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LeAnn Rimes: 'Reel Love' with Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes: 'Reel Love' with Eddie Cibrian

LeAnn Rimes shoots a night scene for her new TV movie, Reel Love, on Friday (May 6) in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The 28-year-old singer got a visit from husband Eddie Cibrian who stopped by the set and her trailer earlier in the day.

“Done for the week! Great first week filming ‘Reel Love!’ weekend off w/ my hubby!!!” she wrote on her Twitter page.

“This is what I’ve been waiting on all week! My set kiss!!!!!” she wrote in another tweet, along with a pic of her sharing a smooch with Eddie.

Earlier this week, LeAnn started work on the CMT Original Movie, which is expected to premiere this September.

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  • pigbearman

    go away

  • Tania

    How much is this homewrecking cheater paying you to babble on about her.

  • Mark Buffalo

    Love LeAnn Rimes, very attractive and sexy.

  • Mairead

    She doesn’t have a good figure anymore and is a bad example to women around the country. She has lost so much weight and is too skinny now. Why did she do it? She was perfect before. Please put 10 pounds back on. She looks wasted. She should have a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside.

  • Annie O

    shes so homely.

  • Sheldon Runyon

    Well, who the hell knows? Perhaps LeAnn will shock the world by pulling out her brilliance and skilful acting in this film that none of us know she has.

  • Una

    I hope LeAnn Rimes does more mainstream movies from now on rather than television movies or straight to DVD movies.
    It would be good if J.J. Abrams gives her an opportunity with a role in Star Trek 12.

  • Carla

    I’m glad to see LeAnn Rimes happy again and now happily married after all that she went through with her unhappy first marriage and the subsequent vilification of her.
    I adore my boyfriend. I’ve never been happier. I am just so, so in love. For the first year, we’ve been working out how to be together because our jobs are so crazy and all over the place. But I know he’s The One. That’s all I can say – he is The One. I’m totally in love. I’m so relieved I found someone I want to be with for the rest of my life. No more dating headaches. We both knew right away that it felt different. It felt very special. We were very comfortable with each other very quickly. It was a good sign. He makes me want to be a better person and I feel so lucky to have him.

  • crazy womAn

    “So that y’all know out there, my HUSBAND is fcuking me as I tweet, heard that Martian people?!”

  • Cora

    haha he made sure to come to the set so he could check up on her…so history doesnt repeat iself and she cheats on her husband with her co-star LMAO

  • Michelle

    I hope she will play an action heroine one day or at least have one little fight in a movie. Just let her kick a guy in the groin or something.

  • Gator

    You will all hate until you see the trailer, then you will all be like “WATCH OUT AVATAR!!!” LMAO. God, you’re all such hypocrites.

  • Lauren
    OMG! WOW! She’s kissing him so hungrily. LeAnn appears to be almost devouring Eddie. He looks like he can’t get enough of her and is overwhelmed by her sexiness. This is how William and Catherine should have kissed on the balcony at the Royal Wedding! She looks like an excellent kisser. I can certainly relate to her. When I have a craving for something, I just can’t hold myself back.
    Coincidently, my boyfriend and I had the most sensual kiss last night which made my head spin and my heart miss a beat. My boyfriend is an amazing kisser & he knows exactly what to do to turn me on.

  • Guest

    you know how I know that leann is insecure and is totally exaggerating about how much she spends times with the kids yada yada check out the newest issue of us mag..eddie and leann are on their PHONE while the kids are playing.homegirl is so busy tweeting about the kids she doesnt even have time to watch them watch this segment to see the pic

  • Brad

    If Brandi gets her spot on BH Housewives, she’ll overshadow these two nobodies and Rimes will have to buy several accounts from JJ to post her crap.

  • Kelli

    Oh wow another pointless news bit on Leann Rimes. Yawn. Gag. She is on this site every five minutes. I wonder how much she pays JJ to be on here so much?

  • Markie

    He’s such a limp male. Her ex-husband had to put up with being with her every second and it made him gay. Glad the condition was reversible. Waiting for Eddie to get caught in a spa with several male friends rehersing a script!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    too bad for leann and eddie RHOBH is a very popular reality show..meanwhile eddie is waiting for his show to get picked up and leann is filming a made for tv movie on the CMT channel. Karma is a beautiful thing :)

  • Jean Marie

    Leann, the jig is up. We all know you pay to have these non news items and photo ops on here and that you pay people to talk you up and vote for those posts. It makes you look really desperate for good press and it is backfiring badly.

  • brainy box


  • lafamepoma

    The first time I heard her was in Coyote Ugly but I never knew anything about her during the last years, It’s not a very good artist.

  • !

    Leann go away. You suck at acting and you suck at marriage. Bottom line, you suck at life.

  • Speak Now


    Haters suck at life because they never focus on their lives, they are too busy hating on Leann.

  • Shea

    She is one ugly pig.

  • Village

    She is making such a fool of herself. He’s probably already cheating on her. Her face isn’t one that can handle skin and bones.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @SpeakNow No one is hating on Leann they wish she would drop out of sight and stop all this self promoting. When Brandi appearance on RHOBH begins this broad is going to have a fit because her face will appear before millions unlike the handful on these posts. Leann is beyond pathetic.Move over Leann you’ve had your day now its Brandi Glanville time .I’m glad Brandi start using her maiden name showing she does not need Eddies name to shine.

  • KittyPurry

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Why does jared keep posting on her? No one cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh, just go away famewhore!

  • Kelli

    @KittyPurry: Can you say PR contract. Why else would there be boring post after boring post about her. I am sure that tomorrow, or earlier, there will be another one. So pathetic.

  • when famewhores attack

    Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have been the reigning King and Queen of ridiculously staged photo ops for the past few years, though there may be some new competition on the scene. LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian seem to share Heidi and Spencer’s flair for drama, posing for a serious engagement shoot and silly bikini beach strolls. Also like Heidi and Spencer, LeAnn and Eddie just love to share PDA in some of the most unusual places.

    Considering all of LeAnn and Eddie’s recent camera time, we’d like to know what you think — are LeAnn and Eddie the new Heidi and Spencer?

  • when famewhores attack

    “weekend off w/ my hubby!!!” =WEWE is going to TIP OFF THE PAPS because EC is cheating on her and she thinks that handholding photo-ops would convince people otherwise.

  • Athena

    Good Morning, Gwen

  • gwen


    Hey WEWE(aka frannie plate/CO/granny)

    Strange, with all the threats that you have made against others, I thought that JJ would have at least banned you by now. But of course they won’t will they? Why would they ban you for stalking and harassing others, when you are paying them a lot of money to look the other way.

    I heard that you made a lot of racist comments about the BBs and even used some of their names to make posts on other sites.

    So why won’t JJ do something about your stalking and harassment?

    If you ever wondered by JJ posts about WEWE, even though they know that she isn’t bringing in the traffic because the celebs who bring in the traffic are listed in the top celeb list and the number that JJ uses to rank them is always low for WEWE, but high for those celebs, just ask yourself why JJ would continue to allow athena/fp(formerly known as RACY/CBME) to post after all the threats, stalking, and harassment she does?

    Because athena/frannie plate=Leann Rimes.