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Natalie Portman: Cafe Magador for Breakfast!

Natalie Portman: Cafe Magador for Breakfast!

Pregnant actress Natalie Portman heads out for breakfast on Tuesday morning (May 10) in the East Village neighborhood of New York City.

The 29-year-old Thor star picked up breakfast at the delectable Moroccan restaurant, Cafe Magador, with her fiance, dancer Benjamin Millepied. The couple expect their first child very soon.

Last week, a barefoot Benjamin did a few dance moves while shooting the campaign for Yves Saint Laurent‘s new men’s fragrance. Can’t wait to see the new YSL ad campaign!

Bigger pics inside…

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Credit: Butters/Sinky; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • ilia

    she gets on my nerves.

  • LadyBlu

    She’s ready to POP!!!

  • http://jt sliigo toress ^________^ cute

    what pop?

  • Jenn

    women like her and leann rimes make me sick!! go away natalie you nasty trash and buy a new bag already stop being so friggin cheap or did “baby daddy” already spend all your money

  • annab

    She is at that very uncomfortable stage in pregnancy….really tired and achy. It shows in her facial expression.

  • http://jt sliigo toress ^________^ cute


  • bob

    she is the ugliest pregnant woman ive ever seen, bet she smells disgusting down there

  • just me

    Love her still and hope her the best with her new baby. At least she had a movie come out and won an award for her work. She just didn;t settle like her former co-star hayden cristensen who is not doing nothing right now but hanging with a wanna be rachel bilson who has use him up. Good luck natalie! Also DVD too!

  • tracy

    the real baby daddy is darren aronofsky, ben is gay they are just paying him to pretend to be the babby daddy, natalie is a ho ho ho.. and please give the oscar back b*tch it shouldve went to julianne moore not htis untalanted broad who only knows how to spread her legs to get ahead with her career.

  • Lydia Roberts

    I’m so excited for her! Being a mother changes you immediately. It’s hard to explain because it’s so deep. But it’s the most beautiful feeling I have ever had.

  • Eric G. Cartman

    Wait ’till she’s a mother: her self-righteous speeches!!!

  • shanda

    @Eric Gibson Cartman: Rachel Bilson is the Jewish bitch here. She wants people to give her something all the time. Loves all the attention. Natalie don’t needs it cause she gets work by doing audtions rachel bilson still using her ex and her friends. Natalie moved on with her life and find another guy to be with and has goood career.And he movie was no. 1this weekend. Can’t do better than that!

  • Eric G. Cartman

    @Lydia Roberts: BS!
    She will lecture us about:
    *natural birth
    *breast feeding
    *religion and kids
    *food and kids
    *being a “working mother”
    maybe she will write a book too. Ew. self-righteous annoying j.e.w.

  • nw

    she looks like a T-Rex with those short arms

  • boston61

    Does this c*nt ever smile?

  • Carla

    I’m sure she will be a great mother! I’m a new mother myself and I highly recommend having children. My hips are bigger…my breasts are bigger. I’m loving it! I feel like more of a woman now. It definitely makes me feel so much sexier than ever before.

  • shrew

    SHE is DISGUSTING! @ Jenn, at least leann rimes knows she’s a homewrecker, this w h o r e pretends to be all miss goody two shoes then sleeps around with married men (Sean Penn) and this guy she got now she stole from another woman, she is much much worse than Rimes in my books well the game is over b!tch everyone sees you for who you really are now so just dissapear along with you bastard child

  • Misha

    she always carries the same bag and wears the same ugly coat…isn’t she rich, cant she buy new stuff omg i can’t believe she;s so cheap, she probably cuddles at night with her cheque book..hope ben dumps her and takes all her money thats what this w.hore deserves

  • Delphic

    I hope she is in pain when she gives birth…then she will know how I felt when I first saw her acting in Star Wars!

  • Alaia

    To me, she is what the mainstream audience thinks is a serious actress. I don’t think she’s that good at all. Michelle Williams should’ve won that Oscar!

  • to shrew

    this guy she got now she stole from another woman,
    sorry to break this to you; but a woman cannot “steal” a man from another woman unless he choose to leave. Benjamin obviously did not want to be with the other woman any longer.

  • to Alaia

    no way in hell should Michelle Williams have gotten the oscar

  • ida

    lol lol lol lol lo l i am cryiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! xD

  • Alaia

    @to Alaia: Why not?

  • geidre

    wow why so much hate on her??????!!!! SMH.
    I love Natalie. gorgeous girl,talented actress (knew it ever since I was the professional she would be big one day). She is a cute pregnant lady! Some women get big old double chins and stuff. Natalie looks the same.

  • mary

    tracy @ 05/10/2011 at 1:40 pm
    i know two people who are voting members of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. i asked them both why Julianne Moore wasn’t nominated for best actress. they both think that Julianne’s nomination was given to Michelle Williams. As for Natalie, these two voting members both say that they knew she would win the Oscar halfway through the film. somehow i doubt that Natalie is going to give the Oscar back. as for Darren being the father, i’ve heard that rumor as well.

  • to boston61

    here you go again!! one thing i will say is that you are consistent. tell me, psychotic troll, is there any actress out there that you are not jealous of?

  • to Alaia

    look, i will admit that Michelle did a good job; but it was not stellar. maybe in another year she might have won. i should also say that i don’t think Natalie should have gotten the Oscar either. as far as i’m concerned there are two actresses who should have been nominated and weren’t. Julianne Moore whose nomination went to Michelle and Noomi Rapace whose nomination was given to Anne Hathaway. for me; best actress is a toss up between Julianne and Noomi

  • Mia

    Jews don’t like to spend a lot money, because it costs them too much to live great. She is just daily her because she won an oscar she didn’t deserve. Just because she is a Jew

  • Alaia

    @to Alaia: Anne Hathaway wasn’t nominated!

  • Beau

    Well, I see the jealous freaks are out today. Must have some really sad lives.

  • mmbtrfli


    Okay SAR!!!!!:

  • Reality Check

    Dies this girl ever have a breakfast at home?

  • Reality Check

    SORRY for the typo: Does this girl ever have a breakfast at home?

  • Eliza

    Must she always look SO UNHAPPY?!

  • Courtney

    Natalie didn’t earn the oscar it was bought and paid for by the studio common practice now a days she’s got about 5 weeks left mid june. at least she isn’t confined to bed rest due to complications with her pregnancy which is a singleton otherwise she would’ve said something or she’d be giving birth earlier than her due date which is common for a multiple pregnancy as any parents of multiples will tell you

  • Lover

    @boston61: Well, little C*UNT, she’s walking in the f*cking street! What do you want her to smile about?!!!?

  • Shawna

    @Jenn: What in the world does Leann Rimes have to do with Natalie Portman??
    And maybe she likes her bag and isn’t wasteful like you obviously are!

  • nosecret

    so cute! she is one of my favorotie actresses!

  • spottt

    she get hate cuz she a jew? aww too bad.

  • Karen

    It’s Cafe Mogador, not Magador.

  • boston61


    She has been incredibly LUCKY in life!! She should f*cking smile for the camera. She doesn’t smile because she does not want the photographer to make any money. Well c*nt, the photographer probably has babies to support too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Amber

    Why the hell are people calling her a “c*nt?” Rude and ignorant people these days… no intellect or manners whatsoever. If you don’t like her, fine, but don’t use vulgar language to deface someone. People like that make me sick and disgusted. I would love to see how they are in the real world… GROW UP! That being said, I think Natalie is gorgeous and a great actress. I wish her all the best with her family and lots of happiness and success!! :-)

  • gdm

    @Courtney: Anyone who has read many NP JJ threads must realize I’m an NP fan. However no matter how much a fan I won’t say what I don’t really think.

    Every studio promotes their stars. To say Fox Searchlight as some omnipotent economic advantage over the others is rediculous.

    The role of Nina for Natalie was a very intense complex personality completely different from any she’s performed in the past. The only role I saw this year that I thought came close to an equal was Jennifer Lawrence’s role in Winter’s Bone. However since Jennifer has not been in much yet, it is hard to tell if it was really great acting, or just good casting. Nina for Natalie was obviously great acting.

  • boston61


    Because she never thanks any of her costars. Never gives any one else credit. I hate people who do not smile. There is nothing ruder.

  • To 15

    she looks like a T-Rex with those short arms

  • Luv U Nat

    Nasty disgusting ppl who can’t handle the fact nat is jewish .
    How pathetic!!! I love her acting and she won the oscar fair and square. Get off her back!! She is walking in the sun without sunglasses on. I have seen her smile lots of times . you ppl are too much. Get real!

  • britbeck

    if u dont like her, just dont read her post…dont insult her like that…u just downgrade urself. Ask urself if u can do better than she has done: going to Harvard, giving lecture at Columbia University, being a great actress n winning an Oscar n being totally totally beautiful in every way.

  • boston61

    @Luv U Nat:

    No, it’s because Nat thinks she is superior to the rest of us.

  • Rob

    Darren’s baby is about to pop! He’s going to be a proud papa to a beautiful Jewish baby! Mazel Tov!