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Henry Cavill: Engaged to Ellen Whitaker!

Henry Cavill: Engaged to Ellen Whitaker!

Henry Cavill and his girlfriend, British athlete Ellen Whitaker, are engaged, can confirm.

The 27-year-old Brit actor, who will star as Superman in a 2012 reboot of the superhero story, asked for Ellen‘s father’s permission before popping the question recently.

“The couple is extremely happy,” a rep for Henry told Just Jared.

FYI: Ellen is a successful show jumping rider and has taken home a bronze medal in the 2007 European Championships as part of the British equestrian team.

Congratulations to Henry and Ellen!!

Just Jared on Facebook
Credit: Max Morse; Photos: Getty, Press Association via AP Images
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  • Nat

    Another one bites the dust, are there really no single men left in Hollywood anymore? Most of them are either married, gay or engaged.

  • http://j carlota f.

    aw :(

  • !

    Oh noes….I love him!!!!

  • Jenni “JWoww” Farley

    Congratulations! I hope Henry Cavill will be the greatest Superman of all time.

  • Ty

    Wishing them the best she does look cute since she isn’t in the movie business I think they have a good chance of making this work.

  • Jenn

    he’s cute wish them the best hope he doesn’t get superman career curse

  • ramze

    Beautful مشكور على روووعه

  • Celia


    No Henry, please no.

  • Attention

    Please tell me he’s not really gay and doing this just before Superman is about to come out! Timing of this…a little suspicious, I might add.

  • Sweet News

    @Attention: Oh, he’s 100% not gay but just in love hence his getting married? It’s hard to believe but there are straight men out there…..

    His career is going great and maybe felt necessary to settle down with the woman he loves?

    Please tell me your not gay (not that it really matters) and just wishful thinking that he is???? Not every star on this site has to be gay to be happy. Maybe, sometimes they are not hiding anything…

    I say congrats, she’s beautiful. Not suspicious but perfect timing for both. I wish them luck.

  • Carey

    He is an amazing man and I do wish them all the best at least Ellen isn’t an actress who wants all the attention for herself. Great couple he will be a fabulous Superman.

  • SJC

    I’m devastated haha! Congrats to the happy couple

  • Cavill marries a NAME and $

    Cavill will marry an average girl looking just because her family is successful and well respected.

    Good luck to this couple…..he might cheat on her a couple of times once he gets really famous and reaches stardom in Hollyweird.
    She will forgive him…..I mean It’s Henry cavill, UK Superman right.

  • tom

    That is nice, But riding a horse does not make you an athlete. I have seen some pretty out of shape people be successful show jumpers. The house is the athlete.

  • lexy hates bilson

    I love him!! Congrats to the couple!

  • Mike


    This. I really thought he was straight until I read this. The timing is…telling. The last Superman had to get married after getting the role, too.

  • Cavill marries a NAME and $


    Still better than Bilson and /hayden christensen!!!

  • Sian

    @Carey — I’m not sure about her not being interested in attention. She’s endorsed lots of riding-related products in the past – a video game, among others – and has announced the happy news on her website about five minutes after the proposal.
    Also, apparently she’s been known to beat her horses; I don’t think I can get behind that.

  • Cavill marries a HORSE BEATER

    She is well known to beat her horses and uses razor blades to make them obey .
    She is a cruel brat.

  • Mike
  • nyob

    I cannot believe he has been cheating on me with this chick?!

  • Jime

    buuu no :( But I hope it works, it’s good she’s not a star, so maybe they can keep it low profile. I also like that she’s not a fake-bimbo.model


    Congratulations to Henry and Ellen! Best wishes on their future together.

  • Carey

    @ Tom

    Equestrian is an Olympic sport so it is considered athletic she is in the Equestrian team in Britain.


    Unless there is physical proof or a suit brought against her for beating horses its speculation and hearsay. She isn’t a celebrity, she isn’t asking to be one by following Henry all over the place putting herself in the public eye, Actually as of now she wasn’t endorsing perfume, Jewelry, clothing line or a dumb Ice cream commercial. If she was trying to ride his coat tails into a celebrity life she would be all over this and really she isn’t.

    @ Jime

    I agree she isn’t any fake actress or model in HW it seems they have kept a low profile they are not competing with one another for fame. Reason I think it will work out for them.

  • Michelle

    Horse beater or not, she’s definitely shady to me.

    Henry NEVER talks about his private life, and how do we hear about his relationship with Ellen to begin with, and then their subsequent engagement? Via Ellen’s website. If that doesn’t make you suspicious, IDK what will!

  • Sian

    there was a video on youtube showing her losing her temper and using her whip eight times – on a horse that was clearly frightened, not merely disobedient – that has since been conveniently removed. The incident was discussed (and deemed unprofessional by most) for example on the forums of Horse&Hound whose readers aren’t said to be of the squeamish sort.

  • Jackie

    @Michelle: It’s called happy. I would shout it to the world too. The man is freaking hot and she’s landed him.

    She’s not shady or suspicious just because she did it via her website. Stars break news about their private lives on twitter, facebook etc all the time.

    “Henry NEVER talks about his private life”, since you don’t know him but she clearly does, she felt it was ok to break the news on her website her choice.

    Hahaha, some people jealously coming out when good news comes out..

    She’s got her Superman = well played.

  • Sian

    And for young horse-loving girls ‘Ellen Whitaker’ is a brand, making money off her popularity, I don’t see how this is any different than putting your face in a perfume ad.

  • p124

    i cant even say she has a butterface. she is bleh all around

  • True Story

    Whats with his curly perm – assume they will straighten it for Supe? He’s kind of a pasty brit to be playing an American super hero? Also rumors abound so they should have timed this a little better to avoid the obvious suspicion.

  • Brenda

    This, I admit, Henry Cavill is so beautiful, but he doesn’t have the excitement and emotional appeal for me. He’s an elusive guy, and doesn’t seem ’real’ somehow………

  • edskee

    He does not seem “real” or geniune for some reason, but he is extremely attractive. I guess he just likes rich horsey generic girls.

  • Abi

    Nobody will steal his ugly mare from him, he can sleep quiet far from her.

  • cali

    I feel bad for actors. If he is single, people say he is gay. If he talks about a Girlfriend, people say he is gay and if he gets engaged or married, people say he is gay. In other words, no matter what he says or does, people will say he is gay.

    This is so offensive on so many levels. First off, the underlying assumption in all of these statements is that there is something wrong with being gay, and so there fore he needs to “cover it up”. Then there is somehow the idea that just because he has had openly gay friends and had photos taken with them that he is ‘Gay” by association.

    And then, despite things he has said, despite him talking in numerous interviews throughout his career that he has dated women, people don’t believe him. And now that he is engaged, people are still skeptical.

    Why are so many people so eager to assume he is lying or being forced to cover up sexual orientation? Why is “he is gay” the first thing people always want to say about a successful, handsome actor? And why, if he were gay, would it matter to anyone?

    The homophobia is just so damn tiresome.

  • Helen

    I don’t care whether Henry is a gay or not. WHO CARES?????

  • Ruth

    p124 @ 05/04/2011 at 9:04 pm +5

    i cant even say she has a butterface. she is bleh all around
    She doesn’t have to like you because she is marrying Henry! We all know that just stunning looks DON’T guarantee anything and she is pretty and he obviously loves her. There is no reason for gay men to marry anymore.

  • lw

    BOOOOOOOOOOOHISSSSSSSSSSS. that is one plain looking woman.

  • Jasmine

    Oh my. I am officially jealous of this girl. JK, he’s so gorgeous, she’s lucky! Best of luck to the both of them on their future together :)

  • To 34

    In other words, no matter what he says or does, people will say he is gay.
    yes, you are right! his PR team does not have to publicize anything anymore. their efforts came to nothing. LMAO

  • lil_bunny

    Don’t do that to me :(

  • HRH Party One

    Well, very good looking guys usually go for plain looking women. Proved.
    Henry Cavil is 100% bi, and he chose a girl from well-known respected Olympian family. He will cheat on her with men, not good looking women.
    Obviously, Henry doesn’t like actress/model/fame whore.

  • mary

    Attention @ 05/04/2011 at 4:55 pm

    Henry is 100 percent straight.

  • to michelle

    Ellen and Henry first met at the 2009 Olympia International Horse Show and have been seeing each other for just over a year. it’s been no huge secret in England. you’re right Henry never talks about his private life. however, do you honestly think that Ellen would have made it public without consulting him first. in any case, where did you get the idea that Henry was required to let you know that he and Ellen were dating in the first place

  • MangerBouger

    I’m devastated … LOL

  • laura

    Es poc lleja la tia esta! Collo quin gust k te el Henry

  • mari

    @Cavill marries a HORSE BEATER: is that true? its horrible! she is a f… bitch

  • mari

    if this is true she should be reported for animal cruelty. This is the 21st century! completely unacceptable

  • horse beater

    Ellen surely beats Henry on the bed, too!!

  • TY

    She not in entertainment so it’s a better fit, If she was some actress people would complain more, they complain even if she isn’t one. He is happy so that should be good enough for anyone who follows him. He doesn’t come off as a gay man at all. THat seems to be the typical label people use when they seen a extremely handsome man. They both announced this via their own circle of fans. It was a mutual release of information. It wasn’t on a twitter (which is as reliable as Wikipedia or Imdb) or facebook if a actor wants a private life they can manage it. IF they want things very public they sell themselves to the media devil. I don’t believe Henry is the type to sell more then he has to for media exposure. Just wish him the best and be happy for the man.

  • FAKE

    This is BOGUS. I know for a fact it’s a lie.