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Kate Bosworth: Earrings for Charity!

Kate Bosworth: Earrings for Charity!

Kate Bosworth and‘s Jared Eng are teaming up to raise money for, an organization that enables teens to convert their ideas and energy into positive action.

The 28-year-old actress and stylist Cher Coulter have a jewelry collection named JewelMint and recently kicked off the brand’s new charity initiative – the JewelMint Celebrity Guest Curator Series.

Now through June 15, 50% of sales generated from the JewelMint “Brixton” earrings – available for $29.99 (that includes shipping and tax) – will be donated to DoSomething.

Check out the black resin spike earrings at Thanks Kate and Cher for supporting DoSomething!

Kate Bosworth & Jared Eng – Interview
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163 Responses to “Kate Bosworth: Earrings for Charity!”

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  1. 51
    Tastiger Says:

    Great idea! Thanks JJ….. Glad for once we can make POSITIVE comments about Kate on JJ and not get a thumbs down. Those haters are positively maniacal.

  2. 52
    Jennifer Says:


    She did seem to have to think about that for awhile. Hey Kate, how about supporting the ones you already SAID you’d support?

  3. 53
    little m Says:

    KB looks good in this picture. JM is mentioned in the post. So congrats – mission of this commercial is accomplished. KB is very well known for her charity work & actions, especially lately, since she stood up foster kids just a few weeks ago. I understand it’s business, even show business, but this… shame on you.

  4. 54
    burnt bacon Says:

    So my comment is awaiting moderation. Not enough butt-kissing?

  5. 55
    whosthatbitch Says:

    50% of sales? That’s not bad, really. Is that before or after deducting costs? I’m honestly curious.
    It’s never wrong to raise awareness. It would just be so much less worthy of a massive eye-roll if celebrities (I’m including Jared here) did it with just a touch less self-promotion. The charities don’t care whose image is polished in the process but people who donate time and money ALL the time without making videos about it? Those are the ones I respect. It’s not exactly “giving back” when you’re simply making a bit less money and get to promote yourself in the process.

  6. 56
    Di Says:

    My comment must come with a confession: I signed on for JewelMint. I was curious, okay?! I’ve never ordered a piece of it. Haven’t wanted to, as I generally browse my monthly selections with an expression of disgust. Speaking of monthly selections… Here is the payoff. The Brixton earrings they’re talking about in this post were introduced in a collection several months ago. What?! It’s true. Like maybe November or December 2010? These EXTRA fugly earrings didn’t sell–because they are EXTRA fugly–and she’s disguising her attempt to clear out the lingering stock as a charitable effort. Boom!

  7. 57
    marq Says:

    As if Jared couldn’t make this site a total cult of personality all worshiping him, if he only wanted to, with all his mad skills.

    I don’t think we see enough of him, as it is.

  8. 58
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o L Says:

    …Hahahahahahahahaa. Oh man, this is fcuking hilarious. Someone wants to be a celebrity really bad.

  9. 59
    burnt bacon Says:

    Since you guys are totally besties now, will you be posting about her ten times a day instead of just five? Will it be bumped up to fifteen when she starts the Kate Bosworth/JJ School for Kids Who Don’t Read Good and Want to Learn How to Do Other Stuff Better Too?
    Oh, and stans/PR wage slaves? Any business that claims they’ll donate X percentage of each sale to a charity is just using a cheap emotional manipulation tactic to shill something that isn’t selling very well to begin with. When a company pulls this crap it makes me want to buy the product even less and instead donate directly to the advertised cause so that it gets ALL of my donation, and I don’t end up with a product that I didn’t really want in the first place.
    Then again, I’m cynical when it comes to She Who Can Do No Wrong and From Whose **** the Sun Shines Brightly, considering she got caught smoking outside a function for a cancer charity and claimed to be a fan of animal rights despite wearing fur.

  10. 60
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o L Says:

    @Tastiger: The reason Bosworthless threads get a lot of thumbs downs is because more people on this site dislike her, point blank. hell, she barely has any fans on here simply because she sucks. Jared only removed the thumbs because he’s on the thread with her. Why not remove the thumbs on a Jolie/Pitt thread when you know what’s up. It’s corny.

  11. 61
    Rachel() Says:

    @Just Jared: I miss the ratings! I don’t really care about thumbing ppl down, but I like to give ppl points when they’re being really clever! Can we not at least give positive ratings?

  12. 62
    burnt bacon Says:

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o L: To be fair, the thumbs up/thumbs down seems to be missing for the whole site.

  13. 63
    lol Says:

    for the time being merrick can’t get all her “students” and “children” to thumbs down posts that she doesn’t agree with!! lol.

  14. 64
    burnt bacon Says:

    @Rachel(): I personally like the feature because it makes it easier to avoid the “ur jus jellus u meenie” posts from the stans, since they tend to get voted down pretty quick. The slippery little buggers have so many sockpuppets that you can’t filter them out by username.

  15. 65
    chelle Says:

    @D: this is to supposedly prove she does charity work since she crapped on the foster kids to show her boobs ….not impressed at all. She is such a narcissistic ***** who can’t stand to be last place at anything ….acting fashion personality or even flashing the world her gross deformed looking body ….just saying

  16. 66
    Joey Says:

    LOL at all the “shame on you, she’s doing a great thing” comments. Look, doing charity is a good thing, when the effort is to help other people and the intention is in the right place. We’re talking about someone who blew off a charity event to hang out at the beach and is “running” a business that isn’t doing as well as she wanted and is trying to kill off two birds with one stone. If she wanted to really be charitable, why not donate the jewelry and 100% of the proceeds go to the foundation?

    This isn’t charity, it’s shameless self-promotion packeged up like charity. She needs the sales, the charity needs any spotlight and funds it can get, it was a business decision, not a charitable one.

  17. 67
    Rachel() Says:

    @Di: Lol! Knew I’d seen those. Thumbs up!
    @burnt bacon: I look at those anyways. Thumbs up on post #59!

  18. 68
    itziar Says:

    wow you look amazing in this photo, jared

  19. 69
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o L Says:

    …I think the thumbs sucks anyways. It allows the many to control the few. Shite’s lame. People should be allowed to have a fcuking opinion.

  20. 70
    How about this? Says:

    I’ll agree to donate to your charity by way of your little shill’s crap-tastic jewelry when she agrees to drop the famewh@ring routine, mkay? Seriously, Jared? Foster kids. She stood up foster kids. For boob pics. Foster. Kids. What is the matter with you?

  21. 71
    chelle Says:

    @sarajaye: if Kate really gave a damn about charity she wouldn’t have blown off. The foster kidz to show her tits to the world. Yea she’s a great role model …..anorexic narcissistic freak …..I support charities ..alot. in fact I just gave my check to aid families whose lives were destroyed during recent tornadoes …I would have given blood but having had leukemia I’m not allowed. I do walks for diabetes cancer aids ….I do not hawk crappy ass jewelry that no one wants and say its for charity. These celebrities make me sick with crap like this. You want to do something …give until it hurts …not like they don’t have the means …..sorry for the rant. Just sick of people saying “haters are just jealous “. Walk in my shoes with actual devastation of an entire region. Then ask yourselves how charitable you really are.

  22. 72
    Shannon Says:

    This video is ass kissing on another level, lmao. Why is he even talking about jewelery? Its not like he’s gonna be wearing long, hippy earrings.

  23. 73
    Please Says:

    How generous. Half price on ONE SET OF EARRINGS.

  24. 74
    hannah2 Says:

    It is being done to sell more jewlery. A tactic m=used by most businesses. It is not the monthly crap she puts out, it is a piece you have to buy besides the monthly crap. Therefore, incrfease membership and sell more crap!

  25. 75
    hannah2 Says:

    @Justin Campbell:
    AGAIN it is not charitable. It is a business move. the aim is not to contribute to a charity, but to raise membership in their jewelclub. Will you people stop being sheep and think a little?!!

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