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Jared Eng & Michael K: Gossip Boys

Jared Eng & Michael K: Gossip Boys

Paper Magazine just did this awesome feature on‘s Jared Eng and‘s Michael K.

The introduction to the “Gossip Boys” article reads, “Michael K and Jared Eng are as different as night and day, but they’re both leaders in a new wave of celebrity gossip.”

Explains Michael K, “JustJared is like the best seat at an Outback Steakhouse and I’m a takeout carton from Chili’s To Go.” Ha!

Writes Paper editor Elizabeth Thompson, “In other words, overindulging in either can leave you feeling a bit queasy, and one is nicer than the other,”

Check out the full feature at!

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  • annie

    Michael K is just hilarious and his blog has this crazy character. JJ on the other hand has nothing else but pics and text to offer.

  • DisneyInfonet

    Cant stand either one. The real news is at and on Twittter @DisneyInfoNet. We get the Disney news out faster and better than any other site on the internet period.

  • m

    You two rock!

  • mars

    JJ for the win, Dlisted seems most of time a bunch of jealous haters

  • Shannon

    Michael K is the shit. His blog always puts a smile/grimace on my face!

  • Sun

    just a matter of time until someone else takes your place

  • Shannon

    @mars: And JJ commenters aren’t??? Please.

  • Boop

    Shocker. Jared mentions hanging out with Kate Bosworth & Rachel Bilson in the article *rolls eyes* You couldn’t tell based on the number of posts he makes about them doing nothing.

  • lala

    i love JJ – but i’d love it more without all the willow smith crap. michael k. never fails at making me laugh!

  • Linders

    Amazing! These are two of my favourite blogs. Give you a taste of both ends of the spectrum. You’ve got the snark and the smiley.

  • Alaia

    Dlisted is always fun to read. You can tell he doesn’t take himself too seriously and isn’t genuinely hateful like the hideous Perez Hilton.

  • Ka simply Amazing !!!!!!!


  • Gossip Girl


    And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell. You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl

  • Kirsten

    I visit Dlisted and Just Jared everyday so I’m so excited to see this. JJ is a sweetheart and Michael K is just plain hilarious. Nice job guys!

  • marq

    that mystical part of the Star Machine

  • g


    You must be a Brangelunatic or a Twihard. Only they have no sense of humour and Michael is right to make fun of your obsessions.

  • LL

    Comgrats to you Jared. What a great profile you have. Michael K is very witty with his posts but his readers leave a lot to be desired. Congrats to him too or should I go over there and register to make a comment?

  • anon

    I love that JJ just puts out the news and pictures, that’s it, no opinions (for the most part). We want info. He lets us use our own minds. MK is like the chatty gay cousin who cant stop snarking on everything he sees.

  • Sean

    The 2 celeb blogs I go to every morning!

  • jenna

    Both you guys are good.

  • bob

    @g: Michael.k is also obsessed, totally addicted. Angelina jolie is his drug (lol).

  • Residential Troll

    Jared is HOT

  • Rachel

    I think JJ wins hands down!!!! I like how he doesn’t dissect people or write on their faces or make fun of them or out them. Its good old fun stuff. You can count on him to be the better man.

    I have been a fan for years and years!

    Great job Jared!!!

  • Marc

    JJ + Dlisted + ONTD = my fav

  • Annie

    Jared is better. Michael K is a dick.

  • delilah

    When I want to laugh I read MichaelK. He doesn’t really have news. He just makes hilarious comments about stuff we already know. So I go there maybe two or three times a week.

    Jared I go to about two or three times a DAY, because he always has news. Jared is very nic4e. MichaelK can be mean sometimes even when he’s funny.

  • Lana

    I love Michael K. Hilarious with a capital H!

  • Boop

    @Annie: If you don’t like Michael K, you obviously have no sense of humor. What does Jared do that’s so different from every other site out there, besides try to become besties with the irrelevant celebrities he gets paid to shove down our throats

  • wtf?

    a big fan of both… good cop and one bad

  • sara

    I love Jared for the latest news.
    This site is always one of my first stops.
    But I have to admit that Michael sometimes has me rolling on the floor.
    Comparing the two sites is like comparing apples to oranges. Both are great, but entirely different.

  • chinchin

    Jared was on the list of Most eligible gay bachelor’s. I had no idea he was gay! but that explains why he went into the celeb gossip business! LOL Straight men can give a crap about hollywood gossiping. This site is nothing but jealous tween girls fighting with one another and some gay queens Im sure too.


    My vote is for Michael K!!! Jared kisses celebrity asses!! AND gets paid!!! Michael tells it like it is….he is freaking hilarious!!!

  • Domino

    Dlisted FTW! :D

  • Casey

    At least Michael K is not doing the PR dirty work for celebs.

  • sici

    omg, I love both boys! I can’t believe I finally see a picture of michael K thought–awwwww! Love both of you boys!

  • Shannon

    Tina Fey loves Dlisted.

  • M.

    Well, I’d rather read about real celebs like Bosworth and Bilson than the booooooring non/wannabe-celebs like Phoebe Price, Real Housewives of whatever and gross drag queens.

  • the mimster

    Michael K always refers to Gerard Butler as the biggest manw/hore in Hollywood. Gerry does sleep around but let’s not overdo it.


    he’s a cutie. =)

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …neither one it fcuking with perez, honestly.

  • Hmm

    @chinchin: Was Wentworth Miller on that list as well? ;)

  • Shannon

    @M.: you count bosworth & bilson as real celebrities?? lmao! that’s the funniest thing i’ve heard all day.

  • cara

    love jared!

  • M.

    Well, at least they are actresses meaning they have acted in real movies or tv series. They may not be good actresses but yes, they ARE celebs. What has Price, the Housewives, Jordan’s son Harvey and Shauna Sand ever done?

  • Anthony

    I think is pretty cool too, but I might be biased.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …michael k is creative, and he speaks his mind. jared on the other hand.. just lies and pretends to like (kisses ass) everything in order to get a interview and photo with d-listers. LOL

  • Shannon

    @M.: you don’t get michael k. he doesn’t seriously think price, shauna sand, etc are real celebs. he loves hot messes & making fun of them in the process.

  • Anna

    @M.: I agree! Not to mention the uninteresting coverage of RuPaul’s Dragrace. *yawn*

  • whizzer

    I love Michael K Of Dlisted than Just Jared. MK doesnt kiss the azz of those famewh*ring celebs; most esp. if they’re jobless & worthless.

  • Ashley

    Love Michael K! I visit Dlisted every day (is that sad to admit? lol). He is witty, funny, and clever. And there is no one else like him.

    I only visit justjared for the pictures. I never read the captions.

    P.S. You’re both cuties :)