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Kate Bosworth: Cotton's 'Fabric of My Life' Ambassador!

Kate Bosworth: Cotton's 'Fabric of My Life' Ambassador!

Kate Bosworth is making her singing debut – as the latest face of Cotton‘s “Fabric of My Life” campaign!

The 28-year-old actress is following in the footsteps of Zooey Deschanel and will sing the theme song in Cotton’s new TV ads, which will launch this Friday on major networks.

“We were looking for people from the movies who were really seen as young, female fashion leaders and Kate came to the forefront quite quickly with that kind of perspective,” Ric Hendee, senior vice president of consumer marketing for Cotton Inc., said (via WWD).

“[Kate] was in fact anxious [to sing] and she said this commercial will give her a chance to make her singing debut,” he added.

FYI: Kate is wearing JewelMint Oyster Earrings in the left Cotton ad.

Can’t wait to see and hear Kate as Cotton’s new ambassador!

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310 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Cotton's 'Fabric of My Life' Ambassador!”

  1. 1
    kitty Says:

    oh dear lord. what have we done to deserve this.

  2. 2
    seriously Says:

    @kitty: I don’t know but it must have bad…….really bad!

  3. 3
    Darling Says:

    Just adorable!

  4. 4
    Thisismorelikeit Says:

    So she’s finally realized her true calling, commercials. Yeah, cause that’s what serious actors do, shill sh*t on TV. If this flops she’ll have to do maxi pad commercials between episodes of Charles in Charge on the TV land channel!

  5. 5
    Thai Says:

    Yeah, poor anorexic *****, she works so so hard for her money, Im really impressed. Bleah!

  6. 6
    ozangel Says:

    Was she high when these photos were taken? She’s looking a little “glassy eyed”?!

  7. 7
    Just Kidding Says:

    This post is so expected. Since she didn’t go to the MET Ball because she had to avoid Gwyneth, Orlando and Miranda there, of course JJ has to give a separate post about her, otherwise he won’t get paid. Just saying.

  8. 8
    wow Says:

    She’s busy filming a movie called ‘Big Sur’ with Josh Lucas.

  9. 9
    wow Says:

    That’s why she didn’t go to the Met Ball.

  10. 10
    wow Says:

    Thanks to her haters, now she’s getting more and more jobs. :P

  11. 11
    wow Says:

    And she looks gorgeous in these photos. :D

  12. 12
    wow Says:

    Feel free to thumb me down, haters! :D

  13. 13
    wow Says:

    By the way, don’t worry ‘Straw Dogs’ won’t be a direct-to-dvd movie, like many of you said. The trailer is slated to be release either this week or next week.

  14. 14
    Emily Says:

    Ah, the perks of dating someone relevant. You get jobs again. :/ I’ll have my mute button ready at the first site of this commercial.

  15. 15
    nicole Says:

    Oh dear God!! She really is in competition with Gwyneth. Now SHE wants to sing. Please yes so I can make fun of it.

  16. 16
    wow Says:

    And oh, I don’t know why I’m saying this since you all knew, but when Sam Levinson was asked about ‘Another Happy Day’, he said it had a distributor. There’s a high chance that ‘Dimension Films’ is the distributor.

  17. 17
    wow Says:

    Umm… Gwyneth was not the first actress to start singing, was she?
    There are Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, Amy Adams, Robert Downey Jr., Jennifer Love-Hewitt, and many more.

  18. 18
    wow Says:

    And, I know how many of you guys want to make a competition between Kate and Gwyneth, but Gwyneth wore one of JewelMint’s jewelries in the ‘Country Song’ music video.

    If Gwyneth really hated Kate, I don’t think she would wear the jewelry even though if Cher were her friend.

  19. 19
    DailyNightly Says:

    @Thisismorelikeit Maybe she could bedazzle some of those maxipads and sell them on Jewelmint!

  20. 20
    DailyNightly Says:

    @Thisismorelikeit Maybe she could bedazzle some of those maxipads and sell them on Jewelmint!

  21. 21
    wow Says:

    By the way, I’m wondering why my comments got thumbed down. Is saying someone working on a project a bad thing?

    Oh, I know, because there are so many jealous people.

  22. 22
    Brenda Says:

    Why is this a post? And why can she never seem to shut her mouth in pictures?? The only time she her head is straight is when she holds it LOL.

    I’m still ashamed that women think of this girl, with her tragic eating disorder as someone to look up to. Its incredibly sad of what it reflects of women now and their ideals. (or lack of ideals)

    I hope she gets the help she needs, its just heartbreaking to see such a potentially beautiful girl dissolve into this sort of mess.

  23. 23
    wow Says:

    I’m still ashamed that there are many jealous people in this world, with saying bad things to someone. It’s incredibly sad of what it reflects of people now and the ideals. (or lack of ideals)

  24. 24
    wow Says:

    By the way, just in case.

    She’s busy filming a movie called ‘Big Sur’ with Josh Lucas.

  25. 25
    wow Says:

    That’s why she didn’t go to the Met Ball.

  26. 26
    wow Says:

    She’s busy filming a movie called ‘Big Sur’ with Josh Lucas.

  27. 27
    Di Says:

    @Just Kidding: Exactly. Plus Karl Lagerfeld had a new flavor-of-the-month on his arm. Didn’t Kate accompany him a few years ago? I’m actually disappointed she chickened out because her red carpet looks tend to be interesting, at least. And I DO think she chickened out. Someone–I’m sorry, I can’t remember who–started tweeting expected guests over the weekend and she was def on the list. If you care to search Twitter, try searching the hash tag #metgala.

  28. 28
    Lilla Says:

    Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I have never liked this girl because I can’t find a redeeming quality about her. So, yes I’m so jealous. I’m jealous because I’m Swedish and Norwegian with natural blonde hair. I’m jealous because I’m a Broadway Jazz and Tap dancer without an eating disorder, drug or alcohol problem. I’m jealous because I don’t have to pay my friends. I’m also jealous because my boyfriend is with me for love and not PR.

  29. 29
    DailyNightly Says:


    Calm down, Kate..we know it’s you.

  30. 30
    Hannah Says:

    Kate is beautiful! Every photo!

  31. 31
    wow Says:

    ok, ok, Gwyneth, don’t worry I won’t outshine you. ;)

  32. 32
    DailyNightly Says:


    Of course you won’t.

  33. 33
    wow Says:

    Love you, Gwyneth. xoxo

  34. 34
    really Says:

    She has grown on me again! She looks fantastic! Very adorable!!!!!

  35. 35
    wow Says:

    I think someone accidentally thumbed up my comment. :D

  36. 36
    Cute Says:

    She looks good. And yes, she is filming, and has been since Coachella; which is why she wasn’t at the Met ball. But then all the haters already know that since they keep track of her moves.

  37. 37
    ifyouregoingtodoitdoitright Says:

    All you folks need to quit b*tching on this post and instead contact the Cotton, Inc and let them know how you feel about their choice of “ambassadors”.

  38. 38
    FYI Says:

    Most people don’t know, but she actually has a great voice. She sang with Val Kilmer for Wonderland movie.

  39. 39
    ASux Says:

    All the tpheifers are so upset that Alex was not at the Correspondent’s dinner, seriously?? When are you going to realize that your obsession is unknown? He and that Joe (Alcide) are on the same level. Alex is going to be in two movie and get killed off early in both, that is what he is going to be known for. He better hope that Straw Dogs does well. At least he can get roles as a villain.

  40. 40
    Brenda Says:

    I just did, and I was very honest with my thoughts and feedback. Thank you for the link.

    Its is just disgusting to try to advertise her as someone young people in America or anywhere in the world should emulate. She needs help, not a camera in her face.

  41. 41
    @ASux Says:

    think he dies in Straw Dogs too, ha

  42. 42
    justwow Says:

    In every picture she has her hand on her face and her mouth open. What’s that about? It makes her look like she should be wearing a helmet and riding the short bus to school.

  43. 43
    Rachel() Says:

    “We were looking for people from the movies who were really seen as young, female “fashion leaders”….who had nothing better to do than push cotton and Kate came to the forefront quite quickly(because she approached us…on her hands and knees) with that kind of perspective,” Ric Hendee, senior vice president of consumer marketing for Cotton Inc., said (via WWD).

    Oh Kate please tell me you’ll write us a cookbook next! I wish she’d build her own website (other than the “fan” sites she has already made) and put out a newsletter like GOOP.

  44. 44
    @Brenda Says:

    This is about COTTON, not role models. Did you even read the post? They want someone seen as fashionable, and no matter what she is seen that way. Cotton buyers are fashion houses, not some 13 year old at the mall. But by all means, please do start your campaign to force the COTTON industry to remove her.

  45. 45
    MERRICK Says:

    Again? She’s worse than water boarding.

    How pathetic that her one name changing fan needs to fill the entire board. That’s worse than anything negative than anyone can say.

    Btw, this tv ad will last as long as her other. Can’t remember that, can you? Exactly.

  46. 46
    Brenda Says:

    @44, this is about Cotton picking someone who has extreme health issues and pushing them as the face of their product. She needs help, she doesn’t need to be pushed at anyone especially youngsters who will think what she is doing is glamourous and wonderful.

    Her status as a supposed “fashion icon” comes with responsiblities just like anyone with any sort of fame, and she is not living up to them, she needs help, drug addiction and eating disorders are not glamorous or anything to envy or look up to. Getting help would be something she should be proud of.

  47. 47
    justwow Says:

    @MERRICK: I was going to say, man, her mom and grandma are working overtime on this board!

  48. 48
    Not bad Says:

    SHe does have a nice voice I’ll give her that

  49. 49
    ifyouregoingtodoitdoitright Says:

    @Brenda: You’re very welcome! Feel free to post that link on whatever public forum you’d like.

  50. 50
    Shannon Says:

    what exactly is the difference between her and rachel bilson?

  51. 51
    @Not bad Says:

    @Not bad: Where have you heard her sing?

  52. 52
    MERRICK Says:

    KB didn’t go to the MET gala because she wasn’t invited to that or anything else relevant this year. That’s why her PR put out that story about Skars not wanting her to party so much.Why would she miss of those opportunities to showcase JewelMint?

    KB went to the Met Gala last year when Gwyneth was expected to go……so it’s not her chickening out ….it’s her not being invited.

    She’s desperate enough to pose topless but doesn’t show up for big events? She has a 5 minute part in that movie that according to blogs wrapped already.

    She’s been GOOPed.

    Btw, Straw Dogs will be in theatres as long as the Warrior’s Way. It might have been kinder for all that it went straight to dvd. If it had been any good it would have gone to Cannes, Tribeca, Sundance, Berlin or any of the other film festivals. Instead Lurie showed it to a community college.

  53. 53
    chelle Says:

    @Brenda: she is practicing for her next audition with the mouth thing. She has to keep those muscles toned somehow

  54. 54
    Keep it Up!! Says:

    This post on Kate is going to make it to the top of the page soon. She looks stunning.

  55. 55
    BOOp Says:

    I thought the whole point in making it as an actors was not having to resort to commercials. Unless you’re like Drew Barrymore making bank….

    I love how they try to make her seem important by calling her an “ambassador.” lol

  56. 56
    Not exactly Says:

    @BOOp: Depends on what you’re selling. You can’t bash this one, I loved Zooey’s cotton commercial. She has such a unique voice. The Cotton commercial has been about the song for some time now. I honestly think that if KB can actually sing well it will be great for her. Plus she looks good in these pics, she should try more often.

  57. 57
    Lisa Says:

    Well she’s gotta make money somehow and that whole acting thing doesn’t appear to be working out that great.

  58. 58
    Karen Says:

    I wonder whose **** she sucked to get this job. The other ladies who have done this commercial have been singers (Zooey Deschanel, Colbie Callet, whoever the hell else), so why would they pick someone who isn’t one? No one outside of JJ even knows who she is.

  59. 59
    okay Says:

    she looks……..really hungry

  60. 60
    BOOp Says:

    @Not exactly: I wouldn’t put Zooey & Kate in the same stratosphere. Zooey actually has a great career as a respected actress & singer. Kate…not so much.

  61. 61
    Seriously Says:

    @Karen: Ha, that’s funny. She is very well known, it’s her boyfriend that is the unknown. It’s pretty obvious whose **** you want to suck.

  62. 62
    Hmm Says:

    When she made “Wonderland”, she recorded some music with Val Kilmer. She sounded ok, he was definitely the lead. It’ll be interesting to see – or rather, hear – her on her own.

  63. 63
    Not exactly Says:

    @BOOp: You may not, but unfortunately picking her is more about the fashion industry than the acting. They chose Zooey because she has a great voice, and the song makes the commercial.

  64. 64
    Mjforever Says:

    LOOOOOL The day when Gwen and Orlando go to the MET here she is who can deny she has a business relationship .

  65. 65
    Brenda Says:

    You’re right and that is the saddest part.

  66. 66
    Wonderland Says:

    @@Not bad: Kate sang with Val Kilmer on “If you could read my mind”. Her singing ability surprised me, but its real soft not sure how she’ll sound in this commercial.

  67. 67
    BigJohnson Says:

    Kate Bosworth, shes so hit right now!

  68. 68
    Di Says:

    @MERRICK: You’re probably right about the invites dwindling, but I still maintain that she was invited to the Met Gala. Cher Coulter said she had three clients going, then she only tweeted about Rosie Huntington-whatever and Isla Fisher. I’m guessing Kate was the third, who then didn’t show. The reason I think this is, regardless of what most of us think of how she dresses and her jewelry, she is still acknowledged in the fashion industry. Her jewelry line has been profiled in InStyle and she was on the covers of Lucky and Nylon, with the jewelry noted. She was in an article in Elle with Olivier Theyskens, about his new Theory designs. It might be a joke to us, but in the fashion world, she still has some standing. That’s why this post and the Cotton thing are happening. I really think she would have at least been invited to the Met Gala. I mean, Kristen Bell was there. I love K-Bell, but still… She’s not A-list, either. Christina Ricci? What has she done lately, but there she was. Just my opinion.

  69. 69
    Hannah2 Says:


    Are you a publicist for Big Sur, or just functionally retarded. Stop wasting space. Put all your comments in one message!

  70. 70
    LisaM Says:

    I haven’t laughed this hard in weeks!! she’s gone from a so-called fashion icon, to a so-called A-list in demand actress to an anorexic singing about cotton on tv??? This crap I’ve got to see!!!

  71. 71
    chicca Says:

    Zoe Saldana is the third

  72. 72
    MERRICK Says:


    The JewelMint backers pulled strings for those covers/spreads…prior to JM was she in any recent American magazines? I believe she did Italian(?) Vogue two years ago. Teue Fashion icons/ IT girls are featured just….because, not to hawk product. KB’s presence here and at other fashions blogs have more of an advertising quality rather than icon. Every place she’s featured now know exactly what she’s wearing and the cost. Real celebs/ fashion blogs usually try to identify what the people are wearing and they may even have a clue but not usually the brand, style and cost. That information was clearly made known by PR.

    I truly don’t believe she was invited to the Met or any other big events recently. It’s not logical that she’s so desperate for relevancy that she does these pap set ups for little known blogs but chooses not to go to legitimate big events that will be shown in all the reputable magazines/site/ shows. She went to all the big parties event prior to last year. The fallout from CM was not felt at the 2010 Met Gala because she was already invited months before….like all the other events she attended early 2010. Notice what happened the latter half of 2010…no big events. She went to CK during fashion week because she has /had some kind of contract. She’s been conveniently out of town when the big events are happening. Curious for someone desperate enough to attention to pose topless.

    Cher is one of her closest friends/ business partner and would have known if she was attending the Met Gala from the beginning. It makes no sense that Cher tweets about Coachella, fashion week and other events but was quiet about the Met. Tickets were sent MONTHS ago and I can’t believe that Cher wouldn’t have used such a prestigious even to try to hawk JewelMint. It’s not like she talked about it and Kate suddenly couldn’t go due to work constraints. People don’t blow off the Met Gala.

    *One year, for instance, a certain jewelry designer reportedly pulled out of attending the gala at the last minute and Wintour made sure that no guests would wear the designer’s work on the red carpet.”

  73. 73
    Di Says:

    @chicca: Oh, thank you. @MERRICK: Well, I’ve been schooled. And I’m okay with it. I agree that Cher would have NOT SHUT UP about the Met Gala if Kate was going to go. She chattered a lot about Coachella. To which one BUYS tickets. So yeah, I see your points, about knowing what she’s wearing and where to get it, especially. Can’t WAIT to check out that NBC link! I love Anna Wintour for being such a vindictive c-word. As long as she’s never mad at ME.

  74. 74
    Heartless Says:

    SAY IT ISN’T SO! I feel for the ears of Americans everywhere.

  75. 75
    MERRICK Says:

    Kate is that you?

  76. 76
    mforman Says:

    Merrick, I have to agree, I do not think she was invited. We have all said when this all finally came to a head it would not be pretty and it has all come to a head; she has all but gone into hiding. No pictures from the set of Big Sur, when we were given hourly shots from the set of BFF, now nothing, JJ has not had one post. It hit the fan at Coachella, he went with her out of an obligation, and when she wasn’t getting what she felt she deserved, you know pap attention and pretend happy faces, she started in with him and he obviously wasn’t taking it anymore and he fought back, and she ran away. Thank goodness he finally wised up. It really would have been better if they released Straw Dogs to DVD, all we had to know was that they showed it at a community college, that is what they even think about the movie, releasing it to theaters is a huge mistake. I feel bad for AS and JM, they don’t deserve this. Really who cares about her, she is useless, and we have come to expect her in garbage films. Now she is hawking cotton, oh my god, and singing, does she have any ideas that she doesn’t have to copy from someone else, she really is just so desparte for any attention, it is scary.
    Thank heavens she doesn’t have AS’s coat tails to ride anymore, it is so obvious he is finished with the disgusting famewhore, tramp.

  77. 77
    little m Says:

    wow, it seems everybody, I mean EVERYBODY was there at MET gala. Our favourite fashionista is really a pariah…

  78. 78
    Millie Followhore Says:


  79. 79
    Di Says:

    @mforman: Yeah, Coachella seemed to be a definite turning point. He was probably doing her a favor then decided it wasn’t worth it once she started pausing and posing. I wish we could get a little more detail about what went down beyond a few random tweets. I thought the Met Gala would be a shot at recovering her footing a little but I guess not. She really does seem to be in hiding. On the other hand, I think “Big Sur” is a film with a budget and secure distribution behind it, so they don’t really need pap shots for promotion. BFF & Baby on the other hand needed all the paparazzi/Twitter help it could get. As for the cotton… I’m so glad I don’t have a TV.

  80. 80
    Elle Says:

    Why isn’t Alex named in thia post, she is always in his….woder why…….

  81. 81
    @mforman Says:

    @ mformanThank heavens she doesn’t have AS’s coat tails to ride anymore, it is so obvious he is finished with the disgusting famewhore, tramp.

    I really enjoy reading all your posts they are very intresting however-

    I am not buying kate and alex are no longer together, just because they have not been seen together in a few weeks does not indicate a breakup or alex has finished with her. I believe alex is in LA TB / KbVS tweeted BauervanStraten Kristin Bauer
    My goodness. Ive been busy! Ramping up to #TrueBlood premiere with PR. ABri is at a music EXPO. Off to P90!
    13 hours ago

    I am sure alex is also busy with TB PR duties/ filming and kate is or was in san fran for Big Sur, I wouldn’t call that hardly a break up more like both have work commitments
    once Kate finishes with big sur and back in LA the fandom will be dissapointed if they show up together somewhere concert/dinner etc and pple will start calling alex out for still associating himself with her!!!

    there is no way I am a kate stan but we will never know the real reason for her not attending the met gala? I doubt it will be broadcasted, there may have been a good reason behind it for her absense, saying she was not invited is an easy one to pin on her, unless someone spills the beans by accident!!!!!!

    i’m just saying

  82. 82
    @mforman Says:

    @ mformanThank heavens she doesn’t have AS’s coat tails to ride anymore, it is so obvious he is finished with the disgusting famewhore, tramp.

    I really enjoy reading all your posts they are very intresting however-

    I am not buying kate and alex are no longer together, just because they have not been seen together in a few weeks does not indicate a breakup or alex has finished with her. I believe alex is in LA TB / KbVS tweeted BauervanStraten Kristin Bauer
    My goodness. Ive been busy! Ramping up to #TrueBlood premiere with PR. ABri is at a music EXPO. Off to P90!
    13 hours ago

    I am sure alex is also busy with TB PR duties/ filming and kate is or was in san fran for Big Sur, I wouldn’t call that hardly a break up more like both have work commitments
    once Kate finishes with big sur and back in LA the fandom will be dissapointed if they show up together somewhere concert/dinner etc and pple will start calling alex out for still associating himself with her!!!

    there is no way I am a kate stan but we will never know the real reason for her not attending the met gala? I doubt it will be broadcasted, there may have been a good reason behind it for her absense, saying she was not invited is an easy one to pin on her, unless someone spills the beans by accident!!!!!!

    i’m just saying

  83. 83
    @mforman Says:

    @ mformanThank heavens she doesn’t have AS’s coat tails to ride anymore, it is so obvious he is finished with the disgusting famewhore, tramp.

    I really enjoy reading all your posts they are very intresting however-

    I am not buying kate and alex are no longer together, just because they have not been seen together in a few weeks does not indicate a breakup or alex has finished with her. I believe alex is in LA TB / KbVS tweeted BauervanStraten Kristin Bauer
    My goodness. Ive been busy! Ramping up to #TrueBlood premiere with PR. ABri is at a music EXPO. Off to P90!
    13 hours ago

    I am sure alex is also busy with TB PR duties/ filming and kate is or was in san fran for Big Sur, I wouldn’t call that hardly a break up more like both have work commitments
    once Kate finishes with big sur and back in LA the fandom will be dissapointed if they show up together somewhere concert/dinner etc and pple will start calling alex out for still associating himself with her!!!

    there is no way I am a kate stan but we will never know the real reason for her not attending the met gala? I doubt it will be broadcasted, there may have been a good reason behind it for her absense, saying she was not invited is an easy one to pin on her, unless someone spills the beans by accident!!!!!!

    i’m just saying

  84. 84
    @mforman Says:

    @ mformanThank heavens she doesn’t have AS’s coat tails to ride anymore, it is so obvious he is finished with the disgusting famewhore, tramp.

    I really enjoy reading all your posts they are very intresting however-

    I am not buying kate and alex are no longer together, just because they have not been seen together in a few weeks does not indicate a breakup or alex has finished with her. I believe alex is in LA TB / KbVS tweeted BauervanStraten Kristin Bauer
    My goodness. Ive been busy! Ramping up to #TrueBlood premiere with PR. ABri is at a music EXPO. Off to P90!
    13 hours ago

    I am sure alex is also busy with TB PR duties/ filming and kate is or was in san fran for Big Sur, I wouldn’t call that hardly a break up more like both have work commitments
    once Kate finishes with big sur and back in LA the fandom will be dissapointed if they show up together somewhere concert/dinner etc and pple will start calling alex out for still associating himself with her!!!

    there is no way I am a kate stan but we will never know the real reason for her not attending the met gala? I doubt it will be broadcasted, there may have been a good reason behind it for her absense, saying she was not invited is an easy one to pin on her, unless someone spills the beans by accident!!!!!!

    i’m just saying

  85. 85
    Silly Girls Says:

    OMG, it just kills you that KB has everything you want! To set the record straight, Stella McCartney invited her to be her guest along with Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson. Clearly, KB and GP are friends and that one time bogus story in a completely unreliable trade was just that – bogus! GP, CM, KB and AS were recently seen having dinner together, GP was wearing JewelMint in her video, Stella invited KB to join them at the Ball this year. How can you deny a friendship?! Stop with this ugly jealousy. You’re humiliating yourselves! Don’t you realize you’re a joke to so many people?

  86. 86
    Becca Says:

    I’d have loved have seen Alex in the MET, but it was probably her as a date….yeahhh, now I understan why he resist going….imagine the pictures…..Alex depressing as hell and she smiling massively….no no no

  87. 87
    Becca Says:

    I’d have loved have seen Alex in the MET, but it was probably her as a date….yeahhh, now I understan why he resist going….imagine the pictures…..Alex depressing as hell and she smiling massively….no no no

  88. 88
    MERRICK Says:

    JJ and her PR are so incompetent that they can’t even post the commercial that’s already on Youtube . This was found by Santress.:

    This is now 2:21….I wonder how long it will take JJ to add it to the post.

  89. 89
    yeah right Says:

    @Silly Girls: You’re claiming GP and KB were seen having dinner together recently??? That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen on this board in ages. And GP wearing crapmint??? Wow. You are in denial.

  90. 90
    MERRICK Says:

    JJ and her PR are so incompetent that they can’t even post the commercial that’s already on Youtube . This was found by Santress.:

    This is now 2:21….I wonder how long it will take JJ to add it to the post.

  91. 91
    porquenon Says:

    Girl can’t sing. At all.

  92. 92
    Kim Says:

    She is breathtakingly beautiful.

  93. 93
    porquenon Says:

    Pretty face doesn’t equal pretty voice.

  94. 94
    Darling Says:

    yay! I can’t wait to see it.

  95. 95
    Darling Says:

    I agree with WOW, and I am most definitely not Kate or a paid rep in any way. Just a small town girl with OUT insecurity issues, ya know, unlike the rest of you guys.

  96. 96
    MERRICK Says:


    We might not know if she didn’t get invitations but it does seem very odd that this person who loves the cameras, name drops constantly, likes to seem relevant and sets up pap shots didn’t show at some of the biggest events/ parties. She’s not Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, Halle Berry, etc whom might be working, out of town or just didn’t feel like showing. This person went to a book signing showcased here on JJ along with other low end events. Doesn’t add up that she went to them but not the A List events she attended in prior years, unless of course she wasn’t invited.

  97. 97
    claire Says:

    I’m good with her being the cotton ambassador!

  98. 98
    MERRICK Says:


    You can’t wait to see it? The link was posted already. You’re definitely a Kate stan…..

  99. 99
    little m Says:

    @MERRICK: and when she chooses the bracelets in this commercial, I’m wondering – is it form JM? :)) her voice is like little girl’s with lolly pop, quite embarassing.

  100. 100
    Blackcat99 Says:

    As we say down south.Lord have MERCY! I can sing better than that!What in the HELL were they thinking?

  101. 101
    mforman Says:

    #85 Silly Girls—-what are you smoking? Stella McCartney allowed her to wear one of her dresses, two yrs ago when she still had friends she didn’t need to pay and went with Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson and then she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar and was thrown out of that group so fast her head is probably still spinning. GP and CM have not even been at the same location or even in the same city as KB, why do you think she ran away during Oscar time; she received no invitations (AS did), and she did not want to risk a run in. The famewhore is considered a pariah, how can you possibly still deny that fact. She is soooo jealous of GP that she is now humilitating herself by trying to sing in a cotton commercial (thanks Merrick for the early viewing). I know you are one of her 3 fans but even you have to wake up a see what kind of person she is. She is a waste of air and space, without one redemming quality. Thank heavens AS has woken up and now sees what she really is; a desparate, disgusting, useless, famewhore who used him to get what she wanted most in the world to be relevant once more.

  102. 102
    MERRICK Says:

    @little m:

    I’m not sure it’s JM in the commercial but that cutesy baby voice is something she does some of the time when speaking, so I’m not surprised she did it singing.

  103. 103
    Di Says:

    Exactly, “cutesy baby voice”. It’s not bad, per se, it’s just really, really not to my taste. I’m sure it sounds okay to people who like that kind of music, but it’s just not my thing. It makes me cringe. At the same time, it totally suits her because she wouldn’t look out of place in her boho chic outfits, playing a guitar in a field of daisies or something. Too bad I HATE that sh-t. Just sounds so weak. Which makes sense.

  104. 104
    Rachel() Says:

    Her voice isn’t that bad…for a commercial. I think she was going for an indie kind of sound. You know, b/c she’s cool like that. If I didn’t know it was her I wouldn’t think she sounded crappy, but her voice is weak. I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll try to do some kind of performance (Goop-esque). That would be awfully funny. Gwenyth’s already making a fool of herself w/ this whole singing thing. I bet KB could beat GP at looking like a fool on stage! Thanks for the link Merrick!

  105. 105
    MERRICK Says:

    I’ll admit the commercial isn’t bad …i just don’t like her. I like the outfit with the hat that’s posted…she actually looks good and for once the open mouth thing didn’t make feel like wrapping duct tape around her head to close it.

  106. 106
    ?!?@*& Says:

    if you call that singing then Paris hilton is really arethra franklin queen of soul. They both can’t sing GP either. That’s called slow talking with backing music. they all need to sit down and shut up and leave singing to american idols.

  107. 107
    Rachel() Says:

    @MERRICK: That first photo? That was my least favorite. She was definitely trying too hard, and she looks better in the pics where she doesn’t showcase her legs. Kate needs to stick w/ her best qualities (i.e. her face) and cover her legs (or entire body) whenever possible!

  108. 108
    MERRICK Says:

    This is the hat picture that I was referring


    I love the 20′s vibe. It makes her look like an interesting, intelligent, sophisticated woman with lots of class and style….too bad she’s not in RL.

  109. 109
    Rachel() Says:

    The pic of her in the pink dress is really pretty though. Why doesn’t she just dress like this all the time? Her outfits, while “fashionable”, are just not attractive on her. You gotta think Alex would be more into her if she just wore clothes that were pretty, simple, and flattering. Even if you have a killer body, badly fitted and ugly clothes are gonna make you look bad.

  110. 110
    Rachel() Says:

    @MERRICK: Oh, ok. Yeah that one’s pretty nice.

  111. 111
    MERRICK Says:


    Too funny! I didn’t see your post when I posted the hat link before.

  112. 112
    chelle Says:

    HOLY CAT HAIRS!!!!! what the hell was that!! Can anyone say tone deaf??

  113. 113
    My Ears!!! Says:

    i cringed just like when i hear my voice on an answering machine, that was just awful

  114. 114
    stunning Says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful picture of a woman than the pic of Kate in the hat! The commercial and song have a very ethereal quality. I’m sure that’s what they wanted. It’s stunning.

  115. 115
    @My Ears!!! Says:

    I know what you mean by hearing your voice on an answering machine – I hate hearing my voice. I must say, however, I think Kate sounds just fine.

  116. 116
    MERRICK Says:

    When I said the commercial wasn’t bad …I meant visually. They really should use an actual singer. Even this is preferable to her singing.

  117. 117
    Jen is a MODERN girl Says:

    Who gives a shizz if she’s a sluhht? It’s not any of our businesses. How does it affect you? And to try to bring someone down because she “supposedly” sleeps around is so 1950s! We should stop being so sexist against ourselves. If you’re gonna criticize KB do so because you don’t like her acting or you think her movies suck. But if you bring in her past & call her a ho or sluhht you’re only HURTING YOURSELF. You’re bringing you’re own gender down and keeping sexism and misogyny alive and well. I never hear guys calling each other sluhht or criticizing each other for sleeping around. They’re free to do whatever the fcuk they want. Men give each other freedom while we (like idiots) enslave ourselves to sexist stereotypes. Wise up, people. It’s 2011!

  118. 118
    Amanda Says:

    you know, her pic get posted cause it attracts so much traffic. if you don’t like her, you don’t have to comment, or look at her pictures. but seriously, the amount of comments is only an indicator of the enormous traffic.

  119. 119
    Di Says:

    Militant feminist stereotypes are pretty irritating, too.

  120. 120
    Tanter Says:

    I have no idea whether she was invited to the Met or not (I think not) but one thing I am sure of: she didn’t have the balls to go if she was. Goop was there with her army of friends that doesn’t talk to Kate anymore, Orly was there with his beautiful wife and Alex would/could not go with her – leaving her all by herself. Yeah right. So this is where she has ended up: doing commercials and selling stuff. She’s not know for her acting anymore and I do believe her status is Hollywood is very rocky. She may get small roles from time to time but not even if Straw Dogs does well (and really? Does anyone think it will?), will she ever be what she was. Essentially she’s over.

    Btw Warriors Way was relased here last week and among the reviews was the worst I have ever. Like I said: she’s over.

  121. 121
    MERRICK Says:

    @Jen is a MODERN girl:

    A ho is a ho, no matter what the gender. KB being one is only is just one more thing to dislike about her. She has no redeeming qualities.

    Just because she’s a woman we should have a show of solidarity? Having respect for other people and their relationships is a true sign of respect and solidarity.

    I’m going to save my fist pumping/ marching/ speeches/ diatribes and show of female solidarity for women who being subjected to female circumcision, gang rape and other atrocities….women with no voice.

    I doubt that you understand that pontificating on behalf of a untalented famewh*re who likes to climb whatever man is in her vicinity is insipid anymore than you think her choosing to not attend a charity for foster kids to famewh*re toplessly is Mexico was wrong.

  122. 122
    Karma Says:

    The only pic in which Kate looks good is the pic with the hat that covers her huge balding head lol.

    People if Gywneth is at an event , Kate will not be there= Kate is a homewr*cker!!!! They are avoiding eachother like the plague and I find it hilarious that some Kate Stans are saying that Gywn and Kate are still friends and that they had dinner recently…yeah RIGHT Kate has no friends that are no on her payroll..that says a lot!!!!
    Glad that Kate was no there this year..there were more A listers there this year and Kate simply does not belong there..karma is biting the poser in azz right now.

  123. 123
    Canuck Says:

    That last photo with the hat is very Great Gatsby. Can’t say the other two posted here do her any favors or justice, but the last one is nice. No comments on any singing, the last time I did karaoke, they turned it off in the middle of the song ;))) lol

  124. 124
    ladybug Says:

    @Canuck: It is a cute photo. I do notice that in those two photos posted she posed in such away as to draw attention away the chest, perhaps to hide the boniness?

  125. 125
    Kate's voice work Says:

  126. 126
    isabela Says:

    why don’t you people like her? she’s gorgeous and she deserves everything she has!

  127. 127
    @Merrick Says:

    Stop with the name calling. Do you realize how childish you sound? You want so badly to believe tabloid gossip when it suits your agenda. However, when they write something about KB and AS seen being affection you scream you won’t believe it without pictures. BTW, KB was invited to the Met Ball by Stella McCartney and KB and GP are friends.

  128. 128
    freakinhilarious Says:

    OMG Kate needs to do a guest spot on Glee!!!! Can you imagine? It would be hilarious!!

  129. 129
    gORGEOUS Says:

    Kate is so incredibly beautiful. Her features are perfect.

  130. 130
    DailyNightly Says:


    I think Gwynnies got that one locked up. Maybe Kate can be a guest judge on American Idol, show ‘em how it’s really done.

  131. 131
    chelle Says:

    O@gORGEOUS: maybe for a creepy pod person …there is nothing “beautiful ” about this anorexic freak. If you people who keep saying that would take a long hard look at her misporportioned body and hair that’s falling out you might actually realize how unhealthy and sad she really looks to us normal people. I don’t hate her because I’m a fat ugly AS fangurl. I’m actually speaking from experience working in a mental health facility on a 6 month rotation. She fits classic anorexic disorder

  132. 132
    claire Says:

    I love her cotton campaign. It’s exquisite!

  133. 133
    BOOp Says:

    @mforman: I usually think you’re kinda crazy, but I do find it semi-interesting that Kbos started seeing Askars around the time the rumors came out about her & CM. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would suggest that there was a correlation.

  134. 134
    JustaGirl Says:

    Hmmm…thank goodness I have a DVR with a fast forward button. If her acting is any indication of her singing abilities, I don’t think my ears could handle it.

  135. 135
    Camille Says:

    You know who sings like that? People who CAN’T SING. Breathy, childlike voices are the hallmark of those with no real vocal abilities. Anyone can whisper sing and sound semi decent, try pumping out some actual sound there Kate. Why in the hell would it be good to make a commercial with a full grown woman who sounds like she’s 10?

  136. 136
    Rita Says:

    Gross the Yuku girls are practically gizzing over Bonesworth’s commercial. Then they’re saying that she’s so delicate and brings out Alex’s protective instincts and that you can tell that sometimes in the way he looks at her. WTF? Since WHEN? 95% of the time he’s leaving her in the dust, not much protective goin on there. Hahaha!

  137. 137
    DailyNightly Says:


    You hit that one on the head!It gives the impression that the only thing she has between her ears is …cotton!

  138. 138
    BOOp Says:

    @MERRICK: omg that commercial is hilarious. she is trying waaaay too hard & almost sounds like a knock off of paris hilton. i also think she looks haggard. i wonder why they didn’t make her look less greasy? she could have at least brushed her hair.

  139. 139
    Camille Says:


    It doesn’t make me want to run out and buy cottom, I’m just sayin. She actually does sound like Paris Hilton and we all know that Paris is no good for anything.

  140. 140
    Shannon Says:

    @MERRICK: totally agree. it’s like saying because we have vaginas we should all vote for sarah palin *rolls eyes*

  141. 141
    Shannon Says:

    I remeber hearing that CM & Goop were going to sue the tabloid for the story about him cheating with Kate, but did they actually do it? If they didn’t follow through, I think it looks more suspicious & believable.

  142. 142
    ladybug Says:

    @Shannon: I do not believe any suing actually occurred. So yes, it does lead to the suspicion that something went on between KB and CM.

  143. 143
    Camille Says:


    They didn’t follow through, there wasn’t a single word about it after the initial claim and KB hasn’t been spotted hanging with them since, other than one supposed sighting at the Chateau Marmont. I don’t buy that for a second. If Gwenyth is anything, it’s an old school, blue blood snob. She’d cut that cord in a second and never look back, which is exactly the case.

  144. 144
    DandyPizz Says:

    Not only has she assaulted my vision but now she is attacking my hearing. Next she’ll release some atrocious toilet water smelling of cat piss and dandelions. She’s a terrorist to my senses.

  145. 145
    DailyNightly Says:


    Stop giving her ideas. I mentioned awhile back that she might imitate Gwynneth and fancy herself a singer…and look what happened!

  146. 146
    ladybug Says:

    @Camille: I sometimes wonder what GP did to CM when she discovered that he’d been seen snogging KB.

  147. 147
    Jessie Says:

    Ahahahahahah! OMFG she is sooooooo terrible at singing. God that is pathetic. Why not just use her for the visual and get someone who can sing to do the voiceover? Holy cow!

  148. 148
    v Says:

    to be nice the clothes in the commercial were cute. That being said, her vocals were horrible. She once stated that she could humbly carry a tune; she can’t. It sounded like she had someone right in front of her coaching her through. Compared to Cotton’s previous ads using musicians, you have to think that this was a mean joke.

  149. 149
    Camille Says:


    I’m sure privately he got his *ss handed to him, but GP would never let the public in on it. There have been a lot of rumors of trouble there for a long time. If there is another thing that was bred into GP, it was to keep up good appearances.

  150. 150
    Jessie Says:


    If this is her “singing debut” then she’s SOL. Total crap vocals.

  151. 151
    llcool23 Says:

    @Shannon: what’s the difference? rachel is acutally cute.

  152. 152
    Swing Says:

    I’m agree with Rachel, If Paltrow singing, why not others? Why people licks the boots of GP everytime, again and again? I think the others celeb have right to sing. GP is not the only that have this right, ok?

  153. 153
    Jessie Says:


    I don’t mind if people want to sing, provided they CAN sing. When someone assaults my ears because they want to be an actor and a singer at the same time, but don’t have that talent, then it’s annoying.

  154. 154
    Marissa Says:

    I am laughing out loud at KB’s singing!!! Is that a joke??? How could she embaress herself like that? She is no GP

  155. 155
    k Says:

    Kate doesn’t even deserve to be in the same sentence as Gwyneth! No matter what you think about G, she’s still an A-lister in Hollywood. enuf said… :)

  156. 156
    Jessie Says:


    You’re not the only one. It’s funny alright, but not in a good way. It’s cringe worthy. Fontrum is what that’s called. Where someone does something so retarded that a third party feels embarassed for them.

  157. 157
    otto Says:

    it probably stings for Kate to log on and see the beautiful ethereal Miranda Kerr and her HANDSOME HUSBAND, Orlando Bloom being highlighted at MET Gala!!! boo hoo!!!!

  158. 158
    BOOp Says:

    I read a recent interview & Bos said she wants to do a musical, lol. I guess this is her audition. Can you imagine that voice in a feature film?? Ugh. I think the Cotton people were high when they came up with her. Really, no one more relevant was available??

  159. 159
    Di Says:

    Off topic but why does Evan Rachel Wood ALWAYS look like a drag queen? Just saw JJ’s latest post on her. Gross. I also gave the cotton commercial a second listen, to be fair. Still hate it.

  160. 160
    Camille Says:


    I think it’s because she’s got quite a wide jawline, it’s kind of mannish.

  161. 161
    DailyNightly Says:


    She mentioned wanting to do Bollywood. Can you picture this?????

  162. 162
    BOOp Says:

    @Di: yeah, her make-up is making her look way older than 23. her hair also needs help.

  163. 163
    Amazing Says:

    I loved the commercial!!

  164. 164
    Kyra Says:

    Would have been perfect for Great Gatsby. They should replace that plain looking girl (can’t think of her name, Shia’s ex) with Kate.

  165. 165
    @Kyra Says:

    I agree with you – Kate would have been perfect for the Great Gatsby!

  166. 166
    BOOp Says:

    @Kyra: too bad she’s a crap actress

  167. 167
    ?!! Says:

    @Kyra: LOL this is absolutely ridiculous! How dare you compare this useless woman to Carey Mulligan (who has REAL TALENT)

  168. 168
    MERRICK Says:

    I still find it very odd that neither KB or CM sued Star Magazine after they claimed they would.

    David Beckham sued the tabloid that claimed he was having an affair. Katie Holmes just won a $50M from Star and all they said was she was doing drugs not having an affair like KB/ CM…so very….ODD. Those two fools could have easily gotten $100M+ from Star….but I guess they didn’t need the money. Really, Kate has the money from JewelMint and her career. No matter,luckily Kate found a 6’4” pole(Swede) soon after the story broke to climb on.

  169. 169
    Ana Says:

    Okay I am definitely not a Kate fan, but all personal feelings aside I liked the cotton commercial…nice clothes, her voice sounded pretty good…I am surprised, actually.

  170. 170
    Lilianne Says:

    I think the commercial is terrific! I like the mood of it.

  171. 171
    Sweet Says:

    There is nothing wrong with this commercial AT ALL. The haters will hate, but come on already. She looks beautiful and she sounds sweet. Everyone always says that she needs to get healthy and start working more. She has made four movies in a year, even if they aren’t the biggest roles, she is working. I think she is looking great, definitely has put on weight too. You guys need to stop being so biased because of Alex. Seriously what has he done lately, other than scowl??

  172. 172
    yellowkey Says:

    Are you really serious when you see Gwyneth is better than her? It’s the end. I can’t do anything for you, you are bewitched by the smile of paltroWITCH. You are brainwashed. Medias loves her and impose everyday that she’s perfect (brainwashing) and now people believe it, <freedom of personnal think no longer exists … <
    She’s your GOD. I’m dead! People suck the feet of Gwyneth so I think it’s the end of “feedom of personnal think”! We see her each day on tv and on daily-news. I think it’s all over. Poeple can’t open their eyes and see how she’s pretentious and annoying. I’m really desperate, now I’m the only person on earth who hate GP, really? SAD

  173. 173
    Jessica Says:

    Uuugggg. I am going to have her charged with assault. Listening to her sing hurt my ears!!!!
    Seriously though, that cutesy voice she was going for was not good and was kinda grating. They should not have hired her, they should have hired someone who can actually sing.

  174. 174
    yellowkey Says:

    oops, “say” (not see)

  175. 175
    yellowkey (click for read) Says:

    Why censorship??? You don’t love read the truth.

    I’m really sad, you are brainwashed by medias who says everytime GP is perfect, now you believe to her. She’s your God!

    I think I’m the only who is not bewitched. It’s desperate.

    Yes I wrote “Click for read” because you censor me, shame on you…

  176. 176
    yellowkey (click for read) Says:

    I can’t help you, I’m sad. This is the end of “freedom of personnal think”. Medias have won now because people loves GP

  177. 177
    BOOp Says:

    @yellowkey: i’m no goop fan, but she didn’t deserve to be cheated on by her douchebag hubby with this wacktress who was supposed to be her friend. chris martin obviously has a type: stick-thin bleached blondes who areboring & pretentious.

  178. 178
    Darcy Says:

    She’s hot!

  179. 179
    yellowkey (click for read) Says:

    @BOOp: Ok maybe but we don’t know their personnal affairs. WE CANT JUDGE! So, Talk about talent. Chris is good singer, Gwyneth isn’t.

    I know, my comment will be not liked but I’m annoying about the actress who’re not talentous!

    For Kate I’m not fan…

  180. 180
    Bella Says:

    The picture of Kate in the 20′s looking outfit is one of the most beautiful pictures I’ve ever seen. It’s a pretty great campaign!

  181. 181
    Canuck Says:

    @ladybug: Not sure that would matter so much, don’t they just photoshop out anything that jars these days?

  182. 182
    Hans Says:

    Kate Bosworth…

  183. 183
    Rachel() Says:

    @Swing: If you’re saying you’re agreeing w/ me, I think you’ve wildly misinterpreted my post. Sarcasm abounds, always.

  184. 184
    Rachel() Says:

    @Di: Hey, say what you will about ERW, but I liked her with Alex a lot more than KB. At least ERW has talent and I think she’s gorgeous and really friggin weird(I mean that as a compliment)!

  185. 185
    Just..No Says:

    The ad LOOKS fine, but the singing? Oh no. Make it stop. For the stans saying she sounds good, its not too late to order your hearing aids.

  186. 186
    go kate Says:

    I like her. She is beautiful and sweet. I expect a lot of angry and jealous people on this page to give me minus. Who cares? Go Kate.

  187. 187
    ladybug Says:

    @Canuck: Oh, I suspect a lot of technology went into that photo shoot, but the photographer probably thought it would help by posing her like that.
    It really isn’t a good signal to hire someone who’s so bony that you have do so much photoshopping to make her body look normal. And inflict her ‘singing’ upon the world.
    Cotton must hate the world.

  188. 188
    Ihatekatemkay Says:

    The so called “singing” was hilarious and it’s even more hilarious that she poses the same way in every picture. I guess she’s just so used to having her mouth open….

  189. 189
    Canuck Says:

    @ladybug: I think that whoever did the styling on the first two photos didn’t do a very good job. The blue dress one… those shoes look like Minnie Mouse shoes on her. And the orange dress one…the front is gaping open (maybe why her arms are there) and she really doesn’t seem to suit having her hair pulled back, not in this photo or any of the others that are out there. Not her best look, it makes her face look weird.

  190. 190
    Camille Says:

    What gets me is that with all the capability to auto tune these days, they didn’t, or maybe they did who knows but she still sounds like crap. That voice doesn’t make me want to punch her in the face, it makes me want to punch myself in the face for listening to it. Ugh!

  191. 191
    EBow Says:

    Hahaha, I passed on the youtube link to Lainey for giggles. She made a post about it on her site.

  192. 192
    Ladybug Says:

    @Camille: Sort of the same reaction in listening to her in TWW, I really wanted to poke out my eardrums with an ice pick.
    Who thought that allowing her to sing in this commercial was a good idea? Who thought that keeping her voice as it was in TWW was a good idea? And can they be fired?

  193. 193
    BigJohnson Says:

    wow! sexy and talented.

  194. 194
    Caroline Says:

    She’s the perfect face for the new face of cotton!

  195. 195
    mforman Says:

    #79–Di—I know that Big Sur probably doesn’t need PR postings for anything, I was really talking about her. She is the one that needs the PR shots, just like she is the one that needed them on the set of BFF. The girl is a famewhoring pariah, and I still cannot believe she hasn’t had one of her paid friends who she definitely brought with her, because she can never be alone, take set photos of her looking all “professional” and actress like, we all know how she loves to pose.
    Somehow, I can picture AS and his friends laughing like crazy at this ridiculous commercial. I mean seriously he is friends with Lyke Li (I know I spelled that wrong).

  196. 196
    burnt bacon Says:

    I watched the commercial and my ears committed suicide. RIP, ears.
    And Jared, I know her people are paying you good money for the media hand job, but don’t ever compare her to Zooey D. or anyone else with actual singing ability. Seriously. I mean it.

  197. 197
    burnt bacon Says:


    Yep, she’s just like cotton: cheap and boring.

  198. 198
    Darling Says:

    Not a Kate stan, just had to go to work and didn’t have time to read through all the nasty comments. Why do you guys spend so much time making yourselves miserable? How do you support yourselves, when you’re always on reading this stuff?

  199. 199
    Raven Says:

    @EBow: #191

    You rock!

  200. 200
    Kbug Says:

    I have never posted before but I do lurk in the shadows. I admit I have an unhealthy obession with this site but it is a good distraction at work.
    Kate Bosworth is a very pretty girl. Despite the fact that she cannot act I do not begrudge her a hollywood career as there are far worse actresses out there. Plus, she didnt get her start from a sex tape, though, that might be coming soon. That is about all the good I can say about her. A cotton commercial, fine, have at girl, but dear God know your limitations. Kate YOU CANNOT SING, that was AWFUL and PAINFUL. If you attempt a singing a career, I assure you it will be a bigger disaster then JewelMint. Which BTW, I did join giving it the benefit of the doubt and all I can say is, cheap. Stuff fell apart before I could wear it. Never again.
    As far as Alex S goes. I say stop defending the man. He is playing the Hollywood game just like her. He is not stupid, he knows exactly what he is doing. He has talent but is making VERY poor choices such SD and Battleship. Its all about the fame and the money dear fans. Plus, he totally checkout in TB last year. IMHO he needs to go home and remember who he is because he certainly isnt the same man that made GK.
    And, for the record, I am not a lonely, disgusting woman or whatever it is all the kate fans say about the rest of the people here. I am actually model, locally, but model none-the-less. Thats all, I’m done…back to the shadows I go.

  201. 201
    Raven Says:

    #198, I can’t speak for anyone else here, but I’m far from making myself miserable. In fact, I have a good laugh over it and go on my way.

  202. 202
    freakinhilarious Says:

    @Kbug: I completely agree with your post, especially the part about him going home and remembering who he is, he’s changed way too much since coming to HW.

  203. 203
    freakinhilarious Says:

    True Blood season 4 starts next month, is a season 5 a guaranteed thing? I mean has HBO given the go ahead for it? Figure one of you people might be able to answer that for me.

  204. 204
    Di Says:

    @freakinhilarious: HBO renewed TB for seasons 3 and 4 when Season 2 was just barely underway. We might have expected a similar announcement at the beginning of the summer for at least one additional season, but nothing… I’m guessing the execs might make them–the writers (and perhaps the actors?)–work for it a little more, after Season 3 turned out to be a letdown for a lot of fans. Still, it’s Alan Ball and I think TB will run at least one more season after this upcoming one.

  205. 205
    MERRICK Says:


    Sweetie this is brain candy not quantum physics…it takes 2 seconds to read. Why do you care so much about me? Why does how I live or support myself matter to you?

    As far as the time I spend here…Pot meet kettle. The difference is I don’t change my name ever 5 seconds.

    As far KB goes, I like to watch how far she will go to try to stay relevant. Her desperation is bizarre and fascinating. It’s strange that a 28 year old person with her life experiences has no real personality of her own and changes to fit whatever man/ situation is presented. She’s human silly puddy willing to be shaped by whatever man that’s interested in her. She’s now extended that to whatever part of the entertainment industry will have her. It’s sad that she’ll jump unto any new fad ( clothes, music, men) that comes along. She acts more like a insecure, immature 18 year old except it’s more calculated manipulation on her part.

  206. 206
    Mike Says:

    If that is her real singing voice, it’s cute.

  207. 207
    ladybug Says:

    @MERRICK: “it’s sad that she’ll jump unto any new fad ( clothes, music, men) that comes along. She acts more like a insecure, immature 18 year old except it’s more calculated manipulation on her part” I wonder her reaction was upon discovering that she was hardly the only female at Coachella wearing the t-shirt/exposed pockets shorts/boots look that she and Cher spent hours picking out.
    It’s fun, in a sick way, to observe her in her narcissistic, energy vampire glory. Sadly, she’ll probably leave AS an empty husk by the time she’s done.

  208. 208
    Shameless Says:

    You people are crazy! You think you know the celebrities you verbally abuse but you don’t know them at all! What drugs are you on? Do you have any brain cells left? You’re deluded! Everyone who actually knows Kate and Alex have nothing but wonderful things to say about them.

  209. 209
    ladybug Says:

    @Shameless: Technically, as this is a written forum, we’re not verbally abusing anyone.

  210. 210
    Rachel() Says:

    @Shameless: You are taking this way too seriously. Chill out. If Kate is actually reading this and getting her feelings hurt then that is just sad. She’s an “actress” she should have far better things to do, like her “boyfriend”. I know that’s what I’d be doing. Oh, and not everyone has nice things to say about KB.
    I think that might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Brilliant, brilliant man.
    @ladybug: Lol.

  211. 211
    burnt bacon Says:

    @Rachel(): LOL! So many talk show hosts treat her like she’s the best thing since the invention of the d!ldo, but leave it Wossy to tell it like it is!

  212. 212
    Frida Says:


    Well, the ‘Hollywood Game’ is a 2 way street. How can you criticize Alex for giving you what you want, meaning food for gossip and pictures? You said you’re addicted to this site, a site that is knee deep in the Hollywood game, so who are you to act all superior? If you hate the game don’t play it yourself.

    And finally only the time will tell if Battleship was a bad choice. The movie plot seems silly but so did Transformers, Avatar and many other block busters. I understand that you’re rooting for Alex to fail but at least wait for the movie’s premiere to say if it was a bad choice or not.

  213. 213
    burnt bacon Says:

    “You people are crazy!”
    Thank you for noticing. It’s about time our hard work was recognized.

    ” You think you know the celebrities you verbally abuse but you don’t know them at all!”
    But that’s what’s so great about it. We can say whatever we want and there’s f— all they can do about it except cry into their Tiffany diamond encrusted golden goblets. It’s so cute that you think they care what we the proletariat think about them and that they give a fat f— about peasants like you white knighting them.
    “What drugs are you on?”
    None, but I really should be on statins. Thank you for your concern, though.
    “Do you have any brain cells left?”
    “Probably not after the job I have to do all day. You know, a “job.” It’s what you have to do when your mom and dad decide you’re too old to get an allowance. You’ll get an idea when you turn thirteen.
    “You’re deluded!”
    Woohoo! I just got a Bosworth Stan Bingo! I thought I was in trouble after I didn’t hear “ur jus jelly” and “I’ll bet ur fat!!!!!!” but you pulled through for me. Thanks bunches, cupcake.
    “Everyone who actually knows Kate and Alex have nothing but wonderful things to say about them.”

    I’m sure they do, princess. I’m sure they do. Word to the wise: when someone is counting on that $19,000 a year paycheck from their publicist overlords, they’ll say (insert name of d-list celebutwat) was the real mastermind behind the death of bin Laden if it meant being able to pay another 2000-per-month’s rent on their LA studio apartment. And 30 days worth of ramen noodles doesn’t pay for itself, you know. You’ll understand when you get into high school.

  214. 214
    MERRICK Says:

    Kevin Smith ( on the fineness of Skars and bobblehead Bosworth.

    starts at 56:46:…/b…/b…6.html

  215. 215
    MERRICK Says:


    “You think you know the celebrities you verbally abuse but you don’t know them at all!”

    How do you worship a celebrity you don’t know at all? Or come to their defense? We all have the same information that they put out there…how we react is our choice. What I know about her makes me want to save my rotten tomatoes.

    I KNOW she didn’t attend a charity for foster kids she co-chaired to famewh*re toplessly in Mexico.There is ACTUAL PROOF.

  216. 216
    MERRICK Says:

    This is whom the Cotton people have gotten to represent them:

  217. 217
    MERRICK Says:

    “The touch, the feel,
    the fabric of our lives
    The touch, the feel
    of cotton,
    the fabric of my life”

    I guess Kate decided she didn’t need the feel of fabric on her breasts in Mexico.

  218. 218
    BOOp Says:

    @MERRICK: quit giving her attention for her toplessness. that’s what she wants.

  219. 219
    MERRICK Says:


    Do you think the Cotton people want to be associated with that? Not exactly the wholesome American family value type of thing they’re trying to sell. Her video/pictures are pathetic if anything. It was obvious done with her knowledge. This person has never gone topless before and was photographed on 3/4 separate days wearing different bathing suits.We know she can sense a camera within posing distance. People see it for what it is…a desperate bid for attention by a famewh*re. Only bottom feeders who need attention do this kind of thing anymore. Even Snooki hasn’t done this….

  220. 220
    MERRICK Says:


    I know about her wanting the attention, that’s why I suggested not posting the links when it first happened. It’s been out there for weeks and ….nobody cared…The big shows/ sites/magazines like E!, E! News, Access Hollywood, Extra!, Entertainment Tonight,etc made no mention of it, like they would have with someone relevant like Blake Lively, Brooklyn Decker or an A Lister. I don’t even think that People, USWeekly, Star , The Enquirer or any of those mags even mentioned it. She gambled and lost. I doubt those YouTube links have much traffic. This can only harm her sweet, wholesome act she’s trying to pull in the commercial Tyler Swift she ain’t..

  221. 221
    AG Says:

    @burnt bacon:
    burnt bacon…this is my first ever post here but I just had to because I was laughing at you’re post’s….hilarious and I totally agree! :)

  222. 222
    MERRICK Says:

    Curiously all 12 YouTube links went up 3 weeks ago with her topless shots. What are the chances of that happening? Just curious. Btw, from what I’m guestimating they all received less than 20,000 views. EPIC FAIL.

  223. 223
    @Merrick Says:

    Get a life or a job! Too bad they kicked you out of the AS fansite. You spend much too much time here obsessing on KB and AS! You’re crazy.

  224. 224
    freakinhilarious Says:

    @MERRICK: I can’t get that link to work!!!

  225. 225
    mforman Says:

    @ Shameless (#208)–okay #2 fan how come we are the ones on drugs with no brain cells left, I am actually more worried about you because you continue to defend a useless, desparate famewhore, without even a tiny good quality in her aneroxic bones, who has now even proven she cannot sing and only did that commercial because she thought it would make her relevant now that she can no longer cling to AS.
    Who have you ever heard saying these wonderful things about them, not his friends who no longer seem to associate with her, just look at the Nylon dinner, that no one went too and they stayed away from each other there also, Coachella, him and his friends love, love music, especially live music, but guess what not one of them went this year, he was forced to babysit her and her 2 or 3 paid for friends for as long as his obligation lasted; and then on day 3 when he was alone you can see from the photos what a difference a day makes, AS had an awesome time on day 3, he was smiling and laughing, not fighting and drinking a ridiculous amount. Come on you cannot even deny the difference from days 1 and 2 to what he looked like on day 3. His family isn’t saying wonderful things about them, isn’t it interesting his mom comes to visit when see disappears for 3 weeks, she comes home, his mom is long gone. The only people that plant things and say lovey couple things, are her paid for friends and of course we all know, that Robin B the evil one is one of those paid friends, so that seems a little weird doesn’t it.
    Now I know you will call me a jealous, fat, ugly, crazy AS fan girl, but you are very, very wrong. Yes, I am a fan of AS’s and have been even before he came to this country, but you don’t care about the truth, that is why you believe the planted items her paid friends and paid gossip sites put out there.
    Thank goodness this is all coming to an end.
    He deserves so much better.
    @Rachel—You are so right, she doesn’t get booked onto any of the good late night or daytime talk shows because nobody wants her. I loved how Jimmy Kimmel was getting under her skin, he didn’t want her there and he made it so obvious; the only one that did have her on was the ridiculous Chelsa Lately who is represented by Robin B’s office, oh boy what a staged appearance that was, just too funny. Remember how she said “you have such a great reputation and everybody loves you.” It was one of the funniest things I have seen in a long time.
    Merrick—I agree, I think huge favors were called in and future promises made for Cotton to use her, there were so many other talented women to use, it makes absolutely no sense they picked her. We are going to read a lot of negative feedback when this starts airing on Friday, especially people will be bringing up missing the foster children charity event to extend her vacation, after confirming her attendance and those unnesscary topless photos, that everyone knows Cher took and had posted; that I still think she did to try to upstage the release of AS’s trailer, but as everything else with her, it was an epic failure. Also they will be bringing up the fact, the girl can’t sing, just whisper and talk in some weird baby voice.

  226. 226
    MERRICK Says:


    Which link?

  227. 227
    mforman Says:

    Hi Merrick—I couldn’t get the link to work either. It was the one that had Kevin Smith mocking our favorite famewhore and poor AS. I know you said smodcast, but I am even having a problem looking up a video with him mentioning the two of them on that particular site. I guess it is not on a YouTube video or you would have said that, sorry.
    I am sure I am doing something wrong.
    I would really appreciate any advice you could offer.
    If you are mentioning it, I am sure it is worth seeing and hearing.
    Thank you so much.

  228. 228
    MERRICK Says:


    Kevin Smith speaks about Skars at 56:46….another find by Santress.

  229. 229
    mforman Says:

    Thanks Merrick—I am trying right now.

  230. 230
    mforman Says:

    Thanks Merrick I am trying now.

  231. 231
    MERRICK Says:


    yw. : )

  232. 232
    mforman Says:

    Merrick—I just listened to it and thank you that was great. I am still laughing at the bobble head comments.
    Thanks for getting me the other link, very much appreciated, I will be laughing all day.

  233. 233
    Brenda Says:

    That link was GREAT!!!

    I always agree with what you say…its almost scary LOL.

  234. 234
    ElisaDay Says:

    @burnt bacon:
    this really made me laugh :D

  235. 235
    Rachel() Says:

    @MERRICK: Oh man. I love the bobble head collection thing! It’s all making sense now.

    Mforman: I remember the Chelsea H thing. I love how she was falling all over KB just a few weeks after she’d publicly dissed Angelina Jolie for being a home wrecker. I guess since KB can’t persuade the married men she associates w/ to actually leave their wives, Chelsea gives her a pass. At least Brad Pitt didn’t have children, unlike Chris Martin.

  236. 236
    MERRICK Says:


    The Chelsea thing was clearly a shotgun interview. Any fan of CH knows she was being beyond fake ..Blue Crush was one of her favorite movies? Riiiight! And Chelsea’s favorite beverage is tea. Everybody loves Kate and she has the best reputation…where…bizarro HW? Where were all those everybodies, including Chelsea the night of the Nylon party? She loved those earring so much , she wore them….NEVER.

    Bottomline, Chelsea has a boss and Ryan Kavanaugh wanted The Warrior’s Way promoted…Chelsea’s old boyfriend was the head of E! until recently….I’m thinking a lot of back scratching went on there to get Chelsea to play nice, since she likes Gwyneth and had her on the week before. GP was back on recently.

  237. 237
    Ladybug Says:

    @MERRICK: That’s the intriguing thing, presumably Cotton wants someone with something of a wholesome image. I don’t have a problem with her being topless, I have a problem with her blowing off a charity event to be topless in Mexico. Not particularly wholesome.
    Does Cotton’s marketing department not do their research? Even pre-tata flashing she had an image problem.

  238. 238
    MERRICK Says:


    I have no problem with anyone being topless on a beach….it’s the reason she was there and missing the charity that gets me. Her prior rep might have been swept aside as unfounded rumors in the pitch to the Cotton people …but personally to me …there’s way too much smoke not for there to be fire… I think they showed the Cotton people Young Americans, Blue Crush & Superman Returns , all of her never released or straight to dvd titles, the fashion blogs/ magazines and the price was right…Voila! She’s hired and made the commercial. Then the dumb@ss felt free to screw over the charity to famewh*re topless prior to Coachella which got her…pissy, drunk looking Skars then she left after the 2nd day…Nothing accomplished.

    I think that the Cotton commercial will disappear as quickly as The Warrior’s Way.

  239. 239
    Di Says:

    The Kevin Smith link is blocked through my work computer and I don’t have internet at home. I really am from the 21st century, though, I promise. I’m wondering if anyone can provide a few notes running down the Kevin Smith comments? I’m curious because it seems weird that they would even be on his radar. And if their business is on HIS radar, then you know he isn’t the only director/producer who thinks this is a load of crap and is ready to hold them both accountable. I’m curious about how much, exactly, Kevin Smith had to say. Did he comment on meeting either or both of them?

  240. 240
    Ladybug Says:

    @MERRICK: Wouldn’t having them watch Superman Returns be considered cruel and unusual punishment?

  241. 241
    Rachel() Says:

    @Di: They started talking about how Skars can turn a straight guy gay for a few minutes, and Kevin brought up that Star mag had said that KB and A broke up(I guess it’s pretty old, unless I missed the star thing) Silent Bob(?) was like “He’s dating her?” and says AS must collect bobble heads. They discuss the fact that Kate Bosworth is in fact a bobble head doll. Then Kevin(?) mentions that KB did the dumping and that she’s a fool. Then he says something like “she must be a man eater who blows through a thousand ***** a minute”. All in all, it was amazing.

  242. 242
    Di Says:

    @Rachel(): Thank you. So she “blows through a thousand ***** a minute”, eh? ROFL!!!!! May assume ***** is co-ks? In which case, “blow” has a double-meaning. Hilarious. Second only to Wossy saying she was less interesting than a lampshade. THAT one, I managed to see.

  243. 243
    Rachel() Says:

    @Di: Yes, c*ck. I was paraphrasing, but that was the gist. I like those two so much better now.

  244. 244
    Shannon Says:

    @mforman: I agree about the Chelsea Lately appearance. I love Chelsea, but she was so fake. The whole appearance was really weird & scripted. You think Kbos got this ad due to the company behind jewelmint? It seems so random that they would pick her now, that that’s the only reason I can see them picking her.

  245. 245
    Shannon Says:

    @Di: Kevin Smith is like in love with Askars, lol. He talked about blowing him in that link & the the guy he was talking to was the one who broought him up & KS went on like a tangent about how hot Askars is (very graphically, lol). And so the guy he was talking to brought up the Star mag article & KS was like “Kate Bosworth is what caught his attention??” like in disbelief & then the other guy said AS has a bobblehead collection. It was hilarious.

  246. 246
    cat lady Says:

    Kevin Smith is gross.

  247. 247
    Blackcat99 Says:

    @Di: I liked the part where one of them made the comment “So, that’s what holds his attention” in a very sarcastic way.That’s probably not an exact quote but it’s pretty close.

  248. 248
    Di Says:

    @Blackcat99: I think that’s the point we’ve ALL been trying to make! :)

  249. 249
    Mjforever Says:

    For the 2 stans in denial about the CM thing ask yourself this when was the last time she attended a REAL event? She was a regular at Vanity Fair Oscar after party and MET she went to this two events in particular every freaking year seems to me she stepped in the wrong foot who would want to piss GP? LOL Moron .

  250. 250
    MERRICK Says:


    They have on rose colored contacts. According to one of them even though she’s pictured with a lit cigarette during a break from filming on the BFF set, she hasn’t smoked in years.

    They’ve denied that KB set up these pap shots because the paps follow her EVERYWHERE ….so how come she’s been MIA for so long? All of sudden she has….privacy? We knew Skars can go be in invisi-mode when he wished….but her? Since when has the much hunted KB been able to “escape” the “paps” for so long? I mean seriously, she hasn’t had to: Get her 3 hairs done recently? Go to the doctors? Visit the post office? Pretend to read? No stunt eating? Grocery shop?; 0 Dog walk? Go to the vet’s? Walk and try to chew sugarless gum? Stand at her usual street corner? This privacy thing is….odd. Must be getting artificially inseminated to show the baby bump at the SD premiere. Or something else to get the attention she craves. She must know that her recent pap shots show how desperate she is and is laying low until something “big’ comes along for her to smug.

  251. 251
    freakinhilarious Says:

    @MERRICK: Oh Merrick, bite your tongue! “artificially inseminated”? Her pregnant would be the ultimate smugfest!

  252. 252
    ladybug Says:

    @MERRICK: She’s MIA because she’s working!!!! :)

    Stunt eating, LOL!

  253. 253
    freakinhilarious Says:

    She is working isn’t she? I thought they were still filming that Big Sur thing.

  254. 254
    freakinhilarious Says:

    As for whether or not kb smokes, take a look here.

    You can argue that those are old pictures but aren’t those ***mint earrings she’s wearing?

  255. 255
    MERRICK Says:


    I think that unless someone is very, very stupid they know to take all precautions with this one. They should also make sure they flush, she swallows or spits then gargles. All it takes is one viable sperm and people have been known to do wonders with syringes and turkey basters. The little guys can live longer than people think. Someone with a real agenda could be taking fertility shots to hedge her bets……I watch way too much crime tv.

  256. 256
    ladybug Says:

    @MERRICK: You scare me!
    Sad thing is, I can see her at least thinking about it, being pregnant does seem to be one of the in things in HW.

  257. 257
    MERRICK Says:


    I seriously don’t put anything past her and think that she’ll use everyone/every thing to get what she wants.

  258. 258
    LisaM Says:

    As much as I hate this Sk*nk. I have to be honest and say, I really don’t see her getting pregnant at all! She’s much too obsessed with keeping her figure anorexic! I bet her ovaries are dried up little raisins!!!

  259. 259
    MERRICK Says:


    So does Victoria Beckham and Rachel Zoe. KB is no longer an “IT” girl, is only getting bit parts in B movies that most likely never get released or go straight to video . Tackymint is a failure. She’s a social pariah and her looks are fading fast…she looks like she’s in her late 30′s already. There’s only so long the cutesy girlie act will lost Seriously, after she sank Skars battleship, what other actor/entertainer will have her? She’s done the topless thing to no avail. What else does she have? .Babies are a way to keep a man or get some decent child support for some sk*nks. If it’s a famous man, like Charlie Peen’s exes they’ll always get some pap shots or get on TMZ.

  260. 260
    Shannon Says:

    Maybe that’s why she looks so old. She’s a smoker.

  261. 261
    Shannon Says:

    Maybe that’s why she looks so old. She’s a smoker.

  262. 262
    freakinhilarious Says:

    Well, if that is her plan I hope she does stop smoking and stops using the hair growth stuff cause that causes horrible birth defects.

  263. 263
    burnt bacon Says:

    @AG: Aw, thanks! :-D *hug*

  264. 264
    MERRICK Says:


    A lot of actors and other people smoke that don’t that fast. Charlie Sheen smokes …I guess that’s why he looks like he’s in his 60′s.

  265. 265
    burnt bacon Says:

    @ElisaDay: Thanks! :-D

  266. 266
    MERRICK Says:

    OOps!. Meant to say a lot of actors and other people smoke that don’t age that fast. She hasn’t had a hard life and has access to the best skincare lines, procedures and dermatologists yet still looks like she’s in her late 30′s + at only 28 ? It’s obviously poor nutrition and substance abuse.

  267. 267
    ladybug Says:

    @Shannon: That and the eating disorder. She’s not aging well, at all.

  268. 268
    MERRICK Says:

    Has anybody seen childhood pictures of KB? I find it odd that it seems there’ s nothing before the Horse Whisperer. We’ve seen pictures of many A Listers as children…just strange that there is none f hers out there.

  269. 269
    ladybug Says:

    @MERRICK: Should we ask for her long-form birth certificate? :) Perhaps she really is part of an alien invasion!

  270. 270
    LisaM Says:


    Well if it happens (God Forbid!!) everyone will all know the reason behind it. Because now that I think about it, she would do something very vicious and cruel like that! I’m somewhat surprised that she didn’t try that with Orlando Bloom. She was positively obsessed with him!
    She’s such a sad individual!

  271. 271
    freakinhilarious Says:

    @MERRICK: I think it’s weird too, not even her fansites have pictures of her as a child.

  272. 272
    Rachel() Says:

    @LisaM: Ha! I friggin’ told you she was an alien!! Hopefully Agent Skars will find a way to annihilate her soon. Hmm….perhaps that’s why she’s MIA?

  273. 273
    MIA Says:

    the reason she is MIA is because she is waiting for her grand entrance hand in hand on the red carpet with her LOVING BOYFRIEND alexander along with papa stellan to support there film at the cannes melancholia which premieres this month.

    oh the joys of looking at that smug face at the cannes if alexander takes her!!!!!!

    and regarding kate trying to get pregnant and hoping for an alexander skarsgard baby that frights the hell out of me another fashionista wanna be model actor/actress brought into the world by a very un-stable relationship

  274. 274
    freakinhilarious Says:

    God, if they do have kids I hope they take after their father!!! Can you imagine a tall, anorexic, bobbleheaded Alex clone with hemorrhoid lips and a breathy little girl voice? Nononononono, I’m gonna give myself nightmares if I continue to think about this.

  275. 275
    MERRICK Says:

    I doubt she’ll go to Cannes, but if she does she’ll impress them with her extensive knowledge of the French language.

  276. 276
    Ladybug Says:

    @MERRICK: Can’t watch at work, but I’m presuming it shows her not as fluent in French as her stans think she is?

  277. 277
    Di Says:

    Way way. (That’s oui-oui, in Kate-speak.) That is, to answer your question, yes-yes.

  278. 278
    Camille Says:


    I was just about to say that she didn’t even pronounce it properly. Good lord, it’s not that difficult to say oui. Although the Quebequois pronounce it way way, which drives me nuts so she probably heard it from them seeing as she grew up in the East.

  279. 279
    Canuck Says:

    @Camille: The French from France also pronounce it like that at times, although as such it’s considered the equivalent of saying “yup” or “yeah” instead of “yes”.

  280. 280
    Ladybug Says:

    @Canuck: So she thinks being all knowledgeable about French by throwing in the colloquial/casual usage? As opposed to her being as verbally lazy in French as she is in English?

  281. 281
    Blackcat99 Says:

    I’m not a big ERW fan.But, at least she can act and sing.Just heard her sing on the The View ERW has a beautiful voice.Poor Kate had to whisper/talk through that dreadful cotton commercial.

  282. 282
    Camille Says:


    True, though it’s more slang. I learned more Parisian style French and the muck that the people use in Quebec is bothersome to me, though it’s a beautiful province.

  283. 283
    Ladybug Says:

    @Blackcat99: As mentioned earlier on this thread, the breathiness is a sign of the inability to actually sing. Maybe she thinks she channeling Marilyn Monroe, and being all sultry and emo-ish.

  284. 284
    Canuck Says:

    @Ladybug: No idea. But if she knows the colloquial usage, that would kind of imply that she knows enough of the language to know the difference since they don’t teach slang in language lessons usually. She could just have a bad accent (although “way” isn’t the typical “American speaking French accent”) or she could have been using the only French word she knows. If I ever meet the woman, I’ll let you know if she speaks fluent French or not, until then I’m guessing as much as anyone else is. If she goes to Cannes with AS, it should be possible to find some evidence of her French speaking ability if the French journalists talk to her. Jolie got nailed that way on French TV. Despite all of the declarations over the past several years about taking French lessons, the only thing she managed to stammer out was “Je ne comprends pas” when the talk show host asked her (in English) to speak French to them. If the Bos has been claiming to speak it and she goes to Cannes, it’s going to be pretty obvious from any videos if she understands any of the French being spoken around her. Not to mention possibly interacting with Alex’s French co-stars in Melancholia, Charlotte Rampling and Charlotte Gainsbourg. *** I get a shiver over the cast of this film, it’s so amazingly awesome***

  285. 285
    Di Says:

    I think what’s important here is that the dude in the video clearly thinks she’s an idiot. The look he gives her is pretty priceless. She deserves a certain level of scorn–FRENCH scorn, which is the worst–for getting that cotton song stuck in my head. Oh yes, it is. The touch, the feel… DAMMIT. If I post my address, can someone come over and punch me in the face? I’m tired of doing it myself…

  286. 286
    Di Says:

    As for the possibility of her going to Cannes and Kate’s alleged desire for her own set of preggo boobs, if I ignore those rumors, it’s like they don’t exist, right? And can’t happen ever? (Just say yes.) Can we start a fantasy betting pool now on whether or not she’ll go to Cannes? On top of that, if she doesn’t go, what’s her excuse going to be? This could be fun.

  287. 287
    Canuck Says:

    @Camille: I also learned Parisian French, not Quebecois French. At the same time, I find Quebecois has it’s own charm. It’s kind of fascinating to see how their French has evolved differently from that of France due to being isolated. I suppose that compared to Parisian French, it’s not “pure” but then neither is the French spoken a large portion of the population of France, those outside of Paris. I don’t know if you’ve ever visited Marseille, but their accent is quasi-indecipherable. Marcel Pagnol. See the subtitles? LOL

  288. 288
    Canuck Says:

    @Ladybug: Coincidentally or not, Jane Birkin, the mother of one of Alex’s co-stars in Melancholia, Charlotte Gainsbourg, sings like that and is very popular in France. And even more coincidentally or not, Brigitte Bardot sang like that in a song with Charlotte’s father, Serge Gainsbourg.

    Jane Birkin singing. And yes, the famous Hermes Birkin bag was named after Charlotte Gainsbourg’s mother.

    Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg. Don’t play this at work, lots of heavy breathing going on…

  289. 289
    Canuck Says:

    @Di: LOL, the French aren’t very discriminating with their scorn. hahaha

  290. 290
    Canuck Says:

    @Canuck: I should say I find that a little disturbing actually.

  291. 291
    Ladybug Says:

    @Canuck: Oh, I know the breathiness is popular, and has been popular. Perhaps it’s easier for KB to do than to actually take lessons and study the craft. I’m just not into the breathiness thing.
    I think that’s what’s bothering me about it, it’s not that she’s completely talentless, it’s that she does what’s ‘popular’ and easy and doesn’t seem to take the time or effort to actually get better at what she’s trying to do, whether it be acting or singing or jewelry designing.

  292. 292
    Canuck Says:

    @Ladybug: I personally don’t like the breathiness, it tends to remind me too much of someone trying to be a “sex kitten” as they used to say, ie: an attractive woman who attempts to appear “helpless / innocent / vulnerable” to attract men. It’s manipulative.

    As for jewellery design… does she actually design any of it? I doubt she does, she just wears it when she is out anywhere that she might get papped. It’s not my kind of thing, so I haven’t got much to say on the quality of what she is hawking. I will say though, just to give food for thought, that a McDonalds makes more money in a big city than a 5 star restaurant does. Perhaps the idea is to be the McDonalds of fantasy jewellery.

    Personally, I think she’s no idiot. I think she realizes that her days as an actress are numbered. She probably realizes that she’s not ever going to be Meryl Streep. Now, she’s trying to branch out into non-acting areas in which she can use her current name recognition to earn a living. The reality is, she has a leg up on most jewellery designers because her name is already known and generates press. If she’s got a decent brain, she’s realized that all she really needs is to hire talented people and be the face. Hence the pap shots every time she’s out, she’s being the face.

    I would tend to agree with you though, that it looks as if she doesn’t invest herself fully in what she is attempting to do. Although I doubt I would take months of singing lessons for a commercial, personally.

  293. 293
    Camille Says:


    LOL! I will come assist you with the punching, as I fear I need some of it myself.

  294. 294
    Camille Says:


    I have been to France and it is interesting to hear the different dialects. It’s true that every area adapts and evolves to their own needs. I remember being in Paris though and when they found out I was from Canada they were like, OMG are you from the Quebec with the b*stardised French? LOL! Once I told them I wasn’t they were nicer to me.

  295. 295
    Shannon Says:

    I try to find redeeming qualities about her that make her interesting enough to hang on to relevancy, but I really can’t, lol. I watched behind the scenes of her & Cher on youtube under cottonfabricofmylife, and she is soooooo dull. Jonathan Ross was right. Even talking about something she is seemingly passionate about (jewelery, fashion) she is just boring. I don’t get her appeal. It would be different if she had a personality, or was funny or something. Anything. I don’t get what people (namely Alex) see in her besides a pretty face. I legit almost fell asleep watching her self-important youtube vids.

  296. 296
    Di Says:

    To quote a friend during a recent conversation talking about all the different things the Boz thinks she can do, “She’s bad at at least two of those things. One of them is the jewelry. For the other, I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with acting and is spelled exactly the same way.” I LOL’d. Then we talked about the karmic consequences of that conversation and that wasn’t as fun.

  297. 297
    old interviews Says:

    I have no idea what alex sees in this famewhore, here is what alex told UK glamour magazine in late 2009 early 2010 on what he wants in a women? and I am finding it very heard to believe that the famewhore has these qualities, she must have read his interviews to make alex fall for her what a FAUX she is?

    Alexander Skarsgard Shares What Kind of Woman He’s Looking For
    febuary 2010

    Alexander Skarsgard, the sexy Viking vampire of True Blood, is still single, to the delight of women everywhere. In the latest issue of UK Glamour Magazine, he shares his dating checklist.

    At 33, Alex has had experience dating some women who were older than him and some who were younger. He doesn’t mind either way, so he says he would like to find someone who is within about 10 years of him in age, but he could see himself being involved with a woman who is even 15 years older then him.

    One of the most important qualities he values is trust. Without it, he believes no relationship can work. He likes to be thoughtful and show a woman how much he cares about her, but he also knows that money doesn’t equal love.

    The woman who ends up winning Alex’s heart will be someone who is down-to-earth and comfortable without lots of fancy clothes and make-up:

    “I don’t go for really dressy women. My family has a small cottage in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. It has no phone, TV, or shower. You have to swim in the lake to wash. I love it. Taking a girl there is a good indicator of whether she’s right for me.”

    Alex has become very aware of the sex appeal of vampires since taking the role as Eric Northman on True Blood. He thinks women are drawn to that dangerous side. Plenty of fans have asked him to bite them, but he says he wouldn’t do that in public. Maybe in private, though…

    It sounds like Alex is open to finding love. He certainly places value on important qualities about the character of the woman he will share his life with. Whoever she is, she will be one lucky lady!

    Alexander Skarsgard Talks About What He Wants In A Woman October 26, 2009

    Let’s admit it True Blood fans, when we lay down our heads at night it is hard not to dream about that big, tall, Viking, of a vampire, Eric! Ever wonder what it would take to be his kind of girl? Well, we found out! That’s right, Alexander Skarsgard who plays our handsome vampire, Eric, recently talked to People Magazine about what he looks for in a girl. The bottom line – Alex wants a girl with some brains and a great sense of humor.

    “A sense of humor is number one for sure. Being funny and smart is very important.”

    even when this interview was done alex was rumored to be seeing famewhore!!!!!!!!!!!

  298. 298
    old interviews Says:

    as JJ won’t let me post any of the links I don’t know why?

    found the old interviews by

  299. 299
    Tanter Says:

    @old interviews: Reading that is so depressing. Either he’s full of **** or he’s really dumb and duped too. How can he ever trust someone who’ll gladly sell her (and his!) privacy which means so much to him for fame? Silly man!

  300. 300
    Boop Says:

    @old interviews: Kbos seems like the type of girl who changes her personality to fit who she’s dating. She’s so insecure she can’t be alone, which is why she hops from relationship to relationship. She needs to find her own identity.

    Yeah, she’s not dressy at all *rolls eyes* The sad thing is that she tries sooo hard to look effortlessly boho, yet she puts so much work into it. She can’t even dress herself w/o Cher holding her hand.

  301. 301
    Di Says:

    @Boop: And THAT is what he didn’t bargain for in the relationship, I think. That she doesn’t have an identity of her own so she’s extra clingy on his. And now to de-cling. Just spray her in the face with a water bottle. It works with my static-y coats in winter.

  302. 302
    ladybug Says:

    @Tanter: I think he got duped. But then he’s still in some sort of relationship with her. Which, sadly, probably won’t end until sometime after September 16th.

  303. 303
    @ladybug Says:

    who’s to say it is going to end after september 16th I am assuming straw dogs premiere, they might surprise us all and head into 2012 coachella number 3!!! god help us all another year of the happy couple being papped everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!

  304. 304
    ladybug Says:

    @Di: I’m getting a very happy (and somewhat guilt inducing) image of AS spraying KB in the face to keep her from stalking him.
    Wasn’t the “hiding your own personality while trying to catch a man” the premise of that awful book The Rules, from about 10 years ago? Sad, so sad.

  305. 305
    Camille Says:


    I think he got duped too. Maybe not by her necessarily but by someone who twisted his arm and possibly played on some insecurities regarding transitioning from American tv to American movies.

  306. 306
    Raven Says:


    I thought it was more like incredulous. I know that’s how I feel.

  307. 307
    Shannon Says:

    At least her commercial is only like 10 seconds long. I don’t think I could handle much more of her “singing”

  308. 308
    Jessie Says:

    Alex sighting at some place in KY. Wonder if it’s another mistaken identity unless they’re filimg TB there or something,!/courtenayrogers

  309. 309
    Tanter Says:

    @ladybug: At this points I just hope it’ll end. I just can’t see how he can be happy with her on a long time basis.

  310. 310
    mforman Says:

    He was duped majorly. His trusted manager and friend had dinner out with Robin B and KB, 1st when AS was just mentioned as a possibility for the role in SD, then again when he got the role, what could they have been cooking up back then without him. Then all of a sudden we start seeeing and hearing things about the two of them. I definitely think they had something once upon a time because she has her tricks and then little by little he came out of the fog and saw what his trusted manager got him into, a movie that should have never been remade that keeps getting pushed back and is so embarassing they show it at community colleges and worse of all he is stuck with a clinger that has no mind, no friends, no anything, unless she just copies him, is forced into a “showmance” that he has to keep up his obligations because he has a reputation of finishing what he starts.. I think that is why we go 3 to 4 weeks with no sightings and then there is one faked photo with his friends cropped out; but I forgot they do not even want to be around her anymore.
    Let us give him a break, I am sure it is a hard thing to realize everything he is going through. Hopefully this will be a new beginning for him.

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