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Rachel Bilson: Cannes Film Festival Arrival?

Rachel Bilson: Cannes Film Festival Arrival?

Rachel Bilson and her trusty pillow arrive in Nice, France on Tuesday (May 10) ahead of the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

On Sunday, the 29-year-old Chanel ambasadress and her stylist Nicole Chavez attended the Chanel cruise 2011/2012 collection catwalk show in support of designer Karl Lagerfeld at the Hotel du Cap in Antibes, France. Other VIPs pictured inside include Blake Lively, Vanessa Paradis, Clemence Poesy, Alexa Chung, and Monaco’s Princess Caroline of Hanover.

FYI: Rachel is carrying Vanessa Bruno‘s floral tote with sequins.

25+ pictures inside of celebrities at the Chanel Cruise Collection show…

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  • Creed

    this girl is the biggest has-been and everyone is tired of you posting her ugly turtle face on here.

  • bad news bilson

    Ugly fame wh@re is dressed as if she was going to Iceland instead of France. I live in France and it’s not that cold here now.

  • Who Cares

    I agree with Creed, but I substitute “turtle” for “chipmunk.”

  • Pepto

    Love what Kaiser said about her, lol.

    “Rachel Bilson, so desperate to be accepted. Except that looking through all of these photos, Bilson is the one that stands out like a sore thumb. Even Blake Lively fits in more than Bilson.”

    And WTF with the tail on that outfit, looks she’s got TP stuck to her *ss.

  • Ahari

    Haha, I love this comment from the same site:

    “I know nothing about rachel bilson, but she looks like a haughty bitch in all pictures.”

    I agree, she always has that “I’m so much better than you” look on her face.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Is she at Cannes pimping her ice cream commercial??? Is she hoping it will get bought by distributors?? She needs to just go hand out free samples of her ice cream at Walmart!
    JJ why does this “fashionista” have to travel with a stylist if she’s so “in-the-know” about fashion?? Also, why isn’t she wearing spring colors? Wasn’t she on Fox giving her fashion expertise??

  • Alaia

    The comments are going to be hilarious for this one. I think she is asking for it attending the Cannes Film Festival without a film to promote!

  • h


    WTF, JARED???

    and this nobody is the face of an ice cream company..

  • h

    @lexy hates bilson: lol.. poor girl.

  • hello

    Rachel, Clemence and Vanessa are very cute!
    But I hate Largafeld!

  • Chelly

    Dang get rid of those school kid hats! You’re gonna be 30 you twit!

  • Carey

    Wheres the B/F or did he finally grow a brain and figured out she is a media pimp. At Canne figured as much she hunts out the new men she tried it on Ryan Gosling last year only he wasn’t buying her game.

  • lilooo

    can anyone be more useless in this industry??!!

  • PW


    Not true Creed. Not everyone is tired of seeing the pictures of her. Keep ‘em coming.

  • Yen
  • jessie

    Why would a non-entity like this be going to Cannes? What movie(s) does she have to promote? Sadly, this blog is the only place I know her from.

  • sloane

    Her always wearing of a Michael Jackson type of ha;t make her looks more like a MIDGET; some fauxshionista she is!

  • sloane

    And please, did she still has to promote that “free for viewing commercial” in there – did she really had to?!
    On a serious note, she got NOTHING to promote at Cannes “MOVIE” Festival (ya movie… one who’s regularly making movies to make one to be a legit movie star!) but just appears to be some “party crasher”.

  • whizzer

    Pa pa pa pa H00KER face…
    Look at me! Look at me! I’m so awesome!
    Make me more famous for NOTHING so I can be in more gossip blogs!

  • deshaun

    Wacky, tacky & self absorbed little idiot.
    Just one of the delusions of “crack grandeur” of this NON-actress to attend a film festival .

  • just me

    @Carey: My thoughts exactly.If he didn’t know that already.She didn’t get enough media attention last month? That says alot about them being back on.Maybe they’re really not.She went last year without him too.

  • Bilson n’ her sufficient smile

    She is so full of herself, just look at her sufficient smile. She really thinks she deserves the world.
    Bil HO untalented poo.

  • PW


    Jesse doesn’t get around much.

  • Tina

    People get a grip! You haters all sound delusional. LOL

  • whodie

    Just like a sore thumb? More looking like a “”swollen foot callus or a dreaful fungus”".

  • confused

    She was at Derek Lam Fashion Show, isn’t it being held in New York?

  • rayden

    It was only a stopover in Nice, she is now in NYC.

  • Ty


    Is there a picture of her going to NYC today and why would a pap pay for a layover. Stopping at Cannes usually means staying there. Is there another Fashion party in NYC she “MUST” attend. As if she is this big icon of the fashion world.

  • Ty


    Is there a picture of her going to NYC today and why would a pap pay for a layover. Stopping at Cannes usually means staying there. Is there another Fashion party in NYC she “MUST” attend. As if she is this big icon of the fashion world.

  • @Ty

    check Derek Lam Party site

  • erin

    @ real me and Carey

    You wanted to know where Hayden is? Check the internet, he was in court yesterday, Tuesday 5/10, for his lawsuit against USA network. The judge dismissed his lawsuit, he plans to appeal it. That is why he is not in Cannes, I doubt he would have gone with her anyway.

    @ real me alias the truth

    Get a grip on yourself and get over the fact that Hayden and Rachel are back together. They were on vacation in Barbados with Hayden’s sister, her husband and their daughter. You need more proof than that after over 6 months since they started dating again? You don’t have to like it, but denying it like you do makes you look silly.

  • maya

    she’s awsome, can’t wait see her in Cannes :)

  • Ty


    Boo hoo he wasn’t going to beat out a major network on hearsay the article never stated he was there with his brother it said there case was thrown out. He can appeal but unless he can show new evidence that wasn’t heard the first time it won’t go anywhere either. Even if he is there who knows how long he will even stick around I think he spends more time with his brother then RB. He is grasping at straws b/c his career like RB is dead in the water. and that play date was staged on the beach all so she can have some viable image for an ice cream commercial and show off her collection of bikini’s. He like his family were the background shot for her. Seems they are only together when they need attention.

  • erin

    @ Ty

    I was talking to Carey and real me, unless you are Carey as well as Ty? lol! You sound very jaded, how long have you known Hayden and Rachel to be sure of what either one do or why? I could care less if he wins his lawsuit, or why they were in Barbados. They have been together for 4 years, that speaks for itself, no one forces them to stay together, no matter what anyone thinks. Have a nice day!

  • @erin

    Please you think to much and FYI Hayden nor his brother had to attend this hearing the lawyers go in their place. The two were upset with thr ruling via the Lawyer good chance he wasn’t there. If he was then bully for him. Dismissed is dismissed he won’t change much he is a dead in the water actor appealing is a joke. You don’t have to know someone to see how they behave it’s called body language.

    Yea and Arnold and Maria have been married for 25 and they split what does how long together have to do with shit. Helloo breakups in HW are the way of life and profit for divorce lawyers there. HC must like having the life squeezed out of him nice for a lazy actor.

  • shadowy

    It looks that Haydamn is looking money out of anything these days huh!
    And why not?!
    He’s got a “dead” career for a long time now, w/ a consistently “enabler” brother & gff to support, back it up w/ his” artificiality”… and now a lost case… all of which are “lost cause/s” as the way he deserves them all to be.

  • justjared

    vanessa looks beautiful