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LeAnn Rimes: Reel Love

LeAnn Rimes: Reel Love

LeAnn Rimes looks ready to start work on the TV movie Reel Love on Sunday (May 1) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The movie tells the story of a successful, big city girl (Rimes) who returns to her small town roots after a family emergency. Her character will try to reconnect with the family and friends she left behind and potentially find love along the way. The romantic-comedy is set to premiere on CMT in September.

“We’ve had great ratings success programming with acquired theatrical romantic comedies, so it is only natural for us to create original stories that are tailor made for the CMT audience,” Mary Beth Cunin, Senior VP of Programming Strategy, said in a statement.

FYI: LeAnn is wearing M2F denim skinny’s in lavender.

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  • Neds

    F*** LeAnn “the s k a n k’ Rimes and anything or anyone she’s involved with, and f*** you too Mary Beth Cunin and CMT for hiring this evil person to represent you!
    Not going to watch that show that’s for sure! Very ashamed of you CMT!

  • Speak Now

    Today is an important day since Osama Bin Laden has been killed, yet gwen will come on here and hate on Leann because she has NO LIFE OF HER OWN. gwen = troll.

  • Annie O

    BIN LADEN IS DEAD! HOORAH! Now if ONLY LEANN would take the day off to celebrate this, INSTEAD of selling staged photos to Just Jared and trying to promote her movie that no one will watch! I wonder who Eddie will be doing while shes away in canada, pretending she has a movie career?

  • blair

    @Neds….I agree with you, the only way to get rid of this famewh0re is to boycott her and any production company/network/record company that employs her.

  • Annie O



  • Annie O





  • lola

    For once everybody agrees on this site and hates her as much as me LOL God bless you guys :DDD

  • blair

    @Annie O… got it, I’m emailing CMT now.

  • CKO

    I thought the movie was about an anorexic skeleton who is starving herself so her cheating gigolo won’t leave her for a Playboy bunny …

  • Margie

    She cancelled another gig at a small casino Saturday because Eddie had to be with his boys and LeAnn just can’t go anywhere without him. No wonder she can’t book gigs for more than a few hundred people. Before buying tickets, you better check Eddie’s schedule first to make sure he’ll be there or there’s a good chance she dump the performance. I feel terrible for the Dozens of people who were disappointed.

  • Annie O


  • Annie O



  • blair

    @Annie O…..I did the same, lol. I hope it is a disaster, she isn’t an actress so it will be a fiasco anyway.

  • Annie O


    EXACTLY!!!! she is trying to force people to believe she is an actress cuz

    1.She wants Eddie to think she and him have alot in common..(which they are both cheating liars & horrible actors so they have THAT in common)

    and 2, her music career HAS TANKED…

  • BethAnn


    LeAnn is the queen of cancelled concerts. I read where she’s cancelled 35 concerts in the last 30 months. I would hate to plan a weekend around her because I’d be stuck at a slot machine throwing away even more money than buying tickets. I’m afraid to buy her CDs because its probably just an empty plastic box.

  • blair

    @Annie O….true, they do have that in common, lol! Wonder if she is ever going to realize that these photo ops are doing more damage to her almost dead career.

  • tami

    I’m surprised to see her by herself. Isn’t she afraid if she leaves Eddie alone that he might stray? She should be careful.

  • Annie O


    Im sure he is on his TRAC FONE rite now, sexting with hookers and extras and all the other women whos numbers he has and making sex dates…hehas all week to let loose and have a blast!!!

  • Ashley

    Hey Annie O, not everyone basks in glory of others who die. Besides, Leann Rimes is filming Reel Love right around the corner from my house >:D

  • Daryl

    Why is she canceling concerts? 35 in 30 months is a lot. They don’t seem to be at very big venues so I can’t imagine she could have that much trouble selling the tickets. It looks really bad to cancel so much as people schedule things around concerts and even travel for them. Is she having problems with her voice like polyps or something? She has been singing a long time. It can really wreck your voice.

  • P

    Isn’t that the plot of Sweet Home Alabama?

  • !

    @P That’s right, Leann can’t even be original in a plot. She has to copy that too.

  • star

    i just cant wait for this movie but i am not sure if i ll be able to watch from UK. still cant see Alyssa Milano s sunday at tiffanny s ! so we have to wait till it comes up to SKY ugh ! But im sure LeAnn is going to do a wonderfull job i loved her in Northern Lights it was such a great one !

  • star

    hey I email to the same adress too saying PLS DONT MIND THE LUNITICS hahahah

  • Captain Obvious

    I am SO excited for Reel Love! I am such a sucker for a good romantic-comedy and CMT made the best choice by casting LeAnn Cibrian! She’s gonna be perfect. LeAnn proved in Northern Lights that she has incredible all around talent. Acting, singing, all of it! Can’t wait!

  • Annie O


    Im sure she will take you and your spelling very seriously. Good work, Asu. Good thing Leann has a real asset like you on her payroll. lmfao

  • Annie O

    @Captain Obvious:

    The only she proved in the other movie is that she likes to bang her co stars.

  • star

    @annie dont worry sweetheart i got a spellcheck on my mail so it was ok ! awww u r so cute worryin about my spelling ! thx me loves u! xoxox

  • ina

    I’m most excited 4 this movie, I’ve got a lot of love in my life and u can never have 2 much of it!

  • jane

    Just saw where Brandi is in talks to be on Housewives of Beverly Hills. I sooooo hope she gets the part. She needs to support her lovely boys since Eddie won’t.

  • Annie O


    OMG!!! Everyone would much rather see Brandi on tv ANYDAY overthat gremlin-faced homewrecker LeMann!!!!!!!! Brandi is so BEAUTIFUL!!! Even without a single ounce of makeup on her face!!!! And she has CLASS!!!! I Will DEFINITLY watch BRANDI CIBRIAN!!! I will NEVER watch Homewrecker Rimes!!!!

  • star

    @bethann where ever u read that and where ever u got those numbers from that is total BS ! yes she has cancelled some dates but that is no where near that number u sayin there ! 35 ?????? seriously ugh gosh i dont even know what to say on that ? 35 lol lol lol

  • star

    ohh for those who were sending Emails keep doing that im sure you ll do great ! Saw how much all your letters did for LeANNs Grammy performance! hahah pathetic isnt it ! lol lol god u making me laugh so hard thank u thank u !

  • Go Ask Alice

    1- LeAnn is returning to Canada to film a movie….can you say return to the scene of the crime…LOL!!!
    2-Soooooo she is making a tv movie,well…that is more than you can say for Eddie Cirbrian …and you just know LeAnn Rimes Cibrian will use that name in the credits. She is using Leann Rimes-Cibrian .Least the movie,a movie,any kind of movie this way will have Cibrian in it.
    Heres to Mrs. LeAnn Rimes Cibrian and Mr. Eddie Rimes.
    3-How is it she got his last name with her last name and he still has her last name as his claim to fame.
    4-This marriage is so not going to last.
    I give it 4 yrs max. 1 yr. for honeymoon. 2 yrs. -for real marriage.3 yrs-for trying to make it work. 4 yrs. exhausted and calling it quits.

  • Annie O


    Ina, I heard the only reason your befriending LeAnn is cuz you want to get close to her husband. Thats pretty NASTY. Stop pretending you actually have concerns for the negative backlash LeAnn & Eddie created THEMSELVES when your real motive is to get close to EC and to use leAnns fame to try and get yurself noticed. You are so TRANPARENT. And please stop hiding your true intentions by using ‘God’ cuz God wants no part of the DECEITFUL game your playing with LeAnn and Asu. Asu is too naive to see what youre doing and you know it. LeAnn, however, sees right thru it. Keep embarrassing yourself. Its entertaining but will not get you anywhere on TV or close to EC.

  • csol

    oh u mean the “film” whose director is one of the people who voices a character on veggie tales? yeah, i’m sure that will be an “award winning film”!! just as her concerts are sold out arena venues! hahahahahaha…if you would just disappear and live ur life for a while, Leann and lie low and STOP being so arrogant n unapologetic 4 what u did…u MAY b ble 2 make a comeback instead of being the butt of jokes all over America!

  • star

    ‘ANNIE huh ??? seriously HUH ? ina is from sweden ?? so gettin close to eddie ?? i m so lost ?? care to explain seriously asking ! with no sarcasm no nothn! u really made me dang confused there ??

  • Annie O


    Not to pick on you asu, but she is stricly looking to further herself in her so called ‘modeling’ career by friending a ‘celebrity’ thats down and out. She has her eyes on Eddie as well, LeAnn isnt stupid and thats why she wont delete her. you know the saying, Keep your Friends Close, But Your Enemies Closer. Watch your back, LeAnn. and Asu, shes just using your genuine concern for LeAnn as a vehicle to get chummy with LeAnn. I laso heard she find EC extremely ‘doable and sexy’ so its pretty obvious why shes kissing leAnns ass so bad. Its pretty gross. And while I dont agree with you Asu, i will say you seem to be a genuine fan of LeAnn and you dont seem to want anything from her (including her ‘husband’)

  • elaine

    as has already been said but find it quite ridiculous is the fact that this movie has already been made with a BIG star Reese W and it was called ‘SWEET HOME ALABAMA’ Leann has an addiction for leftovers. she had to leave Mr. Leann Rimes to go and make her FILM as she likes to call it. here comes peter cottontail hopping down the bunny trail sniffing sniffing all those bunnies tails

  • Dawna

    You know after reading all of the posts on the last few Leann Rimes threads, I actually think that if people really thought that she was sincerely sorry, they would not be all over her the way they are. The interview she gave recently, basically blamed other people for her mistake. I do think that she is human and sometimes when people are in relationships that are not very good or aren’t working, they get caught up in the attention of someone else and it takes over them. They feel flattered to be getting attention and then it all goes awry. Eddie Cibrian doesn’t give me the “honorable man” vibe. There do seem to be a heck of a lot of photo ops for her and her new husband that seem to be a little surprising as they aren’t exactly in the A-list category. At any rate, I kind of feel bad that someone who was so lauded as a child now has become so hated. If you read other boards, people say absolutely SCATHING things about her. Some of them are unbelievably cruel. Celebrity sure has a price.

  • star

    annie ! thx for the compliments u r right about that i am after nothn but just bein friend to Leann.(didnt like the naive bit though) but i m trully confused i do know Ina is married, and she really is in sweeden. and i dont see any way but anyway that what u say would be true. but thax for concern anyways !

  • gwen

    @Speak Now:

    Hi Frannie Plate/Athena/CO

    Today is an important day since Osama Bin Laden has been killed, yet Frannie Plate/athena(formerly known as CBME?rACY) will come on here and hate on anyone who doesn’t like Leann because she has NO LIFE OF HER OWN. Speak now = troll.

    It’s a shame that WEWE is being verbally abused by her HUSBAND.

  • gwen

    Who didn’t see this one coming?

    WEWE so predictable.

    So once again I was right, STAR/FP/CO was flipping out in the other thread because she was trying to clean up WEWE image so that she can stage yet another photo-op.

    I’m just surprised she didn’t have EC trailing along with her.

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Strange how JJ still lets you post on their site despite all the threats that you have made. Well I guess when you dish out a lot of money, JUST JARED will let these celebs do about just anything.

    1) “i just cant wait for this movie but i am not sure if i ll be able to watch from UK.”

    Of course you can’t wait for this movie, no one else is.

    2)”But im sure LeAnn is going to do a wonderfull job i loved her in Northern Lights it was such a great one !”

    Of course you loved yourself in NL, no one else did, and the movie on did well because you exploited your affair with EC.

    3) “hey I email to the same adress too saying PLS DONT MIND THE LUNITICS hahahah”

    Leann and DB?

    4) Caption Obvious

    TRANSLATION: WEWE must not be receiving warm welcomes about this movie and thus she has to come to JJ and post as many positive comments about the movie as possible. You know because that really worked wonders for her Crazy Women single.

    WEWE is going to be prefect at being such a famewhore, I’m sure she will pimp out EC kids for this new role just like she pimps them out for for her album and wedding.

    How did WEWE prove in NL that she had talent? Oh you are talking about the talent of sleeping with another woman’s husband?

    WEWE best talent is posing as her own fans on JUST JARED.

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1) STAR

    You have a spellcheck, really? That just makes it even worse. You have a spellcheck on your phone, yet you continued to make errors, and then had the nerve to try to criticize Sharon?

    STAR, perhaps if you spent less time doing damage control, you wouldn’t have to worry where people got those numbers from.

    Seriously, we all know that WEWE was at teh Grammy’s because she had a connection. Darrell Brown. But the message that was sent is that WEWE isn’t well liked by the public and many media outlets. BTW, did you see the tweets from the public in regards to WEWE being at the Grammy’s? It wasn’t very favorable.

    Making you laugg=you are going to mess with the votes because once again WEWE famewhoring just keeps backfiring.

    2) ina

    TRANSLATION: The public must not be responding to this flim very well because look at how WEWE has to come here and write all these posts declaring that she wants to see this film.

    WEWE doesn’t have a lot of love in her life and with EC love for his other mistresses it’s clear that WEWE will never have very much of it!

  • gwen

    WEWE is such a famewhore, now she is releasing photos from the set of her CMT movie?

    Great job CMT!!!!!

    I’m sure that with as much backlash that WEWE has generated from all her famewhoring, she is going to make that movie BOMB.

    WEWE can’t even sell out her concerts, yet CMT wants us all to believe that she will make this movie a success?

    The movie hasn’t even started and she is OVEREXPOSED because WEWE stages a photo-op everyday.

    Great job CMT, it must be nice that her only jobs are favors from her friends!!!!!


    What you are about to read is true. No names have been changed because there are no innocent.
    A DAY IN THE LIFE OF GWEN-4/19/2011
    1:02 PM comment on eonline! as “abc”
    1:09 comment on eonline!
    1:16 comment on eonline!
    1:20 comment on eonline!
    1:25 comment on eonline!
    1:33 comment as JustJared as “gwen”
    1:35 comment on JJ
    2:00 comment on JJ (old thread)
    2:17 comment on JJ (old thread)
    2:28 comment on JJ (old thread)
    2:35 comment on JJ (old thread)
    2:49 comment on JJ
    2:54 comment on JJ
    3:04 comment on eonline! (new thread)
    3:33 comment on eonline!
    4:10 comment on eonline!
    4:14 comment on eonline!
    4:23 comment on JJ
    4:31 comment on eonline!
    5:07 comment on eonline! (old thread)
    5:13 comment on eonline!
    5:25 comment on JJ (old thread)
    5:27 comment on JJ (old thread)
    5:39 comment on JJ
    5:45 comment on eonline!
    5:47 comment on JJ
    6:25 comment on eonline!
    6:34 comment on JJ
    6:38 comment on JJ
    6:49 comment on JJ
    6:57 comment on eonline!
    7:17 comment on JJ
    8:03 comment on eonline!
    8:10 comment on eonline!
    8:15 comment on eonline!
    8:21 comment on eonline! (old thread)
    8:24 comment on JJ
    8:31 comment on JJ
    8:39 comment on eonline!
    8:51 comment on JJ
    10:17 comment on eonline!
    10:20 comment on eonline!
    10:26 comment on eonline!
    10:33 comment on eonline!
    10:48 comment on JJ (old thread)
    10:54 comment on JJ (old thread)
    10:56 comment on JJ (old thread)
    10:59 comment on JJ (old thread)
    11:10 comment on JJ
    11:27 comment on eonline!
    11:29 comment on eonline!
    11:30 comment on JJ
    11:44 comment on eonline!
    11:51 comment on eonline!
    11:53 comment on eonline!
    11:56 comment on JJ
    12:00 AM comment on JJ
    12:22 comment on JJ
    12:26 comment on JJ (old thread)
    12:28 comment on JJ (old thread)
    12:31 comment on eonline!
    12:36 comment on eonline!
    1:01 comment on JJ
    1:04 comment on JJ
    1:15 comment on eonline! (old thread)
    1:22 comment on JJ
    1:36 comment on eonline!
    1:40 comment on eonline!
    1:56 comment on eonline!
    2:06 comment on eonline!
    2:25 comment on eonline!
    2:43 comment on eonline!
    2:55 comment on JJ (old thread)
    3:00 comment on JJ

    (eonline! times have been changed to match JustJared’s Eastern Time Zone stamp). These are not accusations, it is all truth with the proof lying in the threads themselves. I did not include the 3 comments placed as “Gretchen” on dlisted. FYI, It only took me about 10 minutes to compile and type this list. You’d have to read Gwen’s comments to get the full affect, but considering the fact that these comments take considerably longer to create than a mere tweet on twitter, Gwen sat and spent an entire 12 hours commenting about LeAnn Rimes. And this is just ONE DAY in Gwen’s life. If you don’t care about this timeline, I really don’t care that you don’t care. This has nothing to do with LeAnn Rimes either, it has to do with my own curiousity of the mentally unstable mind of Gwen.


    If, according to Gwen, she doesn’t have a twitter account & the Brandi Bunch doesn’t like her…
    abc Sun, Apr 17, 2011, 10:47 AM

    @guest45: Wow, are you still on the divide and couquer thing with eileen and kk? There is only one twitter person who has a thing against eileen and kk. What is wrong is how upset you are with kk and eileen because you couldn’t control them.

    abc Sun, Apr 17, 2011, 8:05 PM

    @guest45(aka STACE2U)You are such a coward. You hide under guest45 instead of using your REAL TWITTER name, and then you want to call EY a liar? You tweet about her because you are mad that she didn’t let you take over. You do realize that YOU are outting yourself because the only that is going after EY on twitter is STACE2U. We know that you are dense, I stupid do you have to be to keep trying to go after EY when you are not even brave enough to use your REAL TWITTER name while you do that?

    abc Sun, Apr 17, 2011, 8:38 PM

    @guest45(STACE2U) No CRAZZZYYYYYY is how you hide under guest45 instead of using your REAL TWITTER name to wage your private war against EY because you couldn’t control her. Sorta like how you tell yourself that if you call EY a liar over and over, it will somehow make everyone believe you? How dense are you? Are you mad because she didn’t take you suggestion on what song to use? So the next time you come here to call someone dense or crazy, can you please use your REAL TWITTER name, it will give you more credibility.

    abc Mon, Apr 18, 2011, 12:15 PM

    @guest45(aka stace2U)How many times are you going to be a coward, hiding behind the name guest45 as you try to wage a war against EY and KK because you couldn’t control them? It does make you stace2u, she was the only one who keeps dragging up this stuff with EY and KK to anyone who would listen, she was the only one seen attacking kk and EY with her own twitter account. What makes you delusional is the fact that you think that no one knows it’s you, STACE. At least be a woman enough to use your REAL TWITTER name. I don’t have a twitter account, but YOU do. STACE2u it was you who sheilded your twitter activity from everyone.

    abc Mon, Apr 18, 2011, 12:21 PM

    @guest45(aka STACE2U) I must be right about you being STACE2U because look at how you are freaking out and posting in ALL CAPS. After all those tweets you made attacking kk and EY, did you really think that no one was going to connect the posts that you made here right back to you? you want the credit for saying that ASU=Lenn, just like you wanted the credit for outting LR for using that WITCHY account, right? Perhaps you should get a hold of yourself, this thing you have against kk and EY is not healthy and you are still dwelling on it, that is what surprises.

    abc Mon, Apr 18, 2011, 12:23 PM

    @Frannieplate(aka Leann) Perhaps you should ask guest45, oops STACE2U, why she doesn’t use her REAL TWITTER name when she makes these attacks against EY and KK. What does she have to lose by using her REAL NAME? I don’t have a twitter account,so I am not hiding anything.

    guest45-STACE2U Mon, Apr 18, 2011, 12:38 PM

    STACE2U is just mad because she actually believes that she is fooling people. She must be CRAZY to think that no one can see through the guest45 account. All anyone has to do is look at her tweets. Oh wait, she locked them.

    abc Mon, Apr 18, 2011, 4:03 PM

    @guest45(aka STACE2U) We know that YOU want to be in the know, isn’t that why you are still waging a war against KK and EY? Poor STACE2u, still throwing tantrums when she still can’t get her way. I get it, you are still on the divide and conquer angle. You think that you can turn the BBs against one another by arguing that one of them is being two-faced to EY? Wow, STACE2U, that is kinda low don’t you think?

    abc Tue, Apr 19, 2011, 10:09 AM

    @guest45(aka STACE2U) Perhaps STACE2U should stop being “fed” responses for her OCD. It’s not healthy what STACE2u is doing.

    @gwen – Seems like an awful lot of animosity towards this Stace2you person. Why so defensive against someone who has decided to leave a group of women who don’t like you?

  • gwen

    STAR wasn’t lying, when she says she is laughing SHE really is messing with the votes. Just look at how these “friends” of hers just come and go when she does, especially when they won’t even go and download WEWE songs or attend her concerts!!! Great fans if only other celebs who had “fans” who would ONLY support them by messing with a voting system, stalking other posters and paying JJ to look the other way, and posting under different names.

    US Weekly said that WEWE and EC didn’t even tell the kids that they were getting married and then totally ignored them at the wedding. Figures, for WEWE and EC the kids had served their purpose and then it was time to dump them.

  • julie

    i wouldn’t be surprised if gwen mast**bated to thoughts of leann. she is that creepy!