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Kate Bosworth: Earrings for Charity!

Kate Bosworth: Earrings for Charity!

Kate Bosworth and‘s Jared Eng are teaming up to raise money for, an organization that enables teens to convert their ideas and energy into positive action.

The 28-year-old actress and stylist Cher Coulter have a jewelry collection named JewelMint and recently kicked off the brand’s new charity initiative – the JewelMint Celebrity Guest Curator Series.

Now through June 15, 50% of sales generated from the JewelMint “Brixton” earrings – available for $29.99 (that includes shipping and tax) – will be donated to DoSomething.

Check out the black resin spike earrings at Thanks Kate and Cher for supporting DoSomething!

Kate Bosworth & Jared Eng – Interview
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Yep, she said devastating. It’s around 1:50 on the video.


As far as where she should be sent, I think she should be put on a garbage scow and set adrift in the ocean.

Such a pathetic ugly chick ewww

Phony philanthropists!!! @ 05/11/2011 at 8:03 am

So, after watching the little video I’m left with this impression- Kate and Cher would like to support some sort of organizations that help women in war torn countries (Kate) and help artistic/creative youth (Cher)?…It’s really great that they’d like to someday find organizations that do those things. Wait a minute, though…there are already lots of organizations that help those people, so why aren’t they already supporting them?!. These are 2 women with, apparently, lots of free time, but they just haven’t had the chance to find charities to support- however, they do have the time to sit around with JJ TALKING about how they’d like to help others. At least JJ has already been involved with his charity- KB and CC couldn’t name one organization that they already support!

I found two things very interesting about that Tyra Banks article. Here’s one: “…it’s not beyond belief that Kate Bosworth gives the okay on some of the selections on JewelMint, there’s nothing in SEC filings to suggest either is a significant shareholder.” The writer basically assumes that Kate doesn’t do much designing and just approves pieces after they’re finished. Without being involved as a shareholder, her payment isn’t based on the success of the venture. Second quote: “So it makes sense that she’ll net more for her endorsement than Kardashian or Bosworth.” From her ENDORSEMENT. Not from her “work” or her “designs”, etc. Again, she is probably paid a lump sum–maybe on a monthly basis–because she CHOSE that over taking a chance by investing in her own business. Now this article seems largely speculative, in that they didn’t confirm details about Kim or Kate’s involvement with their websites, but still… They were willing to put the above in print for people to draw their own conclusions.

“Do you think the penguins in Antarctica would mind her being there?
It’s not like she would eat their fish.”
LOL!!!!! True! I mean, she could get….fat!!

Whatever she is, she isn’t ugly. Far from it.

@Rachel(): She doesn’t own jewelmint. Some company does, & it owns mk & ashley olson’s new “stylemint” & basically anything with “mint” in it. She also doesn’t really design any of it. Some tattooed girl does.

@Sofie: You’re right, she’s a very pretty girl. Sadly, that’s all she is and pretty girls are a dime a dozen in hollywood, especially when you’re almost 30 & competing with younger, hotter girls. She should hone her craft instead of working the paps & shelling out cheap jewelry. Maybe then people will take her seriously.

That’s BS. 30 is nothing these days, not even in Hollywood.


No it isn’t, especially when all the plumb roles are going to those in the 20-25 age range for those kinds of things (ScarJo, Portman, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence) , or the 35+ range (Cate Blanchett, Kate Winslet, etc). Some people in KB’s range are getting prime parts, but they are much, much better than she is and not just looks wise. When you’re almost 30 and mediocre there isnt’ much for you. Why hire someone almost 30 who isn’t that good when you can hire someone 23 who is award nominated?

kate to star in new film @ 05/11/2011 at 4:25 pm

holy **** kate will co-star in new thriller BLACK ROCK what the fu@k! this girl is getting some serious work. SPECIAL THANKS TO SWEDISH BEAU ALEXANDER SKARSGARD for his hard work at putting his famewhore GIRLFRIEND back in the spotlight, she is getting more work then alexander! no wonder he is miserable

CANNES — Actor-director Katie Aselton will follow up her 2010 comedy The Freebie with the thriller Black Rock.

I still cannot believe how shallow, disgusting and selfish KB, Cher and now we find out that JJ is just as bad. Do they really only care about themselves and how much publicity good or bad they can get and do not care that they share that fact with us.

@Kingstar-I haven’t stopped laughing at your post–what a classic and so true

As we all know there are so many worthwhile and needy charities, that are in desparte need of help, but the 3 of them are so ignorant that they do not care. I know JJ’s charity is a great one, but why do they have the nerve to tell us to buy those crapmint earrings to have a donation made, why not just set up a situation where you can donate some money and it will go directly to the charity.

As Merrick has stated we have never been informed of what amount of money has actually been donated to the charities for Japan, or the Rachel Bilson earrings, so why purchase a poorly selling item and find out nothing about the donation.

Also Merrick is correct, I watched that ridiculous video more than once because I was in shock and she does say “devastating.” Who lets her speak, and why? Will you 2 fans believe us now that it was daddy’s influence, that got her accepted into Princeton, the girl is a moron, at least they limited the um, um’s, when she was talking.

Look who wants to help women in worn torn countries, a self
absorbed famewhore, who has no identity of her own and is a spoiled brat, who would rather pose topless than help foster children.

The three of them have nothing to offer, whoever came up with this idea made a huge mistake.

@Sofie-look at her face, I mean really look at her face, she has destroyed herself with chemical peels, lip injections, boxtex, aneroxia and worst of all drugs and alcohol.

@Camille-You are right, why hire her, she has no talent and her only money maker was 10 years ago. The actresses in her age group are talented and work on their craft and improve themselfs, she just wants to get her picture taken and posts written about her good or bad.

Her reputation as a pariah, who kills whatever/whoever she is involved with has been with her for a long time and it isn’t going to change.

Please AS just finish your obligations with SD and her and get on with your life. You are too talented for this nonesense.

One last thing AS was voted one of the most enviromentally active actors this year–he was in such company as Leo DiCaprio, Toby Maguire, and Julia Roberts just to name a few. I think that is pretty great.

Sorry to post again so soon, but I forgot to mention, if you watch the video it looks like she is counting off the “good deeds”, like finding women sancturies and helping with education on her fingers. It is like they told her, “you need to say these five things and then you will look smart, important and caring.”

I have disliked her since Blue Crush days, but to see that she has now gotten another part is just too much. She used him over and over and because of his obligations that his disgusting manager arranged and being the loyal person that we have all heard he is, he let this happen.

Like she has been quoted as saying: “Nothing or no one will get in her way of success, she will do whatever she has to to succeed.” Well boy oh boy has she proven that to all of us.

Thank goodness it looks like he is putting an end to this. I will say it again the man is way too talented to not be in some great movies. Please just watch PUSS and you will see what I mean.

to be fair @ 05/11/2011 at 5:07 pm

I don’t see how alex has put an end to anything in the relationship, to be fair kate is working and out of LA and alex is working on TB, once kate has finished with big sur she will run straight to LA be papped out and about with boyfriend alex over the weekend, do some photo shoots/modelling for ****-mint get a few red carpet moments in, and then kate will be onto her next projects
there is no way kate is going to let alex go! they are still together doesn’t matter how much work she has got

I think these are her film projects if she has signed
serpent girl, mid night sun, black rock, got to hand it to the little blond fame-ho she is working once again!

Too pathetic for words .

@mforman: Do you remember where she was quoted? The only ones I’ve heard are about Great Danes (they so just ARE!) and hot tea.

it'smeagainmargaret @ 05/11/2011 at 5:47 pm

@to be fair: Yes, she’s getting all the job offers and Alex has absolutely NOTHING lined up for TB hiatus. Didn’t get Thor, didn’t get Kon Tiki, not even considered for Snow White and The Huntsman. It’s bad and it seems to be getting worse! He said in an interview (sorry don’t remember but it was fairly recent) that the movie roles he’s been offered so far are mainly vampires, I don’t want to see him typecast but that seems to be what’s happening to him. As much as I love TB I wouldn’t mind seeing it cancelled if it means he will be considered for more normal parts. I’d like to see him in a romcom or back as a soldier like in GK, pretty much anything that isn’t vampyric in nature. I don’t know that you can blame kb for the fall in his career but things were going great for him before they hooked up.

@to be fair:

As far as I’ve heard, Big Sur was done filming last weekend. Possibly reshoots though, you never know.

@MERRICK: (sigh) For a blue-blood almost-Princeton Tiger, she sure has problems speaking coherently, doesn’t she?
I like that garbage barge idea. Or, she can suddenly decide to personally get involved in cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

@it’smeagainmargaret. I too wonder if TB isn’t actually hurting his career now.

alex to star in new film @ 05/11/2011 at 7:41 pm

Alexander Skarsgard has joined Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan in What Maisie Knew I am soooooo excited YAY for alex hopefully alex will meet a nice women on set

@alex to star in new film:

Awesome news? And who was it that was saying Alex wasn’t going to get any roles? I’d say working with Julianne Moore is pretty damn good. She’s pretty highly regarded. Much better than some 10 minute role in some D list movie KB got.

@Camille: That’s a real short filming schedule, not even a month?
And yes, it’s great that Alex gets work with Julianne Moore.


Maybe it’s only shooting in NYC for that month? In the description I saw on another site it said the movie also ends in France or something like that.

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