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Moroccan & Monroe Cannon: Mariah Carey's Twins!

Moroccan & Monroe Cannon: Mariah Carey's Twins!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have revealed their newborn twins’ names!

The 41-year-old legendary singer told CNN that she and Nick have named their son Moroccan Scott Cannon and their daughter Monroe Cannon.

“Dem babies,” as Mariah and Nick referred to them before their birth, were born on Saturday (April 30), each weighing over 5 pounds.

Moroccan and Monroe are the first children for both Mariah and Nick.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of the names Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon chose for their babies?

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • GleeMe

    Poor babies! Any Unicorn or Rainbow-Butterfly?

  • http://justjared sarah

    What horrible names what a shame for them babies.

  • Fernanda

    Excellent news! Congratulations! Let this be a lesson to my fellow women: don’t procrastinate having children because you don’t want your figure to change or to put your career on hold. Having children is not a disease or a curse. It’s a privilege.

  • Boo

    WHAT?! LMAO. Monroe I can handle, but Moroccan?! Too funny!

  • wth

    Ugh- what horrible names

  • JWoww

    I am sure they will be great parents. Congrats! Giving birth to a child is such an emotional and indescribable experience. I only wish that this had happened earlier to them.

  • Boo

    WHAT?! LMAO! Monroe I can handle, but Moroccan?! Too funny!

  • Filex

    Horrible names

  • Ehm

    @wth: Yes, really horrible names… When the boy grows up he can always choose to be called Scott instead of Moroccan but what will that poor girl do? Monroe…no.

  • lalala


  • brainy box


  • Butter_Fly

    Aww. Totally disappointed. I was hoping for Melody Songstress and Moe Townsend. Oh well.

  • Carla

    Woooo! I’m so excited for them! I’m a new mother and I highly recommend having children. My hips are bigger…my breasts are bigger. I’m loving it! I feel like more of a woman now. It definitely makes me feel so much sexier than ever before.

  • Danila

    Congratulations! I think it’s the best thing in life. It really changed my life when I had my first kid. Now that I have three, I’m really, really happy and I would love to have more. It’s a really amazing experience.

  • sarah

    monroe? she should have named her marilyn instead… and moroccan , no comments. ugh

  • Dom

    I’m sure Mariah chose the names as she’s the one who has always been in control of the relationship and had the power.

  • tease

    I like Monroe. that is fine but Moroccan? just no! Monroe and Morocco would have been better.

  • lindsey

    WTF! Those are terrible! Poor dem babies…. why doesn’t Monroe get a middle name?

  • JL88

    Horrible names…poor children will be teased relentlessly by school mates and others. Moroccan usually reserved for citizens of the Muslim country of Morocco. Monroe not a very feminine name and harsh sounding. Considering they wanted M names (obviously to satisfy Mariah’s ego) they had a huge choice of beautiful names. They had nine months to think up names and that was the best they could come up with?

  • !


  • boston61


    Yes, then they could call him Rocco. Roe and Rocco. That’s probably what they will be called anyway. Mariah has always been a cheap looking woman with cheap taste.

  • Courtney

    Um litttle Moroccan is named after the top tier of his parents triplex appartment in NYC. Monroe didn’t get a middle name because Mariah herself doesn’t have one which her mother Patricia has said is because she knew that Mariah would look nice on a marquee and she’s also named after the learner and lowe song They Called The Wind Mariah. all that matters is everyone is healthy and that’s the case

  • What?

    What is it with celebs picking the most godawful TRASHY ‘names’ for their innocent children? Was the childbirth THAT bad, that the mothers need to get revenge? Seriously, these names are absolutely DISGUSTING and an insult to these children! Was a fan, but sick of celebs trying to outdo each other in the TRASHIEST of TRASHY NAME COMPETITION.

  • http://ilostanotherme Charity

    Ohhhhh… dear… Well, Monroe isn’t SO bad. Maybe that’s the new “Madison.” Moroccan?

    Well, Zowie Bowie grew up to be Duncan Jones and a brilliant filmmaker, so here’s hoping!

    I think Mariah & Nick are so cute together. I wish them years of genuine happiness with dem babies.

  • What?

    “litttle Moroccan is named after the top tier of his parents triplex appartment in NYC. ”
    CHARMING! Maybe her next IVF child will be named Dishlex, after the third floor’s dishwasher! How TRASHY!

  • BreAnna

    Those names are terrible..What in the world were they thinking?
    Moroccan ???? Monroe is not that bad.
    9 months and they called them dembabies, maybe they should of stuck with that.
    I am happy the child are healthy.

  • hotbitch

    F**k you, Fernanda! Every woman who has a child at 40 isn’t “procrastinating”. In know this may sound unbelievable but some women actually wait until they find Mr. Right before having children. God Bless Mariah for waiting on true love to arrive.

    Now as far as the names go…..I think Monroe Cannon is cute and has a nice ring to it. Now Moroccan Cannon is another story. WTF?!?!?

  • hotbitch

    How cruel, ‘What?’. Not everyone is blessed to be able to conceive naturally. That’s just not even funny. And I think Mariah made it clear that she used fertility drugs, not IVF. And even if she did, so what? You’re just a b**ch.

  • Kari

    No offence, but I don’t like the names. They should’ve named the boy Scott, and the girl marilyn instead…

  • Fernanda


    Well, f**k you too, hotbitch! LOL

  • Frida

    Monroe is pretty cute but Moroccan? Huh, what?

  • J

    Monroe is okay and different, but Moroccan is just SO stupid. But that’s to be expected with headcase Mariah.

  • DeeDee

    Honestly, don’t like either one of those names. Monroe sounds like an old man’s name and not very ladylike. But, hey they aren’t my children and they can name them Booboo and Foofoo if they so choose. I came up with Nariah and Mick, which sounds better than theirs.

  • yikes

    Monroe I like. Moroccan? No and no and no. Morocco would be better. Another bad celeb name choice. Up there with Apple, imo.

  • Rich

    LOL @ morrocan
    Love the other name though.

    forgot to comment lol

  • Keilee

    Monroe is ok, its growing on me but Moroccan?? Surely Morocco would make slightly more sense and sound more like a name than a description. Moroccan sounds like your waiting for another word, moroccan waht? coffee, liquer?no moroccan canon…that a type of gun/?/ jesus thats just an awful name to give a child. I mean Morocco would still be a bad name, but at least it might sound a little italian/spanish type thing, go by Mario or something but moroccan??? somone should have slapped them both for that shit

  • AJay

    For M names…some beautiful choices:

    Girl: Maya, Melina, Marla, Maddie, Michelle

    Boy: Mason, Mark, Michael, Matthew, Max

    Monroe and Moroccan–and naming a baby after a ceiling lol…they have no class at all!

  • Amber

    great unique names. congrats to nick and mariah.

    god bless!

  • Mlef

    So for many people, the name Morrocon is a big problem.

    There is no signs of racism of course….

    I think it’s very beautiful, I didn’t heard such beautiful names since a long time.

  • Keilee

    Thinking about it, Madonna’s son is Rocco isnt he, and noone thought that was stupid (though i dont like it) so i guess the boy could go by Rocco or something but to label poor little thing with Moroccan and then tell the world your named after a room in your mothers appt?? well, his parents need nver whip out the embarrassing baby pictures when he grows up, everyone he ever dates will know he’s named after a triplex floor. Classy. couldnt they have just gone with Rocco and left it at that? or had that as his middle name? jeez

  • Kate

    Maybe she likes… Morocco and Marilyn Monroe? Ahaha, what are these names. Like srsly?
    Is it case to say that she didn’t go to Morocco on her honey moon and got pissed?!

  • C

    There’s always Bluebell Madonna (Gerry Halliwell’s daughter).
    Don’t know which one is worst.

  • http://KIKI6J1 kiana

    Some of you say that mariah & nick should have been less selfish when they named their named kids. First of all it’s THEIR kids so how is it any your business if they named them moroccan and monroe.

  • http://KIKI6J1 kiki

    Some of you say that mariah & nick should have been less selfish when they named their named kids. First of all it’s THEIR kids so how is it any your business if they named them moroccan and monroe.

  • Annie

    Wow, so they gave the son a normal middle name but not the daughter? No fair. If this was a homage to Marilyn Monroe they should have called her Marilyn which is a beautiful name – but Monroe, not so much. And Moroccan? Ugh, why do pretentious people always have to name their kid after a country/city?

  • Dutchess

    I Mean Everyone Haves Their Own Opinion But It Was Their Chose, Those Might Not Be The Ideal Names For Everyone But Dembabies Are Here And Happy And Thats All That Matters.

  • Veronica

    maria,i think naming the boy manuel and the girl monique will be a perfect march though,or you can as well name the boy mendy and the girl wendy.

  • http://KIKI6J1 kiki

    @ : like i said before it’s THEIR kids so how is it any of YOUR business how they named THEIR kids.

  • http://KIKI6J1 kiki

    @ : like i said before it’s THEIR kids so how is it any of YOUR business how they named THEIR kids.

  • mikado