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Megan Fox: Lakers Game 2 with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox: Lakers Game 2 with Brian Austin Green

Megan Fox and hubby Brian Austin Green head into the Staples Center for a L.A. Lakers game on Wednesday (May 4) in Los Angeles.

The couple watched the Dallas Mavericks defeat the home team 93-81 in Game 2 of the playoff series.

Last week, Megan, 24, and Brian, 37, attended another Lakers game together and showed their support by wearing the team’s t-shirts and baseball caps.

On Monday, Megan indulged in some pampering by getting a manicure and pedicure at a nail salon.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green arriving for the Lakers game…

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megan fox brian austin green lakers game 2 01
megan fox brian austin green lakers game 2 02
megan fox brian austin green lakers game 2 03
megan fox brian austin green lakers game 2 04
megan fox brian austin green lakers game 2 05
megan fox brian austin green lakers game 2 06
megan fox brian austin green lakers game 2 07
megan fox brian austin green lakers game 2 08
megan fox brian austin green lakers game 2 09
megan fox brian austin green lakers game 2 10
megan fox brian austin green lakers game 2 11

Photos: AKM, Fame Pictures
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  • Dom

    Megan is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl.
    She would be an excellent choice to play one of Chris Pine’s several human love interests in Star Trek 12.

  • Creed


    Hey Andie. Check out her blown up lips

  • sammy

    Brian looks very controlling of her

  • Me

    She’s anorexic. Look at the proof in HQ candids of her face… she has that peach-fuzz all over her face that’s a symptom.

  • jl

    @sammy – I got the same vibe. She looks like she’s been a bad girl and daddy is angry!

  • booze

    Lakers suck…knock them out Mavs

  • ramze

    no love she ما بحبه
    ا شكلها سو عامله في نفسها كتير

  • viper

    Megan Fox is such a waste of Hollywood resources. I question the producers who hire her for anything. There is virtually nothing that she cannot cheapen and there is nothing redeemable about her. Her body itself is practically crying HELP ME and her hair is begging for mercy; as a result her eye brows are non existent so she penciled them on and her hair line has reseeded. She’s repulsive to look at and I say this as a guy ladies. Her underwear ads when they were up ( a lot of people have started taking them down ) made me and my boys feeling nauseated.

    I hope she turns out of TF3 and stands right next to Rosie so that the world can laugh in her face. She can watch as a real beauty, with a real personality and GORGEOUS figure takes the stage and will definitely steal the show. Megan Fox is hack of an actress and now isn’t even a looker. A hair chested furry faced plastic surgery victim and Hollywood reject.

    On a side note: I pity BAG, he’s the one who has to deal with her BS and is stuck humping a bag of bones.

  • Xenius

    I think she seems arrogant

  • Arvin

    They seem unhappy!

  • Sabrina

    There are the big, injected lips again…

  • WTF

    @sammy: How exactly does Brian look controlling and when exactly did she say that to you? I thought they were just walking the streets to get into a game as a couple???

    Anyway, maybe she enjoys that and not really your concern.

    Still, bitter he got his girl. Seriously, people it’s been 7 years that they have been together, don’t you think she knows what she wants and it’s time to move on.

    Brian Austin Green seems to be a decent actor, husband and father get over your hate. Can someone actually show me proof of what this man has done to always receive so much hate apart from fall in love?

    Nothing is changing and you keep singing the same old tune, it’s kind of boring. When he’s not the first guy to go out with an younger woman or hot girl. Well, he’s choices are better than majority of Hollywood but you get what I mean. His protective and rightly so especially since they receive so much hate for doing absolutely nothing but doing their own thing.

    @ viper, Insanity for not liking a person but always checking up on what they do. I question society as this generation is so f**cked up with so much hate. You sound like a jealous ex. Basically, you are still gutted she’s not single and in Transformers 3, understandable, if basically 5 years old.

    Hey, why don’t you focus on Rosie (the girl who’s going out with a guy 20 years senior and is a perfect beauty in your eyes. I’ve seen better walking the streets oh yeah, Megan Fox) I think you know and everyone else with common sense knows that she’s not easily replaceable “unique” but whatever.

    All you genius who state she’s arrogant, unhappy, has had more/less botox seriously get a f**cking life. In the grand scale of things SO F**CKING WHAT.

    It doesn’t change the fact that she’s been with Brian for 7 years (he’s happy and I’m sure her family and friends don’t care) and going strong and not in Transformers 3 or whatever you expect her to be doing to please the minority with lack of brain. She makes her own decisions not by what the fans want.

    Please try to separate fact from fiction.

    I’ve always wondered has Megan Fox promised some fans a date or something else because I don’t understand the hate for her or Brian.

    Out of all the Hollywood couple out there, they seem very normal but get the most hate where’s the logic???

    Again, I feel I should drum this in people’s heads Megan and Brian have been together for 7 years, nothing going to change so seriously, get over your jealously and move on. No one says you must read their post but their real fans like to support them.

    They make a beautiful couple, who go about their business and lead a normal life.

    Good people don’t work for you go onto someone else it’s that simple. Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, Mel Gibson, Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown are all available for your choice, clearly they are winning and these two are losers. God, what’s happen to people…..

  • mj

    @WTF: Hahahaha, very long but I love Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green and you are correct in everything you say.

    I don’t understand why people don’t like Megan and Brian together, she could have ended up with Charlie Sheen as she appeared in Two and a Half Men.

  • carla

    Since she’s been unemployed, she often dresses like a slob and often wears clothes like she’s going to work in the garden or she’s going to walk the dog. She has a hard time doing casual cute, likely because she thinks her blowup lips and boobs are all that is needed to make her cute, but nope, she needs to work it more.

  • SlimBaby

    Not Charlie Sheen he’s a two timing whore.

  • Andie


    Yeah, so? At least I’m a fan but I’m not BLIND. Unlike Rosie “equally botox lips” fans. ;)

  • DUH

    Guys, if some of you had some common sense, you’d realize the reason as to why their not walking side by side. She does not want to be photographed. She tries to hide behind Brian so they dont get a good picture of her. Some people are saying he is “controlling” of her. Try being PROTECTIVE. Thats all it is. I love how people try to find the most negative things to say about her and him. Get a life people, seriously.

  • Robert

    11 days until Megan’s birthday!!!

  • Andie



  • sea

    No, she is not anorexic, don’t say bullshit!!
    She’s just slim, look at her arms and legs, absolutely normal.

  • Mosquito

    they have no social skills with people , not gracious at all, they must hate everyone as they act like no one around them exists …. creepy !

  • Memyselfandi


    Megan Fox is not skinny. She’s slim. There is a difference. She’s toned, not a bag of bones. Viper, clearly you’re not in shape. Let me give you a hint. Put down the bag of Doritos, move away from your computer and start running, doing squats, pilates, and sit ups, maybe then, you will know what a toned body looks like. She had plastic surgery. Who hasn’t in Californication? Come with someithing a little more inventive!

    Face it. She ‘s sexy, and she gets paid 6 figures for it. How much is Armani paying you? Here is something else that will make you feel like sh&t. She has a hot husband who she admits is great in bed! She has a stepson who adores her. A mansion in Los Feliz, CA. And a low-key lifestyle that doesn’t involved getting h*gh or getting drunk. But wait, it gets better, after T2, the roles just keep coming in. She will not be unemployed anytime soon. She’s outspoken and doesn’t give a hoot!

    So while you’re crying over the way she looks, eating a bag of Doritos, munching on Bon Bons, and hating on this woman who looks 12X better than you….maybe then you will get some inspiration to hit the gym!

  • Memyselfandi


    You’re a woman. Not a guy. You’re not fooling anyone. Straight men do not make the ‘Hating B*tch’ attacks that you just made! Penciled-in eyebrows? That made me laugh. Ms Viper, you definitely gave yourself away!


  • SpeakindaTruth

    ^True dat. Might even be Rupaul(Rosie) herself. Megan looks flawless, nice bod, nice face and even nicer hair. Go kill yourselves haters!

  • minnie mouse

    i love megan. she is great here!
    love her hawaianas!!!!

  • Andie


    Touchèe, Bravooooooooooo.

    TEAM FOX GREEN for life.

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