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Blake Lively & Rachel Bilson: Chanel Cruise Show!

Blake Lively & Rachel Bilson: Chanel Cruise Show!

Blake Lively shows off her gorgeous gams at the Chanel Collection Cruise Show 2011-12 on Monday (May 9) at Hotel du Cap in Cap d’Antibes, France.

The 23-year-old actress met up with Clemence Poesy, whom she previously worked with on Gossip Girl, and Monaco’s Princess Caroline of Hanover.

Also attending the soiree: Rachel Bilson.

The night before, Blake, Rachel, and Clemence attended a dinner party hosted by Chanel‘s creative director Karl Lagerfeld in anticipation of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, which kicks off this Wednesday!

FYI: Blake accessorized with Lorraine Schwartz ruby and diamond rings. Clemence is wearing Jimmy Choo heels.

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Credit: Dominique Charriau; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Get Real

    Leather hot pants? Nice rachel…very couture.

  • marq

    Way elegant.

  • Diana

    Blake is gorgeous.

  • JC

    Too bad those gorgeous legs aren’t attached to a better face.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh Rachel honey we all know you’re sucking up to Karl and trying to get an endorsement deal BUT we see you’ve got one…promoting the newest ice cream being sold at Walmart and Target!!!
    Blake…get this has-been off the guest lists to these events. She wants your job…sorry JOBS…she wants to be a short, less attractive version of you. Tell her to get back to the free sample counter at Walmart before her ice cream melts!

  • Laila

    Blake’s outfit is just totally STUNNING! But I REALLY don’t like her makeup and specially the hair. The color is grossing me out, almost looks like the color of the water after boiling hot dog sausages. And it also seems grease as if she hasn’t washed it. As for the makeup, too much bronzer… just TOO MUCH… +_+

  • Sethal

    Blake is beautiful and Hot da*n those legs!!!!!

    Love Rachels’ “ombre” hair!!!!


    Love those legs… Blake has the hottest legs, I’m so jealous LOL

  • Leo’s New Girl

    Looking hot Blake.

  • Other lady

    Check out the expression of the woman’s face in the background in the first photo. That look says it all —- Blake is hot.

  • willc

    wow, blake looks hot, totally high fashion model!

  • llcool23

    @lexy hates bilson: What is it with you with Walmart and Target?? Are those your part-time jobs honey???

  • llcool23

    btw, Rachel looks so GORGEOUS!

  • Jonathan

    Rachel Bilson is so bootleg, lol. Blake looks freaking amazing. Her legs are to die for!

  • JC

    If you put Bilson’s face on Lively’s body you would have a major knockout. One of the hottest women ever as long as you weren’t looking for someone with a brain.

  • April


    There’s nothing wrong with Walmart or Target whatsoever. So please take that high and mighty crap someplace else. Even if she did work there, what’s wrong with that? At least she has a job in this crappy economy.

  • whatever

    Sorry, but I really don’t get the big deal over Blake Lively. She has such an average face, and is just an average actress. I just don’t get it. Must be a member of the Lucky Sperm Club, cause there’s nothing special about her. Nice legs in this picture though.

  • T

    Blake loves looking like a $5 hooker

  • biull

    @JC: I find Blake far more eye catching in the face. Rachel looks like every other cute american brown haired girl out there. At least Blake is unique looking.

  • JC

    Rachel Bilson is a doll. It’s just the space between her ears that is the problem. I imagine like in a cartoon when they show what is going on in a dim witted character’s head and its a just a donkey standing under a tree with flies buzzing around it or something. Personally I like the All American girl next door look of hers. Everything else about her is so pathetic which makes her slightly less attractive, but on facial features alone Bilson is really cute. Blake Lively is in no way unattractive, she’s just not the look that I like. Her body is unbelievable though.

  • Xahira

    is that toilet paper hanging from Rachel’s shorts?!-or part of the top?

  • aberfiitch

    Whoa RATchel wears short shorts just becoz Blake also wears a micro mini – did she ever think that she could beat that long-legged legs over her freakin’ shorty ones – well not ever.
    Thats why why KL gave Blake the “Chanel” while RaTchel only got that newbie ice cream drops!

  • Chelly


    It’s part of the shirt, but it really ruins the blouse. it’s really pretty in front, although I would pair it with something better than a pair of hoochy hot pants. It also looks like her shoes are a bit too big too.

  • tennille

    From the previous Chanel girls like Keira Knightley, Diane Kruger & Audrey Tautou… is Chanel or KL is/are losing touch, money & influence now to the A-LIsters in HW that they’re reduced now in hiring just the likes of cheap & disposable starlets like Blake LIvely & Rachel BIlson?!

  • lily

    No wonder she shows off her legs a lot, they are gorgeous!


    wow blake dress just look so beautiful on a hooker lol x

  • crapshack

    Fakey-Blakey & Crapchel attended more than 1 event already w/ Karl but I never get to see them pose together – someone is really insecure?!
    Coz no matter how many are saying about that bland face of Fakey-Blakey; she still gets to bagged that Chanel trophy from Karl; she’s the queen of the prom in KL’s eyes (and he even escorted Fakey-Blakey at the recent MET Gala isn’t it?)
    So others who just recently claims to be close to KL are just mere “desperate & pitiful tag-alongs”

  • meghan

    I don’t understand why everyone is bashing Rachel and praising Blake. Both outfits are pretty awful, Blake’s is tackier in my opinion. As far as beauty goes, Rachel is the more naturally beautiful one. Blake usually cakes her plain face in makeup (she is not wearing as much as usual in this pic and doesn’t look any better).

  • whodie

    Ooh BIlson, (the latest ice-drop endorser) would missed for the world not to attend any of Karl Lagefeld’s parties & events – couldnt even missed more to grab any Chanel FREEBIES!

  • citygirl11

    so adorable!—princess alexandra of hanover (princess caroline’s daughter) was all-smiles! she must be a GG fan! :)

  • thumbs

    what happened to the thumbs??

  • AnnaSophia

    I LOVE Rachel’s hair. Hoping it turns out this way after I go to the salon.

  • tennille

    And then… Rachel Bilson and Blake Lively.
    You just…
    Shake your head, you know?
    You just shake your head and move on.
    Also, please let’s play Photo Assumption on the shot of Bilson clutching Karl’s hand. I’m not actually sure he remembers WHO she is.

  • llcool23

    @April: When did I say there was something wrong with Walmart or Target? I love both stores actually. But for some reason, the only comeback that stupid b*tch has to say is regarding Rachel’s magnum commerical & Walmart. Saying the same thing over and over is a tad annoying and quite stupid.

  • tennille

    And the irrelevancy & over-hyped of the Mutt & Jeff twin (Bilson & Lively) keeps on spreading out…

  • Valez

    Blake is so pretty. I just wish she’d ditch the bronzer and orangey tones. Her face looks fresh pale.

  • http://gone Mann

    Blake wow! Now these are what legs supposed to look like, take notes Selena Gomez (not to pick on you but your unshapely legs came to mind) very nice Blake very very nice.

  • no-kidding-sherlock

    Well Blake got a major movie (Green Lantern) coming up in summer and presently got an endorsement from Chanel. So it’s a real clear that she’s on a HW spot right now. And if Barkson wants to steal the limelight from BL or attention from Karl even for a short while; she should attend said event/s wearing “another color collections of her skimpy bikinis” just like what she did in her last photo-ops on a full weekend run.

    @#33 – Also, please let’s play Photo Assumption on the shot of Bilson clutching Karl’s hand…
    Its more closer to look like that Barkson is asking for another job from KL. And she would endorse anything as long as KL’s name attached on it (as KL names means Chanel goodies) even if it’s a “chewing gum”

  • *Angieee*

    Blake dresses that way to distract from her face.

  • MajorityThinks

    ordinary legs , ordinary face. Extraordinary career, very lucky to be getting the parts she gets, very lucky since she could have ended up a
    cashier at wal mart

  • *Angieee*

    She does come across very likeable in interviews though and her body is amazing. Not too thin and very fit. I hate how she’s marketed though.. her face is very average and she’s only a “bombshell” because of her body and long hair

  • mercy

    Is that princess Caroline of Monaco in one pic?

  • cat

    Please ! Blake is fake : nose job ….

  • rafferty

    2 average & mallrat looking girls; one is super tall, one is super short – freakin’ hilarious!

  • Lil’

    Blake Lively is SO not Chanel. She always looks like she tries so hard Everything about her screams FAKE!
    She does have beautiful legs. But that doesn’t mean she has to go with the panties lenght at every event.

  • Cherry

    Nice legs!

  • lexy hates bilson

    @llcool23 – hey b!tch the reason I keep bringing up Target & Walmart is b/c that’s where your girl’s products are sold. Karl’s not selling them at the Chanel store.

  • Abby

    blake is so beautiful

  • junsinaa

    Claudia Schiffer is his all time muse. If he wants a leggy blonde why not just go for her? Of course Blake seems to be bringing him tons of publicity since she is an “it” girl. I bet alot of you folks didn’t even know who Karl Lagerfeld was before Blake, lol.

  • gl

    I don’t see where calling Blake an average blonde girl comes from? I guess all of our opinions on average are different. I sure as heck don’t see blondes like her where I come from! she is too unique looking in the face to be called average. In fact I see more Rachel Bilson types where I come from. I wish there were Blake’s where I live, lol.