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Kate Bosworth: Cotton's 'Fabric of My Life' Ambassador!

Kate Bosworth: Cotton's 'Fabric of My Life' Ambassador!

Kate Bosworth is making her singing debut – as the latest face of Cotton‘s “Fabric of My Life” campaign!

The 28-year-old actress is following in the footsteps of Zooey Deschanel and will sing the theme song in Cotton’s new TV ads, which will launch this Friday on major networks.

“We were looking for people from the movies who were really seen as young, female fashion leaders and Kate came to the forefront quite quickly with that kind of perspective,” Ric Hendee, senior vice president of consumer marketing for Cotton Inc., said (via WWD).

“[Kate] was in fact anxious [to sing] and she said this commercial will give her a chance to make her singing debut,” he added.

FYI: Kate is wearing JewelMint Oyster Earrings in the left Cotton ad.

Can’t wait to see and hear Kate as Cotton’s new ambassador!

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  • http://viking65 mforman

    #85 Silly Girls—-what are you smoking? Stella McCartney allowed her to wear one of her dresses, two yrs ago when she still had friends she didn’t need to pay and went with Liv Tyler, Kate Hudson and then she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar and was thrown out of that group so fast her head is probably still spinning. GP and CM have not even been at the same location or even in the same city as KB, why do you think she ran away during Oscar time; she received no invitations (AS did), and she did not want to risk a run in. The famewhore is considered a pariah, how can you possibly still deny that fact. She is soooo jealous of GP that she is now humilitating herself by trying to sing in a cotton commercial (thanks Merrick for the early viewing). I know you are one of her 3 fans but even you have to wake up a see what kind of person she is. She is a waste of air and space, without one redemming quality. Thank heavens AS has woken up and now sees what she really is; a desparate, disgusting, useless, famewhore who used him to get what she wanted most in the world to be relevant once more.


    @little m:

    I’m not sure it’s JM in the commercial but that cutesy baby voice is something she does some of the time when speaking, so I’m not surprised she did it singing.

  • Di

    Exactly, “cutesy baby voice”. It’s not bad, per se, it’s just really, really not to my taste. I’m sure it sounds okay to people who like that kind of music, but it’s just not my thing. It makes me cringe. At the same time, it totally suits her because she wouldn’t look out of place in her boho chic outfits, playing a guitar in a field of daisies or something. Too bad I HATE that sh-t. Just sounds so weak. Which makes sense.

  • Rachel()

    Her voice isn’t that bad…for a commercial. I think she was going for an indie kind of sound. You know, b/c she’s cool like that. If I didn’t know it was her I wouldn’t think she sounded crappy, but her voice is weak. I’m crossing my fingers that she’ll try to do some kind of performance (Goop-esque). That would be awfully funny. Gwenyth’s already making a fool of herself w/ this whole singing thing. I bet KB could beat GP at looking like a fool on stage! Thanks for the link Merrick!


    I’ll admit the commercial isn’t bad …i just don’t like her. I like the outfit with the hat that’s posted…she actually looks good and for once the open mouth thing didn’t make feel like wrapping duct tape around her head to close it.

  • ?!?@*&

    if you call that singing then Paris hilton is really arethra franklin queen of soul. They both can’t sing GP either. That’s called slow talking with backing music. they all need to sit down and shut up and leave singing to american idols.

  • Rachel()

    @MERRICK: That first photo? That was my least favorite. She was definitely trying too hard, and she looks better in the pics where she doesn’t showcase her legs. Kate needs to stick w/ her best qualities (i.e. her face) and cover her legs (or entire body) whenever possible!


    This is the hat picture that I was referring


    I love the 20′s vibe. It makes her look like an interesting, intelligent, sophisticated woman with lots of class and style….too bad she’s not in RL.

  • Rachel()

    The pic of her in the pink dress is really pretty though. Why doesn’t she just dress like this all the time? Her outfits, while “fashionable”, are just not attractive on her. You gotta think Alex would be more into her if she just wore clothes that were pretty, simple, and flattering. Even if you have a killer body, badly fitted and ugly clothes are gonna make you look bad.

  • Rachel()

    @MERRICK: Oh, ok. Yeah that one’s pretty nice.



    Too funny! I didn’t see your post when I posted the hat link before.

  • chelle

    HOLY CAT HAIRS!!!!! what the hell was that!! Can anyone say tone deaf??

  • My Ears!!!

    i cringed just like when i hear my voice on an answering machine, that was just awful

  • stunning

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more beautiful picture of a woman than the pic of Kate in the hat! The commercial and song have a very ethereal quality. I’m sure that’s what they wanted. It’s stunning.

  • @My Ears!!!

    I know what you mean by hearing your voice on an answering machine – I hate hearing my voice. I must say, however, I think Kate sounds just fine.


    When I said the commercial wasn’t bad …I meant visually. They really should use an actual singer. Even this is preferable to her singing.

  • Jen is a MODERN girl

    Who gives a shizz if she’s a sluhht? It’s not any of our businesses. How does it affect you? And to try to bring someone down because she “supposedly” sleeps around is so 1950s! We should stop being so sexist against ourselves. If you’re gonna criticize KB do so because you don’t like her acting or you think her movies suck. But if you bring in her past & call her a ho or sluhht you’re only HURTING YOURSELF. You’re bringing you’re own gender down and keeping sexism and misogyny alive and well. I never hear guys calling each other sluhht or criticizing each other for sleeping around. They’re free to do whatever the fcuk they want. Men give each other freedom while we (like idiots) enslave ourselves to sexist stereotypes. Wise up, people. It’s 2011!

  • Amanda

    you know, her pic get posted cause it attracts so much traffic. if you don’t like her, you don’t have to comment, or look at her pictures. but seriously, the amount of comments is only an indicator of the enormous traffic.

  • Di

    Militant feminist stereotypes are pretty irritating, too.

  • Tanter

    I have no idea whether she was invited to the Met or not (I think not) but one thing I am sure of: she didn’t have the balls to go if she was. Goop was there with her army of friends that doesn’t talk to Kate anymore, Orly was there with his beautiful wife and Alex would/could not go with her – leaving her all by herself. Yeah right. So this is where she has ended up: doing commercials and selling stuff. She’s not know for her acting anymore and I do believe her status is Hollywood is very rocky. She may get small roles from time to time but not even if Straw Dogs does well (and really? Does anyone think it will?), will she ever be what she was. Essentially she’s over.

    Btw Warriors Way was relased here last week and among the reviews was the worst I have ever. Like I said: she’s over.


    @Jen is a MODERN girl:

    A ho is a ho, no matter what the gender. KB being one is only is just one more thing to dislike about her. She has no redeeming qualities.

    Just because she’s a woman we should have a show of solidarity? Having respect for other people and their relationships is a true sign of respect and solidarity.

    I’m going to save my fist pumping/ marching/ speeches/ diatribes and show of female solidarity for women who being subjected to female circumcision, gang rape and other atrocities….women with no voice.

    I doubt that you understand that pontificating on behalf of a untalented famewh*re who likes to climb whatever man is in her vicinity is insipid anymore than you think her choosing to not attend a charity for foster kids to famewh*re toplessly is Mexico was wrong.

  • Karma

    The only pic in which Kate looks good is the pic with the hat that covers her huge balding head lol.

    People if Gywneth is at an event , Kate will not be there= Kate is a homewr*cker!!!! They are avoiding eachother like the plague and I find it hilarious that some Kate Stans are saying that Gywn and Kate are still friends and that they had dinner recently…yeah RIGHT Kate has no friends that are no on her payroll..that says a lot!!!!
    Glad that Kate was no there this year..there were more A listers there this year and Kate simply does not belong there..karma is biting the poser in azz right now.

  • Canuck

    That last photo with the hat is very Great Gatsby. Can’t say the other two posted here do her any favors or justice, but the last one is nice. No comments on any singing, the last time I did karaoke, they turned it off in the middle of the song ;))) lol

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: It is a cute photo. I do notice that in those two photos posted she posed in such away as to draw attention away the chest, perhaps to hide the boniness?

  • Kate’s voice work
  • isabela

    why don’t you people like her? she’s gorgeous and she deserves everything she has!

  • @Merrick

    Stop with the name calling. Do you realize how childish you sound? You want so badly to believe tabloid gossip when it suits your agenda. However, when they write something about KB and AS seen being affection you scream you won’t believe it without pictures. BTW, KB was invited to the Met Ball by Stella McCartney and KB and GP are friends.

  • freakinhilarious

    OMG Kate needs to do a guest spot on Glee!!!! Can you imagine? It would be hilarious!!


    Kate is so incredibly beautiful. Her features are perfect.

  • DailyNightly


    I think Gwynnies got that one locked up. Maybe Kate can be a guest judge on American Idol, show ‘em how it’s really done.

  • chelle

    O@gORGEOUS: maybe for a creepy pod person …there is nothing “beautiful ” about this anorexic freak. If you people who keep saying that would take a long hard look at her misporportioned body and hair that’s falling out you might actually realize how unhealthy and sad she really looks to us normal people. I don’t hate her because I’m a fat ugly AS fangurl. I’m actually speaking from experience working in a mental health facility on a 6 month rotation. She fits classic anorexic disorder

  • claire

    I love her cotton campaign. It’s exquisite!

  • BOOp

    @mforman: I usually think you’re kinda crazy, but I do find it semi-interesting that Kbos started seeing Askars around the time the rumors came out about her & CM. If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would suggest that there was a correlation.

  • JustaGirl

    Hmmm…thank goodness I have a DVR with a fast forward button. If her acting is any indication of her singing abilities, I don’t think my ears could handle it.

  • Camille

    You know who sings like that? People who CAN’T SING. Breathy, childlike voices are the hallmark of those with no real vocal abilities. Anyone can whisper sing and sound semi decent, try pumping out some actual sound there Kate. Why in the hell would it be good to make a commercial with a full grown woman who sounds like she’s 10?

  • Rita

    Gross the Yuku girls are practically gizzing over Bonesworth’s commercial. Then they’re saying that she’s so delicate and brings out Alex’s protective instincts and that you can tell that sometimes in the way he looks at her. WTF? Since WHEN? 95% of the time he’s leaving her in the dust, not much protective goin on there. Hahaha!

  • DailyNightly


    You hit that one on the head!It gives the impression that the only thing she has between her ears is …cotton!

  • BOOp

    @MERRICK: omg that commercial is hilarious. she is trying waaaay too hard & almost sounds like a knock off of paris hilton. i also think she looks haggard. i wonder why they didn’t make her look less greasy? she could have at least brushed her hair.

  • Camille


    It doesn’t make me want to run out and buy cottom, I’m just sayin. She actually does sound like Paris Hilton and we all know that Paris is no good for anything.

  • Shannon

    @MERRICK: totally agree. it’s like saying because we have vaginas we should all vote for sarah palin *rolls eyes*

  • Shannon

    I remeber hearing that CM & Goop were going to sue the tabloid for the story about him cheating with Kate, but did they actually do it? If they didn’t follow through, I think it looks more suspicious & believable.

  • ladybug

    @Shannon: I do not believe any suing actually occurred. So yes, it does lead to the suspicion that something went on between KB and CM.

  • Camille


    They didn’t follow through, there wasn’t a single word about it after the initial claim and KB hasn’t been spotted hanging with them since, other than one supposed sighting at the Chateau Marmont. I don’t buy that for a second. If Gwenyth is anything, it’s an old school, blue blood snob. She’d cut that cord in a second and never look back, which is exactly the case.

  • DandyPizz

    Not only has she assaulted my vision but now she is attacking my hearing. Next she’ll release some atrocious toilet water smelling of cat piss and dandelions. She’s a terrorist to my senses.

  • DailyNightly


    Stop giving her ideas. I mentioned awhile back that she might imitate Gwynneth and fancy herself a singer…and look what happened!

  • ladybug

    @Camille: I sometimes wonder what GP did to CM when she discovered that he’d been seen snogging KB.

  • Jessie

    Ahahahahahah! OMFG she is sooooooo terrible at singing. God that is pathetic. Why not just use her for the visual and get someone who can sing to do the voiceover? Holy cow!

  • v

    to be nice the clothes in the commercial were cute. That being said, her vocals were horrible. She once stated that she could humbly carry a tune; she can’t. It sounded like she had someone right in front of her coaching her through. Compared to Cotton’s previous ads using musicians, you have to think that this was a mean joke.

  • Camille


    I’m sure privately he got his *ss handed to him, but GP would never let the public in on it. There have been a lot of rumors of trouble there for a long time. If there is another thing that was bred into GP, it was to keep up good appearances.

  • Jessie


    If this is her “singing debut” then she’s SOL. Total crap vocals.