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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Canucks Green Men Pic!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Canucks Green Men Pic!

Nicole Kidman and her husband, country crooner Keith Urban, cheer on the Nashville Predators hockey team as they face off against the Vancouver Canucks on Thursday (May 5) in Nashville, Tenn.

The happy couple laughed and happily posed for pics with the Canucks Green Men, the team’s unofficial mascot. You can follow the green-suited men on Twitter @TheGreenMen!

Unfortunately, Nicole and Keith didn’t give the Predators enough luck. They lost out the Canucks, 4-2!

FYI: Nicole has been busy in San Francisco shooting the new HBO movie, Hemingway And Gellhorn.

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • arlene

    ist prengnat nicole kidman pictures 6 is baby bumps

  • danielle

    Thanks Jared for the pics. They look so happy together. Love this couple.

  • kerri

    Great couple.

  • From Paris with Love

    Awww, almost look like he didn’t cheat on her right from the start

  • andres

    love her

  • http://ja sliigo torres ^________^cute

    Not great couple and not cute and not sweet

  • Cheche

    What the hell!! did Sliigo just speak proper english? Stay in school kid and keep it up.

  • Anon

    Have to counter all the rumors out there. Breaking the 3 day rule.

  • ~m~

    Go Canucks Go!!

  • stupidisasstupiddoes


    Oh thanks tara / hit n run! Like we needed that. Telling everyone at E that you just read Urban Myths when the truth is you write the posts is really a very smart move! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • botoxed up

    hollywood’s most surgically altered pair? maybe

  • Eve


    That’s their idea of damage control! Everyone knows they are lying and yet they soldier on. When you think it’s a good idea to post that Nicole had nipple implants to make them permanently erect you are more than a few cards short of a deck. Silly Sue is paving the way for herself right into the loony bin!

  • fred



  • fred



  • moh123

    lovely People!

  • vanessa

    They are great! happy couple!!!

  • iris

    They are wonderful together

  • ccc123

    what a sweet couple

  • beth

    They look so cute.

  • hopeso


  • Kristen


  • Galey

    It is so refreshing to see a normal acting happy couple. The are both so beautiful inside and out.

  • irene olson

    Love this couple; especially Keith. So nice to see two people smiling genuinely and having a good time. Nicole has always been a big sports fan. It appears her love of sports has rubbed off on Keith.

  • toni

    @botoxed up:

    MAYBE???????????????? hahahaa

  • toni

    @botoxed up:

    MAYBE???????????????? hahahaa

  • fred



    You only draw more attention to comments when you ‘hide’ them!

    You may find you’ll have a better quality of life if you lose your endless obsession with the lowest common denominator. It can’t be healthy for your soul to keep wallowing in the muck.

  • Sheri

    Isn’t that Nicole’s sister, Antonia, sitting next to her?

  • Chloe

    Hmmm….anyone feeling a little Sunny here?

  • Eve

    @Sheri: No

  • Eve

    @fred: Take a hint “fred” your comments aren’t welcome here and I’m not even who you think I am so you are wasting your time. 20+ people agree with me. Move on.

  • bobby

    Thanks! Loved seeing a happy couple having fun together!

    Sure glad I don’t hae to read the haters lies and negative comments. Never anything different. Thanks for that !

  • laurie

    Ha…now thats funny. (whoever it was who pointed out that Tara is nuts! Tara posting stupid stuff STILL? OM MY Gosh!

  • really

    You haters are delusional – truly. They attend a hockey game and you think it’s PR? Nice try. In fact, they are a happily married couple enjoying a night at a playoff hockey game. While I don’t think she should wear leggins, she certainly has the body to pull the look off. She looks amazing when she doesn’t even try. Keith always looks amazing. Look at his arm around her. Look again. Keith loves Nicole. Keith LOVES Nicole. Sorry. Time for you to find a man of your own. LIARS! HATERS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


    Any woman would trade places with Nic. She is one lucky lady. To be in her 40′s and no fat? Highly unusual but she works out daily so she deserves that body. Keith enjoys her body several times a week. Eat your heart out haters. Keith is enjoying him some NIC! NIC is what he wants. Not you. Not your ugly heart, face and body.

  • waytogo

    It’s refreshing to see a celebrity couple that actually seem in love. I respect both of them for putting value in their marriage and family and NOT succumbing to the many temptations that surely come their way.

  • fred


    the 20+ people who ‘agree’ with you are the same person with umpteen I.D’s

    not fooling everyone!

  • …..

    We can recognise blatant baiting. You cannot vote up your own comments and you can only vote once on other people’s. Constructive posts always rise to the top. Don’t worry, I have full faith your post will be hidden by the end of the day.

  • fred


    Actually, you are wrong. There are ways and means.

    Besides, once the item is off the conveyer belt, one has to go a different route to come back and comment. There is no way that casual members of the public would come back just to join our conversation … not 26 in any case! Besides, 26 different people would not have an issue with me posting two words:

    Without SM’s posts, NK has about 6 fans that post … the rest (posts) are all obsessed with E!, UM, Tara and Sue (whoever they are) etc … and that is one person! Always harping on about “Keith not wanting THEM”.


  • fred


    You and Skewer Mistress, whether you are one and the same person or not, do not seem to understand the purpose of THIS blog; to discuss the thread posted here by Jared; NOT to conduct a continual witchhunt and discuss & diss members of OTHER blogs, whoever they are and however ‘bad’ they are. Go to THOSE blogs and trash the people there that bug you. I personally am sick to death of people like you constantly toxifying NK threads with your attempts to ‘out’ people you have issues with. And in my case; you getting it VERY wrong!

    If indeed I was thumbed down by Nicole’s fans, it was probably because they thought I was referring to NK as “Skewer Mistress”, which of course I was not; I am referring to the owner of the now defunct blog “Skewer the Skeptics” who posts on every NK thread with many different names; however with the same old story like a stuck record.

    Enough already!

  • fred

    HA … disarmed!

  • rwk

    Look liked they scared her to death, and Keith got a laugh out of it.
    (Keith should stayed with N. Taylor)

  • Anon

    @stupidisasstupiddoes: Not Tara or hitnrun. You think only a few people have these opinions. You are sadly mistaken.

  • Anon

    @KUROCKS: You might be surprised.

  • weho

    If it walks like a skeptic and quacks like a skeptic, its a skeptic.

    You aren’t fooling anybody. Tara or hit n run? Tara and hit n run are the same person.