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Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr 'Looks Incredible'

Orlando Bloom: Miranda Kerr 'Looks Incredible'

Orlando Bloom stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote his latest film, Sympathy For Delicious, in an episode airing Friday (April 29).

The 34-year-old British actor joked about his wife, Miranda Kerr, returning to modeling just three months after having their baby Flynn.

“She is a little insane,” he said, to which Ellen asked, “Why did you put her to work right away? Can’t she stay home with the baby for a little while?”

“Like I said, she’s off her own mind,” Orlando explained. “It’s genetics. It’s amazing. She looks incredible, a lot of breast-feeding.”

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Credit: Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.
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  • aawww….

    How sweet that Orlando is so proud of his beautiful wife!

  • Natalya

    I agree with Orlando. I’m a new mother and I highly recommend having children. My hips are bigger…my breasts are bigger. I’m loving it! I feel like more of a woman now. It definitely makes me feel so much sexier than ever before.

  • Magdalena

    She and her husband just had their first child a few months ago. You would think that she would probably want to take time off but she is running back to work and giving up quality time with her baby.

  • brainy box


  • pippa

    no miranda is still bloated. quit lyin orli.

  • @4

    Are you saying that women should stay home, barefoot and pregnant, or they aren’t good mothers?
    That’s just stupid.
    I guess that Doutzen is an even worse mother in your eyes, because she went back to work even sooner. Or is that different due to your double standards?

  • LOL!

    LOL-ing at the bitter, bitter haters.
    Miranda looks gorgeous. Orlando loves her and is proud of her, and you can’t stand it.
    Beautiful man, beautiful baby, beautiful wife.

  • @4

    Three months off is “running back to work”???
    Well OK, then.

  • YAY!

    He was so handsome and adorable on Ellen today!
    Love him!


    Love your show Ellen. Thankyou for making America smile.

  • squee!

    I recorded this show, and I can’t wait to get home to see it!!!!!

  • BritsAreUgly

    is that what you call tummy tucks and breast implants these days Orlando? Ha! Not all of us Americans are uneducated idiots, we know your wife got some help from a surgeon.

    Why does he look like a 35 year old man stuck in a 15 year old’s body? he grosses me out.

  • WhereAreTheStars

    his wife is back at work so soon (breaking her promise) and so is he. Didn’t she say she was taking time off to be with her baby for a while? lol whatever happened to that? We all know their baby was a publicity stunt and not because they just couldn’t wait to have one. These publicity hoes will do anything to stay relevant. Go away already, both of you aren’t nearly as talented or attractive as you think you are. More pics of talented and beautiful people like Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Cate Blanchett, Gisele Bundchen, etc please!

    Bloom-Kerr camp must be paying you real well Jared to promote these average nobodys!

  • no1

    Orly gay

  • He’s OK

    Wow. Orlando is starting to get a lot more negative comments now. Used to be Miranda’s were always more than half negative but looks like Orlando is catching up. Aw, c’mon. He’s harmless. Kinda sweet although kinda boring – but I don’t think he deserves the really nasty comments made about him here. He seems to be a nice enough guy.

  • LOL!

    You delph-IDIOTS sure do earn your name, don’t you.
    Now in how many threads have brought up this RIDICULOUS notion that Miranda had surgery and have been proved WRONG???
    If you are sooooo convinced that she had surgery, where are her scars? You can’t hide a tummy tuck scar with that teeeeny tiiiny black bikini.
    Prove it.
    As you always say (when it’s convenient for you anyway) pics, or it didn’t happen.
    Put up, or shut up.
    And a question for the sockpuppet at #14….
    make up your mind.
    One minute you morons are saying that he was unplanned, or that she “trapped” him with the baby.
    The next, you are claiming that the pregnancy was a planned PR move.
    Which is it?
    It can’t be both.

  • @16

    Oh they’re just mad because he is happily married to a gorgeous model who just gave him a beautiful son.
    HOW DARE HE!!!!!

  • BritsAreUgly


    idiot tummy tucks are done through your belly button that’s why there are no scars! duh! educate yourself stupid sheep!

    You claim there is proof she didn’t have surgery done? Where is the proof? Show me the proof. That’s right you have no proof. The proof is in her surgeon’s confedentiality documents. You are an idiot.

  • @14

    What are you talking about?
    She did take time off. I don’t understand what you are ranting about.
    And Miranda is one of the highest paid, most well known models out there, and Orlando has three films coming out, not counting LOTR. All they have to do to get photographed is to walk down the street.
    Only a sick mind could think that these two beautiful people need a baby to get publicity.

  • @19

    The burden of proof must come from the accuser.
    As an American, you should understand that.
    You must prove that she had the surgery done, or stop your RIDICULOUS accusations.
    put up, or shut up.
    Is that really so hard to understand?

  • @19

    You are ranting about someone else doing research when you OBVIOUSLY have done none of your own.
    Yes, a TYPE of tummy tuck can be done endoscopically, through the belly button. But that is rarely done, and is only for people who need a slight tightening of the abdominal muscles ONLY. It will not remove the loose skin that would be associated with a pregnancy.
    Surgery to remove the excess tissue would also have to be done.
    So one more time……where are her scars?

  • uh oh

    We just lost the delphites.
    You know that they never admit that they are wrong, they just disappear.
    Just recently, they have failed on basic anatomy, and now surgical procedures.
    Not to mention how often they are proven wrong on their insane theories and lies.
    Now they will have to resort once again to their standard “she’s fugly”, or “she looks like an alien” insults.
    That’s all they have left, after all.

  • @13

    We actually provided proof, not once but twice, that no surgeon would put breast implants on a lactating woman, and even if she had hired Josef Mengele to do the job, she’d have lost the capability to produce milk as she wouldn’t be able to breastfeed the baby in the post operatory days. And she hasn’t lost it. But we’ve already had this conversation, haven’t we? Why do you ask for proof if you’re going to ignore it because it doesn’t fit your agenda?

  • MeatBall

    @uh oh:


  • @25

    For your edification:
    (copy/pasted from another thread, ‘cuz I’m lazy)
    -”Delphi refers to a VERY small group of haters who live and breath to hate Miranda Kerr.
    They formed a blog of their own when people here would dare to question their absolutely insane theories and lies.
    On their blog, they allow no one to disagree with their lunatic ideas, all the while condemning the “censorship” on other blogs. They go beyond all bounds of decency in their insults and lies. That’s why they are down to only a handful of active members. The more rational members moved on long ago.
    They scour the internet, 24/7/365. looking for information that they can twist to suit their agenda.
    They are hypocrits and liars. They even stooped so low as to start attacking an innocent baby.
    They are OBSESSED with a total stranger, and every breath she takes.
    They follow her twitter, her facebook pages, and every blog that may mention her. They have her on their google alerts so that they are often the first people to post on any open, anon, threads.
    They lie, they twist and they hate.
    That’s all they do.
    They are pathetic.
    Absolutely pathetic.”

  • well…


    you’re not right about her giving up quality time to go back to work because she takes Fynn to work with her so she can keep breast feeding him – she’s very lucky to have that luxury as a working mom who is nursng

  • =)

    His interview on Ellen was so cute & funny!

  • He’s so hot!

    So adorable and loving! Any moron can see how much Orlando loves his family. He is funny and is getting great reviews for his two new films. Not to mention all of his charitable works. Way to go Orlando! I love to see him so incredibly happy!

  • wearing eye glasses

    I like her especially when she wearing eye glasses . She is so hot :)