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Vanessa Hudgens: 'Pirates' Premiere!

Vanessa Hudgens: 'Pirates' Premiere!

Vanessa Hudgens shows some leg on the red carpet at the premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides held at Disneyland on Saturday (May 7) in Anaheim, Calif.

The 22-year-old actress joined at the premiere by her High School Musical co-star Ashley Tisdale, who brought along her mom and boyfriend Scott Speer‘s mom to the event.

Vanessa brought along her younger sister Stella Hudgens and BFF Laura New to watch the new flick in the Pirates franchise.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens on the red carpet at

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Credit: Jason Merritt; Photos: Getty
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  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @Jess!!: And Vanessa stars in horrible movies that flop horribly. At least Ashley is successful at what she does. This post should have been headlined by Ashley Tisdale, the talented, beautiful one.

  • kerri

    Haters are so lame why can’t you just appreciate these two beautiful people?

  • kerri

    @Happy_Evil_Dude: How old are you 12? They are both friends stop picking them apart. They are both talented gosh.

  • Annie

    Vanessa is a skank. She is beyond foul and is a famewhore with no talent/ She needs to gtfo NOW>

  • kerri

    @Annie: Why don’t you go away? Stop hating her because she is beautiful and talented.

  • Allie

    They both look amazing. Is it not weird for a premiere to be on a saturday night?

    And I love Ashley but she does not have a successful career compared to Vanessa. There is a good chance that Hellcats could be cancelled. It’s only getting 3m an episode and if the CW does cancel another show, it will be Hellcats. And Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventures? – A career is not successful if you feel the need to do the spin-off for a character that you played 3 years ago when you’re trying to grow out of those roles. As I said, I love her and I’m praying that she has a part in a movie to film over her break – dramatic role please???

  • L

    she looks trashy :/

  • kerri

    @L: No she doesn’t she looks hot. Stop fighting the hate and embrace the love.

  • kerri

    Stop with the hate!!!

  • L

    woah, calm down.obsessive fan much??

  • kerri

    @L: It is pretty obvious i am a big fan so i guess yes i am obsessive.

  • L

    good for you, but people are entitled to an opinion

  • kerri

    @L: I know you are right but i can’t help but defend her. Why don’t you like Vanessa? Do you at least like Ashley? I like Ashley and of course Vanessa.

  • kerri

    VIDEOS OF NESSA!!!! She is so nice signing autographs.

  • lauren

    ashley is a famewhore, vanessa is annoying and stella is becoming an annoying little fake bitch.

  • kerri

    @Lauren: Go away!!!! and don’t start picking on Stella she is only 15!!

  • maeli


  • Josephine

    @lauren: Lauren you’re the biggest Zac and Vanessa stalker I have ever seen between you the Zanessa obsessed freaks who are still searching for six month ago Kuippo Rings and make up fake Twitter and FB sightings and your best buddy WhoaMilerz and countless other Zanessa fans who love to make up lies pretending their dad or they work in CAA which is laughable giving out peoples email addresses and agent email addresses anyone and try and resurrect a dead relationship. Sending false stories to sites that are dumb enough to print a non researched rumor.
    You love Vanessa you want to be Vanessa you wish you had her looks as do the other people who put her down. If you all think you are better looking then Vanessa or Ashley link your own pictures show us your face I bet you won’t. You probably are a bunch of teenage girls who need a monthly supply of Pro-Activ or Weight Watchers.
    You can’t compare Ashley and Vanessas career Ashley is TV/DVD I would feel like I was not going to far in life if they had to throw a DVD premiere launching party for me do they do that with other big names? We do not even really notice if they go to DVD unless we see it in a preview on other DVDs. Disney franchise wanted to sell that video so they put her in our faces every ten seconds.
    Vanessa does mostly movies. Beastly did well money wise although it was not strong as it could have been she made their money back as she did with Bandslam. Limited openings limited money. Sucker Punch she was in for couple minutes that failure was on Zack Snyder, Emily Browning and Abbie Cornish who were the main stars people came to see Vanessa and they made Vanessa promote it more then any person why was that? Journey 2 will come out that will make good money. She is doing this independent and hopefully we can see more of her acting then other casts to see what talent she does have give her a chance she has not been in enough to show chances in.
    Zac was not there why even talk about him? The days of him and Vanessa being in the same anything other then awards shows are over the relationship is over her signing on to CAA did not mean they were getting back together. It was more a smart move on her part and to get out of the sub standard offers. Zac and Vanessa are over. Zac is living his life as happily as he can let him his name and Vanessa name need not be brought up together every time they do not want to be together if they did he would have been at her house it’s now 3 months after February the only man we seen her with is Josh and he is busy in stunt training for Hunter Games which shoots soon in NC. Now you won’t have to wish him harm or hate him for the next couple months. Eventually Zac and Vanessa will be with other people then what? Zanessa is past.
    Her and Ashley are two good and beautiful friends. We do not see her with Brittany any more wonder why? Seems like all she has for friends is Ashley and Laura. Stella is a typical 15 year old she wants to have fun like the rest let her have it she will have to decide her own path in life and it will probably be the same as Vanessas.
    Ashley and Vanessa both look beautiful.

  • lauren

    was that really necessary?
    there are soo many other haters on here?

  • Keira Knightley fan

    Holy moly! Vanessa just gets more and more gorgeous every time I see her. She’s as beautiful as any actress you can name. Stunning!

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @kerri: Actually I’m twice that age and I was replying to someone else’s comment not commenting on whether or not they were friends.

  • manila


  • emmaa

    What designer is she wearing here? Please?

  • maria

    @Josephine: I’m only going to make a few comments about your post: first off, Beastly has made over $33 Mil. It only took $17mil to make, so it’s doubled it’s money. That’s a success. Sucker Punch has made back it’s production costs in 5 weeks, its still going, and both movies have DVD sales yet to add to their profits. I think both will do well there, as everyone is waiting for the UNCUT version of Sucker Punch, and the REAL ending of Beastly that was originally filmed. I think she’d starting off very nicely, and moving to CAA may be a good move for her.

    As far as Brittany, she has a new guy in her life, and that is why she is spending less time with Vanessa and Laura right now. I’d much rather see her spend her time with her closest friends that she trusts, instead of a big gang of “acquaintances” who would just use her.

    I think both girls look great, and so nice that they will always acknowledge Disney, who gave them their start. Love that about them.

  • andreanne

    omg so FIERCE

  • yets

    looking Good Vanessa.

  • http://@lilycheungg lilyy

    Vanessa is HOT! :D
    and people who says she’s wearing fake tan she’s not…she recently came back from a holiday with BFF Ashley!

  • lol

    Vanessa in one word: GORGEOUS.

  • Bella

    Vanessa is sooooooooooooo beautiful!

  • Jess

    She looks AMAZING!

  • claud

    vanessa looks gorgeous!
    ashley old

  • claud

    @Eric Walters:
    lol no… she is ugly

  • claud

    @Ashley is talented:
    isnt she still doing the sharpay thing?
    she is like 30 and still with disney

  • claud

    van looks flawless

  • Samm

    They both look great. Vanessa is gorgeous and I love her! Beautiful in that dress!

  • http://j carlota f.

    why are you posting few pics of her? there are better

  • http://j carlota f.

    vanessa’s legs look great in JJR’s post

  • http://facebook llk

    i dont care about the haters they are some people who have no life and they want to do something and about vanessa she get stronger with those stupid comments i learn to live with them . they are bulling one girl for five years and they dont know her . but the most bitches are some girls who were fan of vanessa but when she broke up with zac they were not anymore and the same with him i thought we liked them because of their job and what are they saying not because of who are dating its crazy i was fan of them ok but this is getting crazy guys its their life remember not yours those are the most bitches of all of them those who i thought they were to going through everything about vanessa i was wrong yes you are free to come here and tell your opinion but not to call her bad names its crazy you dont know her you can tell that she is not talented but not slut and everything its your opinion you dont like how she does her work its okay but dont be bitch with someone you dont know i love her no matter what and they look great they went to mexico ofcourse she was going to get more tanned

  • Ashlee

    Awww Vanessa is stunning. Beautiful face and HOT legs. If I had legs like that, I’d be showing them off too.

  • Ashlee

    @Ashley is talented:

    Um. . . . can you not read? This is NOT an Ashley post. This is a Vanessa post. But, since you said that, yes Ashley can play ONE character. The character she played on Suite Life is the SAME character as Sharpay. Same actions, same voice, same one liners. And from what I’ve seen on Hellcats, she spouts out the same fast dialogue. No range there. But, I’m sure that one-range character will server her well for a long time and bring in money.

  • hoezac

    Vanessa = Gorgeous!!!
    Eat your heart out cheating Zac!

  • kerri

    @hoezac: GO AWAY!!!!! ZAC DIDN’T CHEAT ON VANESSA GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD THEY MUTUALLY AGREED TO BREAKUP. By the way you can like Vanessa but enough with this sh*t of bringing down Zac.

  • kerri

    @hoezac: And also GROW UP!!!

  • MS

    Funny, I thought they only invited actors to movie premieres…

  • claud

    hahaha <3

  • kerri

    @claud: GO AWAY!!!!

  • dragon
  • jjjj

    her extensions are just disgusting!! she tries so hard.
    now I prefer ashley

  • claud


  • claud

    bbv looks beautiful