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'Thor' Tops Box Office

'Thor' Tops Box Office

Thor hammered its way to the top of the box office this weekend, raking in an estimated $66 million in ticket sales for its opening week.

Fast Five, which scored last week’s top spot, had another strong weekend with $35 million.

Third place went to Jumping the Broom with $13.5 million, closely followed by Something Borrowed with $13.4 million.

Rio rounded out the top five with $9.5 million, bringing its estimated 4-week total so far to $116.2 million.

WHAT DID YOU SEE at the movies this weekend?

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  • Serena

    It is unfortunate that Last Night, Passion Play and Daydream Nation are only being released in select cities and that we won’t find out how they would have done commercially if released nationwide. They all have interesting casts.
    It would have been interesting to see how smaller films for the leads would do commercially.

  • Debra

    I hope in this Thor film series, they will include:
    Balder, Beta Ray Bill, Frey, Hermod, Hercules, Hoder, Hrimhari, Idunn, Kelda, Thor Girl, Thunderstrike, Tyr, Valkyrie, Vidar, Volla, Zeus.
    I look forward to seeing the following villains in future Thor sequels:
    Absorbing Man, Atum, Bloodaxe, Cobra, Desak, Ego the Living Planet, Enchantress, Executioner, Fafnir, Fenris Wolf, Grey Gargoyle, Hela, Karnilla, Kurse, Lorelei, Malekith the Accursed, Man-Beast, Mangog, Midgard Serpent, Mr. Hyde, Mongoose, Perrikus, Quicksand, Radioactive Man, Ragnarok, Seth, Surtur, Ulik, Wrecking Crew (Wrecker, Bulldozer, Piledriver, Thunderball), Ymir, Zarrko.

  • Lazerov

    Chris Hemsworth used to be perfectly healthy and physically fit a few years ago and it is absolutely shocking to see what he has had to do to his body for this movie with those disgustingly huge muscles that he has now built. It is worse though, because he has to maintain it for future Thor and Avengers movies.
    The ultra-gorgeous Kat Dennings should not appear in movies unless she is the female lead or the main love interest. She shouldn’t have been in this movie at all.

  • FrG



  • EvitaLuisa

    Who I’d like to see most in future Thor prequels, sequels, and spinoffs would be that most awesome of macho and still-balanced human qualities is…..Andy Whitfield. Now, that dude is a G-o-d!! May he recover to the very fullest. There’s nothing like him out there and we can only hope & pray.

  • Katy Berry

    ****************************WARNING: SPOILERS************************
    Loki should have been killed off at the end. They should not use the same villain from Thor in The Avengers (2012)! Is Loki going to be their equivalent of Lex Luthor or General Zod?!
    They should use some of the following villains listed on Wikipedia that have not been used in a movie before:
    Baron Zemo, Collector, Count Nefaria, Egghead, Grandmaster, Graviton, Grim Reaper, Immortus, Kang, Korvac, Legion of the Unliving , Lethal Legion, Master Pandemonium, Masters of Evil, Morgan le Fay, Nebula, Space Phantom. Super-Adaptoid. Supreme Intelligence, Squadron Sinister, Taskmaster, Thanos, Ultron, Zodiac

  • ka simply Amazing!!!!!!!

    nice thor :D

  • siennagold

    Thor was fun to watch! Really entertaining! However, Tom Hiddleston as Loki stole the the show! He was excellent as Loki. I have never heard of him before. Just from his portrayal of Loki, I have to say he’s a very good actor.

  • cara

    Thor was amazing!! great movie!!!

  • pigbearman

    @siennagold: he’s an up and comer. check for him in “the deep blue sea”, and “war horse” later in the year. seriously, talented british actor.

  • ozzie

    wow … female comic geeks are here … movie was great … Loki totally stole the show … so many comic movies have been ruined by killing off your best villain in the first movie like killing joker in 1989 batman and killing the goblin in the first awful spiderman movie.

  • Lyla Says

    Chris Hemsworth’s abs were like DAMN!

  • Minto

    Hell yeah. Go Thor. And go Sif

  • Jose

    Serena@ rustles from Box office Mojo

    Passion Play – Domestic Total as of May. 8, 2011: $2,060 – Production Budget 14,000,000 million going to DVD May 31, 2011

    I couldn’t find any info for Daydream Nation but it’s go to DVD May 17, 2011

  • Lola

    THOR! Holy shit this movie really kicked ass…and Chris Hemsworth as Thor was amazing !!!! He’s not only good looking and hot as hell but he’s also a great actore. This movie is def. worth watching!

    P.S ….he’s like really tall and his abs…OMG. You gotta watch it in 3D!

  • Mohammed

    Chris Hemsworth was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed Thor.

  • *

    I lloved this movie and thor is f in hot!!!!!!!


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