yet to see Diane Kruger in something Chanel, that I really like, she always looks like she’s doing fancy dress up and over the top.
    I read an interesting article about fashion houses like Chanel, and it said that they are bringing out ridiculous outfits, and gone are the days where people used to say Chanel with reverence.
    In 3 weeks The Kennedys will be on TV, and I”ll judge for myself her Jackie role.
    Meanwhile, del Torro’s Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark is coming out, and Adam Sandlers Jack and Jill in November.
    Just reading how people feel about anything Del Torro, makes you think there must have been something in Katie he liked a lot to give her the leading role in his movie, or is it your dislike about anything Katie that blinds you , to whatever other people see in her, or is it that directors producers, don’t care less about SCIE, which seems to be a major concern for posters here at JJ.
    Heidi Klum, and Naomi Watts, modelled before for Ann Taylor, by criticizing Katie , you’re having a go at them. They are both talented and attractive women.
    The previous models for Stern jewellery, were Catherine Deneurve ,and Kate Moss, so he must think that Katie is up there with them….why choose her, he could have gotten anyone .
    That’s why –when you have a go at her, think a little in what you say, because, really , what you are saying , doesn’t connect in what I’m seeing happening.
    Don’t you think that David B has opened doors for Victoria, and she plays it to the hilt , paticularly in photoshoots with him. Katie doesn’t do that, if any thing I think she should be more out there. I bet Victoria spends hours before she goes anywhere. Didn’t she say once she has fake boobs , fake nails, and fake hair, my god what is there there to like about her.
    Sorry Danni, I keep on repeating myself, but you do try to convince yourself that Katie is the pits….but!

  • Terryeo

    “Looking scared and paranoid!!!”

    Scientology does that and she might have seen the Scientology compound in California where the barbed wire faces inward.

  • Holy Crap!

    Having read annie’s comments, it’s pretty obvious to me that there are people in this world who should not breed. Did an adult just spend that much time on a gossip site rambling about the life of a D list actress who happens to be married to a hasbeen movie star? My God, somebody needs to get a life!! I popped in to read the comments because I get a giant kick out of how nutty the Tomkat fans are, but annie takes the cake!! Just completely and totally obsessed, not to mention delusional!! I hope this little treat of a person doesn’t have children. Something tells me she would be an even worse parent than Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise (if that’s even possible).

    To annie:

    I’ll go slow and use little words for you dear. GET. A. LIFE. Stop obsessing over an untalented, brainless person who couldn’t care less about you. Stop idolizing her and step outside your Mom’s basement and meet REAL people. AND PLEASE, WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT PROCREATE and populate the world with dimwitted cretins like yourself.

  • annie

    @holy crap
    first of all I was communicating with Danni ,and not you
    secondly you know nothing about me
    thirdly, let the floor belong to the Negatives, to have a field day with it, and say whatever they want, twist things around to suit them, even when things stare at them in the face.
    from now on, it’s short and sweet, but I Will continue to support her.

  • slew

    Please tell me she didn’t work out in house slippers with buttons. Oh, lol me, please Katie. I think she went to the gym’s bathroom and threw out her real tennis shoes and put on ugly butt house slippers to throw off paps. Please, Katie, nobody i know at my gym would be caught DEAD wearing those ugly things! Ugh! Look in the mirror once in awhile!