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Kate Bosworth: Earrings for Charity!

Kate Bosworth: Earrings for Charity!

Kate Bosworth and‘s Jared Eng are teaming up to raise money for, an organization that enables teens to convert their ideas and energy into positive action.

The 28-year-old actress and stylist Cher Coulter have a jewelry collection named JewelMint and recently kicked off the brand’s new charity initiative – the JewelMint Celebrity Guest Curator Series.

Now through June 15, 50% of sales generated from the JewelMint “Brixton” earrings – available for $29.99 (that includes shipping and tax) – will be donated to DoSomething.

Check out the black resin spike earrings at Thanks Kate and Cher for supporting DoSomething!

Kate Bosworth & Jared Eng – Interview
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  • Camille


    Sorry, I misread. Apparently they updated the setting of the book from 1890′s Europe to NYC modern day. Where did you see it was only a few weeks of shooting though? I just thought it meant that shooting started in August.

  • Shannon

    @kate to star in new film: I actually kinda agree. What was she doing prior to dating him? She did like one movie a year, now she’s getting all these roles. ASkars has obviously made her relevant again.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    @to be fair-#141-She used him for the purpose we see now–she needed work and to be seen with the hottest man in HW after the CM mess, it all worked out perfectly for her.

    I say he ended things, even he sees and hears what is happening to him, with his continued association with her; no one looks like he looks in photos if they are happy and truly a “couple’, you do not go 3 to 4 weeks without seeing each other, even if you are both filming and even when you are not filming when you are both actors and can afford to fly out for a couple of days to see each other if you are a “couple”, but he seems his happiest when she is gone.

    I am sure we will see them together, remember he has contractual obligations still left to deal with the opening of SD and being the loyal, professional he is he will finish what he started.

    I will keep saying it, they are done with, even his friends are no longer around when she is, nobody in his inner circle wants to be near her. They all know what she has done to him, it breaks your heart to see how sad and unhappy he looks when she is near him; I keep thinking about Coachella and how obvious it was that he was obligated to go, to keep up appearances, and how bored and misreable he looked until she fled and she did flee because she couldn’t control him anymore and after that fight and the fact that he wouldn’t play her pap games she ran.

    When the breakup becomes official she will make it seem horrible, devastating, heart breaking to her and all his fault.

    In the end he deserves so much better, in both his personal and professional lives.

    It is such a great annoucement about his upcoming movie role, I think he will be great in it and he is working with two great actors.

    @-Di-#143-The quote was from when she began doing publicity for Blue Crush, the time I began to dislike her. I will try and find the link for you.

    She is one person who should never be allowed to speak without a script in front of her. Little Miss acadamic perfection sounds like a complete moron when she speaks and it even gets better when she decides to speak with an English accent.


  • Really?

    Have you seen the You Tube video where she speaks French? Way-way!

  • Shannon

    @mforman: I think you’re giving her too much credit. He’s a grown ass man. If he doesn’t want to be with her, then GTFO! He has a history of staying in bad relationships, so maybe this is just another example. Or maybe he has perpetual gas, & that’s why he always looks so miffed.

  • Rachel()

    @mforman: Post 139: I think Jared’s involvement in this is a good thing. He obviously actively participates in this charity, whereas I bet Kate had never even heard of it. Most people don’t know enough about KB to dislike her(b/c she’s widely irrelevant), but they will think “oh, she was in (insert lame movie here) and she’s pretty”. They won’t remember that her acting sucks b/c she makes no lasting impression. They’ll just think she’s a nice enough semi-famous girl, and if they don’t find the earrings completely hideous, they’ll buy them. Kate’s seen as a compassionate philanthropist, and JJ actually gets money for his charity. Win-win. We’re the only ones who’ll have to suffer, b/c we know the truth: that KB doesn’t give a sh*t.

  • Rachel()

    @mforman: @Really?: Didn’t she get into Princeton after she’d been in a movie or two? Ivy League schools are more likely to accept someone if they’re an up and coming star.
    Also, I love how all of KB’s fan sites mention that she was a member of the National Honor Society, like it’s a huge honor. I was a member. It’s friggin’ easy to get into. I don’t think you even have to have straight A’s. I’m sure like 90% of HW actresses were members, but Kate’s sites say this like it’s equivalent to having a Doctorate, or…you know actually ATTENDING college.
    I’m sure she’s fairly intelligent and all, but there’s no way you can convince me that this girl thinks. She just says what she’s supposed to…poorly!

  • ladybug

    @Camille: I was responding to the post about Big Sur being done filming.

  • Camille


    Oh sorry. Yeah that is quite the short filming time, like 2.5 weeks.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    @Rachel–I agree with you and I did say that I think JJ’s charity is a great cause, what I suggested was that instead of hawking those nasty earrings on us, without us ever knowing if any of the money reached the charity, he should make the suggestion that we donate the money directly to the charity, but then that doesn’t help the famewhore.

    Yes, she only got accepted into Princeton because of daddy, but she never went, becuase she is such a great actress, the world needed her in the movies and not in school. I too was in National Honor Society. I also love how they say she is a champion horse back rider, but not one photo has ever been on one of her self created web sites or one of her two fans never posted one, what about someone she rode with, they do not have any pictures, probably because she has never been on a horse or just rode for fun, becuase that is what blue bloods do.

    @Shannon-I know what you are saying, but there are a lot of things riding on the success of this movie. That unfortunately they know is going to fail, so they have tried anything and everything they can think of. This “showmance” was put into effect before he even got the part, thanks to his gross manager, looking for a bigger piece of the pie, and she still has some contacts that wanted to help her out of the CM mess and what better way than to be hooked up with the hottest thing in HW. He was thrown into this by people that he trusted and thought had his best interest at heart. That is why I keep saying he has finally had it, I mean even his friends are done with her.

    She has gotten what she wanted she rode this whole PR mess into new film roles, just like she planned all along. Now her best performance will begin, she has already started to lose even more weight, the stalking has also started all that is left is for her to sit alone looking all sad in a coffee shop, making sure JJ has just the right angle, so she can blame him and say he broke her heart with the terrible break up.

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    @mforman: I’ve been trying to find a written interview mentioning that quote but I haven’t had any luck. I did find a video though, don’t know if this link will work, there are three videos total and she talks about her mentor Robert Redford, and the sacrifices she’s made in her life.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    @it’smeagainmargaret–#161–boy she really has no confidence in herself at all, it is so sad. Who the hell does she think she is? She calls him Bob, actors that only come along once in this lifetime call him that, not a disgusting famewhore with no talent. How interesting that he has not put her into another movie that he has directed and or stared in. She has been in all these movies with Scatlett J., Micelle R, Val Kilmer, and others that I really don’t even care about, but you never see even a repeat performance or a lunch or dinner date, she has only paid for friends; because all that is known about her is her disgusting reputation, and the fact the she does not have even one redememng quality and looks out for herself; she uses people up until there is noting left to help her and then stays away from them.

    Stop talking about Princeton, daddy got you in, that is how it all came about, no other way.

    The most frightening part of this video is she truly talks and acts like a psyco. Her addictions with anorexia, stalking men who know longer want anything to do with her, the cocoaine siuation and just her all around selfish, disgusting, the world is mine attitude, that will never change. That is how she is and doesn’t care what anybody thinks.

    I will keep saying this, thank goddness AS has finally had enough, being the the loyal and professional person he will finish up his contractual obligations for SD, while making sure he and friends will stay as far away from her as he can.. Enough is enough and he deserves so much better.

    Thank goodness he has a very loyal fan base, that will forgive and forget.

    By the thank you so very much for finding this video for me, it has proven everything I have sai about her thoughout the years.

  • pearl

    I think it’s wonderful that Kate and JJ support this charity. I applaud both of them!