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Gisele Bundchen & Leonardo DiCaprio: Soutine/Bacon Debut!

Gisele Bundchen & Leonardo DiCaprio: Soutine/Bacon Debut!

Gisele Bundchen and Leonardo DiCaprio step out on Sunday (May 1) to view the Soutine/Bacon exhibition at the Helly Nahmad Gallery in New York City.

The 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel and 36-year-old actor took in the first comparative exhibition of the work of Chaim Soutine and Francis Bacon at the gallery, situated inside the Carlyle Hotel. The Helly Nahmad Gallery was founded in 2000 and has also had exhibitions featuring Monet, Picasso, and Modgliani.

On Monday, Gisele was red hot in Alexander McQueen as she walked the red carpet at the MET Ball with husband Tom Brady.

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  • Anne laure bernard

    what? where is Tom?

  • Moses Ashford

Sorry Jared, but after all the recent Leo/Gisele/Bar uproar…I simply couldn’t resist. ☺

  • Serena Price

    Gisele was so shapely a few years ago but has lost so much weight and is so skinny now. Why did she do it? She was perfect before. Please put 10 pounds back on. She looks wasted.

  • Mollie

    I hope Gisele does more movies from now on. I hope she has a cameo in Star Trek 12.

  • Duchess of Cambridge

    Gisele Bundchen doesn’t have a good figure anymore.
    She’s too skinny and a bad example to women around the country.
    She should have a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside.

  • hahaha

    The usual Gisele haters are hard at work just minutes after the post went up. The exact same comments over and over again. How pathetic!
    It`s nice to see Leo and Gisele in the same post again. Good old times! I wish they were still together they were such a great couple! Too bad Leo downgraded BIG TIME!!!!!!!

  • Anne laure bernard

    I’m not a hater. I’m her fan.

  • ace11

    Leo blew it BIG TIME not marrying her…

    wonder if they chatted when they were there?

  • Abby

    Tom is there with their son Benjamin. You can see pictures on her official website. Helly is both Leo and Gisele’s friend. In fact Helly is the one who hooked them up in the first place! lol.

    and no those are not Gisele haters. They are spam bots saying this same crap in every topic only changing the names. I wish JJ would do something about it.

  • Ramze

    I dont love them leonardo مش حلو

  • TT

    you can break up and still be amicable and pleasant with one another, lol. Not every relationship ends horribly. Leo even sent her and Tom a baby gift and she still is friends with his mother. Some people are just better not together. Tom is the love of her life and gave her what she wanted; marriage and children and a home.

  • candycane

    Leo’s eyes say ” I should’ve never let her go”..Bar looks like a dog compared to Gisele lol

  • Fashion

    Now there’s a headline I never thought I’d see again! (Gisele and Leo) LOL! He does have this shy sincere little timid boy look on his face I am not used to seeing. weird!

  • Kate

    Leo needs to hit the gym and get some rest!

  • H

    Gisele was too much of a man for carb-faced Leo.

  • Juliana

    @Serena Price: broken record… zzzzZZzzz

  • Oh – my, my

    Yeah, YEAH, YES BABY!!!!!!!!

    JJ, Have I told you how much I love you lately? Well, I do ~

    Man, I dig these 2 together – sans Bar.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

    But, I’m still heartbroken that they’re not married with a little one.

    Gisele, you are the most BEAUTIFUL woman in the world. Aside from Kate, the LAST supermodel the world has.

    Leo, my love (in a harmless tone) – please get yourself together and find a woman who is worthy of you.

    Ciao – molto, molto bella!!! XOXOX.

  • Oh – my, my

    P.S. whoever ripped off Catherine’s new peerage title should go to jail. Number #5, you’re a pathetic idiot.

  • H

    @Kate: Leo is actually VERY VERY thin, have you seen pictures of his leg from a few weeks ago?

    He’s got a VERY thin body but his face expanded, which is normal. With time, the shape of someone’s face does change. This isn’t 1999 and Leo isn’t a prepubescent looking kid anymore. He’s a hot young man.

  • rock

    leo looks exactly the same way he did in 2004.. back when he was dating gisele, i googled them and saw pictures of leo.. with her looking exactly the same

    the man never ages, but does occasionally gain weight

  • Gisbfan

    I am a big Gisele fan and I also don’t mind Bar. May I ask why Leo fans hate Bar so much? I am just curious because I get so mad when bar fans say Gisele fans hate on her, when that is not true at all. I think its mostly Leo’s fans. lol

    I liked Leo and Gisele but I think he is a playboy (there were always stories of that) and Gisele finally had enough. Good for her!

  • williams

    I love Leo but WTF is going on with that bloated face??
    They would have been so good married , I loved them together!

  • Weber

    I just love her casual style!
    Valentino shoes and Chanel bag r chic !
    I’m wondering if Gisele would accept to take a pic w/ Leo??
    I miss the old days!
    I love her and Tom Brady together though!

  • Cindy

    they remain good friends, just not in love any more!

  • 2005 it ain’t

    Leo’s look says it all, “Everyone is going to talk about what a doofus I was for letting this woman go.” It has to hurt to be there alone and have the Brady clan there too. Every one of his other women faded into obscurity and Gisele rose higher and higher. I luv ya, Leo, but you screwed the pooch back in 2005 when you let Gisele walk away. Oh well… She’s Tom’s lady now.

  • lol

    It breaks my heart to see them both in this post but they are not together anymore! No matter what Leo and Gisele were an amazing couple and Leo did make a huge mistake letting her go! Now he is stuck with the last pick of the litter while Gisele has a beautiful family! Tom is a lucky guy but it should have been Leo!!!!

  • Pink martini

    I apologise for my bad english. I was reading an article in a french website named purepeople about met gala dresses and they had referred bar as leo’s ex!
    I notice too in her new twitter she is never posting photos of flowers,restaurants etc. She never makes allusions to her mysterious boyfriend by her writes. She did these things with her old account.they probably broke up

  • Mystery Scarf

    I love Gisele’s scarf. Anyone know what brand it is?


    i love Giselle…….. i think she is a lucky woman too, to have found a man who loves her back n made the right move by marryin her, n all those who keeo sayin that he gave her what she wanted, marriage n family, well…….. he was obviously THERE too, unless he didn’t want it too, he would have let her go too, but he didn’t…….. this is what a normal guy is like…….. Leo needs to grow up n stop screwin his life up-side-down, right-left-center……. the unmentionable is no good for him, then again, no gold-digger ever is…….



  • Tori

    Man, I LOVE Gisele’s outfit! That is totally my style. Great fashion sense.

  • sara

    It isn’t a stretch to think these two are still friends (Leo and Gisele). Gisele is still close to his mother. Certainly isn’t surprising they’d end up at the same place since they were together for so long and established many of the same friends. Leo should have married her. If things don’t work out with Tom I think Gisele will definitely be returning to Leo.

  • Mansele is one fugly tranny

    Mansele looks like a horse as usual. Mansele also looks like an ugly tranny after a meth-filled night. Tom is so much prettier than she is and so is Leo. Ugly face and anorexic body. Gross!

  • nity

    Leo looks so cute, he have a sweet expression in his face, lovely!

  • Barf is fuglier inside and out

    @Mansele is one fugly tranny:

    Gisele is not my type, there is no doubt she is a high fashion model. Bar is just incredibly unattractive for a model. Slit eyes, disappearing nose, flabby cheeks, manly jaw, pudgy legs, saggy boobs… just yuck. Wouldn’t matter what she looked like if she had any talent to speak of, or was smart, or had a good personality, or was just a decent person, but there is too much evidence to the contrary. It’s amazing how she has managed to create such a bad reputation for herself considering she is a relative unknown compared to models like Gisele and hasn’t been around that long.

  • April

    I just hope Leo can have a girl-face girlfriend, Leo, boobs and legs are not everything! Face does matter! Geez.
    Rachel McAdams, Charlize Theron, Elizabeth Banks, hell even Lindsay Lohan all have very feminine and beautiful faces, Leo don’t you find someone like those attractive?

  • tinkerball

    re: today’s new york post page

    leo DiCaprio and Bar Refaeli could be heading for a more permanent split after they went their separate ways after the Met ball on Monday. While Refaeli attended the gala and the after-party at Crown, DiCaprio partied at the Top of the Standard with his boys, dressed casually in jeans and a baseball cap. The actor avoided fotogs and kept a low profile while mingling with Naomi Watts and Carmelo Anthony, among others. Sources say Leo and Bar have been “going through a difficult patch,” but they are trying to work it out. A rep for DiCaprio declined to comment. Refaeli’s rep was not available for comment.

    Read more:

  • WellWell

    Apparently he is very private and camera shy only when he is close to his GF. He doesn’t bother having pics taken close to Gisele, and never did, despite all the gossip this obviously generates… LOL

  • WellWell

    Is it for real? Did they split?

    Maybe this detail was well known in the fashion industry, hence the recent contract cancellation by IMG Italy and France.
    Yes, this might be tha case.
    You know, no famous BF, no job for Barfie.

  • WellWell

    Before opening my Champagne bottle I will wait for an official confirmation. She is looking older and sad, though.
    I had a look at her Met 2009 pics and it’s impressive how young she looked there compared to the 2011 shots. She really gained like 10 years.
    I think this relationship has been really unhealthy for her. But I don’t feel for her. She tried hard to make it work but not for the good reasons. And at the end she might have lost her whole investment: time, youth, looks and career.

  • fashiondreamER

    @Mansele is one fugly tranny: yeah that’s why she is the #1 most paid model in the world with never ending A list modeling jobs. shut up bitter queen.
    Gisele is beautiful with a striking face that most women have to pay for bone structure like hers.

  • BitterQueen

    @Mansele is one fugly tranny: ahah a Barf fan that is SO jealous of this encounter. LOL.

  • Split is in the air

    Don’t waste your time replying to Barfie trolls.They are desperate and speechless.
    Gisele is just another league. No possible comparison with Barfie.

  • TOP

    Wow Leo’s face does say it all! and then the fact that everyone who meets Gisele says how stunning she is in person Im sure Leo was clenching his fists a little. He has the poor man’s version now, lol.

  • Split is in the air

    @ TOP

    Who knows what he is thinking. Looking at them I have the impression that Gisele is now a woman, while he is still playing with his Barbie dolls. Actually with an overweight Barbie dull.

  • HRH Party One

    Here is Ben’s dad!! lol

  • BarfliesAttack

    Ny post is funny and what makes it even funnier is this siting, lol. I’m sure the barflies are fueling inside. Does anyone else notice how all of Leo’s friends and family seemed to have liked Gisele more? I know Gisele keeps in contact with Edward Norton,she has been seen hanging out with Lukas Haas from time to time, this Helly guy who is a mutual friend, and not to mention Leo’s mother… I dunno for me this says alot who the nicer gal is….everyone always wants to be around Gisele. That’s why she has the career she has. People say she is infectious to be around. I have not seen much of a personality from this Bar girl. I think she’s all T&A.

  • HKL

    @HRH Party One: heee heee haaa haaa. Benjamin is a spitting image of Tom and his brother Jack, you freak. Same sandy brown/blonde hair,and cleft chin like his daddy.

  • TheLastSupermodel

    @BarfliesAttack: yes I have noticed this but please let’s quit comparing them now. One is the ex and one is current. That is where the comparisons begin and end! Everyone knows Gisele is in a league of her own. Only the other one named model icons (Naomi,Cindy,Linda,Claudia,Christy,Kate..) compare.

  • AussieGal

    you guys should read this article, I don’t see what’s her face even being considered. Its almost blasphemy to compare! lol [just press next image to read all]