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Katie Holmes Settles with 'Star'

Katie Holmes Settles with 'Star'

Katie Holmes kicks off her weekend with a shopping trip to Barneys New York on Friday (May 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The night before, the 32-year-old actress attended the Simon Wiesental Center National Tribute Dinner, where hubby Tom Cruise was honored.

Late last month, Katie settled a lawsuit with Star, which earlier this year ran a cover story with the headline, “Addiction Nightmare! Katie Drug Shocker!”

Star apologizes to Ms. Holmes for any misperception and will be making a substantial donation to charity on Ms. Holmes‘ behalf for any harm that we may have caused,” the magazine said.

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  • KC

    Why does she always look so sad? She is so young yet she always appears to be depressed.


    she looks fat.

  • Ginger

    Pregnant, maybe?

  • stella

    She looks pregnant

  • LALA

    She does look pregnant…she wore low riding jeans all through her first pregnancy and for most of the 3 fake belly months after Suri was actually born. I’m guessing this time it was in-vitro…One thing is for sure is that she’s never actually had sex with Tommygirl.

  • Marla

    Her legs are still way skinny so I think that’s a preggo belly!!! she’s always skinny.. Doesn’t seem like the type to let herself go so it def looks preggo-ish!!! I agree why does she never smile big like she used to?

  • alien baby on the way

    If you look at the pix from last night she definitely looks pregnant in those too

  • lucy2

    Unless they managed to get Joshua Jackson to donate some sperm(ha ha), the kid is not going to look much like Suri.
    Or they paid to have Suri cloned.

  • Arielle

    She looks preggers!


  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    She is pregnant for sure. For a woman who works out so much I am surprise she couldn’t get a flat tummy.

  • Madhatter

    Maybe not preggers, though?
    Wouldn’t she try to hide it a little bit until it is safe to announce, after the 3 month mark?

  • Friday at home

    Good, Suri is gonna get someone to play with!

  • Wesie

    It’s amazing how many crazies Katie Holmes posts bring.
    How messed up people must be to talk about her kids, speculate that she never had sex with her husband, that she is depressed… What about get a reality check? Believing conspiracy theories does not make you sound edgier, cynic, etc… make you sound damn crazy.

  • used

    She is pregnant, look at the belly and the pix from yesterday, her boobs have gotten big.

  • Romeo

    Right, #13.

  • Susie#1

    Why does she go out in public looking that bad? Bad hair, bad outfit and bad posture. Her hand on her chin is supposed to make her look like she’s mulling over an idea…but her expression is as dead as always. UGH!

  • patty243

    She isn’t pregnant she just has a belly like a normal person has. She isn’t a skinny person.

  • Casper

    WRONG Romeo!

    anyone that is “positive” about dead eyed clueless Katie,,,,is an idiot,

    She DOES NOT need to be pregnant, Hope not, Don’t need another brat,

    If she is not preggers….shame on her for dressing in that manner,,,,so low-classed. Should be on Walmart video!

  • melissa

    Ok first off some of these comments should b deleted bcause they r just mean and second off stop bashing at katie holmes give her a break.

    she is a mom and most moms look like that although i do think she does look pregnant but she could b just bloated but who knows.

  • pr person

    She isn’t pregnant…. it is her craptastic posture.

    She looks a bit dazed and confused. Is it because Suri isn’t there to tell her what to buy?

  • theresa

    what ever we may all think about Katie she won her lawsuit. now Star and other magazines are going to have to be very careful what they write about her. Katie did to them what Tom did. as for Katie being pregnant; with that woman who knows.

  • itstrueagain

    Thanks STAR, now she only looks stoned.

  • rainy day


    Excuse me? Most moms look like that? Since when is being a mom synonymous with looking like you were road hard and put away wet. White trash looks like this.

  • Super Cool

    Maybe it’s a baby bump, maybe it isn’t. Problem solved.

  • Trailer Park Icon

    She’s not pregnant. It’s her usual alcoholic belly. Binge, purge, get drunk… She’s going to die from a heart attack if she doesn’t get psychiatric help.

  • All we really know is..

    that she wants us to think she is pregnant. Low-cut jeans, bared midriff, same out of style trash look she had during Suri’s pregnancy. She wants us to think she’s pregnant even if she’s not. Next set of pics, Tom will be holding her tummy. They do this crap about every six months.

  • debbie


  • Romeo

    You’re an idiot, #26

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Yes, she is pregnant, and yes, I’m the father

  • Sheri

    There’s an article in the current People magazine whereby Katie gives the “do’s” and “don’t” of fashion. She claims she never wears anything that’s age inappropriate, cropped, anything that exposes her midriff (or rearend, for that matter). Of course, in the same article, she claims she loves it when Suri gives her input on what to wear….that explains it. Who goes to their 5 year old for fashion advice?

  • rainy day


    Well she certainly violated all her fashion rules here. And Lainey Gossip pointed out that her pedicure was in bad need of repair at Tom’s gala honoring. She went there with dirty, stringy hair and a chipped pedicure.

    What she doesn’t realize is that when you dress as badly as she does in clothes that often don’t look clean/pressed and hair that is often dirty/messy, people tend to get the impression you don’t bathe and that you have body odor. Whether she is or is not–she often looks dirty to me now because of her grooming over the past six or so months.

    Have some pride Katie. Take a bath. Take minimal time on your hair–wash it, brush it, skip the top knot you are not 9 years old, put on a minimum of make up.

    And in this picture set which is all over the place now due to her belly fat–she looks like she is picking her face. EWWWWW.

  • idiotic

    Katie Holmes has a unique perspective on the fashion industry. She’s a designer, collaborating on the high-end line Holmes & Yang; a model, representing Ann Taylor’s Spring 2011 collection; and a fashion plate, wearing designer duds wherever she goes. So where does she get her great style ideas?

    “I raid my friends’ closets,” she admitted to PEOPLE recently at an Ann Taylor event in L.A. “I’m always inspired by them. I tend to say, ‘Do you mind if I copy you?’” When she is emulating pals, she’s sure to highlight her waist — “I have a sense of what works on me and what doesn’t,” she shared — and give her body some shape. “I try not to wear dresses that look like muumuus, even if they happen to be in style,” she explained. “I can’t pull it off!” Another trend she’s wary of? Flashing her midriff. “I’m so over a cropped T-shirt or anything that shows my belly button,” Holmes said.

    “I went down that road; you can only do it when you’re young!” The star, who favors maxi skirts and tank tops in warm weather and generally wears flats — though she likes “the look of a heel” — says she always gets a boost when she hears from a certain critic, too. “Suri has great taste,” she shared. “I always feel complimented when she says, ‘Can I have that when I grow up?’”

  • toria

    From Today’s Awful Truth (Ted Casablana-E)

    Dear Ted:
    I neither like nor dislike Katie Holmes, but please put to rest a question I have had for a long time. Why does she smile crooked? When Victoria Beckham was her BFF, Victoria always smiled with one side of her mouth, and Katie began doing the same. Is there some way of telling Katie politely that her crooked smile makes her look stupid? Thanks, Ted. Love your column!
    —Mom to Two Pups from the Pound

    Dear Stupid Copy-Katie:
    Love that you noticed her trying-to-hard of a smirk. So Victoria Beckham and it doesn’t surprise me in the very least. Don’t you remember when the two initially became BFFs Katie also chopped off her hair? Katie copy-cated Posh’s ultra chic bob just as much as she forced that crooked smile we all love on Mrs. Beckham. When will these women learn to just be themselves? Starting with LeAnn,

  • the smirk

    is because she smokes

  • Bloated Smirked!

    This really beats all. Katie Holmes makes Star magazine pay$ for “harming her ” with sensationalistic headlines BUT she supports an organization that hires private investigators and perverts to make up lies and slander blogs about good people all day long. Katie Holmes belongs to a corporation that slanders and breaks the law thinking it is above the law. Hypocrites. Boycott.

  • Bloated Smirked!

    @the smirk: She smirks because she is smug and has fever blisters that have paralyzed her arrogance

  • louanne lee

    How does she keep her drinking a secret from Tom and the half a million cult sisters/handlers she’s surrounded by 24/7 ?