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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Tops Maxim Hot 100 List

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Tops Maxim Hot 100 List

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley leaves her hotel with boyfriend Jason Statham on Tuesday (May 3) in NYC.

The 24-year-old British model and actress, who was spotted in another outfit on the same day, has landed at the top of Maxim‘s Hot 100 List this year!

“[It] is a huge honor. It’s a great title to have for a year and you can have some fun with it, I think,” she told the mag.

Rosie is a true transformer – a Victoria’s Secret stunner who is about to go supernova when she takes over for Megan Fox in the Transformers franchise. Her talent is as undeniable as her beauty, which is pretty jaw-droppingly undeniable,” Maxim editor in chief Joe Levy said.

FYI: Rosie wore Sergio Rossi Nude Patent “Asteria” Sandals as she left her hotel.

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  • Andie

    Oh please,

    Rosie ONLY came on top of Maxim List because BAY is trying so hard to promote her and to turn her into a new Megan Fox. She hasn’t been a part of any hot list even when she was just modeling, let alone being in the top. And suddenly she gets the top, 1 month before the Transformers 3 promotional tour beggin, and having most people rejecting her in T3 in forums???

    Yeah right. This was not a vote at all. It was a marketing move by BAY and his team. We will see a lot of it in the next months.

  • Andie

    And yes, her talent of being half naked running around robots wih the same exact expression is undeniable. Not to mention her botox lips that are way bigger than Megan’s.

  • Music101

    she does not have beauty NOR talent. then again these lists are always a joke

  • yahyah

    Those “botox” lips are what got her into modeling you idiots. Sometimes people can actually have NATURAL beauty just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s fake. Watch interviews with her, she is a gorgeous down to earth girl who deserves all the attention she is getting.
    Try actually knowing about a topic before you rant on it.



  • Creed

    She is an all natural beauty who has been on the list many many times in the past because she is a sophisticated and successful model.

    If you dont believe the no plastic surgery thing just look at her 13 yr old pics she had huge lips then and has huge lips now.
    No girl on the face of the earth is perfect. Get over it.

  • Andie

    And her lips are BIGGER NOW than they were when she was 13 years old. Plastic botox too.

    Deal with it.

  • brainy box


  • Kenyon

    Rosie is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl.

  • whateverpeeps


    Um, she was a VS model before Bay hired her to star in his movie. That’s pretty much one of the most coveted modeling jobs. So I would argue, she was on top.

    And I don’t think it was a move by Bay. I think it was a move by Maxim, who usually picks celebrities who are famous at the moment. She is getting fame for being Megan Fox’s replacement and dating Jason, so it’s actually mutual benefit.

    Regardless, she’s pretty hot. Maybe not hottest, but there’s no such thing as beauty is subjective. She’s hot enough where it’s feasible for her to be number 1 which is more than I can say for most of these beauty lists.

  • whateverpeeps


    And her lips are most definitely not bigger than when she was 13.

    While sausage lips have become a common phenomenon in Hollywood, her lips don’t even look fake, and have been her trademark trait. Big lips isn’t something that doesn’t exist naturally. While rare, it does exist, and it’s not unreasonable to suspect that Rosie is one of those lucky girls with big lips since she’s always had them and they don’t look injected. They just look like big lips.

  • hardon

    its called PR, just like when Katy Perry won when she had album come out last time….I’m curious what people think is the most unbiased list?

  • WTF

    Maxim – “Her talent is as undeniable”

    based on what? come on she may be the next Meryl Streep but she has shown us nothing yet.

    right now i hold judgement

  • Ves

    I agree, she is gorgeous and I love her specific beauty.

  • Totte

    I love Rosie & miranda

  • R

    Awww, well done Rosie! She seems like a really nice girl, down to earth and if people bother to get to know her, she’s usually seen smiling and laughing, apart from the intrusive pap shots of her and Jason Statham that people love to judge her on. Well deserved No.1 spot, because even though she gets mean comments directed at her nose and lips, she’s confident and happy enough to not let them drag her down to the cosmetic surgeon’s clinic, and I say that’s definitely very sexy!

  • Mary

    I bet my ass Michael Bay and company voted for her all day non-stop ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
    I can’t deny she has a great body but her face is….COME ON!!!


    This chick???????????? ROFL

  • John

    From nothing to number 1? I don’t believe it. Michael Bay TOTALLY paid to Maxim people to put her in number 1. I’m sure.

  • Mary Cox

    Is this a joke or something? because I don’t get it.
    Megan, I think it’s time to WAKE UP!!!

  • LOLz

    She is definitely pretty but #1, Im surprised!

  • shocka

    Hey anyone who gets this its because #1 yes Hype (they are usually popular that year or are soon to be very popular) and #2 because they are usually…surprise….HOT. get over it. She is a tall,thin,pretty and extremely sexy model. Did you see her at the Met Gala? she OOZES se* appeal! She looked like Jessica Rabbit.

    but Maxim is nothing. Call me when she gets a Rolling Stone cover saying how how hot she is. Now that’s a fete!

  • http://justjared not a fan

    Andie and Mary, Thank-You for your comments, were on point and her PR people and MB work overtime for her. Must get paid a lot of money!!!!

  • Shell

    Shocka, it’s not that she’s not pretty. She can be very pretty. But honestly, is she really the hottest celebrity woman on the planet? I mean Kate Middleton was 26 and she is one of the most classical beauties around.

  • Andie


    Yes it is. Even her friends in the modeling world have already confirmed that she uses botox. Shes not totally natural.

    And she was a VS model before. So? There are a lot of VS Models even more beautiful and famous than Rosie that are not on top. Most people don’t even know who she is.

    It’s CLEARLY a fake list (nobody voted) made for a marketing move by BAY/MAXIM/her PR to promote her in the movie.

  • Jordan

    What a bunch of fat pigs on this site. Stop hating, you wish you looked as good as Rosie.

  • grey1911

    What’s up with all the rosie hate, really? Would she get such negativity if she wasn’t replacing megan fox? I can’t speak for her acting talents but you don’t become a staple for Victoria’s Secret and a previous face of Burberry for being ugly? Maybe she’s number one because her name is out in the public now but she’s been a prominent face in the fashion industry for years now. The editors at large of several Vogue branches labeled her the next Kate Moss or Gisele years ago… but I guess Michael Bay payed for them to say that too … : /

  • Andie

    Then explain why she’s getting on the top just now. Why not years ago?

    Come on. Be her fan but stop being blind. Even being a VS model most peole doesn’t even know she exists and most of them don’t find her attractive. They will know now because she is replacing Megan . Yes, BAY and her PR payed Maxim to promote her and the movie. Because if it wasn’t for that movie, she would still be a VS model that most people have never even heard of jut like she was in the last years.

    And no, I wish I looked as good as MEGAN FOX ,with or without botox (but wait, Rosie has botox too) or any other VS Model who definately deserved the title better than Rosie. Let’s see if her “recognition” will continue in the next years. Nope, she’s going back to modeling world.

  • SlimBaby

    To be honest. This girl is nothing like megan fox. No resemblance and yet their trying to make her a new megan fox. I don’t believe a person who has been in what one big movie should be put at the top list when these other girls have been in the industry for years.

  • SpeakindaTruth

    How long has RuPaul been posing for VS? How come I didn’t know his name until she replaced Megan? How come Maxim never put her on the list before Transformers? In fact how come the other VS models made the list and not Ru? The truth is, I don’t care how many VS secret bras she flaunt or how many times they call her the new Gi or Kate Moss(as if they hadn’t said this about every other model in the industry) she ain’t nothing and after this movie she won’t be nothing. Megan was mysterious, funny and actually sexy with eyes to die for. Men saw her bending over bikes and hoods of cars and fantasized. Ru is just another blond in hollywood who likes to laugh alot and try to play cute and charming and it gets boring after seeing the other 100. He sucks, his eyes are too beady for his big nose and big ugly lips. If Bay was gonna pay Maxim off he didn’t have to make it pure obvious. I guess when they threw Rosie on after receiving the big bucks, they forgot to put their original number 1… Blake Lively, back on the list. What a shame. Megan is number one and will always be.

  • Andie

    THANK YOU, Speakinda Truth,

    Well said. If Rosie was sooooooooooooo hotter than anyone, she would be at the top lists ages ago. Why now? 1 month before TF3.


  • lamj

    well she is pretty but reminds me of miss piggy in the face! her bone structure is nice but nose and lips just a little toooo bigg.

  • plastic

    Megan is so 2008. It’s Rosie’s turn baby! she is gorgeous in a natural looking way unlike frozen faced Megan. Megan WAS hot (ket word; WAS) she looks like a skinny brunette white girl who has done too many plastic surgeris that lives at Hugh Hefner’s mansion now. Nothing special she looks like all the other plastic surgery addicted porn stars out there….watch a porn, you will be surprised how many resemble megan. She is just trashy looking aesthetically. Rosie is glamorous and classy looking. Very tall too. I’m sure if she walked into a room at the same time as Megan did, Megan’s stumpy little skinny a** would disappear so fast! I’m telling you these models are UNREAL in real life. They look like statues. (even if they photograph “manly” or whatever) in real life they are SO striking!!!

  • Tommyboy

    Get a clue people. Bay had influence on this. Rosie looks manish in many pics (just google her to see). Not to mention the pic they put of Megan Fox was not one of her best Maxim shoots. Gee wonder why. What really cracks me up is that Cameron Diaz and cobie smulders are in the top 10, and Olivia Wilde and Minka Kelly (two of the hottest rising acteress today) are not.

    Also isn’t a little coincidence that at the maxim top 100 party, editor Joe levy is there with Rosie AND Micheal Bay? The party was to celebrate the top 100. so what’s bay doing showing up with her and the editor? Oh yeah, maybe to write a check! Got to love Hollywood.

    For those of you claiming she is a hot VS model…funny I mostly see Adriana Lima and Candice Swaenspoel on the commercials. Neither of whom I recall seeing on the list.

    So it wasnt her VS features that got her there, because she hasn’t been a top VS model, and wasn’t her acting, because we haven’t seen it….so try and come up with another reason besides Micheal Bay….

  • Tommyboy

    Oooooh. Never mind. Now I see what happened. She was the pick for the top 100! Those guys! They really know how to throw a competition! Lol. Guess at answers the Cameron Diaz ranking too.