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Kate Gosselin: Kentucky Derby Arrival!

Kate Gosselin: Kentucky Derby Arrival!

Kate Gosselin glams it up on the red carpet of the 137th annual Kentucky Derby on Saturday (May 7) in Louisville, Kentucky.

The 36-year-old reality television mother of eight looked ready for the race in a black striped dress and large rimmed hat.

Last month, it was announced that Kate was being sued by her former marriage counselor for payments past due. Kate flew out a specialist from the west coast to provide therapy and possibly reconcile her marriage to ex-husband Jon Gosselin.

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Credit: C. Smith; Photos: WENN
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  • YG

    Happy mothers day to the worst mother on tv

  • Jennica Panettiere

    Wow, this woman is still relevant? Holy crap.

  • *Angieee*

    Disgusting. Please let this fame-obsessed witch go away already

  • Deedz

    Wtf. It looks like she has a rotten pizza on her head.

  • JD

    Go home to your kids. And get a real job.

  • jingles

    Did she get her hat style advice from Princess Beatrice? Looks like a piƱata of Cousin Itt.

  • Sheri

    No matter how dolled up she is, she still looks mean as a snake! And she looks 10 years older than her years, too …

  • Deanne

    She looks incredibly tacky and not in the “fun” way. This horrible woman is at the tail end of her 15 minutes so kudos to her for sucking up as much as she can get before it is all over. Unfortunately it is at the expense of her children/money makers. I am sure that they are spending Mother’s Day with the women who really take care of them, their multiple nannies.

  • Deanne

    Just Jared really trolls the toilet and gives publicity to non celebrities and D-lister’s doesn’t he? It is like PR prostitution.

  • Aigre

    Wow, what a mess. I like the dress, shoes, and hat, just not together. The hat would’ve looked better with a tight fitting, solid colored black dress, with a hemline below the knees. As it is, the proportions are all wrong. The shoes are just plain awful; the straps compete with the lace and stripes on the dress. The whole outfit looks too busy. Her best accessory is her smile.

  • naturegirl

    DUMB you are supposed to clear the floor with the mop not wear it

  • nay

    Which race did she run in?

  • lisakn

    # 10
    Deanne @ 05/08/2011 at 6:40 pm

    He does it because idiots like you keep posting about her and he gets the “hits”.

  • Run Away

    She looks like a poisonous mushroom.

  • lisakn

    Are you all too stupid to see that it is you, the people that say they hate Kate, that are the ones keeping her relevant? All the comments here are from people that say they hate Kate and wish she’d go away. Maybe if you all would practice a bit of self control and stay away from articles like this, she would be gone!

  • laverdadduele

    @lisakn: I agree. If people would just stop watching her tv show, she would go away. Unfortunately, there are just too many idiots out there who still support her. Reality TV will be the downfall of this country, for each hour of reality tv you watch you loose 10 IQ points.

  • Deanne

    @lisakn: While I can understand you thinking people should not post about Kate, I am not an “idiot” and actually have not posted about her before. I find the fact that someone who has a show that is reportedly on the verge of being cancelled is supposedly hot news interesting. I actually find the whole “PR” thing interesting. If I was one of the prolific posters about Kate, and there are many, I could imagine you thinking me stupid but why you would pick my post out of all of the others to call idiotic and stupid is beyond me. Oh and I did not say I hate her, I don’t know her personally and find her too pathetic to hate. Kate is kind of like a car wreck., people will stop to watch what happens but don’t want to see the end result.

  • Deanne

    @lisakn: Oh also, it is all dieing down now. A year ago there were hundreds of hysterical posts about her so I think we can all relax and the end of her “fame” will soon be near.

  • jaye

    Muhahahaha! She looks ridiculous. This is the woman who claimed she was not a celebrity. Technically she is, Nobody said you had to have any skills to be a celebrity. She’s all about herself though. Having 8 kids was the best thing to ever happen to her. Otherwise, she’d be somewhere in low income subsidized housing wondering if she needed 3 boxes of mac and cheese for dinner or 4.

  • lindi

    She flew from PA to KY for a 2 minute race? I thought just CELEBRITIES attended this race, not horrible moms.

  • Go Ask Alice

    Deanne ,you are so right.
    To all of ehr minions; Yoiu’ve been had!!!
    Had like a $3.00 bill.

    You bought into this woman’s con ways, illl attitude, etc.

    Oh, and she looks awful. Really.She could ahve done better by buying off rack at Neimans or Nordstroms or Braneys’ or Saks. Goodness knows she has the money. And if she bought this awful ugly mess, she has bad taste.

    Oh,one last thing,..what a lovely Mother’s Day at Kentucky Derby time and with Steve by her side…a lil getaway for lovers …one of their many lovers’ getaways.

  • Marisa

    Her fans can defend her till they’re blue in the face, but it won’t change the fact that this woman is whoring herself and her children out to the media. It’s that simple. She took advantage of the perks that came out of reality TV and allowed fame to shake all the screws out of her head. She’s only going to continue forcing herself into the spotlight, and sees no issue in allowing her kids to be filmed despite everything that has happened. The problem is she doesn’t see all the negativity that results from her situation. She thinks it’s great for the kids to be on TV because they get to go visit places and such. I’m sorry, but what’s more positive here? A child’s right to privacy and innocence or the chance to go on free trips around the world? She’s obsessed with the ‘celebrity’ part of the situation. If her show gets cancelled we’ll definitely be seeing more of her popping up at random events or snatching jobs as a guest talk show host, that’s for sure. She’ll do anything to hold onto her image because it’s fading fast. People are losing interest but she doesn’t care, nor is she putting the interests of her children ahead of her. I don’t know how her fans can be so oblivious to all of this when it’s right in front of them. It doesn’t help that Kate’s inner ugliness overshadows any chance of physical attractiveness.

  • Marisa

    Oh and if she plans on writing yet another pointless book, she should consider the fact that her other books are sitting on shelves at the dollar store.

  • KC

    She has some serious turkey neck wrinkles going on in these pictures. This is one hideous looking freaky woman!

  • MeMyself&I

    This woman looks mean as a snake. I feel so bad for her kids. I like that promo they had of her show where she’s supposed to jump off a building with a bungee or something and she’s being really rude to the attendant. What a bitch. I wish she’d go away and find some other way to support her kids. People should not be allowed to have 8 kids unless they can prove they are able to provide for them.

  • peanut

    Capitol P-A-T-H-E-T-I-C!! What a shame those kids have this ridiculousness to look forward to. What sort of society do we live in that caters to this mess?

  • She’s such a joke!

    She thinks she looks put together, thats what is so hysterical about this celebrity wannabe! People are gracious to her and she mistakes that as “Well, they must like me then…” This b**** comes across as trailer trash who just won the lottery! And whats going on with her hair, under that hat??? Did she think the hat would hide the fact that she didn’t try to do a thing with it? I’m sure she had a good time without 8 precious kids to irritate her on Mother’s Day! She’s had her streak of good luck, now its time for the bad to kick in…and soon I hope!

  • mikamish

    what the……

  • brainy box

    YOUR KIDS!!!! F*CK!!!!

  • lolo

    Tacky, cheap turkey woman. Go home already and do your job AS A MOTHER!!!

  • anonymous

    Who’s watching the kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did she leave them, Home Alone?????????????????

  • anonymous

    How many birds had to die for that Fugly hat ?????!!!!!!!!

  • anonymous

    @nay: Good one!!!!!!!!!!

  • J

    what the heck is she doing there?? shouldn’t she be with with her kids?? Why is she even having her pic taken? lol

  • DIVE

    her mouth is as big as the horses!
    she wanted to get ideas for more dental work!

  • http://justjared anymouse

    LOL! who are you people? who goes to you for your opinion? are you that important, that she should care what you think of her? LOL! get a grip people. you may not like her, but you sure are jealous of her! does putting her down make you feel better about yourself?

  • cuckoo

    She looks insane,- (as in mentally)

  • jamie

    Bunch of jealous women out there. She is gorgeous!

  • Clip Clop

    Strap the feed bag on
    … & hopefully Jockey Steve Neilds will ride her away.

  • Mick

    I would lick her ass and eat her poop.

  • Lisa

    One thing I know for certain in life is that NOBODY in their right mind is jealous of Kate Gosselin. She is reviled by most of the public and is considered to be a bad mother which is probably the worst insult of all. When you put yourself out on display the way she has, people are going to comment on it. She is posing for photos, not exiting her dentist’s office. You can’t have the perks of notoriety and expect none of the downfalls. it is what it is. Someone saying they don’t like what she is wearing doesn’t identify them as jealous. Maybe they just don’t like her dress.

  • Frida

    Ugh Why is she even there?!

  • vrb1955

    Well she didn’t win but I’m sure she pulled up in the rear . What a horrible woman . Where are your kids! With the other deadbeat?
    Marisa ‘s comments were on target !

  • Hannah

    YOU GUYSSS ARE SOOO MEAN. she’s working dontchaknow! it’s for the kids. the red carpet is for the kids. going to kentucky is for the kids. wearing a dress and big hat is for the kids!

    ** i hope you guys get sarcasm.

  • Jackass Mother

    The children should not be used for Kate to stay famous.
    I can’t stand this woman and her show should be canceled.
    Loser moms like Kate are the only jerks who put her show on.

    Marisa had the best comments.

  • longchamp

    stupidity, arrogance, and hubris – all balled up in a not-so-tight package of 36 going on 50. must’ve missed this… is she famous for being a character in that idiocracy movie?

  • Mary

    I thought only celebrities were invited there ?

  • JP

    I think Marissa’s comment (#23) says it all. Kate – PLEASE – practice what you preach! If your number one priority is truly your kids, go home and give them a normal life! They have seen more places in their young lives than most of us will do in a lifetime. Let these kids have a shot at a normal childhood and stop putting your face in front of the camera!

  • Lynda

    @Lisa: Well, so you know all the great wizard of oz!!! shw had those kids by accident, not a con like the octomom. The doc suggested she abort a few and she didn’t, she we at least do some kudos for that? No, now shes hidieos cuz shes old news and a has been. yeah she f***ed up her marriage totally, but jon had a part also. It takes two. So any mom who has a day without the kids is bad. so all you commentaries never had a day without kids? or wanted too? come on, be real yo.