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Taylor Swift: 'Mean' Video Premiere!

Taylor Swift: 'Mean' Video Premiere!

Check out the video premiere for Taylor Swift‘s latest single, “Mean“!

“Someday I’ll be living in a big old city and all you’re ever gonna be is mean. Someday I’ll be big enough so you can’t hit me, and all you’re ever gonna be is mean. Why you gotta be so mean?” the 21-year-old country star sings while strumming the banjo.

FYI: Taylor is inviting 13,000 fans to her final dress rehearsal before kicking off her Speak Now tour!

The event, taking place May 21 at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena, will be a fundraiser to benefit victims of the recent deadly tornadoes in the Southeast.

Be sure to check out this Monday (May 9) for ticket information.

Taylor Swift – Mean
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  • whyy

    will she ever not be so dorky and cutesy? everything she does is so disney except without disney making her…

  • anonmus

    video isn’t available in my region. :(

  • jill

    she had her moment now it’s over

  • Wesie

    @jill: I really don’t like her, but she is def not over, girl is selling millions. She sells more than Lady Gaga or Beyonce.
    I don’t get her appeal, but apparently millions of people do, so I guess congrats to her. I hope that with music growth she will able to do something different.

  • WhatATool


  • Garlett

    Why is she so bitter? Her success is phenomenal and yet all she talks about is that girl in middle school who didn’t like her sweater.

  • fire

    @jill: Her moment isn’t over by a long shot. Her faux underdog image appeals to millions of people.

  • marq

    Is that Joey King or her doppelgänger @ 2:04?

  • Cutie

    Swift needs a new man. I’m thinkIng Hemsworth from the new movie Thor. She needs a big strong man like that. Enough with wimpy guys like Mayer or Gyllenhaal.

  • corina

    unbearable!Terrible!she isthe worst singer-songrwitter i’ve ever heard.I prefer milli vinilli to her.She’s not that nice to the eye either.This is sad and it breaks my heart! !Her chip is going to burn at some point.

  • Ologlu

    @Cutie: Chris Hemsworth is married and way way way way waaaaay too good for her immature ass.

  • Toodles

    @corina: oh please…she’s not that bad. stop overacting.

    Anywayz….I’m still waiting for the more mature T-Swift. the cutesy thing is kind of wearing thin, but i guess she doesn’t want to alienate her fan base too soon…

  • Cutie

    Well since Thor is married maybe a big strong football player. She is such a sweetheart, can’t wait to see her find Prince Charming! Just love her and she is a great role model too!

  • Speak Now

    She’s not bitter. She’s actually one of the kindest people in the business. She can outsing people like LadyGagMe. Taylor is true to herself. Haters, keep turning green with envy. :)

  • jules

    I gotta say, I love the sample lyrics. Made me laugh out loud XD I can imagine one could easily make a pie chart or something categorizing her songs- Fairy Tale Love, Revenge (love), Revenge (not love), “Inspirational”, Break-Up Songs….

  • Sara

    i dont like swift but the song is kinda catchy …the music is very dixie chicks style (god i miss them)….one more thing @wesie Swift will never hold a kandle to BEYONCE no matter how many ex boyfriends she trash in her songs .

  • http://Ja Sliigo torres ^_________^ cute


  • Tara

    i definitely dont think she is being bitter. And i also dont think she intended for this song to be just about herself. Its about all types of people who are being bullied for being who they are, and about looking for that light at the end of the tunnel. I think she is sending out a great message with this song and the video. Taylor is a huge inspiration to me and i will continue to look up to her. I dont mean to be cliche by saying this but people seriously need to stop being so mean.

  • Amanda

    @Tara: Well said.

  • Amanda

    @Tara: Well said.

  • Cherry

    To all haters, all you’re is MEAN!!!

  • Mary

    I am the most unlikely Taylor fan. I think she is sooo awesome; beautiful and talented in many, many ways. I don’t get how or why so many people don’t like her. She is a genius! And I’ll bet her next album will be full of surprises that will shut the haters up once and for all!

  • marq

    Joey King Net confirms that Joey King is featured in Taylor’s new video,

  • RobertL

    She got yall talking and that’s what causes her music to spread like wildfire. Good for you Taylor! At least she’s not like that Idol winner chick who was so snotty in the beginning of her career and after she snubbed Oprah on her own show she decided to start smiling all over the place. What a fake!!!!! Taylor seems genuine. That’s what I love about her.

  • iscia

    Why people don’t like her?
    Because some people are not blind by her “fake” behavior, she’s totally playing the nice girl who everybody would like to have as a friend, or daughter in law…By the way the lyrics sucks like her voice, a 5 years old little girl could write those lyrics….And don’t compare, LADY GAGA REIGN SUPREME, and swift will never be like her, plus she’s not hated by millions of people maybe more all over the world.
    In europe we have, the story of us and not the mean music video: both sucks. 21 and still immature lyrics. She needs to grow up.
    Face the truth she’s not acting her age at all and probably will never be, because teens and kids made her success. And those people will grow and change their mind soon!

  • Ila O

    Oh how true it is that when the caravan passes, the dogs bark! It’s easy to sit here anonymously behind your computer screens (maybe in dirty T-shirts in your parents’ basement) and rant about how awful and untalented and bitter she is. The bitter one, it seems, is you, perhaps because she made $17 million in 2009 while you were bent over some desk or fryer for cents on her dollars.
    And then spout off things you don’t know anything about, like Garlett here, who assumes the song is about middle school girls. It’s actually about a critic. (Like one who gets paid for his opinions, not you folks.)
    And that she has no range — check out the Speak Now album on which this song appears. Much different from what she’s done before. This is the folksy-est song on there.
    Not a big fan of the new video myself. But I am a fan of hers: She’s very grounded in spite of her success at such a young age; she can write songs like nobody’s business and yeah, she can sing. Not like a Carrie Underwood, but she can sing. And she ain’t no fad. It’s been 5 years since her first album and she’s bigger than ever.
    But bark.
    Because her caravan will pass.

  • hmmm

    @Ila O: 17 million isn’t much for an entertainer, considering people like miley cyrus and justin bieber are younger then her and making more money then her – miley cyrus made 45 million in 2010,

  • eatyourheartout

    LMAO. Lady Gaga is probably more hated than Taylor at this point. She is such an attention whore, it makes me sick. Plus her lyrics are fcking horrible.

    Great to see every fcking JJ no-life loser jumping on Taylors case, comfortably ignoring the fact, how she is doing charity work ONCE AGAIN. Plus the music video is not bad at all for what its targeted at(for). Sending out great message to everybody to never lose hope. Addressing bullying against gays, passive aggressive bullying and so on. I say great job, country girl!

  • eatyourheartout

    I bet she makes more at this point. And Taylor made around 40 mil last year. Her new album was writter entirely by her….so lots of royalities. PLus her Tour will be crazy massive with 8 stadium shows and 100+arena dates. Everybody knows touring is where the money is at.

  • longchamp

    Now that she’s hit it big, could she not just spend some $$$ on therapy to work out her failed relationship/mean girls/other issues instead of warbling them out, please. Evolve your style, Swifty. It’s way past due.

  • fhstewhya

    She is terribly overrated. I’m sick of hearing about her and seeing her. People talk about her being such an amazing song writer, yet this song is verging on stupid and sounds like something a 5 year old could write.

  • jaye

    First song of hers I’ve ever listened to. It’s a bit sappy and juvenile, but h*ell she’s still a kid. I don’t get why she’s so popular though. Listening to that song grated on my nerves. Kudos for becoming rich and famous though, not everyone can accomplish that.

  • iscia

    Her fans always talk about millions album sold, I DON’T CARE , she still can’t sing and still a little stupid girl.
    Those millions are not going with her the day she’ll die.
    And by the way, in EUROPE WE REALLY DON’T CARE ABOUT HER….we have more talented singers

  • elizabeth


    seriously? haven’t you heard about the world tour she had at the beginning of this year? she had a tour in europe and had millions of fans there…just look at the videos on youtube, you’ll know..

    i guess it’s just “you don’t know what you don’t know”

  • Yvanna

    elizabeth i agree with iscia, maybe she was on tour in europe but we don’t make a fuss about her like in th us and you’re wrong she doesn’t have milions of fans here, her fans think that the entire world love that girl but damn there are a lot of anti-swift groups on the internet girl a lot more than you could think
    she’s just a little singer for europeans here we definitely have more talented singers in europe

  • Kaley

    Broadway? in her dreams
    No talent no voice that girl is a big mistake

  • ArinaTaeva

    I am from Russia. I like Taylor, she made ​​a wonderful video! She is a talented singer, and we are still applicable when he saw her older work.
    Ischia, here and write a song to be heard all over the world, looking forward

  • elizabeth


    well there are also a lot of american websites that are against her but she has millions of fans there…i’m from the philippines, her concert is the only sold out concert ever here that i’ve heard of…and i don’t think an artist would go to a concert in a country where she knows she’s not popular…i know for sure UK loves her, i have no idea which part of europe you and the other poster are from but you don’t represent all of europe…philippines, korea, japan, singapore and china love her…i know for sure that she has A LOT of fans in asia

  • Kaley


  • belle

    Both Taylor and Gaga can’t sing. The end. Go home.

  • irene olson

    So overrated. I cannot believe all the people that buy her records and attend her concerts; did not realize there were so many people that do not know talent. Taylor writes childish songs; cannot sing worth ‘squat’, and isn’t even that good looking. Tall, thin body is about her only asset.

  • guiltypleasure

    you guys are the people she is talking about ha.

  • MyDogzMom

    Taylor is “cutsie” now. She is SMART… watch when the time is right she will reinvent herself!

  • Tnemarad

    hate her or love her doesn’t really matter. she gets paid to do that and even though it seems immature to do songs about people being mean, it is more immature to just go on a comment board and bash someone because you don’t like her. Ultimately if you hate taylor swift so much then don’t watch or listen to her music. If there is something on the radio that I don’t want to listen to I change the station.

    To say she sings and they way she looks are ultimately irrelevent because no one forces one person to like something. Thats why there are different types of music out there. Personally I don’t like rap but i’m not going to go out and listen to a bunch of rap music and spend times on the boards dissing the song, i’ll go listen to the music I like and give my opinion on how I think the person did.

    The thing about growing up as an artist is not nessecarily changing your image when you hit the age but changing your image when your fans grow up. so if A lot of her fans are in the 16-18 range then until they reach the 18-20+ range then she will continue making music for the people who are supporting her.

  • Liz


    —Yes, that is Joey King from Ramona & Beezus. She looks so cute in the video! And for the people commenting about why is she so bitter, I think Taylor is remembering from when she was in Jr. High and she felt like an outsider. Besides, she is using the song to helpout with kids that are bullied.

  • alexa

    i absolutely love taylor swift and i used to not like her.. i believe that she is who she is and reading all these comments who can blame her about writing a song about how people are so “mean” i believe that her music does hold a great message about getting past the hardships in life and being 21 doesn’t mean that you suddenly find your self… most 21 year olds are in their junior year in college

  • hannah

    taylor i hope you read this! i am your biggest fan i alreddy have tickets for the show in denver sweet!!! i can’t wait till augest 27 omg i can’t wait can you taylor swift

  • Lacey

    Anyone who says her music is rubbish must be thick. Her lyrics have meanings if you actually listen to them! Plus she never just repeats one line over and over like the vast majority of singers. Her voice isn’t boring and pop-y. She actually writes her own music! That’s more than a lot of “artists”. I mean, how can you call someone an artist when they haven’t even created something? Millions of people can sing. Only a handful can write great songs. Taylor is also a lot nicer than a lot of celebs; she isn’t a “fake” person with plastic surgery; really fake, ever-changing hair colour; really public relationships; too much make-up or with pathetic lyrics full of swearing, etc, which is a sign of STUPIDITY and a limited vocabulary. Even if you don’t like her style, you can’t say she’s a bad musician/ singer.