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Jordin Sparks: Bikini Ready!

Jordin Sparks: Bikini Ready!

Jordin Sparks shows off her bikini body in this new photo posted on her Twitter.

“I don’t know why but my bathing suit reminds me of fruity pebbles. :)” the 21-year-old American Idol champ wrote. “Werk what we got!”

We think she looks great!

Yesterday, Jordin talked about baking some sweet treats. She said, “Love that I can now bake my coconut rum raisin cupcakes because I can legally buy the rum! Ha! :D”

Can’t wait to hear the new music Jordin has been working on!

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  • yhtak

    she looks great, you go girl! keep working on that figure it’s definitely paying off! :)

  • yhtak

    she looks great! you go girl keep working on that figure it’s definitely paying of!! :))

  • Jessica

    She looks great! Weight loss does wonders!

  • XXOO

    I love her! She’s always looked amazing

  • Elenen

    @amy: I know what you mean but Demi Moore has 39393939 photos like these on twitter and SHE is the one trying to prove something.

  • brainy box


  • lolo

    Famewh*re!!!!!! Go back to singing!!!!!!

  • mimi

    No class!!!!! People in hollywood will do anything for attention.

  • Bella

    Wut. Girl nooo. Don’t stoop to taking bathroom shots :/

  • Nicole

    She’s trying to hard!!!..just be humble.

  • LALA

    it took her that long to loose that little weight she had?!

  • Alaia

    @selen: Evidently you don’t have anything nice to say because you just told people to stfu.

  • li


  • Inga Parks

    she has a waist.

  • lily

    Y’all mad?

  • Kimi


  • anonmus

    eww she has a man’s body!

  • lovelydee

    Wow, looking good.

  • Nicole

    @lily: @lily: @lily:

    I think it’s more about respect for ones self. She seems to be looking for recognition from strangers which is pretty sad. Why tell her she looks great when taking care of your body is something we all should do anyways. It’s like saying thank you for washing your hands before your prepare supper or covering your mouth when you yawn.

  • Steve

    Haven’t seen much of her since her Idol performances. Has she improved as a performer/singer?

  • bb

    wtf cares, these celebs need to stop twittering or at least just twit only their friends, jeez!! the worst was that moonface miranda showing whipping out her t/tty every chance she gets to feed kid! show to ur friends only pleeze, thank u!

  • Roxy

    I don’t understand why people take bathroom pics of themselves then post them on facebook and twitter. It looks tacky and cheap

  • Just Me

    All I can think about when I see this pic is how, not long ago, she spoke about wearing a chastity ring and female entertainers showing respect for themselves in the way of their sexuality portrayal.

    Oh yeah, I also think about just how POORLY her headlining summer tour sold despite booking small venues and offering “buy one, get one free” tickets. There were also far too many cancellations for an already limited dates tour as it was.

    I get that she may be feeling great about her new body after being on the heavy side for most of her life, but there are better ways to do this. For one, make a hot new music video for a hot new song and showcase it there. Or walk the red carpet of a high profile event wearing something awesome and showcase it in all it’s sophisticated, coiffed, and self-respecting glory there.

    I don’t know… All I can say is both Rihanna and Chris Brown have some bathroom pics that the bloggers wrote about too. But then again, they have hot music and music/cultural relevancy to back it up…

  • asha

    Ok, first off she looks AMAZING!!! Second, for all you hypocritical people are you telling me you have never taken pictures of yourselves in the mirror??? She is no different from any other 21 year old.

  • Leslie

    @Nicole: Weight is more complicated than that. For those who struggle severely with their weight being healthy is a big accoplishment. I don’t blame her for being proud of herself. That is different from being arrogant.

  • Bobby Fontaine

    “Steven Tyler’s Secret Past” is an absolute must read. This just released true to life non-fiction thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat taking you into the dark world of Steven Tyler, the Mafia bosses who managed his career, and the very strange tactics used to deploy Aerosmith to the top of the worlds rock and roll scene. It’s a story of struggle and hardship, and overcoming great odds against enemies who’d stop at nothing to get their way. A few simple mistakes at the beginning of his career and Steven was in over his head caught between the CIA and his own Sicilian roots.

  • Gerry

    Just because she looks great, doesn’t mean she should show her body on twitter~ it’s a cheap shot at getting publicity and not very classy!

  • Venus

    That is a pose with a trick:
    You move one hip to the side, so it gives you a better waist. To hide the evidence you put one hand over the other hip, so it creates the ilusion.
    And she has both shoulders hight wich lift some fat. And you stop breathing while posing.
    The face: well, she’s swallowing most of it (high cheeks and sexy lips) and covering with hair.
    Shoot me! (sorry for the engrish)

  • Lalalove

    When bigger women lose weight the feel the need to show of… Good for her. But is this necessary?

  • JustJason

    Posting this picture on twitter proves two things: she’s fat and stupid

  • Mr. X

    Bikini ready for what? To play Ms. Piggy in Sesame St.? The chastity belt and ring have fallen uh slut? How quick you forgot of your hipocritical comments uh?

  • Kiki

    Good for her for losing her weight and maintaining a healthier diet, however must she post a lame pic…plp these days.

  • Lyla Says

    @anonmus: You must be blind.

    The challenge isn’t losing weigh but keeping it off.

  • Sienna

    Ewwwwwwww. Sorry love but other than your body not even looking that great, mirror pictures make you look like a trashy prostitute. Desperate!

  • Sun

    let me guess… you are all
    - fat


  • gigi

    tat desperate to get attention!

  • j

    she looks great!

  • Nicole



    I’m Black
    128 LBS
    Have SELFesteem
    Grew up in a two parent loving household

    What??? Bring it…

  • keyki421

    I’m mad. i love jordin sparks and the body she had before. i dont understand why everyone needs to lose weight now. I’m not a fan anymore. I loved her when she had a body that she loved and was proud of it. but now she changed.

  • curious

    She’s lost a lot of weight, she looks amazing.

  • adf

    Is she someone who lost alot of wieght ? Cause I got a 40+ year old gf that has a better body.

    21 and already fat ? guess where thats headed,… anyone… anyone…beuller ?

  • …..

    She needs to work on her arms. They look out of proportion compared to her lower body.

  • ElBebo

    HATERS ARE SOO ANNOYING. I wish they would just go awayyyy MY GOD!!! Why hate on someone else that is doing something for herself? She’s a talented girl & she happens to look great!

  • TheDoctorIsIn


  • Frida

    She does look great but I still don’t know why people feel the need to post pictures like this online.

  • glennipoo1

    Guys, even thought these people are entertainers and in the spotlight doesnt mean they cant take bathroom, kitchen, outdoors whatever pics. Remember they were us before they became who they are now and I love that she took a bathroom pic…just shows she hasnt lost her head over who she has become. Alot of people make it and we dont hear from them again. I hate to say this but remember the singer Mya? Well she is from my hometown and she has a dance studio here and the only time she gives the DC, MD and Va (we call it the DMV) a shout out is when she is having a fundraiser and wants people to come out to support her business! I love Mya, and it would be nice to see her give us a shout out from time to time but she doesnt!!t Cris Brown and Trey Songz always rep their hometown! Maybe this makes Jordin feel good about herself and theres absolutely nothing wrong with a keepig it real Bathroom shot!! This(weight loss) is an accomplishment for her and we dont know what she had to do to get those lbs off. Hell, I just lost 30lbs and I talk about it to anybody that will listen Lmao! So, on that note, congrats to you Jordin and keep up the good work on your weight lost! You are a Very pretty young lady!

  • glennipoo1

    Shes just keepin’ it real! She was taking Bathroom shots before American Idol, so aint a dang thing wrong wit’em NOW! Super Accomplishment on the weight Loss Jordin!! At least she didnt turn into somebody else once she reached the spotlight!! Keep the bathroom shots coming pretty girl and yall stop comparing her to… Rihanna…Yuk!!

  • xx


  • Observation


  • glennipoo1

    I think she looks good. She was taking bathroom pics before we knew her so y stop now. I think she is just keeping real and it sends a message that she hasnt changed since she hit stardom, like alot of other people did (do)! i love it and take more pics in front the bathroom mirror, who cares and y people worry about such small,tiny,itsy bitsy details. They shld be looking at you not the background and yall stop comparing her to what Rihanna did or can do…who cares about robyn Fenty?