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Zachary Quinto: Sunny Stroll in L.A.

Zachary Quinto: Sunny Stroll in L.A.

Zachary Quinto takes advantage of the sunny weather and goes for a stroll on Friday (April 29) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor then grabbed lunch with pal Jonathan Groff at a restaurant, where they dined outside.

Zach‘s new film, Girl Walks Into a Bar, has now been watched more than half a million times since debuting on YouTube!

The multi-character crime comedy also stars Danny DeVito, Rosario Dawson, and Carla Gugino.

10+ pictures inside of Zachary Quinto on a sunny stroll…

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zachary quinto sunny stroll 01
zachary quinto sunny stroll 02
zachary quinto sunny stroll 03
zachary quinto sunny stroll 04
zachary quinto sunny stroll 05
zachary quinto sunny stroll 06
zachary quinto sunny stroll 07
zachary quinto sunny stroll 08
zachary quinto sunny stroll 09
zachary quinto sunny stroll 10
zachary quinto sunny stroll 11
zachary quinto sunny stroll 12
zachary quinto sunny stroll 13

Photos: AKM
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  • Dan

    The one I love about Quinto being back in LA is we get to see his cuteness on a more regular basis. (Sorely lacking while he was in NYC.)

  • Dan


  • kelly

    that’s his bf Jonathan Groff!

  • hmmm

    He is rather unfortunate looking but seems like a nice guy

  • Lolie

    He’s gay?! Closeted or out ‘n’ proud?

  • Tula Contostavlos

    Isn’t it about time he found a girlfriend? I don’t recall him ever being photographed with a female companion or any news stories about his love life.

  • Kyra

    That’s Jon Groff, his bf :)

  • tyri

    @Tula Contostavlos:

    He’s gay, GAY…WITH A CAPITAL G. And that guy with him is his boyfriend, no girlfriend.

  • Worthy

    I see the paid trolls are here.No one cares he’s gay btchs.The best actors always are.

  • Amber

    Jared, I thought you would recognize Jon Groff, since you have so many Glee posts. Come on, he’s even coming back to Glee this season!

  • Kavi

    Totally HOT!

  • wait

    are they friends or actually dating?

  • Yas

    So, how do the 2 fandoms feel about this?
    I like them both separately but not together. i ain’t seeing no chemistry lol.

  • Ramze

    He is disused من يحب هذا الارهاب

  • wtf

    i never imagined them together.

    they don’t seem well-suited even for f**k buddies

  • tyri


    People do care, why do you think people talk about it so much, so STFU.

  • Nate

    What a shame self-loathing Quinto never had the balls to come out like Groff. He won’t even talk about it.

  • smh

    Jonathan can do sooooooo much better.

  • bess


    Zach can do so much better….Jon is FAT.

  • wtv

    both ugly
    j.groff has a nicer body tho

  • layla

    If theyre dating I support them 100% its CUTE :D

    i wish the paparazzi would leave them alone, they make everything so awkward

  • lol

    They’re both ugly-cute.

  • sara


  • Rach

    Yes, they are TOGETHER and DATING.
    The difference is that Groff is very much Out and Proud and Quinto is gay as Jodie Foster (never came out but everybody knows he’s Gay).
    Aside for that, Groff is very handsome and talented and Quinto when is without that beard is hot too.
    Wish the best for both of them.

  • FL0

    @Nate: He doesn’t have to come out publicly if he doesn’t want to, just to please you. I’m sure he is out to all his friends and family — which is all that matters.

  • S@n

    Both, look great!

  • mkhay

    whoa thats Jonathon Groff, i would say “lucky bastard” but Zachary is lucky too.

  • True

    @tyri: only ones who care are fugly homophobic cnts

  • Dee or Deemebr

    Well, let me see … the only surprise in this post … JJ did not identify Jonathan Groff, a promising young actor … who is a friend of ZQ … so what?

    And yes I also saw the film of Zach on the internet… GREAT!

    And why “young Spock” and “young Kirk” are with the beard lately? …

    JJ, I missing Chris Pine here! … but if he wants to stay away from the paps … so … OK!!! :-) :-)

    CZ “Dee – lvs moon’ surface”

  • True

    @Nate: Maybe that’s why Zack has one of the best careers in show business starring in the largest movie franchise and picking and choosing what he wants to do between movies.

  • S@n

    @Dee or Deemebr:
    I agree ” Girl walks into a bar ” is a very interesting film for the internet!

    And yes, Chris Pine is gone from gossip sites lately, maybe because he wants it, living quietly for a while, perhaps resting of the last works he did!

  • bee

    How exactly do they look like a couple in this, they aren’t even holding hands or kissing. Is Quinto that scared of his PR or even to come out?

  • Rachel

    With Jonathan Groff from Glee.

  • Uh

    Jared, it’s pretty embarrassing that you didn’t recognize his friend.

  • wrong

    Jack is actually straight. I have inside sources who have confirmed this!

  • luis

    These 2 are very cute together!!! i’m happy for both

  • curious


    Who is Jack? There is a Zachary and a Jonathan in those pics, but no Jack.

    If it’s a misspelling and you mean Zach, you’ve got to be kidding, even the blind can see how gay he is. I can’t believe people are still in denial about his sexuality, it just amazes me to be honest.

  • santa barbara dentist

    He looks about 90% not heterosexual here

  • brainy box


  • Megan

    (boy)friend. So jealous of the sunny weather.

  • starina

    F*ck this sh*t.

  • rocky

    I find his sense of style distasteful

  • Billie


    So he’s only out and proud if he shouts it from a rooftop and announces his sexuality in a magazine!?! Who cares if his friends and family know. It’s more important that the world knows. I do understand that when high profile and visible people come out, it helps the GLBT community in leaps and bounds. But we cannot bully people into doing it. A GLBT person should be able to decide when to come out and when to come out publicly. It should be on their terms.

  • FakerMonster


  • Billie

    Love the California cool vibe that Zachary has but I do want to shave him. I love his face. He has amazing features and that beard just hides it. Just a little less facial hair or none at all.

  • curious


    We get it, stop shouting you moronic fangirl.

  • Dee or Deemebr

    Well… JJ updated the post… “ZQ and his pal Jonathan Groff”… because until now Zach did not say they were boyfriends … it doesn’t matter for me anyway!

     … and let me flattered with a minus sign! LOL

  • Amber

    LOL, I love that he changed it, but didn’t acknowledge the mistake.

    Anyway, looking forward to Groff’s return on Glee. And they make a cute couple. :)

  • homophobic jj posts

    @FakerMonster: You are a fugly lonely c unt

  • British Latin American

    Zach has so much style, and he and Jon look so comfortable with each other, whether they are friends or lovers.