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Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor' Live on American Idol!

Jennifer Lopez: 'On The Floor' Live on American Idol!

Check out Jennifer Lopez performing her current hit single “On The Floor” during American Idol!

The 41-year-old singer and Idol judge led a group of dancers and took over the stage as she was joined by Pitbull for a glass-shattering performance.

“Cannot wait to take the @AmericanIdol stage tonight!” Jennifer tweeted earlier in the day.

This is the first single off of Jennifer‘s new album, Love?, out in stores now!

FYI: Jennifer is wearing Zuhair Murad‘s customized silver beaded corset top.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jennifer’s performance?

Jennifer Lopez – ‘On The Floor’ Live on American Idol
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  • Lauren

    I wish Jennifer Lopez would do more movies like she used to. I hope that she has a cameo in Star Trek 12.

  • oh well

    why is the media lying? they said they pre-recorded the show… :s

  • Silver


    I have to give her credit for this…She killed it.

    Artist half her age should take notes from this performance!

  • ben

    She has a georgeous face, beautiful cheekbones…her performance was awesome….now come the haters.

  • wow

    Who said people don’t get second chances. Jlo is a superstar and still got that “it” factor at age forty…lol!!!!! She is a great performer and what a georgeous woman…

  • http://deleted lilia mazunina


  • Rocky


    PLEASE NO!! The woman can’t act!!

  • Mike

    Great performance. Should have been a month or two ago, though.

  • Rocky


    I’m not a fan, but she is a very pretty woman and the performance was OK. She’s really not a great singer and her acting is even worse, but this performande wasn’t too bad. Only negative comment on this performance was her trousers. Why were they so baggy in the front? Didn’t like that look at all.

  • Nicole

    This is lame!!! She doesn’t look like her new herself!! Looks more like her old videos… Where is her new voice, her new everything?? She looks fatter than in her music video. Why is that?

  • MangerBouger

    She is not fat, she is curvy and so healthy people ! She really has a nice body. I wish she sang ‘ I’m into you’ cause ‘On the floor’ is a bit old news now.
    Everytime I hear the new song, all I picture is that hot guy running on the beach towards the camera, LOL. That song is hot, I still did not fully digest it …ha ha !

  • mimo

    she took my breath away! one of the best performances I have seen since pink @ the Grammys ! all the haters and who doubted JLO are dead by now !

  • tal

    love it

  • She Stinks!

    Was that JHO or some drag queen? The makeup, outfit, bad weave, it was all such tragic drag. She looked foolish. I couldn’t stop laughing. She is a pathetic has been wannabe. Let the younger more talented girls do this JHO. Go back to doing what you do best, nothing!

  • brainy box


  • http://ja sliigo torres ^________^cute

    To be bad

  • really?

    @oh well:
    Look people, all you have to do is watch it back to see that it was prerecorded. After her elevator ride up, and back down, you will notice that the harness behind her is up, next camera view, it is down, and then the next camera view it is back up again, this goes on for 8 or 9 camera views, so, don’t say it was live, IT WASN’T!

  • http://deleted lilia mazunina


  • CindyLauper


  • Mike

    amazing performance, she is truly talented! Nice voice too, didnt think she could sing that good live

  • peyton

    dancing moves ok but the voice…. Pitbull was better vocally on this one^^

  • ELEN


  • Lucy86

    she’s stunning!

  • mimi twins

    @She Stinks!: Wow don’t get a heart attack, did you forget to take your meds today…because you are so aggressive. You need serious help, anyone with that much hate for a superstar celebrity has issues. Jennifer has a life you need to get one lmao.

    By the way Jennifer looked georgeous, now go take your meds.

  • Sandra

    Wow!! She killed it! Her floor routine was amazing and I’m sure there are young women everywhere being inspired by her! Women in their 40′s are still hot people! I’m so tired of the society view that women over 40 iare old and should be put out to pasture! Thanks Jen for showing the world that at 41 you are as hot and sexy (maybe moreso) then you’ve ever been!

  • Not a fan

    Her ‘performance’ was ridiculous, embarrassing and cringe-worthy at best.

  • Donna

    @ Mimi twins – I agree with every single word you just wrote, must take his meds NOW!

  • c

    It’s a great summer party song!!!

  • look

    Why do people equate being “hot” over 40 with trying to look and act 20. When your that age you should have some sophistication, some maturity, you don’t have to do what the 20 year olds do, you’ve done that already your at a different place in your life. YOu don’t have to be an old lady but you don’t have to sound like a total adolecent idiot either. I’m sorry but she looks and sounds ridiculous over 40, 2 kids and this is all you have to lipsing about, IIt’s bad enough to have 20 year olds that have to write your “music” for you. This is all you have to say about the world your children will grow up and live in? I understand fun and dancing, I just wonder is there ever a deep thouht that enters this woman’s head? There’s just no substance to Lopez.. One thing I can say about Janet and Madonna they did make music that you can dance too but they also addressed the world they lived in. I guess that’s dead and burried today.

  • fatlol

    I feel sorry for JLo. I know how she feels… The person could be me!!

  • Ben Affleck

    Ew! Old ugly, saggy butt skin bleached, nose jobbed, blond weave.

  • MIKE

    Although she was forced on the American public we Americans will never vote for a PuertoRican American Idol….they have zero talent anyways they just steal.

  • http://myms95 M.

    SHE ROCKED and THAT’S IT! What’s going on with you people? Her songs are international hits, she looks great, she knows how to dance and she’s a good actress: she is a LEGEND.

  • Simon

    It was pre-recorded Jlo can not sing worth a dime.

  • http://@M7mdiBrahim JLO

    I love JLO, the performance was breathtaking!
    but yes, it was pre-recorded
    you can check it urself 1:45 the black thing behind her was there
    1:47 its not ..
    oh well, its still good tho

  • Jayne

    @look: I agree with you, you can make dance music and make music that isn’t stupid, that has some thing to say. Music is so dumbed down it’s frightening.

  • lolo

    @m: Seriously you call her a legend what have you been smoking? She is a starlet but not a legend.

  • http://LusineAgadal Lusine

    She’s amazing!!! She’s georgeous!!! She’s wonderful!!! She’s the best)))))

  • Tomee

    I have to give it to her. She’s 41 and look that good… and that performance was pretty good. Keep it up Jennifer! I love what you are doing.


  • 2011=jlo year

    She looks great and she still can move and looks better than pop tart half her age cough Britney . Congrats JLO, she is the hottest popstar in the biz. she still has the It factor. It fell like 1999 all over again.

  • S

    wonderful performance! I see her pulling some Gaga sized stunts though lol

  • mar

    Yeah she looks great, but that performance was just ehh….

    Her singing is not good

  • shamrock

    Jennifer ROCKED it and is truly SMOK’N with the passion for balancing it all out!!! My daughter and her girlfriends LOVE her and she plays her music almost daily before school while she is getting ready!

    Jennifer Lopez is inspirational and so motivated, and CONFIDENT~

  • san

    WOOO!!! SUPER!!!

  • Yay

    Ahh she is so much better than that awful Paula. This entire season has been better. Better judges and wonderful talent!

  • benny1949

    What was with those baggy pants? Yuck!

  • http://dnica Mann

    What an awful performance, she just doesn’t have “it” anymore if she ever had it in the first place but she looked old and nervous. Not a good combo, very much cringeworthy to see her like that and the baggy pants… I could not watch the whole thing.

  • Jory


  • Bob

    What was with that outfit? It looked like a big saggy diaper in the crotch. And ther voice is over synthesized? And that rolling around on the floor? Is that dancing? I was thinking it was a commerical “Help I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.

  • David

    She is so hot, good PERFORMANCE