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Bar Refaeli: Darby Dinner

Bar Refaeli: Darby Dinner

Bar Refaeli leaves The Darby after dinner on Wednesday (May 4) in New York City.

The 25-year-old Israeli model wasn’t the only celeb to dine at The Darby – also spotted out to dinner was Tom Brady!

“NY is so pretty today! Too bad I’m spending it inside a studio! But.. With cool people so it’s ok ;)” Bar tweeted on Thursday.

Earlier in the week, Bar hit the red carpet at the MET Ball – be sure to check out photos of her metallic dress and turquoise accessories if you haven’t seen them yet!

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  • pigbearman


  • BarFugly

    nasty skin and face..looks like Sarah Jessica Parker’s younger sister with skin problems.

  • pigbearman

    did carbface leo dump this ugly chick once and for all?

  • Leo had better things to do!

    Like go to an art auction with Lukas!!! Poor Barfie! All alone yesterday!!! HAHAHAH!!!!

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    does anybody know what does she model for ?
    cause i dont see her anywhere but here ? looks like she does alot of modeling ?

  • Bar and Snooki

    Bar on her twitter account yesterday said that she was challenging Snooki?

    What is Snooki always doing?!?!
    Looking for the love of her life?!?!
    Now that Bar is single she is challenging Snooki to see which one of them can find the love of their lives cause Leo dumped her a$$!!!. Man, she is pathetic!

  • Tammi

    Both Leo and Bar are in the same city and yet they’re not hanging out together. I think the New York Post article was absolutely right about the split!!! YAAYYY!!!!! hahaha Barf flies….haha

  • Merson

    Bar Refaeli is amazingly gorgeous. This sensual young woman is indescribably beautiful. Israeli perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

  • wow

    @Bar and Snooki: yes that’s true. Snooki is always looking for love….

  • Jenna

    She’s a pretty girl, but nasty skin. What with those horrible sun spots? What a shame!

  • Bby

    fugly face, puggy, and repulsive.

  • bar on red carpet alone
  • hmmm

    @Tammi: Can you post the link to the article about the split? The one I saw was about a `rough patch`. I must have missed something!
    Bar is kind of blah as always. Nothing special.

  • huh

    @Merson: what the f u c k do you mean by “purer”?

  • Rebecca Honey

    Bar has a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country.

  • just in
  • ace11

    No Leo…wow

    Bar knows Leo will not marry her…she isn’t even his true love

    that was and always will be Giselle

  • 2true

    @F.A.M.E: she doesn’t model. red carpets and being leo’s play thing… Oh wait she isn’t anymore haha!

  • FrG


    Dicaprio spotted at the same place than Gisele Bundchen 2 days ago and now Bar Refaeli spotted at the same place than Tom Brady !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You have to admit this is funny!!!

  • pew

    she israli transsexual

  • yuck

    @Rebecca Honey:

    I’m not a fan of super skinny models, but curves have to have actual shape. Her legs are short and stocky, period. Her bum is good, but it comes with those dreadful legs. Her boobs are ok, but they get a lot of help from push up bras and too tight bikinis. Her face was never much to speak of and keeps getting worse with time. She shouldn’t have puffy eyes, saggy cheeks and so much sun damage at her age. JJ needs to start giving real models more time.

  • lion

    @FrG: Oh get real. Gisele is in NYC with her man lmao. There have been many twitter sitings of them with their son. But it wouldn’t be the first time Bar searches for Gisele’s sloppy seconds…

  • fat

    @FrG: what so funny and why do u keep tabs on Gisele’s hubby weirdo?

  • Saggy

    @yuck: Rebecca honey is a spam bot they say the same things in all topics.

  • Chalen

    Selita Ebanks was also spotted out to dinner and other celebs. Its just a common NYC hot spot.

  • lol

    she’s even uglier than LeAnn Rimes. At least LeAnn’s skin is in check.

  • JamieZ

    what now stalking where Tom goes? this girl is insane! just look at her snooki picture.

  • barF

    HAHAHher boyfriend is cheating on her with Blake Lively!
    No a surprise hes doesn’t want to be seen with Bar, shes fat for a model and her skin is terrible. Her resume at is POOR.
    go home..

  • anna

    am i the only one who think it is funny that she was with tom brady, while lep was spotted at the same place as gisele??? ODD!!!!

  • kaaz simply Amazing!!!!!!!

    bar averag look, where is leo not with her?

  • Solo Leo
  • Pink martini

    Why isn’t she covering her face? After the split she tries to keep the attention of paps by smiling. She suddenly forgot how private she was. Pathetic!

  • gary

    so happy that they break up. he deserves better than this sh!t. now barfie will try to do everything to be famous . poor barfie lol!!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    what an ugly comments.. i think she’s beautiful & sexy.

  • old face

    he can do so much better than this stumpy, fat faced, squinty-eyed famewh)re, can someone show her how to dress and stop wearing those fugly leggings on those stumpy legs?!?!?!?

  • Oh – My, My (SPIN)

    If you are part of BARn’s amateur PR camp, you should really learn lesson #1: the public is SMART. I’m offended, because there is so much sleazy manipulation happening.

    This is BARn’s opportunity to spend time with her man, smile for the cameras, while scoring points on the “poor me” scale. It works. Look at Charles and Camilla.

    They’re not over people, trust. If they were, we would see a pic of a sincerely despondent BARn and her driven animal, Tzipi. Got that Tzipi?

    Write up a new comms strategy and roll it out in a way that doesn’t offend our wisdom, you losers.

    For the record, I really dug Gisele and LD together. Their pictures were always so sweet! I’m sure there are lots of TRUE girls out there.

  • cinco

    ew she is not pretty

  • cinco

    @Oh – My, My (SPIN):
    WTF are you talking about looney? What kind of drugs are you on? You make zero sense.

  • Mila for Leo

    he should date Mila Kunis. She’s pretty, sweet, private like Leo and has a nice body, unlike stumpy legs here.

  • boom

    what kind of smile on her face? like squeezing teeths!

  • whorable
  • whorable

    everyone should tweet on her link!/BarRefaeli

  • Oh – My, My (SPIN)


    LOL…Are you shocked? Are you offended? Do you have experience playing these media/PR games with celebrities and the top political chairs?

    D U D E: This is pretty old hat. Learn about the Hegelian Dialectic. It’s when two polar opposite views are manipulated to a middle-ground and predetermined solution (PR) that the majority can begrudginly accept. Example: Bar (con) Leo (pro) Happy Middle (Bar and Leo have kids but no marriage wth exagerated tips of LD’s philandering).

    This communication mechanism is used ALL the TIME, especially if there are milions at stake at the box office. What do you think is happening on these boards?

    So, would it be unfoseen for the BARn animals to start slandering their own client? No…it’s a tactic. It creates sympathy, especialy if Bar is tasked to look like things don’t bother her on the street. Sort of like, “Eat this Leo. I don’t need you.” This all comes together even quicker if they are in the same city.

    I’m sorry… but I won’t believe this news until I see him or hear a pretty convincing account that Leo has moved on AFTER Thanksgiving.

  • Oh – My, My (SPIN)

    BTW – If, by chance, they are really broken up, she won’t be able to hold that smile on the street forever. As the weeks go by, we’ll see that despondency, and then she’ll either escape to Israel or put on a bikini and splash around in the sea to repeat that message to Leo, “Look what you’re missing.” But, of couse, if they got back together, things would fall back into old patterns. Ha! What’s the definition of insanity?

    What is happening right now is public manipulation 101, guys.

  • noname

    I think Esti Ginzburg is more beautiful..much more.

  • ugly psychotic Bar stalker

    The psycho is off her meds and going on a Bar stalker spree. 90% of the comments above are hers. If you really hated Bar you wouldn’t monitor her every move. You stalk her on twitter, her website. STALKER PSYCHO! You are severely mentally ill. You’re a middle-aged, obese, ugly monster who has no friends or life. You’ve obviously been institutionalized several times for schizophrenia. Get help, sicko!

  • ice

    @ugly psychotic Bar stalker: Practice what you Preach Ms Bar Jolie nut case.

  • mln

    i thought it was funny that leo and gisele were spotted in the same place and now bar and tom were too. and not in a i think anything is going on way- just in a funny coincidence way!

  • Oh – My, My

    @ugly psychotic Bar stalker:

    Ok – so obviously we can depend on the accuracy and objectivity of your posts! LOL!

  • @ugly psychotic Bar stalker:

    Ok – so obviously we can depend on the objectivity of your posts…