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Vanessa Hudgens: Westfield Mall Shopping Spree!

Vanessa Hudgens: Westfield Mall Shopping Spree!

Vanessa Hudgens heads out to do some shopping at the Westfield Mall on Thursday (April 28) in Sherman Oaks, Calif.

The 22-year-old Sucker Punch actress was joined by friend before she gave her a hug and a kiss goodbye.

Vanessa recently expressed that she wants to launch her own range of clothing.

“It’s something I”m thinking about doing – it’ll be very 60s and 70s with lots of embroidery and beadwork,” Vanessa said. “I’m figuring out if I want to do it with someone or on my own. There’s no rush, I want to make sure it has the perfect home.”

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens shopping…

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vanessa hudgens westfield mall shopping spree 03
vanessa hudgens westfield mall shopping spree 04
vanessa hudgens westfield mall shopping spree 05
vanessa hudgens westfield mall shopping spree 06
vanessa hudgens westfield mall shopping spree 07
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114 Responses to “Vanessa Hudgens: Westfield Mall Shopping Spree!”

  1. 1
    Emily Says:

    um, that ‘friend’ is her sister! and her mom!

  2. 2
    Kerri Says:

    It’s Yoko………

  3. 3
    Alaia Says:

    Her style is so bad.

  4. 4
    lauren Says:

    where’s her fake pr lap dog im making zac jealous josh*

    fake *****

  5. 5
    segway Says:

    - from the Royals to the retro-hippy unwashed ….or it just seems that way

  6. 6
    Sean Benn Says:

    Why would I watch the wedding? I couldn’t take any of that seriously at all. Oh, wait…my mistake. I though Vanessa Hudgens was at the Royal Wedding too.

  7. 7
    BloodbuzzOhio Says:

    @Sean Benn: Well if she went dressed like that, she would’ve been given the boot!

  8. 8
    sorella Says:

    It’s like she lives in her own time warp and she thinks it’s still 1960-something all over again. Weird style, screams of trying too hard to be hip.

  9. 9
    true lies Says:

    You people sound so bitter. And this is supposed to be the mature site?…NOT!!!

  10. 10
    Hello Says:

    Shouldn’t you be in school or are you playing hooky?

  11. 11
    Me Says:

    I actually like her style. At least she takes risks and doesn’t play it safe all the time. I’d like to see what you people look like.

  12. 12
    What Says:


    What a complement actually.

  13. 13
    kerri Says:

    @Kerri: Don’t use my name!!!! I love Vanessa.
    I missed you Vanessa!!! You bring such sunshine to me.

  14. 14
    Say What Says:


    I think you forgot to take you medication this morning.

  15. 15
    kerri Says:

    Haters quit hating her she is fabulous.

  16. 16
    kerri Says:

    MORE PICS!! Go to to see more of this beautiful butterfly.

  17. 17
    YO YO Says:

    This site should be called Just Jared Jr. since the posters all sound like 10 year old bullies. If you don’t like her then why post on her threads? It doesn’t take a genius to just move on. Have a heart? What if people talked about you this way? Always remember that “LOVE IS LOUDER”!

  18. 18
    !!!!???? Says:

    I acutally like this style. Love her boho sytle and love that she’s not afraid to be herself.

  19. 19
    brainy box Says:


  20. 20
    CAPS Says:

    If love is louder then why do you have to yell?

  21. 21
    YO YO Says:


    ? Um, I’m writing in caps and not yelling. lol.

  22. 22
    laverdadduele Says:

    Janis Joplin called from the grave, she wants her outfit back.

  23. 23
    YO YO Says:

    Since when is writing in caps yelling? I write in caps to “EMPHASIZE” what I’m trying to say because I’m passionate about “LOVE” and not “HATE”.

    I’m rooting for you Vanessa. Keep your head hi and continue to ignore the haters.

  24. 24
    kerri Says:

    Cool i just saw what ashley tisdale tweeted. Girls Vaca!!!!!! Heading on an amazing vacation with my besties Nessa and shelleybuckner. Let’s do this! Woo woo. Go to I am so happy that Nessa and Ash are reuniting Ashnessa.

  25. 25
    CAPS Says:

    YO YO says it all

  26. 26
    kerri Says:

    Behind every pretty girl lies a pack of haters.

  27. 27
    jerry Says:

    Behind every sycophant lies a wannabe.

  28. 28
    kerri Says:

    Vanessa: If people don’t like me for whatever i do for being me then thats too bad. I don’t want to change to be something that i’m not for other people to like me.

  29. 29
    lolo Says:

    Can’t believe she didn’t get with Alex Pettyfer he is so flipping sexy. Instead she settled for a little boy.

  30. 30
    Cloud Says:


  31. 31
    Silver Says:

    Did Vanessa get a heart tattoo on her left hand on her middle finger? or is it just drawn on her hand by a pen?

  32. 32
    peggy Says:


    YOU GUY ARE EITHER MANIPULATIVE OR JUST PLAIN STUPID AS HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. 33
    carlota f. Says:

    stella and vanessa look great :)

  34. 34
    YO YO Says:



  35. 35
    luula Says:

    omg so cuteeeeeeeeee

  36. 36
    luula Says:

    friend? lool its Stella, her sister

  37. 37
    luula Says:

    hahah yeah

  38. 38
    Joochi Says:

    @lauren: If you don’t like her why are you wasting your time commenting. Josh is not a lap dog!, she is entitled to be with whomever she chooses, enough of this bashing her she’s just like one of us unless your jealousy is so deep that you’re consumed by her. Learn to express your comments correctly or don’t do them at all you are showing your personality which means that it sucks!!!

  39. 39
    luula Says:

    @Sean Benn:

  40. 40
    luula Says:

    lol GTFO

  41. 41
    amelie Says:


  42. 42
    amelie Says:

    whoever wrote this article didn’t recognize Stella . lol

  43. 43
    luula Says:

    @YO YO:

  44. 44
    Danielle Says:

    I actually don’t like the style but LOVE HER!!!

  45. 45
    Carebear Says:

    Pretty as a picture.Is Stella wearing Vanessa’s shoes? Too cute.

  46. 46
    kerri Says:

    More pics!! Today is a great day go to Enjoy.

  47. 47
    luula Says:

    @YO YO:

  48. 48
    amber Says:

    she looks cute

  49. 49
    Yepp Says:


  50. 50
    ke$haluv Says:

    gross ****** pants, also nice iphone 3G loser! nessa needs to get with the times.

  51. 51
    correction Says:

    @ lauren: lap puppy actually

  52. 52
    kerri Says:

    @Kes$haluv: Don’t call her Nessa! You are not a fan of hers so don’t insult her and then think of calling her that nickname. Why don’t you go back and worship Ke$ha.

  53. 53
    hello Says:

    Ignore the haters. They are nobody and she is definitely somebody. That’s why they are trying to tear her down.

  54. 54
    kerri Says:

    @hello: You are so right but i feel like sometimes i just have to defend her.

  55. 55
    hello Says:


    It might be the same person posting continuous mean comments. Sometimes defending is good but after awhile, its best to take the high road. We shouldn’t stoop to their level. Name calling can be contagious and believe me, I have a few that I can call them.

  56. 56
    luula Says:

    vashley <3

  57. 57
    amelie Says:

    @brainy box:

  58. 58
    kerri Says:

    @hello: You are right.
    @luula: That is also a cute nickname. Do you have one for Brittany snow and Vanessa?

  59. 59
    Amanda Says:

    I think her style is unique.

  60. 60
    vHudgens Says:

    she is her sister and her mom not friend :)

  61. 61
    anna Says:


  62. 62
    *Angieee* Says:

    Hmm it takes a LOT of money to look like you’re from an era that didn’t care about materialism. She’s such a try-hard

  63. 63
    Teddi Says:

    I’m finding it very hard to post lately as I don’t want to be jumped on by the haters for saying what I think! I understand that although Alex Pettifer is sexy, who ever it was who said that, he’s not supposed to be a very nice person, so V’s better off not being with him.

  64. 64
    tina Says:

    I think she’s looks adorable. She is not a following and if she loves retro 60′s right now, she should go for it. Yopu can only get away with being adventurous in style when your young. She wears it well and she is having fun. That is why I like Vanessa so much she doesn’t care what people think, she lives her life the way she wants to. If you like her good.If you don’t nothing she does will make you change your mind. So she may as well do what makes her happy at least she’s not a big phony.

  65. 65
    hoezac Says:

    She looks so happy holding hands with Josh.
    No more trace of that cheating ex.

  66. 66
    sue Says:

    Vanessa has gone on vacation with Ashley and Shelley isn’t it odd that all of Vanessa girlfriends are Zac’s friends and that she met them through him. The only one that is not Zac’s friend , and probably will never be, is that 18 year old boy. What is up with that?

  67. 67
    yets Says:

    looking good Vanessa…So excited for new drama Project.

  68. 68
    hello Says:


    Um, Vanessa has many more friends than that. She also hangs out with her Sucker Punch co-stars (Jamie Chung, Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, and Jena Malone), to name a few. Since your not really a Vanessa fan, you wouldn’t know this.

  69. 69
    luula Says:

    lol WTF??!!!

  70. 70
    luula Says:

    and they all are hanging out with Vanessa and not with Zac… What is up with that? lol
    Van is always with her family and her friends, she is not anymore with your Golden boy.. why you hate her so much?

  71. 71
    sue Says:

    @hello: Oh I knew that and you don”t know who I am a fan of but yes all those Sucker Punch girls but she does not hang out with them she mostly hangs out with Britney, Laura, Ashley and oh that 18 year old.And now she is on vacation with Shelley.HmHmHmHm!!!!!!

  72. 72
    hello Says:


    How do you know that she does not hang out with her Sucker Punch co-stars? Do you have some inside information? I know for a fact that we don’t know all her friends and where she goes all the time. Based on their interviews, they do hang out. Matter of fact, Vanessa was with Jamie Chung at Coachella. There are several pics to prove this.

  73. 73
    hello Says:


    Yes, why are his friends hanging out with her and not with him? Can you answer this question since you seem to have inside information?

  74. 74
    hello Says:


    Sorry, last message is for “SUE”.

  75. 75
    sue Says:

    @luula: They Are still his friends and about this family thing you people keep screaming about with Vanessa. It is very easy for her to see her family since they stay in Los Angeles but Zac”s family does not live in LA. He loves his family just as much as she does and he would probably be with them also if they LIVED IN LA. Are you insinuating that Zac does not love his family? Because all of you are trying to make her out to be a saint and she is not and make Zac out to be the worst person to ever walk on this earth and he is not and it is not fair, And the way things look she is the one who left him for an 18 year old that is not just a friend and you all want to believe that one because you all know it would look pretty bad if she is dating her co star she was with when she broke up with Zac because it seems she cheated and before you say anything if it was the other way around and you saw Zac with his co star in the same situation as Vanessa you would call him ever name in the book because you are doing it now based on nothing more than rumors

  76. 76
    sue Says:

    @hello: one because they are girls and 2 because when you see any blogs about her those are the people she is with stop being stupid.

  77. 77
    Bree Says:

    her extensions look nice.

  78. 78
    pattyerb Says:

    She just tries to hard to look cool, not working and stop taking off your clothes. It’s not working for your career you want to have.

  79. 79
    federico Says:


  80. 80
    federico Says:


  81. 81
    federico Says:

    she’s with her sister

  82. 82
    federico Says:

    she is a real beauty both inside and out

  83. 83
    federico Says:

    lol you
    zac? hahaha

  84. 84
    Anthony The Mosquito Says:

    she looks cool and carefree in these retro outfits …. i don’t think it is in the light of trying too hard at all…. i think just the opposite …. her family is really nice too …

  85. 85
    federico Says:

    zac efron’s obsessed fans were hating on Vanessa because she was dating him, and now they hate Vanessa because she’s over him? lol just… lol

  86. 86
    mandy Says:

    @sue: agreed with every word sue.

  87. 87
    florence Says:

    @sue: AlsoI find it amusing that Shelly is also a ex girlfriend of Zac’s to, now that could be a interesting conversation to hear, wonder if they will talk about him or even compare notes you never know.

    Nice to hear though that she is having some time with the girls before starting another project.

  88. 88
    oy Says:

    I don’t know which is worse, the Home Depot vest or the lace bell bottoms from The Mustang Ranch gift shop.

  89. 89
    kerri Says:

    @Florence: She isn’t a ex girlfriend of Zac. She was just his co-star on Summerland.

  90. 90
    kerri Says:

    Gosh i am so sick of people saying that Zac cheated on her. THEY BROKEUP BECAUSE THEY GREW APART. Also VANESSA NEVER CHEATED ON ZAC. Please haters do us all a favour and go spread your lies and hate somewhere else.

  91. 91
    BOJI Says:

    Kerri, let them say what they want to. Some of these posters are in denial and the only way they can rationalise is using a blamegame. Frankly, Josh Hutcherson must be really talented. His acting resume is very impressive for one so young. V can date whomever she wants and yes we can pass our opinion of him. He may not be good looking but he has made V smile alot and that must be something. This relationship is nothing like her previous one, there is no comparison. As to how long it will last is anyone’s guess.
    Am just stoked right now for V as she has a new indie film in the works. Am glad she’s going on a vacation with her friends.

  92. 92
    BOJI Says:

    By the way, I like that Vanessa is reviving the 60s style. Anybody who are into fashion should know that trends go around in a cycle. I wore mini-skirts/dresses in the early 70s, and bell-bottoms too from the from the late 70s it was skinny jeans. and lookee now. It has come around but less restrictive with stretchy material/spandex..

  93. 93
    ik Says:

    she needs to stop dressing like we are living in the 70′s

  94. 94
    maria Says:

    @sue: You need to just shut up. She did not “leave” Zac for Josh. She was still VERY into their relationship in January, while they were trying to work things out, up until North Carolina. If anything had been going on with Josh before, she would not have been working things out with Zac, or he would NOT have come to NC if she was with Josh. You have NO concept of the fact that Josh was the ONLY one there in NC to be a shoulder to cry on when Zac was wh*ring it up with the Aussie blondes. He was a friend to her, when she needed someone. It’s none of anyone’s business if NOW it has developed into something else. He is a GREAT guy, very mature, and VERY talented. Rebound relationships happen ALL the time, when people are at their most vulnerable point. How DARE you accuse her of cheating??? You never ever heard of anything when she was with Zac. But you certainly heard PLENTY of him being with other women. So, just SHUT up. You have no idea what happened. Assuming she did, just because she is friendly with a co-star now after spending 5 months working with him, is just vicious.

    Let me just say too, a large number of Zac fans are really insane and evil. If you ever dare take a look at Zac’s boards and forums, they are nuts. Vanessa fans defend her, and point out stupid or questionable things Efron did. But Zac fans??? They actually wish harm to Vanessa, want her gone, hope she doesn’t come back from a trip with her girlfriends, etc. How SICKO is that???? Why? She is no longer with him, and don’t give me crap that he is “hurting”. That is beyond ludicrous. He has not looked like he’s hurting in ANY way. So THOSE Zac fans need to have their heads examined. I apologize to the ones who are still supportive of Vanessa, and just wish them both well. I can not lump all of his fans into the evil cult that follow him. It’s frightening.

  95. 95

    Not a day passes on Just Jared without new pictures of Vanessa while I have to wait two to three weeks for a new photo of Zac, which goes to show that one is a fame ho and the other cherishes his privacy. It’s good they broke up so now Vanessa can get her picture taken every day and Zac can hide out.

  96. 96
    tina Says:

    You know what is really sad about many of these comments is that the post is about Vanessa shopping yet it is really a Zac vs. Vanessa comparison fest as usual. I get that some are really strong Vanessa fans and clearly some just as strong Zac fans, but bringing Zac up on every Vanessa post is not even necessary. Maybe one day, Vanessa posts will be people actually talking about the subject at hand instead of trying to dissect her private life

    Of course, JJ knows that is going to happen and that brings more hits to his site.

  97. 97
    maria Says:

    @WICKED WENCH: Living your life, and not hiding in your house, does not make someone a fame-ho. She just happens to be more relevant right now. Get a grip. Go back to your Zac posts, and fantasize all you want about him. There’s one over on JJJ.

  98. 98
    lame Says:

    @WICKED WENCH: Oh please, the guy just isn’t relevant at the moment. It might help if he went back to making movies..I think he’s still an actor right?

  99. 99
    fabp Says:

    her style fits cosmopolitanas and out-there fashionista-followers – it won’t suit mid-america – hillbillies, bible-bashers and all – go V!

  100. 100
    kerri Says:

    @lame: Why do you have to bash Zac? Yes obviously he still is an actor. Haters leave him alone he isn’t with Vanessa.

  101. 101
    federico Says:


  102. 102
    federico Says:

    vanessa isn’t with him.. thank god

  103. 103
    kerri Says:

    @federico: Seriously why do you have to be so mean? They both had 5 years together. I am sure she enjoyed it and as well as him. Why do you have to make it like Zac is some kind of monster?

  104. 104
    Teddi Says:

    Could everyone just pause before they type. Some people, on both sides are being very hateful to their fellow posters. Some of them are very close to bullying. Their is no need to hate on someone for having a different view to you. To be honest, I doubt if either side really knows what’s going on as this is someone elses life you are commenting on.
    Some people are very sensitive and may not take someone being hateful to them very well. Think before you resort to personal insults, I’m sure that you wouldn’t like someone saying bad things to you. And come on. These people are celebrities not an actual part of your lives. STOP THE HATE! From all sides, unless these people have done something personally TO YOU!

  105. 105
    kerri Says:

    @Teddi: I couldn’t of said it better.

  106. 106
    huh Says:

    @maria: well so zac has an evil cult followers what abt those fans of vanessa who wish zac bad luck, say he cheated based on rumors and call names , make rumors and say awful things even when he is hanging out with friends , supporting charities and also wish him harm also hate twitter accounts like @stellahateszac thats sure some vanessa freak . And it doesn’t suit that u are saying such things when u yourself troll zac’s thread bcoz in the jjjr post a poster called u a cyber bully bcoz u were making personal remarks and also bashing zac while defending vanessa then and now also based on rumors. U have no idea what happened b/w them nobody can say anybody cheated coz their breakup was reported as mutual still we don’t know what happened besides there are plenty of vanessa’s fans like florence, hoezac etc who troll zac’s thread and say spiteful things just as there are fans of zac who troll vanessa’s thread.Also in the last jjr post of v a fan of vanessa told another poster to go die in a ditch bcoz that poster was insulting v. But what is sad abt this that v is a celeb all these insults don’t affect her coz she isn’t going to read it but wishing death wishes to another poster is more bad. So how can u say that only zac’s fans are insane there are plenty of vanessa fans too who are equally insane who need to get their head examined and that includes you. There are many posters who defend vanessa but they dön’t make personal remarks or trash others and i appreciate that . Next time play the blame game nicely vanessa has an evil cult of followers who would bash any body and that creates anti vanessa sentiments. And nobody can deny the fact that the hate is on from both sides.

  107. 107
    maria Says:

    @huh: Excuse me, but I do go to Vanessa sites, and they do NOT ever wish death to anyone, or NONE that I have ever seen. I can’t say that about Efron’s sites. Check out Zefron. It’s disgusting. I truly dislike the ridiculous fans who are accusing Vanessa of cheating now, when she never has, and completely ignore all the rumors of Zac cheating throughout their relationship. If you want us to ignore that, then don’t make up crap about her now. I am also sick to death of the hate she has had to deal with from Zac fans for FIVE long years. She was never good enough, pretty enough, talented enough, nothing. She took that crap for years. And now, she’s not even with him anymore, and she still has to deal with people like you.

  108. 108
    hoezac Says:

    @maria: THOSE ZAC FANS ARE BLIND. All the time Vanessa was with ZAC there was not a single rumor published that she was hooking up with someone else, even the time she was filming with Josh.
    It’s a different story with ZAC. There have been lots of rumors even that “eventful” TP hook up. Even in interviews, Zac had been insinuating that he’s dumb to be with Vanessa while he could be with lots of girls.
    ZAC was the one hounded about cheating on Vanessa. It is not the other way around.
    If Vanessa’s friendship with Josh has developed into something romantic then let her be. She deserves it. And Josh will always be a better guy. He’s not a cheater!

  109. 109
    huh Says:

    @maria: again its a hypocrite speaking. Did i deny zac’s fans hate v? I am a fan of both and yes i have noticed that the hate is from both sides. I am not making crap up and have seen disgusting posts for zac as there are for vanessa. Until and unless hate stops from both sides it won’t stop. U yourself are making crap up that zac cheated and sound so pissed when people blame vanessa. By the way wasn’t it vanessa’s fans who started the entire cheating thing so of course the other side will react . What do u think they would keep quiet..besides its just not zac’s fans who are blaming but also zanessa fans. I don’t have a problem with either moving on and i have never blamed vanessa u can check my above post. The fact is that hate is from both sides either u agree or disagree.

  110. 110
    huh Says:

    @maria: again its a hypocrite speaking. Did i deny zac’s fans hate v? I am a fan of both and yes i have noticed that the hate is from both sides. I am not making crap up and have seen disgusting posts for zac as there are for vanessa. Until and unless hate stops from both sides it won’t stop. U yourself are making crap up that zac cheated and sound so pissed when people blame vanessa. By the way wasn’t it vanessa’s fans who started the entire cheating thing so of course the other side will react . What do u think they would keep quiet..besides its just not zac’s fans who are blaming bcoz vanessa’s fans were blaming zac but also zanessa fans. I don’t have a problem with either moving on and i have never blamed vanessa u can check my above post. Also if vanessa has to deal with haters then even zac is not with vanessa anymore but still he has to deal with people like u who constantly tell that he cheated and have problem when somebody blames vanessa. The fact is that hate is from both sides either u agree or disagree.

  111. 111
    huh Says:

    @maria: and u can check the comments on jjjr the post abt vanessa and josh holding hands. If somebody hasn’t flaged it would still be there besides a lot of other times. And that doesn’t mean i am denying zac’s fans have not wished death to another poster. The point is both sides have equally insane fans.

  112. 112
    Shelly Says:

    I just saw something when looking at one of the last videos on youtube of Zanessa together. I didn’t see it before but now that they aren’t together i do. In the video of them in Hawaii they both seemed distant even though they did kiss. I saw Zac looking down at his shoes and Vanessa looking somewhere else. I am starting to realise that maybe they both got tired of one another or maybe the fact that they didn’t see each other for such a long time that they just grew apart.

  113. 113
    hoezac Says:

    you’re wrong shelly. vanessa was hugging zac from the back in one footage. if someone was distant it was zac.
    now you do the math.

  114. 114
    Elle Says:

    She’s trying WAY to hard to be “hipster” or “hippie/boho” It just dosen’t mesh with her.

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