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LeAnn Rimes: Thank God for iChat!

LeAnn Rimes: Thank God for iChat!

LeAnn Rimes is pretty in pink as she hits the set of her new TV movie, Reel Love, on Wednesday (May 4) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The 28-year-old singer and newlywed shot scenes with co-star Sean Roberts.

“Another amazing day on set! Missing home, missing my husband and friends….thank God for IChat! Hope you all are loving on your families,” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account yesterday.

LeAnn arrived in town over the weekend to get to work – Reel Love is scheduled to hit the small screen in September on CMT!

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# 1

LeAnn Rimes twitter: “Look at Me! Look at Me! Look at Me!”… Its the same desperate post everyday!!! go away trashy skeleton!

# 2

She needs to gain some weight. It’s really effecting her face…and not in a good way.

# 3

Man she’s nasty looking

# 4

WEWE is pretty in pink? We all know why WEWE is in pink? Because BG is often spotted in pink. Oh WEWE, if EC is happy and content with WEWE, then how come WEWE is still acting like she is competition with BG? Was it really necessary to show up in pink just because the reports that BG is going to be on the RHOBH are using the photo of BG in the pink shirt?

And the famewhore STRIKES again. Did I call it or what? I said that athena/frannie plate only showed up in the other thread playing the victim because WEWE was going to leak yet another photo-op to JUST JARED and her other mouthpieces. You know because WEWE rep and career are SO bad she needs something to clean it up fast.

Wow, WEWE is getting really desperate with these DAILY on the set photo-ops. No wonder she was pimping out EC kids like that in the People mag article, she has to promote that movie of hers and she wouldn’t be a “good bonus mom” if she didn’t use those two innocent kids the way child traffickers abuse kids.

So what exactly does CMT and WEWE think they are accomplishing by inviting the paps to the set of the movie EVERYDAY? With each and every staged on the set photo-op doesn’t she understand that it just makes the public dislike her even more?

Or perhaps WEWE is dombarding the public and media with daily shots to overshadow the reports that BG is going to be on the RHOBH.

HAHAHAH She is missing HER husband as in she is sending yet another message to EC mistress to let EC other woman know that even though she is sleeping with EC, SHE is his wife. Poor WEWE, so even after marrying EC he still won’t be faithful to her.

So how come JJ won’t include WEWE in the top celeb list since they post about her EVERYDAY? We all know that they are not using the amount of posts in her threads because according to their most popular celeb and most popular posts lists of 2010 the number that they used is a number that WEWE always scores low on.

Seeing as how JJ has allowed athena/frannie Plate/co to post even after she is stalking others(I heard that now she is on TMZ using other people’s names to make posts), that it’s more than likely that JJ is being paid to write fluff.

# 5
laverdadduele @ 05/04/2011 at 10:07 pm

Ichat will not save your marriage from failure. What goes around comes around!

# 6
O I'm bored @ 05/04/2011 at 10:08 pm

She looks terrible

# 7
O I'm bored @ 05/04/2011 at 10:09 pm

Maybe she’ll have an affair with Sean Roberts

# 8

Yeap because without ICHAT it would be completely impossible for EC to cheat on her, right? Because EVERYONE knows that with ICHAT it means that a cheater who has no loyality to his owns kids ins’t going to cheat on a woman who is so desperate for attention that she tweets about another woman’s kids and even pimps those kids out when she needs that added boost to her career and rep. Yeap, everyone call watch REEL LovE now because WEWE cares so much about EC kids that she sells their birhtday photos to Bauer Griffin and then gives yet another exclusive interview to People mag even though EC said that it wasn’t child focused to expose those kids to the media and press and that anyone who did that was just trying to get attention for themselves.

# 9

Or you could try something truly unique and try to STFU for a change. Everyone is tired of your 5th grade drivel anyway! Stupid homewrecking trailer trash.

She’s so ugly, she makes Jennifer Ansiton look like a super model.

“Hope you all are loving on your families”

wow someone’s english is very good -_-

When WEWE says says, “Hope you all are loving on your families”, by loving on your families does she mean tweeting about another woman’s kids even after being asked not to do so?

Brandi has just been signed for Housewives of BH. Delighted for her!!!!!

What does WEWE mean? @ 05/04/2011 at 11:35 pm

Sorry but if I may ask what does WEWE stand for???

Missing her husband and yet she’s also missing her wedding ring and band. *rolling eyes* Shooting a movie or not, the ring should stay on.

Missing her husband and yet she’s also missing her wedding ring and band. *rolling eyes* Shooting a movie or not, the ring should stay on.

@What does WEWE mean?:

It stands for WEWENLOVE, the unofficial twitter account that Leann used to stalk and harass BG.

According to one of WEWE “fans”, EC son couldn’t pronouce Le(which is WEWE nickname), and when he said her name it came out as We.


Why would she have her rings on during filming?Her character in the movie isn’t married.No actors wear their engagement or wedding ring while their filming a movie or tv show unless their character is married on screen.Get real!

Also does anyone really believe LeAnn would take it off unless she was forced to?

@Susan: That’s nonsense. I’ve taken off my wedding ring many times and it has nothing to do with how much I love my husband. Thanks for making me have to defend LR. :(

Man, if there’s anyone out there who needs lip injections, she does.

Rebecca Honey @ 05/05/2011 at 3:08 am

LeAnn Rimes doesn’t have a good figure anymore.
She’s too skinny and a bad example to women around the country.
She should have a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside.

Christine James @ 05/05/2011 at 3:09 am

LeAnn was so shapely a few years ago but has lost so much weight and is so skinny now. Why did she do it? She was perfect before. Please put 10 pounds back on. She looks wasted.

aww this is really romantic i would have miss my hubby too if i had to go work and be seperated right after my wedding ! but thank god that Eddie is going to be there with her on friday for long 3 days. So i think that is good. BTW i loved Leann s new twitter picture they look so hot so beautiful together. God blessed them with LOVE! so lucky :)

She is so homely. Maybe the movie should have been called “Real Ugly”, truth in advertising.

brainy box @ 05/05/2011 at 7:32 am


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