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Tina Fey: Sarah Palin Sketch on 'SNL'!

Tina Fey: Sarah Palin Sketch on 'SNL'!

Tina Fey brings her infamous Sarah Palin imitation back to life during a return to Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

The 40-year-old 30 Rock actress and Bossypants author served as the host of the episode and appeared as Palin during a sketch about the Republican presidential debate.

“First I wanted to acknowledge that this week we vanquished one of the world’s great villains, and I for one am thrilled to say ‘good riddance to Katie Couric,” she said.

WHAT DID YOU THINK of Tina Fey’s return to Saturday Night Live?

Tina Fey Returns to Saturday Night Live as Sarah Palin

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  • laverdadduele

    Is she still riding this bus? It stopped being funny after the election.

  • Dolemite

    Seriously, this was amusing two and a half years ago but now it just looks like piling on.

  • LC

    Tina is my freaking idol

  • elle

    Holy sh!t! Tina Fey is good… She looks and acts EXACTLY like Sarah Palin. Crazy.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …Still priceless. Anytime the light is shined on these fcuking morons i’m for it. Trump’s a pompous ass. A massive douchebag. And Palin will get clowned for the rest of her life (deservingly)

  • hannah


  • offtheproperty

    I just saw some pictures of Lucy Hale on an Internet.
    Jared should definitely post more pictures of Lucy Hale.
    She is one seriously gorgeous young actress.
    Tina Fey is a writer who should be rich and retired.
    And I am not the publicist or manager of Lucy Hale.

  • Halli

    Spot on impression again of how dumb Sarah is.
    Tina was hosting SNL and there was a Republican debate this week, believe it or not and she is the one who does the Sarah Palin impersonation. Just like Will Ferrell does Bush or Fred Armison does Barack Obama. When its necessary they come out with their impressions and all you bitter losers who can’t handle it will just have to get used to Tina Fey’s awesomeness. haha!

  • lexy

    The election is over move on.

  • Heidi Fisher

    This is why Julianne Moore is playing her in Game Change (2011). No one would take a political drama starring Tina Fey as Sarah Palin seriously.

  • jan

    ”’I just hope the lamestream media will not twist my words, by repeating them verbatim”’…..ahahahahahaha

    Tina Fey nailed her. Sarah is a dunce. …..hahahahaha

  • Forklift Parts

    She’s hilarious! Her parody of Sarah Palin is just flawless.

  • Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776

    It is a shame that she can’t find a life of her own, and that she has to follow or imitate someone that is very popular and important. Only some idiot or failure in life could keep this going for years. is it supposed to be a joke or is this the only way the Libtards could keep defaming someone that is a threat to their ignorance. Some one please give he a donation to get her out of the dead lights. The democrat, libtards have T V remotes increasing to stop watching their sicko’s. Some one should throw shows at her to show her she is a libtard hasbeen.

  • Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776

    After viewing the above blogs, I could see that there are many low life idiots following another idiot because they don’t have a life of their own and need daddy government to supply them with a life, Such as welfare.
    Most of these above could not stay alive with out a hand out and that is what the democrat party is made up of now. 60% of democrats are now on welfare, 10% illiterate, 10% just out of prison and the rest have made it on their own. Of the 60% the illiterate black community had voted for Osama, I mean Obama voted just because he is black, didn’t need brains to please them. just get me on welfare and give me a home.

  • Ricky

    @Al Duhan New Milford, Ct. 06776:

    The illiterate black community? Really? Dear, reread your post and double check for errors before you say something as idiotic as this! Sweeping generalizations never make the person issuing them look smart.

  • Oye Vey

    SNL is always best in small doses. They should adopt a 15-minute format and dump the rest of the filler.

  • missy

    milk it, milk it good, that cow is all dried up. they need to go after and destroy anyone with an alternative to the Marxist in WH. This is propaganda that Hitler and Goebbles would be proud of. No longer funny, SNL a propaganda tool of the left.

  • http://shilparules Rick Patel

    Tawdry, tacky, turgid Tina Fey looks nothing like svelte, stylish, seductive Sarah Palin. Fey leeches onto Gov. Palin like a tick on a caribou because she has nothing else.

  • snl is out of date

    amazing, AMAZINGLY SICKENING…. because this ride has gone on for FAR TOOOO LONG. If Palin was a democrat, the democratic party would be screaming ‘UNFAIR’ ‘Being picked on for no reason’ , ‘conspiracy theorists’ ETC ETC. Come on, SNL, the Democratic Party, they have MORE CLOWNS then Ringling BROS, but, as soon as you make fun of any democrat and/or liberal, you are a racist, facist, sexist, pig.. SNL is STALE AND LIBERAL. keep UP TO DATE….