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Bar Refaeli: Berlin Babe

Bar Refaeli: Berlin Babe

Bar Refaeli indulges in some retail therapy on Monday (May 9) in Berlin, Germany.

The 25-year-old Israeli model shopped for shoes with a guy pal and also stopped by the Escada boutique.

“In Berlin to launch my new Escada fragrance campaign :) this is my welcome- cute! Big day ahead.. Expect pictures!” Bar wrote on her Twitter page.

“Had a great night with @Scottlipps, Dan, Escada people. Going to sleep before another big day.Nighty night! Sweet dreams,” she wrote in another tweet.

FYI: Bar is carrying Jimmy Choo‘s “Rosalie” bag from the Choo 24:7 Collection.

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  • H

    she’s 26 NEARLY 27 and jared still calls her a 25 year old..
    she’s be 27 years old in less than a month!

  • whatever

    @ 47, 48: this is not her twitter-account (btw: twice the link to the same account). This is definitely a fake one. Though, I don’t understand why she has a verified account going now? I mean she has had a more or less “private” account before but that one got suspended dozens of times and now there is the verified one (oh well, I guess this is why it is verified now). But non of her friends (or DiCaprio’s friends) is following her anymore. Not even the Israeli people. Just noticed this.

  • guest girl

    So hideous bar refaeli photos and her stupid tweets are newsworthy these days? Joke! It just proves what a low-quality site Just Jared is!

  • BlakeLeo

    It was rigged guys. Why do you think Jared took the plus/minus system down? Because there was a definite glitch. because we all know Barfie would never get +10 points. The minus points were instead going to plus points.
    fix it fast jared!

    barfie looks sloppy and frumpy as usual.

  • mattie

    @BlakeLeo: I said before that I thought they had split up because of all her tweeting, but I was shot down by LOL! she looks scary in that photo, strange as it may seem, this girl, in my opinion, looks far better without makeup. breakup for good this time methinks

  • ugg

    These tweets from Bar definitely made me think something is up:


    -YouTube- boyfriend gets revange!

    (she needs to work on her spelling. possibly the dumbest model on twitter. I don’t think I’ve seen any other model make so many spelling mistakes)…

  • Britt

    Why is she wearing old lady clothes?

  • wow

    Seriously some comments here and on the Leo thread are just beyond ridiculous. The thumbs are gone because Bar got a lot of thumbs down? Really? Why do you consider her or the thumbs so important? It`s not like it never happened before that the thumbs were gone for a while. No, it`s because Bar got a lot of thumbs up. Are you listening to yourself? And `BlakeLeo`? Are you in like 6th grade or something? Plus why do you want to hook hip up with a drag queen? Leo and Bar threads are just ridiculous and pathetic!

  • shutitwow

    @wow: Blake Lively is GORGEOUS compared to her!

  • Oh – My, My


    First, to “LDC FAN”: Wow, I must have really hit a nerve of truth to get such a response from you. LOL. I’m completely relaxed and having fun keeping you guys on your toes with the truth! Maybe you should take a walk in the park or get back on your “chill” meds :)

    Gloria: Why are you shouting? Words = Truth, for me at least. Sorry that I’m making you guys work so much harder in this BIG LIE you’re trying to pull off.

    BlakeLeo: Yeah, I agree. Barfy never gets any good + numbers. We know she’s full of bs. They’ve been doing some very FAST work on Bar’s REAL twitter account at (… early this morning to try and keep this ruse going. Btw, Leo and Blake are not together. Don’t believe Barfy’s twitter post. It’s all part of the PR spin, trust. Hmmmm….. Escada couldn’t have picked a cheaper rep.
    BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT. I LOVED going into Escada until yesterday…..BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT

  • Oh – My, My


    Btw, Gloria….People who use the word “jealousy” in their vocabulary are usually quite immature in their own development. Perhaps you need to broaden your scope of understanding in relationship building.

  • wow

    Yeah, if you are into man faced woman who look like drag queens when they dress up. It`s even better when they have no talent at all except for displaying the result of their plastic surgery. I don`t see Lively any better than Bar. `shutitwow`? Very mature and intelligent!
    Ring, her twitter account, Lively, PR ( sorry but how stupid is that? ) You guys need to chill and get a life! Obsessing over this is going to drive you crazy – at least the ones who are not completely nutty yet…

  • LD

    Blake loooks more like a model than Bar! that’s why she can get more jobs than Barfie. Pretty sad an actresses portfolio can trump a “model’s” haha


    She is so delusional and ridiculous: HER FRAGRANCE?!?!?!

    They only hired her as a model. Hundreds of unknown models or celebs do the same for the other brands, noone of them have ever talked about ownership I never heard Kidman making fool of herself talking about “her new fragrance” Chanel nr 5. And she is Kidman, for Gowd’s sake.
    I bet next year there will be another one doing adv for Escada Sport.
    How can she be so stupid?!?!?

    She also said my new fragrance. I didn’t know she had a fragrance in the past.

    What she want people to believe? That she is launching her own smells around pretending she is a real someone?

    She is completely insane, she needs a doctor.

  • gag

    Smashed lemon face like renee zellweger, lol. She has nothing on Rosie Huntington and Candice Swanpoel! That is why they got offered VS contracts and chubby bar didn’t.

  • wow

    Blake looks like a model? Sure, if you are talking about menswear.
    What`s gonna happen to Leo fans if Leo and Bar work this rough patch out and you`ll see them together again? Losing the thumbs is already too much to handle for some so I can just imagine what would happen if they won`t break up. Who`s gonna like manly Blake then?

  • boom

    hey wow; if you want to see a “manly” thing, look at Bars legs!

  • lil

    @wow: you pathetic bar fly. Get off your kick with this man talk. Bar’s big beefy shoulders and stalky legs are quite manly. As well as her face. I think the only one getting pissy here is you. Don’t hate that your beloved low rate catalog model can’t get any work AND was dumped. ahah.

  • :)

    who cares if they will work it out again, good for her :)

  • wow

    Shocker! I don`t agree with the delusional Leo fans so I`m a `bar fly`. Truly unexpected! I`m not a Bar fan but based on your comments I doubt you`ll believe that. I just find it pathetic that you guys already hooked Leo up with manly Blakey even though it`s not even sure that Leo and Bar broke up. You might be in for a big ( unpleasant ) surprise so why don`t you prepare yourself just a little bit?

  • Michelle

    Are all the haters now expecting Leo to phone them?? Personally
    I hope she has broken up with him because that relationship is going nowhere. The man is not ready for commitment – perhaps in another 40 years or so. Why should such a beautiful young woman wait around whilst he is running after sluts all over the place.

    Btw, she works a lot, both in Israel and elsewhere, and has earned more than all of us will ever earn. Ok, she will never be a top model because she is not tall and manly like his former girlfriend but she gets project after project.

  • Alan

    lil @ 05/10/2011 at 2:23 pm @wow: you pathetic bar fly. Get off your kick with this man talk. Bar’s big beefy shoulders and stalky legs are quite manly. As well as her face. I think the only one getting pissy here is you. Don’t hate that your beloved low rate catalog model can’t get any work AND was dumped. ahah.

    She is absolutely gorgeous and he is a fool if he has left her. She has also just bought an sea-shore penthouse for millions of dollars so obviously she has earnt a lot of money as a so-called “low rate catalog model”.

    If all you idiots are fans of Leo, heaven help him.

  • smushface

    @Michelle: she works alot? so a 3 cheap catalog shoots a year are considered working alot? because that’s all the anonymous JCPenney models do and they aren’t famous. She has Leo and Leo only to thank.

    Only beautiful talented models like Candice,Rosie,Cindy,Claudia,Naomi,Linda are in demand. Face it this barf girl is gag with no model talent what so ever. I once saw her do a runway (years ago) and cringed a little at her short fat cellulite ridden thighs. *barf*

  • We Make the Choices

    It’s the women who decide what movie to see so yes we can effect the Leo’s movies. Espec after the blood diamond thing last year. No perfume for me.

  • Oh – My My = Twinkerbell

    One of her many aliases. wordtowise is another. Trying to play all sides, because she’s addicted to talking about Barf and is desperate to keep the controversy going. Not that I have a problem with it. Don’t get me wrong, Barf has earned every bit of negative press and trolls, and I couldn’t be happier with recent developments. But I do think it’s funny how far twink will go to talk about Barf.

  • Oh – My My = Twinkerbell

    Barf looks like Rachel Zoe, who’s 15 years older than her. Unlike Rachel, she has incredibly bad taste and zero personality.

  • Oh – My My = Twinkerbell

    Whaaa I’m being moderated! Whaaa the thumbs are gone! Fun playing twink for a minute, but I don’t have time to ramble on endlessly about any old topic that comes into my head and somehow try to relate to Barf so I can talk about Barf. I’ll have to leave that up to twink and her aliases.

  • Derek

    she needs to put a bag over her head. I would call her a butterface but her bod’s not even hot anymore. She’s at the scary point when you see the yearly weight gain of your once hot girlfriend.

  • :)

    cmon michelle, please dont tell me bar has a pretty girly face , she looks like leo god sake!

  • BLAH

    Her pudgy face makes her look so old. I really can’t imagine what she will look like by age 30. (that’s if the chick is even still around lol…)

  • RAM

    Bar looks like she has to fart! BLOATED


    @75: delusional….. like always……. hah!!!!


    just when i wasn’t goin to……. @75……. looks like u r playin both sides, well….. at least SOME freakin side, freaky!!!!!!……..

  • Oh – My, My

    @Oh – My My = Twinkerbell:

    Wha? HAHAHAHHAHHAHAAAA. No – actually, I’m not Tink. But I think that’s a very nice compliment. If you go to some of my older posts, from when I started on this board a couple of months ago, you’ll see Tink giving me friendly advice, so I am caught up and not posting irrelevent info. I’m also NOT CanadaGirl or Dr. Brown. But, I love those 2 as much as Tink. I don’t think Tink posts on Barf strings anymore, only Leo. But 30 minutes a day of analysis on this thing is fun for me and keeps the BARn animals hopping to spin, Spin, SPIN! Love it. I can’t imagine being one of Barf’s entourage or a pro blogger driving those ridiculous messages again and again. Dudes: I feel sorry for you guys. Ciao bellas :)

  • thumbssss

    o wow the thumbs r bak. i think it ws som technical prob o bar saw the negativity she got frm it as well. anythin is possible whn it coms to celebrities, especially to thoz with other needs. aaaahahahaha! dumbest comment evr. n just saw her pics in berlin. sorry nt gud enuf for a model. she tellz th world wht she’z doin thru her tweets n facebook. no man, i don’t like her, she’z too much in th face. VOMIT!

  • tinkerbell

    @Oh – My My = Twinkerbell:

    in a word (actually three) fcuk you, asshat.

  • tinkerbell

    and to paraphrase chelsea handler “its not my fault you’re sooo STUPID.”

    and to paraphrase Madeline Khan in Paper Moon (to bar, not tatum)

    “You dont have no BONE STRUCTURE.” Gisele does, she looks fanstastic again, like a queen, like someone said. having fun with hubby,

  • thumbssss

    looks like bar’z friendz got to work includin her. see all th thumbz down? that’s her n her friendz, on pro-Leo-n-con-bar people. baby girl, u just made it all very transparent. u r transparent. it’s sick too. n very low for u. but thn again, u wudn’t care if u wer actually a celeb, a mature one, which u shud be as u r 26/27. n i know i m right! the break-up is final between u n Leo, me thinks. n thoz pics of u with tht freaky guy show tht u r cravin for attention n wantin to make Leo jealous. i hope Leo findz hiz soul mate very very soon n marries her n makes babiez with her n sharz all th world’s happiness n joy with her, n growz old with her only n they never break-up not even once. tht ought to do it!

  • tinkerbell

    for the record, no she”s not me. -O-My-My. just someone else who ALSO hates you. I know you try to make all the haters me, but it just aint true. 80-90% of JJ’s audience hates bar, and for good reasons. We wont buy any products she represents (they are all ugly and third rate anyway) and dont be too sure about how much we earn or make—models have their careers over at 30, we make money the rest of our lives and some of us are very well educated.

  • Oh – My, My


    LOL!!!! I love you Tink. Barf will probably end up buying her degree, so that this third rate correspondence university can use her in their publicity. LOL.

  • tinkerbell

    @Oh – My, My: i broke my own rule and posted on the new thread, the one that actually starts with Tzipi Levine saying we are all jealous–like she knows everything is going to be negative from the start. I figure hey, what’s a little collateral damage. gotta finish watching SALT now.

    She’s actually posting on twitter that she just did number 2–like we need to think about her turds. Defecation is not pretty, sweetie! I didnt read the twitter someone else posted it.

    I was playing it cool but I have cramps today. also TMI,but I’m not trying to make a career or “oops I did a wittle poo-poo.”

  • tinkerbell

    stop pushing this mediocre ho bitch at us. we dont like her or think she’s pretty.

    and we dont buy what she buys. think i’m gonna drop 2 grand on a bag that ugly? For a $100 I’ll get something from Morocco I really like or $400 I’ll get a new Coach. I like my old one but I want one for spring.

    I’m sure the Escada will smell like cheap tacky floral crap, and I’m strictly into oils or really good stuff like Origins. I dont want to smell like someone’s bathroom.

    if you are going to spend money, spend it on something cute. Even le Sport Sac, some of those are cute. Or Dooney and Burke, or Fossil.

  • yeh

    @Oh – My My = Twinkerbell: Of course, we all know this, she can’t keep away from bar sites, but pretends she doesn’t visit:) I don’t have a problem with this either, I find it highly amusing

  • yeh

    @Oh – My, My: ha ha talking to yourself now, we all know who you are, Tink

  • yeh

    @tinkerbell: of course you read her twitter, you read everything bout her, you can’t keep away, what are you going to do now they are no more, find someone else to hate on lol

  • tinkerbell

    @yeh: listen bitch, i dont read the idiot’s twitter, i dont read her news, and yeah I like posting on this website. but you overestimate her/your importance a great deal. and I’m not alone.

    and you can bait me all you want but the one who is hated is you and your girl. its easy!

    we can still hate on her if we want–she’s still the same no talent wretch she always was. its fun giving her the dozens. thanks for the confirmation they broke up, i was looking for that idiot. and no, oh-my-my is me, FOOL.

  • tinkerbell

    how much longer do you guys think this fat piece of crap will get paid for showing her fat behind? six months?

  • Oh – My, My


    Hey Anon,

    Tink and I are 2 different people. (Hi Tink – kisses). If there is really a contract b/t Barf and Leo, when does it expire and will it be renewed?

    I understand the drive to post on the Barf strings, Tink. But, I’ve been thinking about wat CG wrote yesterday – to not give in to temptation. But it’s also hard when you have someone like Tzipi to mess with and that crazy LDC fan. Getting bored of the same messaging over and over again…..