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Kate Bosworth: Cotton 'Fabric of My Life' Commercial!

Kate Bosworth: Cotton 'Fabric of My Life' Commercial!

Check out Kate Bosworth‘s singing debut in the new commercial for Cotton‘s “Fabric of My Life” campaign!

“I’ve never been in a studio before and sort of working on a song that’s my own,” the 28-year-old actress and new ambassador for Cotton shared.

“It was interesting to me how much a song comes alive and how very much like you find a character, you sort of find the song and it all of a sudden comes to life and you get to play with a little bit like you would dialogue or like you would a scene,” she added. “It was really, really fun.”

FYI: Kate is wearing cotton fashions by designers such as Prada, Rodarte, and Nina Ricci.

Kate Bosworth – Cotton “Fabric of My Life” Commercial
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  • J12003

    Oh dear god. Are you serious…

    She is the one singing this? Why is it that “actresses” have to get into the music business and “singers” have to get into the acting business? I mean really, come on!

    What has she done that is even relevant anymore, the last movie I saw her in was Blue Crush and lord knows that was forever ago.

  • Just Kidding

    IMHO, her voice is too weak, she is not a singing material.

  • lovelydee

    Umm, not a good singer.

  • WhatInTheSamHill?

    Just. Make. It. Stop.
    This just in: Delusional “actress”/”model”/”fashionista”/”starf***er Kate Bosworth has now added “singer” to her ever thinning repetoire, just like her hair. Later at 10, we investigate Kate’s political ambitions in the lead up to her adding “politician” to her list of achievements. Kate will run a campaign to make all US citizens “effortlessly cool”. Obama, you have been warned.

  • Who?


  • cute

    cute girl. bad singer.

  • Karma

    hahahahaha…………….Kate Bosho is reduced to doing a commercial that airs in the U.S …Sure …A listers do commercials but they mostly air it in another contry unless it’s a makeup commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ozangel

    What the hell is wrong her? She sings, acts and talks like a little girl. Grow up!

  • Chick can’t act

    Kate cannot even act well for a commerial she comes across as aware of the camera or is that pretenciousness???? No wonder she does commercials now for, Cotton!…I quess all the high end and in demand ads are going to Natalie Portman, Scarjo and Angelina

  • Chick can’t Sing

    She needs to go Away!

  • Chick can’t design Crappy mint

    She also has no style, she is nearly 30 thats right 30,dresing like a teenager! Don’t let me go on about that crappy mint Jewelwry

  • prancer

    I’ll give her credit for landing a national ad campaign but why don’t any of the famous designers who pay her to attend their events want to use her in their ads? She used to be able to land contracts with Coach and Calvin Klein. Now she’s doing Cotton.

  • @prancer

    Kate has no appeal, everyone in the industry now knows that, sure they may borrow some clothes but no way are they going to risk losing MONEY on her!!!

  • P

    Wow she really can’t find any jobs anymore. What’s up with her and Bilson? Both r has-beens, considered so-called fashionista(by who I don’t know), you see them running around town on papz photos, their films all tanked they r doing commercials now.

  • P

    Wait, that’s not singing. There’s no range at all anyone can whisper in the microphone like that.

  • @prancer

    It also doesn’t help that she supposedly back stabbed
    Gwyneth Paltrow!
    Gwyn has her fingers in the movie, singing and fashion industry Kate was soo stupid to do that….

  • janie

    going against this hatefest..dont care what anybody of you saids.. but I think she is very pretty and stylish

  • Rachel()

    “It was interesting to me how much a song comes alive and how very much like you find a character, you sort of find the song and it all of a sudden comes to life and you get to play with a little bit like you would dialogue or like you would a scene,” she added.
    Wow…I’m amazed at how well Kate understands the writing process after writing 15 seconds worth of lyrics. I also love to get insight into Kate’s acting process. She has really honed her craft. It’s understandable that she’s getting into singing. I mean it’s not like her acting skills could improve anymore. Her Lois Lane was perfection. Time for a new challenge!

  • rabbit

    @Chick can’t design Crappy mint: Did you know Kate Bosworth doesn’t even design Jewel Mint? Neither does her stylist! Some tattooed chick is the real designer. Bosworth just puts her name on it and is the face of the marketing.

  • mickey

    ugly chick

  • Marieme

    Gag! Sounds like a bag of bones rattling. An ugly bag of bones that likes to sleep around jumping from one bed to the next.

  • freakinhilarious

    I think I figured out why her hair always looks a mess, that’s a styling ploy. If you fluff your hair up and shake it out and such it looks like you have alot more hair, right? I’d hate to think she wears it like that because she thinks it looks good.

    I just don’t understand this woman, the way she dresses or whoever styles her, what age group is she hoping to influence? Is that really her voice and if it is, how is this commercial her singing debut? I haven’t seen it on tv here so maybe it’s only being shown in America?

  • Lawton

    I just saw this on TV. She’s pretty but why did they chose her? There are gorgeous girls who can actually act and sing.

  • Wilson

    @freakinhilarious: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • freakinhilarious

    Well, she’s been reduced to commercials, so what’s next? Infomercials? Mall openings? hmmmm……………….

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • freakinhilarious

    @Wilson: So she’s wearing a messy wig? Now that’s a bad choice.

  • freakinhilarious

    @janie: What you’re seeing is the efforts of an entire makeup crew assigned to this commercial and a stylist who chose everything she’s wearing. And I notice that you didn’t mention how much you enjoyed her “singing”.

  • Horrible voice

    I would say “don’t quit your day job” but she’s not even good at that. She can’t act, she can’t sing, she makes crappy cheap jewelry. What is she good for??? Go away, Kate. No one wants to play dress up with you and we certainly don’t want to listen to the Chipettes without Alvin and the Chipmunks.

  • she shall remain nameless

    This is the most disgusting voice I’ve ever heard! And it’s an insult to the other girls like Leona Lewis, Zooey Deschanel, and Colbie Caillat who have beautiful voices and this wannabe singer being added to the Cotton commercial family. This is just proof that she has ZERO talent and her PR team is just desperate enough to find her jobs to keep her relevant in this business.

  • she shall remain nameless

    My ears!!! They were not meant to hear this ridiculousness!!!!!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Thank you for the LOLZ Jared .

  • Tanter

    Another post with the commercial? I guess the checks started coming again..

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    I have to say this is the best she has looked in three years now why can’t she look like this always?

  • TheNottie

    This is an episode in disaster. Just like Jewelmint, everything looks great from far away, but on closer inspection is a cheap, nasty product. This commercial would have been a success if someone had the guts to tell her she can’t sing. She looks really pretty here, but she needs people in her team other than “yes men” who instead of taking bucks for nothing can guide her properly. If they had have done Jewelmint the right way and made the products of qualilty it would have worked and probably would have seen her expand into a clothing line. Same with this Cotton Inc ad. Instead as per normal for Kate, she’s gone the quickest, easiest but not always the classiest way to get attention.

  • Adam

    Am i missing something here? Why seems like everyone hate her?

  • hilarious

    oh pleeassee Kate this is so pathetic and she sounds so super smart doesnt she???
    “It was interesting to me how much a song comes alive and how very much like you find a character, you sort of find the song and it all of a sudden comes to life and you get to play with a little bit like you would dialogue or like you would a scene,” she added. “It was really, really fun.”
    OMG Embarassing on so many levels!!!

  • Canuck

    Um, who interviewed her over a commercial? Isn’t that a little bit strange?

  • freakinhilarious

    @hilarious: What makes it even more hilarious is that it’s obvious this isn’t from a magazine or anything, she must have spoken with Jared himself. And Jared, being Jared, printed what she had to say verbatim. Sometimes I think he takes great glee in making the people who pay him look like idiots!

  • pigbearman

    so desperate

  • Becca

    Ok, let me get this straight…if I get to 90 pounds, get a very bad dye and do crappy movies I’ll be able to:
    1. Sleep with great men (orlando, askars)
    2. Be called an ‘it’ girl
    3. Be the face of brands (even of shhhitty jewelmint and cotton)
    4. Become a singeeer!!
    I really should lose weight……
    What a f-cking lie is this chick…the only thing that please me is that her ex is married to a gorgeous vs model and askars is not fair from it

    Bos-ho, enjoy it while it lasts…

  • qwerty


  • evam

    why everyone hate her. I think she’s beautiful and she doesn’t seems lika a bd person, what did she do to diserve such hate?

  • Camden

    Oh..puh-leasee….Who made the decision to get her to sing? What a pathetic song, a woeful voice…Is she trying to be a folk songstress? Regina Speckter, Tori Amos, Laura Marling she ain’t. She should just stand there and look pretty, why did anyone expect more than this…bad decision.

  • LOLz

    Maybe its because I’m use to her acting but her singing isn’t really too bad. She won’t get a record deal but its not bad for a commercial.

  • DailyNightly


    You’re right about Jared quoting her verbatim–she makes no freaking sense when she speaks. I can’t wait until she decides to come out with a cookbook next.

  • okay

    there is a c word that is the fabric of her life and its not cotton lmao!

  • cathy

    I have to seriously say that hurt my ears I’m not kidding I actually had to turn it off. Did anyone see on E! when they showed her in that sequence about her wore it better? The guy showing the pictures even called her SKANK.