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Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: High Line Stroll!

Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: High Line Stroll!

Orlando Bloom and wife Miranda Kerr walk arm in arm as they check out the High Line on Sunday (May 1) in New York City.

The 34-year-old actor and his 28-year-old Aussie wife pushed their 3-month-old son, Flynn, in a stroller as they checked out the public park built on an elevated rail structure on the western side of Manhattan.

Over the weekend, Miranda shared a photo on her Twitter account of Flynn breastfeeding during a little downtime at a photo shoot.

FYI: Miranda is wearing Empire Tube jeans in Reno by Nobody. Miranda and Orlando are using their Bugaboo stroller!

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55 Responses to “Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr: High Line Stroll!”

  1. 1
    brainy box Says:


  2. 2
    aww Says:

    they are such a cute couple! <3

  3. 3
    bubble Says:

    she really is not one who looks good with a hat on, lol.

  4. 4
    smh Says:

    orlando bloom looks like a puny frog

  5. 5
    Paris Says:

    why the long face tough

  6. 6
    yay! Says:

    Such a beautiful, sweet family!

  7. 7
    sara Says:

    Taking advantage of the beautiful weather!
    Love this family!

  8. 8
    April Says:

    please vote here for Andy. Our new it girl. you can win 500 Euro to spent in Mango store!

  9. 9
    Paris Says:

    i almost did not recognize her with all thus cloth on.. i guss she offended a lot of peop with her last pic.

  10. 10
    Jeff Says:

    Hate this paring. Boring and dull. I heard she is addicted to the internet, is that true? lol

  11. 11
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o L Says:

    …That’s my spot. I know they were followed the entire time.

  12. 12
    Jeff Says:


    Which pic? The new boob feeding one? Yeah, a lot of my pals are sick of seeing her do it, like shes the only one in the world to do it. Her pose was totally inappropriate too like “look how hot I can look breast feeding” lol Fail!

  13. 13
    YAY!!! Says:

    The delphidiot sockpuppets have arrived!!!
    This should be fun!

  14. 14
    sara Says:

    I hope that they go to the Met Gala, tonight!
    I would love to see them dressed to the nines on the red carpet!

  15. 15
    Here's hoping Says:

    Hope they’ll be there (Met Gala) too. She always looks so beautiful when she’s all dolled up. Hoping for some outstanding photos from the event.

  16. 16
    Isee Says:

    she looks sick without her hair in her face. Face is too round and unattractive.

  17. 17
    No Says:

    Oh my god a picture with her tits not hanging out….

  18. 18
    LOL! Says:

    Delphididiots are on double duty!
    Sockpuppeting here, and working on their comments for the Gala tonight.
    They can’t really think on their feet, so they have to have comments prepared for any possible scenerio.
    -Orlando and Miranda DON’T attend the Gala = see, she wasn’t invited. Only “real models” are invited to the Gala.
    *Translation, “real models” are any model but Miranda. I guess that being on the cover of a few Vogues, Numero, i-D, etc, and repped brands like Prada and Jill sander,and walked for Prada and Balenciaga doesn’t mean that you are a “real model”. Oh, not to mention earning more money than 99% of other models out there…you know….modelling. *eyeroll*
    -Orlando and Miranda DO attend = FAMEWHORES!! They don’t have any business being there, this Gala is for….wait for it….REAL MODELS!!! They are just there to “pimp their relationship” (another personal favorite of mine)
    It should be fun to watch them spin either way.

  19. 19
    Frozoid Says:

    Why in God’s name is he checking his I-phone? Can’t people leave them alone for one minute and just enjoy the world and nature?

  20. 20
    Frozoid Says:

    Why in God’s name is he checking his I-phone? Can’t people leave them alone for one minute and just enjoy the world and nature?

  21. 21
    @26/27 Says:

    In all of the other pics he is just enjoying his stroll.
    But sometimes you just can’t get completely away from work.
    It looks like a beautiful day in NY.

  22. 22
    papagoi Says:

    Sweet little family. She looks so cute with that hat, very lovely.

  23. 23
    Endrid Says:

    Met Orlando after Sympathy4D Q&A in NY and took pic with him. Pics in mags, etc., cannot do justice to how beautiful he is in the flesh! He is a really sweet and down to earth guy. Love him.

  24. 24
    Cynthia J Says:

    m so sick of seeing these “stars” with phones stuck to their heads. No face time these days–just be glued to the phones. really sad!

  25. 25
    @31 Says:

    See comment #28.

  26. 26
    uh oh Says:

    Some of the comments have been deleted. Now the numbers are all wonky.

  27. 27
    He's so hot! Says:

    Lovely family enjoying a lovely day out on a beautiful day! So sweet!

  28. 28
    Janet Says:

    What does Orlando do? Is he making any movies at all? I know he has the Musketeers coming out and he did Pirates of the Caribbean but how come he is always on Just Jared! His people must be very good at pr.

  29. 29
    Mike Says:

    Mrs. and Mr. Kerr out with their prop on another paparazzi parade!

  30. 30
    Aaron Says:

    She has a HUGE ugly head!

  31. 31
    sam Says:

    another pics of breastfeeding? i dont understand this concept! she sends her pics herself to show off or what? such a hypocrite. she has always said that she wants flynn away from limelight.thats too sad to see a mother using her chld for publicity.she always publishes her pics feeding flynn come on Miranda that wont work forever, try and find another way to make u famous. too bad ur own innocent child. pity on u.may god guide u.

  32. 32
    @28 Says:

    Sympathy for Delicious
    The Good Doctor
    Main street
    The Three Musketeers
    The Laureate
    The Hobbit
    + and unknown movie that he said that he was starting in a few weeks.
    No, I guess that he isn’t doing anything at all, is he.

  33. 33
    @sam Says:

    This. I totally agree with you. She is using her kid for attention and it’s revolting. In one breath she claims he is sacred then in the next she tells us to look at her vamping it up while she breast feeds him. she has always disgusted me and lately even more so. i am looking forward to the divorce and then no one will have a reason to talk about her any more and she will disappear into the obscurity she came from before she hitched her star to a former a-lister.

  34. 34
    @29 Says:

    Hi delphi-mike!!
    How are those OLD bags hangin’?
    I’m sure that there are THOUSANDS of men who would willingly take Orlando’s place beside a GORGEOUS, SUCCESSFUL woman like Miranda.
    I do find it sad, even for the likes of you, that you feel the need to attack an innocent baby. Have you run out of names to call Orlando and Miranda, so now you are attacking infants?
    How noble of you.

  35. 35
    @31 Says:

    You think that these are pics of her breastfeeding?
    With Flynn in a stroller and her three feet away?
    She’s more talented than I thought.

  36. 36
    LOL! Says:

    I love how the delphidiots talk to each other here, and pretend not to know each other,
    But Delphi-mike and Nienna on at the same time?
    Did someone mix up your schedule?

  37. 37
    ramisha Says:

    i have seen she has been using her boobs alot lately, and baby Flynn now Orlado doesnt have any other work to do, just grabbing Flynn with sphere faced armcandy and strolling here and there in the hope of paps attention. Miranda on the other had reached to such an extent that she posts her own snaps feeding the child. i think shhe predends to feed , i mean she could have holded the baby and took her snap, what the idea behind breastfeeding the baby and taking the sanps? she is one big melodrama, posing to be the mummy ever. if she was that concerned for the child she would not have been rushing back to her career that early. plz Kerr stop poding for the F*ck’s sake be the one you really are, also i have seen her recent interviews and i have noticed that, her voice is not as sweet as she usually speaks with, even here she poses, i am really sad to all this because, i was the no 1 fan of her, but noticing the fame hungerness in her i am no more her fan.

  38. 38
    @37 Says:

    Nienna, please work on your English.
    How are we supposed to insult you if we can’t understand what the heck you are saying??
    Or did you just put a patented delphi insult paragraph through BabbleFish?

  39. 39
    sam Says:

    @@29: yeah name the men , ur dad , bro mabey urself and the men whom u r talking about, wants only one night stand with her! face it dont be the one shooting with only bullet , in the end thay want the women who is only there own. old bags hanging? if u have a desire just peek in ur moms shirt u will know , i think u sud be named idi*ts because ,u havent seen me and started commenting on me. fool. may god guide u too and do not try to mould my comment, dont u understand ENG. anyone here tell me where in the world i attacked an infant , think before u write, it will prevent u being a fool. i have never disagreed that Miranda is not successful , plz dont be laughing stock seriously.

  40. 40
    sara Says:

    Someone just tweeted that Orlando and Miranda just arrived at the Met Gala!!!!!
    Can’t wait to see if she wore Balenciaga or Prada (or Stella McCartney)
    Squeeees again!

  41. 41
    miriam Says:

    @@sam: exactly

  42. 42
    @39 Says:

    That comment was directed at ‘Mike’.
    Are you getting your sockpuppets confused?
    Or did you just recognize yourself in the comment?

  43. 43
    ramisha Says:

    @@37: dont waste ur time suggesting , i knew u wont understand simple ENG cuz u r a fan of cabbage patch. since she is brainless we can expect that from her fans too. if by any chance u understood the comment, feel free to comment on my comment.

  44. 44
    sam Says:

    @@39: sorry i thought you commented on mine

  45. 45
    @38 Says:

    @@37: u didnt understand this simple english? mabey you need to work on your english.

  46. 46
    @45 Says:

    Uhmmm, there was nothing “simple” about that, well, whatever you are calling English.
    It was completely incoherant.
    But shouldn’t you be running along to compose your insults for when the pics come out from the Gala?
    It may take you a while to come up with something original.

  47. 47
    @46 Says:

    come on leave ram english alone. dont get too serious, its not an english exam going on. u r being serious as if u r commiting with ur girlfreind. LOLS

  48. 48
    @46 Says:

    they will together everywhere until divorce, and we all are 100 percent sure that miranda will not miss the opportunity so gala or no gala that woman will be with him.

  49. 49
    @48 Says:

    She is a model.
    This is a fashion event.
    Why WOULDN’T she go?
    that’s just silly.
    Models and celebs love to go to this gala wearing the most outlandish designer dress they can get. It is The Costume Gala, after all.

  50. 50
    cammille Says:

    miranda to gala , new freinds, chances, photoshoots with a fat body blah blah, ofcourse orly might need a partner, so why not miranda, she will be standing in front of the cameras pouting and nothing. same boring pics will come out . she will always try to be ahead of him, excited to grab as much attention as possible, showed interest before so this might be an opportune moment.
    P:S: its better to be with Flynn than be in gala, if i were she i wouldnt let that cutie Flynn away from me.

  51. 51
    @50 Says:

    Why would Orlando go to the gala without his WIFE?
    That’s just stupid.
    And yes, photos will be taken, that’s why there is a RED CARPET at the event. As there has been every year.
    You haters are making less and less sense as time goes on, don’t you realize that?

  52. 52
    maria Says:

    @@48: so its a costume gala not a bikini gala .

  53. 53
    @51 Says:

    yes, u sound like my mom, u didnt understand what they say, she is going to be with him everywhere until they divorce , ofcourse she will go with him whether he wants it or not . wife???? hardly . orlando worst and weird choice, in women. being boyfreind was ok cuz these girls, but choosing her as a wife…….. i think Flynn was the reason to rush into the marraige.

  54. 54
    @53 Says:

    But you make it sound like it isn’t normal for a husband and wife to go places together.
    That is ridiculous.

  55. 55
    takin pics of babies Says:

    fyi, he’s not just “checking his iphone,” he taking a picture of flynn.
    you’d know if you had a smart phone :p when my nephew came, we
    were non-stop taking his picture! it calms down after a year or so. the baby
    is so new and everything he does is just adorable lol
    i bet flynn is looking around all cute and Orly thought, ” oh my mum has GOT to see this!!”
    any one else think he looks fab in that royal blue?

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