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Miranda Kerr: Breastfeeding Flynn at Work!

Miranda Kerr: Breastfeeding Flynn at Work!

Miranda Kerr breastfeeds her 3-month-old son Flynn in this new photo posted on her Twitter page.

“Another day in the office xxx,” the 28-year-old Australian model tweeted while taking a break during a Victoria’s Secret shoot.

Miranda‘s hubby, Orlando Bloom, recently raved about her post-baby bod while making an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“It’s genetics. It’s amazing. She looks incredible, a lot of breastfeeding,” he told Ellen.

“She is a little insane,” he said about Miranda‘s quick return to modeling just a few weeks after giving birth.

Bigger pic inside

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miranda kerr breastfeeding flynn

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  • ck

    Yea…and if I tried doing that people would be all upset :(
    Double standard!!!! ;)

  • hahahys

    awh cute!
    bit concerned the way the baby is lying but cute nonetheless :)

  • Wesie

    So cute! She is such a good mom.

  • kate

    we already saw a breastfeeding pic from her, another one now?

  • Babyy

    A way to get more attention

  • bloom

    she is not pretty, looks like an alien.

  • BEAN

    Dayyuuuuuum she’s a 10!!!!

  • inhollywood


    she does look like an alien! And wtf with all the breastfeeding pictures?

  • Trace

    Is she into pedophilia doing a sexy pose with her kid?

  • Trace

    her and bloom are disgusting, i’m a father and that is no way to pose with your baby, if it was my wife i would be furious.

  • @9

    Only a pervert would say something like that.

  • Kiley

    why do they find it necessary to take and upload these pics online? lame.

  • Miranda runs to the media

    You really need attention don’t you Miranda.
    All made up just to breast feed?
    How about sitting on a sturdy couch so that baby has better stability?
    Makeup is what makes many other women photogenic just like you
    Miranda. You don’t need to keep trying so hard making the public pay attention to you by reminding us all that you are a Victoria Secret model. Congratulations on your marriage and new family but please remember that Orlando is the reason you have this much fame.
    I believe you and your husband are starving for more attention.
    Most celebrities are running away from the media.

  • bobbiebee

    I don’t know much about them, but man they have been seen everywhere all of a sudden. And I guess models today really need to get some media coverage. Mainly because actresses are getting the big endorsement deals they use to get.


    All these women are not the face of something.. and I am not even naming the B and C list stars that are getting them too. So she and the likes of Gisele are doing whatever to stay in print..

    She is pretty, but no stunningly beautiful. But models don’t have to be rare beauties.. They just have to be different/unique in some way.

    She is not the first or will be the last woman to pose breastfeeding.
    NO big deal. Just attention nothing more.

    Wonder who took the picture and why was the other model not posted too. That makes it feel more staged.

  • PrincessKate

    @bobbiebee: well its because the American population (sadly) is now more obsessed with people like Snooki,JWow,Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton’s than Cindy Crawford,Claudia Schiffer and Linda Evangelista’s. They even have more twitter and facebook followers! The 90s youth looked up to Cindy Crawford, now they look up to Kim Kardashian. Something is wrong here. I would much rather see more models on covers who are much better role models than girls who got famous because of partying or making home videos…

  • @17

    Of course it’s staged, like all pictures in which the person is looking at the camera. What’s your point? And what other model?

  • Rini

    I can’t believe how rude you people are! Give me a break! How can you say such nasty things about a photo like this? This is one of the cutest things I’ve seen.

  • glio

    soon we will be seein photos of her teachin flynn bein potty trained haha

  • PrincessKate

    Also trust me models today are boring and do not do whatever it takes to stay in the spotlight….the 80s and 90s models did way more. they dated celebs,went to every big event,the oscars,the mtv awards,were on us weekly and people covers every week….models today are no where as near publicized as they used to be, and that’s why they aren’t as famous now and people like Kim K are. Kim and the Paris Hiltons of the world, are doing what ever it takes to be famous, not models…

  • bobbiebee


    ITAWY.. regarding this part of your post

    The 90s youth looked up to Cindy Crawford, now they look up to Kim Kardashian. Something is wrong here. I would much rather see more models on covers who are much better role models than girls who got famous because of partying or making home videos
    I for one am sick of those reality stars and such. Would never buy anything they endorse. And yes twitter just show how silly the next generation can be regarding who they choose to idolize. Look the models of yesteryear are gone. There will not be another SUPER MODEL again. I don’t see it. Plus the modeling world brought it on themselves with the problem of drugs and weight. I have never thought that models were the ideal role models either. But everyone to their own taste.

  • LOki

    Oh i’d love to see a picture like this of Natalie Portman……. you know breasfeeding for the world to see hahahaha…….. but i guess that won’t ever happen

    by the way good acting acting on Thor Natalie

  • Delphic

    Kim Kardashian needs to go home. It’s true that Hollywood actresses seem to get all the campaigns nowadays. Several years ago, Kate Moss was the face of god knows how many campaigns.

  • Natural

    Oh, get over it some of you more repressed and ‘overly-sensitive’ types. She’s doing exactly what Mother Nature always intended for her to do. Nothing’s showing in that photo that should be ‘offensive’ to anyone. She’s obviously a modern-day young mother with no phony ‘hangups’ or insecurities who intends to give her baby as healthy a head start in life as possible. Kudos to her.

  • Courtney

    um real stars have nursed for decades it’s nothing new and the MTV movie awards have no right being mentioned in the same breath as the oscars which most of the former nominees/ winners who ae still alive are considered legends people Like Angela Landsbury Joanne Wodward Robert De Niro Joel Grey Sophia Loren Vanessa Redgrave Dustin Hoffman Robert Redford Anjelica Houston ect

  • PrincessKate

    @Courtney: I was only stating the diversity of models back then. From the MTV awards,The Oscars to Vogue Italia one day and Playboy the next. They did it all. I am saying if any model was publicized it were those girls. Miranda is only doing what all mothers do. Breastfeeding and being a proud mama. cut her some slack. At least she is taking care of her child and not clubbing and partying all around the world… Things could be much worse…

    I don’t think models are the ideal role models either but much better than someone like Snooki or Kim!!! and besides not every model is a Kate Moss druggy waif…

  • Not

    So sick of this woman and her tits get over it not everyone wants to see you feeding your kid….

  • brainy box


  • David

    That’s the luckiest baby in the world, people would kill to be right there xD

  • @29

    Have you considered the option of not looking at the picture?

  • awww

    She looks like such a loving mother.
    Taking Flynn to work with her so that she doesn;t have to be apart from him for alny longer than absolutely necessary.
    She sets a terrific standard for many women who don’t want to breast feed because of what it can do to the body. But here is a glamorous, gorgeous woman who relies on her body for work, who cares more about the health of her child, than getting back her smaller, perkier breasts.
    And with the size of Flynn, she must be producing plenty of milk. And he seems to enjoy his food. He looks like a little wiggle worm the way that he is kicking his free leg. lol!

  • sally


    You forget to name some others..the bigger ones …such as Charlize Theron who took every bigger brand campaign from haute couture to parfume to watches to glasses… she is the face of Christian Dior, L’oreal, Breil, Guess, Martini, a spanish brand clothe whom i forget the name as well as a german brand clothe, recently a chinese, cars………..well it’s understandable with Charlize she was a former model and right now one of the most talented beautiful actress of this generation.

    There is also Keira Knightly for Chanel, and Diane Kruger for Calvin Kline…those are the few worthy beautiful actresses who got the biggest shots from the biggest brands.

  • ?

    now who would try to be provocative while breastfeeding her baby? Only a wohre…

  • Oh please…….

    The only negative comments are from the same jealous woman posting over and over again. She can’t stand the fact that Miranda is beautiful, successful, happy, married to Orlando and they now have sweet baby Flynn…….it’s all rather sad and pathetic, she really needs to get a life and move on……lol.

  • Miranda’s The Boss

    Does anyone else get the feeling Orlando Bloom is henpecked? I listened to him talk on Ellen’s show and it sure sounds like Miranda wears the pants! But then what else would you expect from such a wimpy little guy.

  • LOL!

    She looks great!
    And of course she is made up, people, she’s on a shoot.
    (illiterate morons)
    And isn’t it interesting that a pic thet she posted on her Twitter wnded up all over the web?
    If no one was interested in her, as the delphidiots claim, then why is it here?
    I know that the delphi hags follow her twitter )and facebook, and myspace and have her on goggle alerts) but guess that the media follows her too.
    Oh, and a note to ‘Trace’…..if you’re a “husband”, I’m the Dutchess of Cambridge.

  • @37

    Every woman that is going through labor is the boss. Just ask any father. And if a man is NOT doing everything the woman asks him to do while she is giving birth to his baby, he should be castrated.

  • AitchCS

    I think it is great! you go girl and Flynn is happy and healthy!

  • Rose

    @Miranda’s The Boss: aw how lovely. Its 2011 and we still refer to the concept of “wearing the pants”….alot has changed since 1950 if you haven’t noticed by now.

    Yes women wear pants. They can run for president and be CEO’s as well.

  • Gin

    She is a proud mama happily doing what is best for her baby (breastfeeding!) and its a wonderful thing. Quit always making something out of nothing, lol. she is a proud parent and has alot of fans on her facebook who love to know what is going on! get over it! Doutzen Kroes also posted a breastfeeding pic. Alessandra Ambrosio shows off her whole entire life on her twitter. Some models just like the interaction with their fans and some are more private. nothing wrong here.

  • Showoff

    ugly attention seeking alien head.

  • JoJo

    She is soooooooooooo overrated!

  • Private Time

    @Oh please…….:
    There are many young women posting on here who believe this photo
    is uncalled for and inappropriate. No one is jealous but just tired of how desperate Miranda is for attention. I almost never click on articles about her and Orlando is a nice guy but not someone I would want to date.
    She can have him. Maybe you should stop giving your attention to Miranda and instead give time to your own friends and family.

  • @Gin

    That’s true!
    Doutzen also posted a pic of her breastfeeding Phyllon at a shoot.
    She also posted a picture of him that was posed to show his face.
    She then used the baby’s twitter page….that she set up….to thank a baby stroller company. In effect, whoring out her newborn.
    And yet the delphidiots PRAISE her, and call Miranda a famewhore.
    Double standard?
    Do you have any doubt?
    Bottom line here is that this is a picture of a beautiful young mother giving nourishment to her much loved son.
    It’s not her fault that she is so glamorous.

  • ?

    Does anyone know if she and Orlando will be attending the Met ball this year?

  • @45

    If YOU are tired of her, then YOU shouldn’t pay her attention. I fail to see what’s inappropriate by the way. Normally these “young women posting here” complain about the two evil creations of Satan that hang from her chest, but here they’re quite hidden.

  • @48

    I love you!

  • isis

    Why is this HO constantly releasing breastfeeding pics!!?????

  • pigbearman

    disgusting show of self centerness by them. this is child abuse!

  • reba

    I have to agree… this is a bit too personal.

  • @50

    2 = “constantly”?
    uhmmmmm, OK