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Lady Gaga: 'Edge of Glory' on iTunes Tomorrow!

Lady Gaga: 'Edge of Glory' on iTunes Tomorrow!

Check out the cover artwork for Lady Gaga‘s next single “The Edge of Glory!”

“Another shot before we kiss the other side. I’m on the edge of something final we call life,” Lady Gaga wrote on her Facebook page.

The song will be released on iTunes TOMORROW (May 9) at 4pm EST!

Lady Gaga‘s Monster Ball concert special aired on HBO over the weekend. To find out when the special will be airing next, check out!

Bigger cover artwork inside…

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lady gaga edge of glory cover

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  • the doctor

    It looks like she’s picking at a pimple….

  • Ryan


  • Monster


  • Connie in Des Moines

    Did anyone see her HBO Special??She was calling out Britney for Lip Syncing her HBO Special..and for anyone who says she wasn’t talking about Britney then what artist other than Britney has had an HBO Special and Lip Sync the entire show??????

  • Monster robert

    @Connie in Des Moines: well maybe Britney should sing then. After all she is supposed to be a singer. Can’t wait for edge of glory. All the other songs sound great this era (Judas, Born this way, you and I, Americano, goverment hooker). Also really looking forward to the monster ball airing on tv. I’ve already been to it twice but it’s such an amazing out of this world show I need to see it again.

  • Monster robert

    btw I live in the UK thats why its not aired yet

  • ilia

    I saw her HBO special last night and was very disappointed. Both her and the dancers are sloppy and lackluster. This is what people have been raving about?

  • Zac

    @Connie in Des Moines: but Lady Gaga lyks Britney…I think it wasn’t aimed specifically at her but more…at the “barbie doll” “generic” celebrity that ppl have come to asscociate with pop music. But Lady Gaga thinks of Britney as a pop legend ho she’d love to work with. *shrug* and Britney actually sings sometimes

  • *Angieee*

    She sure is releasing things fast this album. Scared the public is finally getting sick of her?

  • GaGa Monster

    Cant wait to buy The Edge of Glory

  • Whatever

    Oh I wonder why she has to put out another single so fast? Just like beyonce she’s a flop princess. Not the princess of pop but soon to be fo sho the prince of flop singles . Idiot asshole

  • eek!

    The Edge of the Glory Hole.

  • Simple o

    Lady Gaga a toujours été pour moi quelqu’un de ridicule et de drôle. Mais finalement elle ne manque pas de talent plus que ça, quand je regarde Nicki Minaj qui la copie mais qui n’arrive pas au tier de son talent, je me dis que si Lady Gaga est enviée et copié c’est qu’elle doit avoir cette petite étoile spéciale qui fait d’elle quelqu’un d’unique!

  • urgh!

    @the doctor:

    You’re right…and that stupid prosthetic thing on her cheekbone looks like a giant boil. Remember the pics of her tampon string hanging out of her costume on stage? And the pics of her muff diving some strung out, bulging eyed s*ank? And the meat dress and the fake blood …everything about the woman is totally RANK!

  • Exchange

    Lol it’s a promo single for the iTunes countdown of her album – if Born This Way being the fastest selling single ever, and becoming number on the billboards over night staying there for six weeks, and her second single being a top ten single is the definition of flop then we should all be flops … Not to mention all other numbers ones, records broken, praise from musical legends, being named a fashion icon and so and so forth…Typical GaGa hater making assumptions tsk tsk it was a cute argument on your part though :)

  • Madison

    You people are pathetic. You complain that she wants attention, yet you go right ahead and give it to her. If you hate her so much, then just ignore her. That’s the proper thing to do. Nobody wants to hear you bitch and moan like children.

  • Lee

    She puts on all these fake accents to hide the fact that her voice is pretty weak.

  • Exchange

    WTF does that even mean ? Anyways how strong is your voice ?

  • Lee

    @Exchange: Its pretty self explanatory. She changes the sound of her voice and does various accents while she sings. I’m not a singer, nor claim to be so don’t ask about my voice.

  • Sexchange

    @Exchange: I think by flop people just mean that her new stuff is not up to par. People buy it because it is exciting that she has new stuff out. That does not mean that it is good. If she keeps releasing uninspired music, people will eventually stop getting excited about it.

    Try playing Judas with the Bad Romance video synched up and on silent. It works perfectly because Judas is like Bad Romance version -2.0. However, it is still better than listening to and watching the actual Judas video. Also, her new attempt at dancing is not very impressive. IDK why she is trying to be Britney if she is going to talk trash about her. Britney has a real dance background; Lady Gaga does not. It is cute that you stick by your idol no matter what though :)

  • PR

    Edge of Glory!!!!
    Promo single for Born This Way (out May 23rd)!!!!! Yay !!!!
    If u haven’t noticed , Alot of bands/artists will drop a “bonus” single right before the cd comes out to hype it up!!
    Sooooo stoked!!!

  • Loo

    @Sexchange: What the heck are you even talking about?!? lol! Lame a$$ hater.

  • Young&reckless

    I LOVE the cover!!!! It should have been the album cover! She looks HOT!!

  • 2Cute

    I love how all the haters stayed home and were all glued to HBO when Gaga’s Monster ball aired! LMFAO!!
    so typical!
    YOU LOVE IT!!! hahaha!!!!

  • Cassidy

    I love the single cover!
    Can’t wait to buy it! Weeeeee

  • LA Shaker

    Omg! She looks so hot.

  • P0P!

    @Whatever: Wow, you’re grammar is really bad. You should pay more attention in school!
    I fear for the youth :-/
    On a side note, Can’t wait for this single & I love the cover art

  • adi

    The Edge of Whore-y. JK…well, we will see.

  • Ashlee

    It’s not an official single, just promo for the album!

  • Donelle

    What do you do when your second single FLOPS…HURRY UP and realease a new one, not even britney has released her third single- FLoPGA

  • Gainey

    Heard it, not impressed, but not dissappointed. I am dissappointed in what she has been doing lately

  • :)

    Her concert sucked she uses play back sloppy dancing her dancers suck , she needs to shut the f up. Sure she sat all the way in back of MSG before fame. I would believe if she wasn’t rich before she got richer lol AGAIN MADONNA USED THE ROUND SCREEN ABOVE THE SMALL FRONT STAGE FOR HER RAIN STORM IN DEVIL WOULDN’T RECOGNIZE YOU & FIRE STORM IN LIKE A PRAYER ( STICKY SWEET TOUR) . LADY COPY N PASTE JUMPS OUT OF THE LIKE MJ DANGEROUS TOUR. SPREAD BLOOD ON HER BODY LIKE PEACHES PERFORMANCES . did i mention she looks so much like AMY WHINE HOUSE lol in a blonde wig gross

  • Foreverbeyonce

    She JUST released judas?! Milk it Flopga milk the fans! haha thats funny

  • BizzaroMADONNA

    What happened judas ain’t doing to well? FLOP FLOP FLOP

  • siennagold

    That cover art is scary!

  • clarice

    judas wasnt good, kinda hoping this new single is better.

  • Eernie


  • hahaahha

    Flopga lol

  • Carolyn91

    She just released judas last week, why so soon?!

  • Lina Morgana

    Sounds like your running out of steam?! Maybe a Campbells Soup Can dress might be Epic- Ha ha ha Karma is bad ain’t it Pigrez?

  • mmm..

    I was going to joke about her copying Britney since she copied Madonna in Born This Way and then copied herself in Judas (aka Bad Romance)… then I saw that there is a song called “Blackout” on her tracklist. I guess it isn’t a joke. Perhaps she will have some bonus tracks…Till the World Mends and Mold It Against Me sound like a strong possibilities. Or maybe Weenie in a Bottle if she wants new inspiration from yet another artist.

  • holdeneld
  • Mindayblake


    LOL thats is funny! yeah she has lost her MOJO

  • Ga_Gag

    Edge of glory…sounds like a stupid name. but okay. @mmm She’d be better of with till the world mends or mold it against me. *sigh*

  • Gag-a

    Mold It Against Me for the WIN!

  • Ga_Gag

    the sad part is i LOVE her and i CANT wait for edge of glory :D

  • P0P!

    By most of the comments it’s appeares Just Jared readers have lost their Mojo, be more creative people… Come on “molds it against me”?? Really?
    Judas & BTW are still top ten on iTunes …. Call those “flops” lmao!
    You wish :)
    Gaga rules! Too bad! Stay mad! :-P

  • Melissa

    Ugh this place is horrible for comments.
    Everytime someone likes Lady Gaga or says something positive about her there are a bunch of ‘thumbs down’ to every single comment.