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Kate Bosworth: Cotton's 'Fabric of My Life' Ambassador!

Kate Bosworth: Cotton's 'Fabric of My Life' Ambassador!

Kate Bosworth is making her singing debut – as the latest face of Cotton‘s “Fabric of My Life” campaign!

The 28-year-old actress is following in the footsteps of Zooey Deschanel and will sing the theme song in Cotton’s new TV ads, which will launch this Friday on major networks.

“We were looking for people from the movies who were really seen as young, female fashion leaders and Kate came to the forefront quite quickly with that kind of perspective,” Ric Hendee, senior vice president of consumer marketing for Cotton Inc., said (via WWD).

“[Kate] was in fact anxious [to sing] and she said this commercial will give her a chance to make her singing debut,” he added.

FYI: Kate is wearing JewelMint Oyster Earrings in the left Cotton ad.

Can’t wait to see and hear Kate as Cotton’s new ambassador!

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@Shannon: what’s the difference? rachel is acutally cute.

I’m agree with Rachel, If Paltrow singing, why not others? Why people licks the boots of GP everytime, again and again? I think the others celeb have right to sing. GP is not the only that have this right, ok?


I don’t mind if people want to sing, provided they CAN sing. When someone assaults my ears because they want to be an actor and a singer at the same time, but don’t have that talent, then it’s annoying.

I am laughing out loud at KB’s singing!!! Is that a joke??? How could she embaress herself like that? She is no GP

Kate doesn’t even deserve to be in the same sentence as Gwyneth! No matter what you think about G, she’s still an A-lister in Hollywood. enuf said… :)


You’re not the only one. It’s funny alright, but not in a good way. It’s cringe worthy. Fontrum is what that’s called. Where someone does something so retarded that a third party feels embarassed for them.

it probably stings for Kate to log on and see the beautiful ethereal Miranda Kerr and her HANDSOME HUSBAND, Orlando Bloom being highlighted at MET Gala!!! boo hoo!!!!

I read a recent interview & Bos said she wants to do a musical, lol. I guess this is her audition. Can you imagine that voice in a feature film?? Ugh. I think the Cotton people were high when they came up with her. Really, no one more relevant was available??

Off topic but why does Evan Rachel Wood ALWAYS look like a drag queen? Just saw JJ’s latest post on her. Gross. I also gave the cotton commercial a second listen, to be fair. Still hate it.


I think it’s because she’s got quite a wide jawline, it’s kind of mannish.

DailyNightly @ 05/03/2011 at 10:41 pm


She mentioned wanting to do Bollywood. Can you picture this?????

@Di: yeah, her make-up is making her look way older than 23. her hair also needs help.

I loved the commercial!!

Would have been perfect for Great Gatsby. They should replace that plain looking girl (can’t think of her name, Shia’s ex) with Kate.

I agree with you – Kate would have been perfect for the Great Gatsby!

@Kyra: too bad she’s a crap actress

@Kyra: LOL this is absolutely ridiculous! How dare you compare this useless woman to Carey Mulligan (who has REAL TALENT)

I still find it very odd that neither KB or CM sued Star Magazine after they claimed they would.

David Beckham sued the tabloid that claimed he was having an affair. Katie Holmes just won a $50M from Star and all they said was she was doing drugs not having an affair like KB/ CM…so very….ODD. Those two fools could have easily gotten $100M+ from Star….but I guess they didn’t need the money. Really, Kate has the money from JewelMint and her career. No matter,luckily Kate found a 6’4” pole(Swede) soon after the story broke to climb on.

Okay I am definitely not a Kate fan, but all personal feelings aside I liked the cotton commercial…nice clothes, her voice sounded pretty good…I am surprised, actually.

I think the commercial is terrific! I like the mood of it.

There is nothing wrong with this commercial AT ALL. The haters will hate, but come on already. She looks beautiful and she sounds sweet. Everyone always says that she needs to get healthy and start working more. She has made four movies in a year, even if they aren’t the biggest roles, she is working. I think she is looking great, definitely has put on weight too. You guys need to stop being so biased because of Alex. Seriously what has he done lately, other than scowl??

yellowkey @ 05/04/2011 at 1:18 am

Are you really serious when you see Gwyneth is better than her? It’s the end. I can’t do anything for you, you are bewitched by the smile of paltroWITCH. You are brainwashed. Medias loves her and impose everyday that she’s perfect (brainwashing) and now people believe it, <freedom of personnal think no longer exists … <
She’s your GOD. I’m dead! People suck the feet of Gwyneth so I think it’s the end of “feedom of personnal think”! We see her each day on tv and on daily-news. I think it’s all over. Poeple can’t open their eyes and see how she’s pretentious and annoying. I’m really desperate, now I’m the only person on earth who hate GP, really? SAD

Uuugggg. I am going to have her charged with assault. Listening to her sing hurt my ears!!!!
Seriously though, that cutesy voice she was going for was not good and was kinda grating. They should not have hired her, they should have hired someone who can actually sing.

yellowkey @ 05/04/2011 at 1:20 am

oops, “say” (not see)

yellowkey (click for read) @ 05/04/2011 at 1:44 am

Why censorship??? You don’t love read the truth.

I’m really sad, you are brainwashed by medias who says everytime GP is perfect, now you believe to her. She’s your God!

I think I’m the only who is not bewitched. It’s desperate.

Yes I wrote “Click for read” because you censor me, shame on you…

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