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Gisele Bundchen: Robin Hood Gala with Tom Brady!

Gisele Bundchen: Robin Hood Gala with Tom Brady!

Gisele Bundchen and husband Tom Brady come out to support the 2011 Robin Hood Foundation Annual Gala on Monday (May 9) at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in NYC.

The soiree raised more than $47 million to benefit programs used to target poverty in NYC! The Robin Hood Foundation also launched an initiative to serve Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.

On Friday, Gisele attended the Global Environment Citizen Awards, where she was honored for her contributions to environmental conservation and sustainable living.

Gisele was also recently named as 2010′s highest-earning model!

FYI: Gisele paired an Emanuel Ungaro dress with Christian Louboutin shoes.

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Credit: Frank Micelotta, Evan Agostini; Photos: Picture Group
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  • OhLook

    How nice; the Boston stalkers and bitter 2nd/3rd rate model fans are making their usual rounds, on someone who they will “never get”. Keep it up! you guys give her so much attention. Its only making her web hits even higher, LOL! Forbe’s 100 most powerful women in entertainment list is coming out soon, you keep this up and she will be even higher than last year’s rank! (they count web hits/media impact) etc.. Goooooo Gisele!

  • Cindy

    So she is a bad example for women? really? because she is natural skinny and gorgeous, give millions to charity, has a handsome husband who loves her, a 45 million pay-check? So fat, lazzy women are a good example? What a crap!!!!

  • cool

    wow reminds me of a Robert Palmer girl! I loved them when I was little, lol. Even said so, haha. They were hot! women are too plain now.

  • kayla

    women and people in general are getting more interesting looking now because of intermarriage between cultures. There are obviously better looking women than Giselle even stitting next to you but she has the best management/agency and pr that money can buy. congrats

  • um

    don’t gay men decide what’s beautiful in the fashion world? it’s usually the opposite of what straight men like. The two worlds don’t mix.

  • Samantha

    @um: yes gay men made Cindy Crawford,Claudia Schiffer,Linda Evangelista,Naomi Campbell,Stephanie Seymour,Karen Mulder,Niki Taylor etc famous.

  • pink

    When random people see her in real life on blogs/twitter etc…(the ones with picture proof, not just saying it to say it…lol) they always say how stunning she is. ALWAYS. I have a thin prominent face too and in pictures it doesn’t always look good but in real life I get told I look like a model…so. It’s defnitely striking and a good thing…

  • DolceGB

    @kayla: I work at a modeling agency; “Pretty” girls get sent to the acting department when they walk into a modeling agency so you really don’t know what you’re talking about. Colgate toothpaste models are “pretty”…pretty forgettable that is…

  • umderrr

    A striking look,high cheekbones,long limbs,pretty hair,confidence, an outgoing personality,being photogenic,,, is what it takes to become a model. why do you ignoramus’ keep bringing up perfectly pretty and hip to ratio curves? that’s not even important for a model. LOL! Those girls could never and will never become Gisele’s. They shoot for Maxim and Fhm. They’re a dime a dozen.

  • LaDiva

    Actually I have been on fashion forums and most of the gay men despise Gisele. They say she is too sexy and too commercial looking. Most gay guys love models like kristen mcmenamy,karen elson,stella tennant,iris strubegger,sasha pivovarova. And you commercial catalog loving freaks think she’s too edgy looking. you kind of answer your own assumptions. Its exactly why she IS #1! Not too commercial looking and not too high fashion looking. = true Supermodel.

  • Sweet Peas

    Tom looks amazing. The more that I see of them together, the more I like them. What a great man. Supporting his wife’s work at Carnival and the MET. Together at charitable events. Beautiful inside and outside.

  • Sweet Peas

    @OhLook: I know LOL. Like Kat Williams says if you don’t have a ton of haters you ain’t working very hard! GO, Gisele.

  • mom2newbabyboy

    Which one is Gisele???? The hair, yuck.

  • Pachy

    Who is the woman and who the man?

  • Roger

    wow stunning exotic face!!!!

  • California

    Her features might not be everyone’s taste but people pay for that bone structure! STUNNING!

  • GiMill

    Did anyone see the JAM PACKED stadium she got when she launched her sandals in Turkey? Insane! over 1000 people. No ugly chick and no other model on this planet could get a whole entire stadium filled like that! Haters eat your hearts out! POWER POWER POWER MONEY MONEY MONEY. PRESTIGE PRESTIGE PRESTIGE. You can knock her looks all you want but I bet it Piss*es you off to no end, you can’t knock her power or prestige!!! hahahaha . you wanna see her #10 on a Forbes list and Pantene sells failing and her marriage falling apart and her flip flops not being sold….and it just won’t happen. ahahaha. but now the proof is in the papers and ALL over the internet! HAHAAH LOVES IT.

  • Mrs. Gisele Brady

    @GiMill: Did you see the pictures of the fans waving at her at Carnival? That was amazing too. She’s the tops for a reason. Her look is high fashion and classy, not trashy like other pudgy models. I guess that’s why she’s been in the business and still climbing in success for the past 15 years. Other models have faded away by 30, but Gisele is still in her prime. Plus, she’s got an awesome husband who stands by her.

  • Simone Luft

    Gisele is amazing. She looks diferent, she makes diference.She is still the best despite her age. She doesn’t be most beautiful woman, but she is unique.

  • Hamburg


  • Stephanie

    come on admit it, the only time you spend time hating on someone is when you are a little secretly jealous of them…lol. I am a female and I know the only time I hate on a person is when I am a little jealous of I hardly even know the names of girls whom I think are ugly, let alone stalk them 24/7. so while you claim you hate her look, your actions say otherwise. I hate Rosie O Donnell and no one could make me suffer and look at that fat thing.

  • Laura

    There is no such thing as “the most beautiful” though. Some people preferred an Audrey some preferred a Marilyn. It all comes down to preference.
    I think Gisele is very beautiful. Always have, Always will. This picture explains why she is the #1 Supermodel on the planet:

  • KerriFhlem

    Many peeps told her no at the beginning of her career. I would love to interview them now!!!! LOL! they are just like her haters here: Anonymous nobodies!

  • LarryPhoto

    I think she’s beautiful. If you want to get technical…Perfect sized forehead. Nice eye structure/eyebrow bone,stunning cheekbones,perfectly shaped bow lips. the only thing you can criticize is her nose. but I think its what makes her look identifiable. Give her an up turned button nose and she may look plain. Structure like that creates magic in front of a camera.

  • :)

    looks stunning a usual. love her !

  • Simone Luft

    LarryPhoto: you described her precisely. I agree.

  • SceneLastNight

    “I’d like to thank all the rich people for donating tonight,” she said. “And when I say rich, I mean rich in spirit.”
    By the time she was serving up “Bad Romance,” the event had raised $47.4 million for the foundation, which helps New Yorkers in need.

    Gisele is a doll. She gives to and supports charities left and right,donates money for relief efforts…Love her!

  • CAT

    She looks a lot better from angle just like victoria beckham.

  • BigChaser

    There is a model named Linda Vojtova that looks alot like Gisele. She is a mix of Gisele and Rosie Huntington Whiteley. Still Gisele is a unique earth goddess.

  • Chelsea

    @CAT: Gisele even says this herself. She knows her angles and works with what she’s got. I don’t get the hate she even admits she has a big nose and what not….she is not some stuck up who says she is beautiful in her interviews Like Irina Shayak,Bar Refaeli and many other models always do.

  • CanadaGirl

    I like this look on her. G doesn’t do a red-ish lip very often (I think it’s honeysuckle). Lovely.

  • http://google DeCe

    since some of you know of her medical procedures, i would like to know when gisele ever had plastic surgery, maybe a slight difference in her nose, but i don’t believe she had anything else done. i’ve followed her career, and she always has been very well endowed. QUESTION: i don’t know her reasons for not being in boston, but if i were her, it would be because boston never made her feel welcome. it’s always about poor bridget, the one who betrayed tom. gisele is a foreigner, who married their all american goldenboy, superhot, superstar, quarterback, and that is the REAL problem!

  • Name

    @DeCe: Gisele lives in Boston for more than 6 months of her life while Tom’s playing. They ALWAYS go to LA after football season is over, and in the summer they are between LA and Costa Rica. why not? those are beautiful places to be during the summer. The people who say that are weirdos. They tell her to go back to Brazil 24/7 and when she does, they ask why she is never in Boston, LMAO.

    I have a prominent nose and I know it takes lighting,makeup shading,angles and even what I eat to make it look good or bad. (If I drink too much alcohol and eat salty foods it can look fatter, lol) What I don’t get is the same ppl who make fun of her nose are the same ppl also saying she had it done! LMAO which one is it????!!! they never make any sense!

  • larson

    Giselle looks FABULOUS. No comment on Tom.

  • crystal

    Gisele is gorgeous and tom is handsome they make a great looking couple.

  • Amanda

    this website is a prime example of the awful side of woman, all the insults, putting down, really? can we just enjoy some pictures?

  • Fashion Industry

    Clothes are supposed to be for skinny guys instead of real women.

  • truebeauty

    gisele looks absolutely gorgeous and tom looks great as well. they make an amazing couple. it seems like they truly love each other. and really? Gisele bundchen is the most beautiful and exotic person i have ever seen! sitting there and putting women down is not going to help you at all. and if you actually look at her nose, it is not big at all. its just long and thin. anyways, i am from boston and i am not sure where all this dislike towards gisele comes from. she is a humble, giving, and gorgeous woman. and tom – i personally think tom is REALLY hot, but not so much with the long hair. he looks great, but just not as good.