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Rihanna: Nivea Celebration in Paris!

Rihanna: Nivea Celebration in Paris!

Rihanna attends a photo call to celebrate Nivea’s 100th Anniversary at the Grand Hotel Intercontinental on Friday (May 6) in Paris, France.

Earlier in the day, the 23-year-old Bajan beauty spent some time with her pal Roberta Armani in Milan, Italy before heading off to Paris.

Rihanna took the stage at a celebration for the skincare company the day before in Milan and performed her current single “California King Bed.”

10+ pictures inside of Rihanna posing for photos to celebrate Nivea’s anniversary…

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rihanna nivea celebration in paris 01
rihanna nivea celebration in paris 02
rihanna nivea celebration in paris 03
rihanna nivea celebration in paris 04
rihanna nivea celebration in paris 05
rihanna nivea celebration in paris 06
rihanna nivea celebration in paris 07
rihanna nivea celebration in paris 08
rihanna nivea celebration in paris 09
rihanna nivea celebration in paris 10

Credit: Marc Piasecki; Photos: WireImage, WENN
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  • bajan

    GORGEOUS ALL OVER U GO GAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LD

    Whoa! ske looks fat in that dress

  • Daniel

    I like It, Not too Much, Not too simple, she looks Great! Stunning Skin! Hermosa Riri!

  • Marc

    Gurl Little Mermaid wonts to her hair back.

  • Lola


  • lovegame

    Awwwww! She looks fat and her hair is very bad … Guacala!!!1

  • who..??


  • elis

    Rihanna needs to quit with the weaves.

  • Yo-Landi

    OKay…..I’m a proud hater of that Rihonna but I have to be honest. Truthfully the super bright volcano fake hair (a weave or wig or whatever you wanna call it) is quite REPULSIVE as we know that this is certainly not her own hair. However, she does look amazing. She has a pretty face and nice body. Flawless skin. Beautiful features. Gorgeous skin tone. Seriously it’s too bad that her hair is not naturally this way. Long and beautiful. She’d have been perfect. But she’s not. Nobody is. To be fair enough, she’s sure a beauty. ….. Compliments aside though, I don’t like her :p She comes off as such a stupid b!tch. Ugh

  • Billy

    She need to burn her weaves, she is such a pretty girl esp when she first came out. The browm hair she had was perfect . she looks rediclous with these hedious hair.

  • Pook

    She looks like a dude in a wig.

  • lmao*
  • Stella

    Sometimes I find her pretty. Other times she’s strange looking. She has pretty eyes but I think it depends on what angle she’s photographed from.

  • cute

    Cute girl. Bad stylist.

  • F.A.M.E

    love the dress but she needs to lose the hair . im glad she toned down her style

  • Observer

    I have observed over time quite a few people come on to comment only with hateful comments whether warranted or not as they seem to think such is only expected of the comments for this site. There will always be haters but for these people it’s more than a pastime, it’s seems to be a necessity. It gives them a sense of power to degrade and spit their hatred. One can only guess what pitiful lives they lead as they feed off of this hatred. You are also left to wonder as regards to their own physical appearance as they seem to be judging others so harshly. Mostly coward on the outside but so much to say with so much venom in front of a computer screen but cowards confronting others in person one on one. They have my sympathy.

  • Wilson

    @Marc: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Noel

    I’ve observed that Rihanna has a name-changing stan on here who is fanatical about trying to censor opposing opinions and negative feedback. I’m glad freedom of speech is alive and well. If I only wanted to view a celebrity through rose-colored glasses, I’d go to a fan site.

    I just wish this site would stop taking kickbacks to post about certain celebrities like Rihanna. The bias is embarrassing to observe. The many talented artists who miss out on coverage because of celebrities and their publicists trying to manipulate blogs like this one have my sympathy.

  • lovelydee

    She looks absolutely lovely.

  • G


  • G


  • burn it!

    Burn that weave, Rihann!

  • truly

    she looks so much better when she keeps her style casual and comfortable. usually she dresses for attention and looks awful.

  • pigbearman

    overexposed no talent “singer”. nice wig btw

  • Observer

    Guess I struck a chord. In the words of Bob “Who the Cap fits, let them wear it”. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I stan for all people not one indivisual. Preventing ‘Freedom of Speech” was never even an issue, feel free. The matter was an observation on the hatred people constantly spit on this site. One could also observe some persons are possibly paid by the blog to just write hateful comments to keep it relevant with all the shade.

  • so pretty

    she’s such a pretty girl, and I like the red weave on her, it makes her eyes and beautiful skin stand out!!

  • American

    @Observer: You’re a legend in your own mind. The comments are irrelevant. This girl is posted about almost daily whether she receives 12 replies or 35. There’s clearly an arrangement with her label to promote her.

  • American

    @Noel: Thank you. They don’t even try to hide their bias. It’s the same 5 celebs who receive the most promotion regardless of popularity.

  • jazzy

    wow every single person on the internet gets called tranny! shut up its become such an irrelevant put down by now because EVERYONE gets called that, lol. From Megan Fox,Angelina Jolie to Beyonce no beautiful woman is safe from that word. Get over it! Female celebs are gorgeous and you who have to say such mean things are not.

  • hello1

    wow shes ugly, ever since her return after Chris Brown beat her she hasn’t been the same. Now shes fat and still cant sing or dance. Lady Gaga laughs at her

  • Gen Y

    @Wilson: Rihanna ruined her hair. Have you seen her old airport pics before this new wig? She was almost completely bald in the front.

  • Cindy

    I actually LOVE her new hair, and she looks gorgeous here, but that dress makes her look pregnant!

  • Alexandra

    @Marc: Learn how to spell before anyone can take you seriously dude.

  • Ruben

    She Looks Super Cute!!!

  • Radha

    I think she looks really good here, I like the dress, the make up is simple, the hair looks nice, oh and her skinnnnnnnn My god, Beautiful skin, this is really cool way to promote her 4 single, CKB!

  • Majah

    The Best Skin in the business, She is Killing the Game!

  • lilo

    I love Rihanna, Her Video will be out on Monday, I can’t wait to see the video, California King Bed! <3

  • http://deleted lilia mazunina


  • Boy

    and the hate starts in 3…2…1!!!
    Only Ugly hairy fat pigs talk trash here, seem that they are perfect, yeah but it’s easy Criticize someone behind a screen….Get a life and learn how to express about someone else!
    *Don’t take it personal*

  • DX

    This is an honest question: is she pregnant?

  • http://deleted lilia mazunina


  • http://deleted lilia mazunina


  • LaLa

    LOVE Rihanna, GORGEOUS GIRL!!!!!!!!!!

  • wink

    @Boy: You’re doing exactly the same thing. I guess you’re an ugly fat, hairy pig too.

    *Don’t take it personal*wink*

  • brainy box


  • Babillages

    I was in Paris for the Nivea Party yesterday. I made a video and some pictures @ the photocall and during her performance. You can use the video (and watch it !). It’s on my blog.

    Best regards from Paris !

  • Chloe

    It would have been better for her to have extensions/a weave that become progressively longer instead of all of sudden this long Barbie-like hair. But she’s got the money and can pull it off I guess.

  • Rah#

    i Love Rih Shes My Idol But The Hair Is Too Long Way Long . But i
    stell Love Her <33