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Rachel Bilson: Magnum Short Film Premiere!

Rachel Bilson: Magnum Short Film Premiere!

Check out this exclusive first look at Rachel Bilson in Karl Lagerfeld‘s third and final short film for Magnum!

In “Applause,” the 29-year-old actress takes on the role of a world-renowned ballerina who, after a performance, evades a throng of fans and even her boyfriend (played by French model Baptiste Giabiconi) so she can savor a Magnum ice cream bar.

Late last month, Rachel and Karl promoted the three-part short film series at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC.

Rachel Bilson – “Applause” Magnum Short Film
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  • Jessica

    I hope she will play an action heroine one day or at least have one little fight in a movie. Just let her kick a guy in the groin or something.

  • carrie

    OMG she works!!!!! too bad it’s awful i guess karl Lagerfeld needs money because he did many commercials recently

  • Naya

    This is so awkwardly bad. I feel embarrassed for her.

  • jane

    yeah the whole thing is very awkward especialy the part with her boyfriend because there is like no chemistry, zero! and the guy comes off as a needy loser but this guy is hella cute! gorgeous stuff, probably the only good thing in this video.

  • irene

    JustJared why are you trying so hard to promote flop actresses like bilson and isabel lucas? Instead of paying this site these talentless actresses can join some acting school

  • janie

    looks like a big blackk.. lol

  • blah

    she is cute and all, but why is she relevant today? OC was shut down ages ago….

  • itziar

    i want a magnum now… strawberry and white chocolate

  • Yawning

    I was hoping for her sake these commericals….not short films for the all hell call them what they are please…….would turn out better….I really did…….but unfortunately they are almost painful to watch.
    The actual commerical spots for magnum ice cream have started to air in the states and already running in La
    . Funny JJ hasnt mentioned that…. maybe because its god awful to watch. These are commercials and bad ones at that. The one that is airing involved mostly a stunt woman leaping across the tops of cars and ends with close up on Rachel and the most flattering lighting tricks Ive ever seen….they even managed to make her hair look less fried out. In all the commerical she plays a spoiled brat who just wants what she wants when she wants it…..I think I see why she was chosen for the commercials she is a spoiled brat who wants what she wants when she wants it …..and tends to push anyone out of her way when she wants something.
    I did notice one thing…..Rachel really has no actual lines or dialogue in these commercials just smiles and says thank you. Which is really the range of her acting ability lets be honest. This was about as bad as I figured it would turn out but hoped it would be better at the same time… it wasnt. As far as the lack of chemistry with Bapiste as he plays her boyfriend….no surprise there…..she ignores him and looks annoyed throughout the entire commercial something shes grown good at with her on and off again just for some attention and publicity relationship in real life.
    Last but not least..Dove ice cream bars just rolled out their own stylized icecream commercials at the same time as Magnum and I will say after seeing both the Dove ice cream commercials are surprisingly better shot and look like they have more visual artistic appeal and production value……..which is surprising….that means a no name commerical director did a better job with a better actress… than Karl Lagerfeld did?
    Wow that is bad.


    i could give a damn about this chick.

    on the other hand…THE ICE CREAM looks to die for!!!

    chocolate, caramel goodness…uh….count me the f*ck it!!!!



  • hey

    this is really bad !!

  • antwacky

    Dear God, when is the non-stop PR promos for this “just a free for viewing commercial” going to end?!
    I so swear that Ret@rchel’s TV guestings or any other acting gigs didn’t last this long!

  • karinek

    This commercial is just ridiculous. All that fuss for an ICE CREAM ?! Really ? This world is crazy

  • Sheigh

    silly ad with no interest for the ice cream ! bad cast too! i prefer close my eyes and go away; That’s so sad because i really love this ice cream !

  • Sadie

    I felt so uncomfortable watching this mess

  • Linny

    Ok, it’s clear where they got the inspiration from. Black Swan anyone? But she seems too shy to be an actress…the whole thing was strange and yeah…awkward.

  • sloane

    And then there’s Rachel Bilson, TRYING DESPERATELY to be a Fashion Girl, TRYING DESPERATELY to have any kind of relevancy…

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …Seriously?! …This is embarrassing. …Why?!? LOL …Like Naya said, it’s awkwardly bad, really.

  • just me

    @jane: Who care about this commerical and her relationship with her ex? The both are in trouble as far as i concern. She can’t and he haven’t did any work in 2years.Don’t know why he haven’t been offer any acting jobs lately. That’s what he suppoe to be doing. besides hanging with rachel who don’t have a clue what’s going on. Sh tell lies about about her personal life and what going with it. Haven’t seem any new pictures are her or him together in la since the vacation trip.Must have went back home after the trip and didn’t want to take her to the Met costume gala which no one will mention if they are really back on. This cheap attempt to use hayden again like she always do. Hayden on the other should be working on aproject instead are not doing nothing with hisself these days. When are w going to hear about him doing something without him being mention with her.People ought to know that ding a commerical doe not make you get movie ofers. The commerical was very bad with her jumping over cars like that. Like in real life she tries to jump all over people wen she get her way. like using her ex boyfriend hayden. Nomatter how it looked in babados it still was wrong.Both hayden and rachel didn’t get nothing out are it. It was just to promoted rachel anyway.Not hayden. Then when that wore out.they put thses commericals out like its a movie.Why not show all the commericals at the same time. And save people alot are trouble.Its not a movie. why show them? And she stop hiding preending that she;s somewhere when she is not.That game has been done before.Hayden just didn’t come back home with her..

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    @Linny: Yes Linny, it was so obvious I didn’t think anyone would have to mention it.

  • gigi

    I want magnum, right now. Yummy:)

  • Zan

    Irrelevant FLOP

  • drewlard

    Okay, maybe just a “single plus one” comment. . .

    And so… please someone throw out this “little dog” – NOW!

  • krirkri

    who sponsored this? who paid fofr this?
    it has zero meaning

  • Lalalove

    This looked so wrong at 1st glance.

  • monreal

    Actually… bless us all. As this is some Armageddon sh*t.
    But can what can you expect when it came from a “generic looking & no talent” manufactured tart brought to you by the “Bilson Family Entertainment-less Production”.

  • Annie

    LMAO anyone else think that was something other than an icepop in that first screencap? How embarrassing.

  • Speak Now

    Wow, she’s actually doing work and people still try to find fault.

    Oh, I see the top troll Infamous Cool has no life.

  • Hans

    Hmm, didn’t know that Magnum was sold in the us…

  • TY

    Liman is doing some kind of Play in NY on the 24th seems that he casted the two posers RB/ HC as the leads. Is this director this insane to recast these two again. They don’t have the chemistry especially this twit. Dialogue is not her strong suit here and to translate 9/11 PLEASE!!!

    May, 24

    Memos and Testimonials from the “War on Terror”

    From the frontlines of the war on terror comes a one-of-a-kind live performance/installation event that shines a light on the scope and human cost of the post-9/11 torture program and the courageous men and women who stood up for what is right.

    Directed by:
    DOUG LIMAN for the stage and a future documentary

    Featuring writers and artist:
    RUSSELL BANKS writer
    RACHEL BILSON actress
    COL. MORRIS DAVIS former military prosecutor
    AASIF MANDVI of The Daily Show
    BILL MOYERS journalist
    JACK RICE former CIA officer

  • Julian

    Baptiste bored me!

  • lm

    the only good thing in this video is that hot guy

  • shay

    What a cute commercial, I think I will have to try those Magnum ice cream bars.

    @ TY

    That New York documentary of the “War on Terror” piece looks very interesting. There will most likely be other people involved besides Hayden and Rachel. I would be very interested in attending it. So what if Hayden and Rachel are involved? It’s the topic that is the attraction, not everyone hates Hayden and Rachel. Why let two actors take away from an interesting topic, just because you don’t like them?

  • a person

    this commercial makes me not want to buy those ice cream bars!

  • Chelly

    No wonder they didn’t give her lines. This “short film” is horrible!

  • HC and Bilson r AFFORDABLE


    Well Bilson is a z list (H)actress and Hayden has lost all his shine and interest into acting in good movies.
    I am sure not many directors are fighting to get these 2 involved in new projects.
    They are no in the top of scale in Hollywood. So they must be very cheap and disposable to get.

    Bilson has no acting range, even ina comedy she just plays herself. kinda cute okay…. but no acting skill .

    Hayden is lost. He has talent but seems to like wasting it, and be lazy.
    His mind is somewhere else and GOd knows where.
    He needs to focus either on work or on his private life or on both.
    BOTH seem failure.
    SAD I still have hope he will get a happy love life (far from what he said he disliked) n a successful movie career.

    Send him good vibs.

  • Beamie

    Haagen Dazs anyone…?

  • junkie

    the spot is quite useless but Rachel still looks gorgeous.

  • *Angieee*

    Wow how embarrassing for her… ice cream commercials?! Guess she needs the money for her desperate, fame seeking ways

  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ why didn’t you show us how her COMMERCIAL has been turned into a print adVERTISEMENT. Low & behold there was Rachel on the back cover of my Entertainment Weekly pimping out ice cream…no mention that it was her but the ad gives Karl some credit.
    At least Rachel is starting to realize her place in Hollywood…maybe she should try to be Charlie Sheen’s intern!!

  • BigDom

    Rach – that you’re so misunderstood is mind-boggling. Don’t sweat it.

  • JC

    At what point does a long commercial become a “short film”. I didn’t need to see it first because I already knew it would be retarded, but this “short film” stuff cracks me up. Put a pig in a dress and it’s still a pig.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ JC – when Rachel’s PR people throws JJ a few bucks to keep calling it that. I wonder what they will call these print ADVERTISEMENTS that are popping up??
    JJ do you think we’ll see this “film” get an Oscar nomination??? LMAO!!!

  • JC

    @lexy hates bilson:

    When I hear short film I think of something artistic without an agenda. This is an ice cream commercial. They’re trying to sell the consumer some ice cream. I don’t understand why they keep trying to play it up to be something that it isn’t. If she keeps bombing in everything she’s in she’ll be lucky to be in Pizza Hut’s next short film about their stuffed crust pizza.

  • mars

    career rock bottom

  • wwhwhwhwhat

    There are so many things wrong with this commercial. To the Magnum Icecream Ad Execs- You paid way too much for Karl Lagerfeld, and guess what?…He didn’t deliver.

    Karl must have just watched Black Swan and made the commercial the next day. The only thing I was thinking while watching this is why didn’t they just get Natalie Portman? At least she had already done the homework to really look the part of the ballerina.

    The rail thin ballerina storms off the stage to make a beeline for her icecream bar?!!! AWKWARD. I don’t think Magnum ad execs intended for it to read like an ad about an anorexic binge eater. I am not commenting on Ms. Bilson’s weight, but how the ad itself comes across.

    Terrible execution. So many wrongs, I could go on and on…

  • *Angieee*

    @wwhwhwhwhat: Exactly. And couldn’t they bother to make Rachel learn a few ballet moves or get a body double? This whole thing is a mess and so dumb

  • maya

    so cute with this dress she looks 20 my lovely girl biggg kisssss

  • http://AlishaSArmy Leah

    I dont get why everyones hating on her. SHE didnt write this. Its like A 2 min ad for ice cream, like c’mon. I might be saying this just because i love her and the OC but honestly who gives an f? its just an ad…