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Shia LaBeouf: Lollipop, Lollipop

Shia LaBeouf: Lollipop, Lollipop

Shia LaBeouf sucks on a lollipop on Friday (May 6) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 24-year-old actor headed back to his truck after making a quick stop at the Beverly Glen Mall.

Earlier in the week, Shia got cozy with girlfriend Karolyn Pho, sharing kisses with her as they grabbed lunch and did some shopping.

Shia will be returning to the big screen in Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon this July, opposite Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Josh Duhamel. Check out the film’s trailer!

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shia labeouf lollipop 03
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Photos: GSI Media
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  • Sa

    Can’t wait to see Rosie and Shia in Transformers. Looks like they have a great chemistry in the pictures from the set.

  • Buzzy

    The beefy looks works on him, but it might be time to switch from lollipops back to smokes. Too much of a good thing, ya know?

  • Cristobal

    Oh, wow, he looks really good.

  • Kns

    He does not look sexy… Wtf is going on with that hair?

  • YG

    Whats goin on with the hairstyle

  • swell

    Sort of like a Telly Savalas. but still missing the chrome dome and chic Detective Kojak line, “Who loves ya, baby?”

  • GK

    he looks super douchey!

  • http://ja sliigo toress ^________^ cute

    people u can wait

  • Kallandra

    He must have given up smoking. Hence, the lollipop.

  • Sara

    is he making out?

  • Cheery

    WTF has he done to himself, he looks like ass.

  • Sun

    jared, it’s nice of you to give his partner karolyn pho her own tag.
    how did you find out her name anyway? is she like famous in america?

  • Mary

    Damn it, he is HOT, but…
    WTF is that hair?????????

  • kate w.

    $$$ I hate jews. they kill innocent people. that’s all.$$$

  • Really

    He looks like someone from the jersey shore, acts like it and is short like them.

  • stellartes

    @kate w.: wow your brain must be the size of a peanut.

  • karolyn

    his pe n is is like the lollopop in his mouth.





  • rosaline_20

    is it true that hes stalked a girl for 2 years and she got a restraining order against him? they say he’s a psychopath. very insecure asshole. is this true?

  • Sun

    @kate w.: what does that have to do with shia, you idiot?



  • the situation?

    oh wow a shia post without a girl. impressive

  • chyna

    @karolyn: lol how do you know? did you see his dick?

  • innocent_bystander

    @SOOKIE: The blonde girl is a figment of your imagination. :)

  • babisoma

    he always wears those ugly skinny jeans but we never see a bulge. what’s up with that?

  • Poor Shia
  • karolyn

    @chyna: yep, small dick + low hanging balls = no bulge

  • karolyn

    @rosaline_20: yep, true

  • Sinjin

    @Poor Shia: People always leave out part of that quote to make it sound like he said he was hung like a tic tac. :D Here’s what he actually said: “I’m not extremely well-endowed like some nine-inch superhero…”

  • Shia is gross

    What happened to Shia, two years ago he looked so damn hot, now he looks disgusting. He is over rated and scary and his body looks deformed now that he has been bulking up way too much.
    AND THAT HAIR, HE LOOKS SO STUPID WITH THAT HAIR WTF? Who is he trying to impress, God this guy does not know who he is, really, he is having some idenity crisis.
    Guess what this guy does not give a shit less what we say about him, he is so full of himself like Tom Cruise and I don’t know why?!…..There is nothing to be “full of”!

  • size don’t matter

    sounds like shia has 2 girlfriends. it could be true since he doesn’t give a shit about other peoples feelings. remember his car accident? isabel lucas wasn’t single at that time. shia knew it but he didn’t care. he lost 2 fingers.
    soon he’ll lose the other three too…

  • the lawyer

    I remember that he was spotted making out with a “blonde hollywood bimbo” just one week after he split up with carey. then he was seen with a blonde girl (JJ has pics). I don’t know if it was the same girl though. maybe people saw her with shia again?
    right after that he started “seeing” this asian girl. don’t ask me if she gets paid per hour or per day. I don’t know that much. LOL! ..

  • Brenda

    @the situation?: ROTFLMAO Hunny, don’t worry we’ll be seeing pics of him soon out with his fake t i tts Asian ugly girl soon, very soon. Keep your eyes out on Google news or Twitter Shia Labeouf search, she’s there, that guy can’t be alone he is like Jennifer Love Hewitt.
    Shia is so insecure and co-dependant on something, booze, cigs, $ex!

  • Hey check this out:

    I saw this on another site:
    Hey, Guys:

    First time posting on this board after been lurking for a while, since some people who knows Karolyn has talked about this site months ago.

    I have worked with her, but I won’t say that we are close, because we are not. I am not sure if Karolyn and Shia are getting married or not, because I haven’t heard anything in our inner circle, however, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be true just because “I” don’t know. But I will state a few things I do know about Shia and Karolyn Pho based on my association with her through work.

    1. Their relationship is kind of “on and off”. Not like they completely break up and then get back together, more like they are dating, but it is not serious. Or shall I say it is serious for Karolyn Pho, but not really with Shia.

    2. I hear that Karolyn feels that Shia is not putting his all into the relationship like she is and she is worried about her future with him. She has expressed that sometimes Shia makes her feel that he can have any girl he wants and she is “lucky” to be with him. Basically, he has an a cocky attitude problem sometimes.

    3. I hear that Karolyn complains that Shia doesn’t contact her as often as she wants. Like she is mostly calling him and sometimes he doesn’t respond back on time and stuff like that. And that Shia isn’t be responsive to her in a considerate manner sometimes.

    4. Karolyn has talked about that Shia drinks too much and maybe he should go to rehab. I heard from someone else that Shia does drugs, but I can’t say which drugs. I will be polite and hope it is just Pot, and nothing more serious. But coming from Karolyn Pho’s side, he is a drinker.

    5. I heard this not coming from Karolyn’s herself but from someone she knows that Shia has some serious legal issues. But I am not sure from what though. I overheard this conversation and didn’t hear what the person said to well, but something maybe dealing with the run in with the law in Shia’s past.

    6. Karolyn has stated he has a bad temper, or talks rudely or in an inconsiderate manner sometimes. Like he will tell you off with a sassy mouth. And sometimes make cruel jokes about people. And sometimes he tells you what to do instead of asking. Or assumes you are going to do what he says, instead of asking.

    Basically, overall Karolyn wants to make this relationship works, but she feels that Shia sometimes doesn’t take her seriously. I get the feeling she is in one of those relationships where a person loves another so much, even though deep down inside you know or feel the relationship won’t work out, but you keep hoping that things will turn for the better, even though later on they really won’t. However, no one can right now convince Karolyn to give it the quits. She is crazy about him, so…

    Yeah, that is it all I know for now. And have nothing more to add on this topic.

    ~ Worked with Karolyn Pho

  • Sinjin

    @the lawyer: I remember that sighting. The girl wasn’t blonde.

  • worked with her too

    @Hey check this out:: could be true. she always wanted to have a rich boyfriend/husband. she’d never leave him, no matter how cruel he was to her. she just wants to be rich and famous.

  • BBT

    @Hey check this out::
    Shia makes cruel jokes about others cause he hates himself so much (he may not admit to it but he does lothe himself) and to be mean to others and belittle others makes him feel good about himself, so sick he is. That guy needs to take a long look in the mirror cause he is nothing but a a big fat joke and loser! Just cause he has money doesn’t make bad ***!

  • knowsitall

    I heard that Shia likes to post comments on JJ and on his own imdb site. I bet comment 1-38 was him………… he probably changes his ip adress to make it look like it was a different person. does anyone know about this?

  • Hell o

    why can’t he get a real girlfriend? he’s not that ugly. why do the girls get paid for being with him? I don’t get it. I mean I don’t even know if this all is true but if it is, it’s very sad. the shia needs love too.

  • looks like brando

    @knowsitall: and I heard he practises his acting skills on the internet by fooling people, playing with their feelings , using them. just to feel better about himself and his surreal life.

  • mars

    he’s short? another Tom Cruise

  • sailor venus

    what time is it, Shia?

  • He’s a midget

    he’s at most 5’7″

  • sailor moon

    hey Jared, did shia’s publicist not pay you enough to post this at the top of your page? i guess shia alone is not worth it.

  • she’s through
  • she’s through
  • she’s through

    check out her livejournal lol ugly bitch.

  • Lynn

    @size don’t matter: “What, does Isabel not have a mind of her own? She chose to be with him, whether it was friendship or something more.

    And Adrian Grenier says he and Isabel weren’t dating at the time.

    Grenier: “I thought it was funny that suddenly there was a big scandal, because since when were we dating?” he asks. “First of all, we don’t give each other those labels—it’s more subtle than that. She and I have a very open communication. We’re friends with common interests. Secondly, love and relationships are complicated. No one could ever get it right in a four-line sentence. I’m not married. We’re young in Hollywood and having fun.”

  • Anais

    @Shia is gross: Who is he trying to impress? Oh, I don’t know, maybe the director of “Wettest County” considering that’s what his current look is for.