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Alexander Skarsgard: Julianne Moore's Movie Husband!

Alexander Skarsgard: Julianne Moore's Movie Husband!

Alexander Skarsgard heads back to his car after having lunch with his actor pal Keith Ewell on Wednesday (May 11) in Los Angeles.

Last month, Alex and Keith attended the 2011 Coachella Musical Festival with Alex‘s Straw Dogs co-star Rhys Coiro (24, Entourage).

Alex just joined the cast of the film What Maisie Knew as the new husband to Julianne Moore‘s character!

The story centers on “Maisie, a six-year-old girl enmeshed in the bitter divorce of her mother (Moore), a rock and roll icon, and her father (Steve Coogan), a charming but distracted art dealer,” according to THR.

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Credit: Brabus; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • commonsense

    I’m happy for him, it seems that his career is gaining momentum.

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    That man is gorgeous!

  • Shannon

    First thought I had: from the profile, his pecs look bigger than Kate’s bee stings.

    Second thought: I’m shocked Jared didn’t say Alex was at Coachella with Kate. I thought he wouldn’t miss an opportunity to align KBos w/ Skars. Tricky, tricky.

  • Foofa

    i do not recall hearing about/seeing alex at coachella w/ these two guys. i just remember that white guy, isaac or something.

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    @Foofa: The white guy at coachella was cher’s assistant or something. Isaac is the name everybody used for the guy here in these pictures, Keith Ewell.

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    Both those men are gorgeous!!!


    So they finally decided to end the mystery of “Isaac” and let the inquiring minds know who he is. Nice that Skars has good friends that’s don’t use their association with him for their own selfish agendas.

  • Toots

    Congrats, Alex! Julianne Moore is a beauty, plus redheads rock!

  • Shannon

    I think him & Julianne make a cute couple. Love me a ginger. So…were any of Alex’s actual friends with him at Coachella?? lol

    This guy is in none of the pics from Coachella, so why did Jared say he went? Wouldn’t there be pics of him & Alex together? And I still find it odd that there’s no mention of Bos in this post. And that both Bos & Skars announced new roles in the same day. Hmmm….

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    @Shannon: He’s in the pictures of coachella, check wenn, you just have to look for him. Like Merrick said, this guy isn’t trying to ride on Alex’s fame, he’s willing to make his own way:)

  • Shannon

    Maybe I’m just a conspiracy theorist, haha. Still, why no Bos in this post? Jared alwayssssss tries to link them up

  • it’smeagainmargaret

    @Shannon: The only one who keeps bringing it up is you!?!

  • Rachel()

    Yay! I’m glad he’s lining more projects up! Glad to see some ppl around AS aren’t using him to help their careers!



    No BaldyLocks mention is always a good thing.

  • tami

    Alex looks lovely as usual. :)


    “Last month, Alex and Keith attended the 2011 Coachella Musical Festival with Alex’s Straw Dogs co-star Rhys Coiro (24, Entourage)”
    UMMMMM, NO. That black man (Keith Ewell) was never at Coachella. Neither was Entourage’s Rhys Coiro. How come there’s not one single pic of these 2 men with Alex at that concert??
    The Coachella pics from last month only showed Alex, Kate, and Kate’s entourage.

  • Julianne + Alex = CUTE!

    I never would have imagined Julianne Moore & Askars as an on-screen couple, but I gotta admit they would look cute together!! Julianne is sophisticated and elegant (unlike some other non-actresses who are balding). And she has a very cute face and smile. Not to mention she’s a talented actress. I’m looking forward to this film. <3 <3

  • Bisexual Anthony

    Ooooooh I love me some redheads!! I bet Alex will be enjoying his love scenes with Julianne. Hopefully there WILL be some love scenes cuz those two would look so hot getting it on! Ow!

  • Canuck

    Glad he has something interesting lined up!


    Read What Maisie Knew online:

  • So there’s TWO black friends?

    @MERRICK: “So they finally decided to end the mystery of “Isaac” and let the inquiring minds know who he is.” … Merrick, I think there are TWO black guys. One seems younger and lighter skinned and he eats with him at Joan’s on Third. This older black man – Keith Ewell – is another friend. Someone correct me if I’m wrong.


    Kinda refreshing to see Alex with someone a little older than him since he had been acting like a borderline cradle robber back when he was dating Evan Rachel Wood & Amanda Seyfried (who both seem like very young & immature girls). It just seemed very superficial of him. This is one of the reasons why Ryan Phillipe gets criticized so much & why people don’t take him seriously. He always dates much younger immature girls.
    Even though I dislike Kate atleast she’s not in her early 20s, ya know what I mean? And now that we wll be seeing him alongside Julianne it’s like a breath of fresh air. Yay!
    Sometimes I worry that he’s gonna go through an early midlife crises and end up with some 19 year old girl. I read that his dad who’s around 60 married some 30-ish year old chick which a lot of people said was due to a midlife crises after divorcing his wife of many years (Alex’s mom). That’s kinda sleazy and gross and I hope Alex has more class than that!

  • Stacey

    Julianne is seriously one of my favorite actresses. She might be a little bit older than KB but atleast she’s got all of her hair!! Bwahahahahaha

  • Cute but far from perfect

    He’s cute but he’s got a huge shiny fivehead, weird scrawny small shoulders and upper arms, his head is too small for his body, and his arms are very stiff and weird. They always hang from his body in such a stiff awkward way. Not to mention he looks like a T-Rex dinosaur when he jogs! Remember those pics of him jogging at Runyon Canyon Park? He’s definitely cute but he’s got a loooooooooooooot of flaws and very weird body language. I still love him as Eric, though!!

  • Monique

    He looks dirt and greasy, but not in a good way. He needs to get

    a stylist and a better “gf”. His career is sinking. The last trailer of Melancolia he wasn’t even featured.

    “what the fans giveth, the fans can giveth away”


    @Cute but far from perfect: you’re 100% right. askars does have a lot of physical flaws. but if you look at any other actor (or even model) you’ll see that they’re not perfect either. but I have to agree with you that he’s got some akward body language. body language is the way you move, walk, jog, etc. askars happens to be more on the geeky side. he’s not very smooth.

  • Ana Maria in L.A.

    What really annoys me sometimes which I gotta agree w/comment #25 is how small and skinny his upper arms and shoulders look. It’s like he doesn’t work out enough, right??? That’s the part of a man (atleast while clothes are on) that makes him look the most masculine and strong. It’s impressive for a girl to see broad shoulders and muscular biceps. And his are so small and scrawny. And those tight shirts only make it look worse! :(


    @So there’s TWO black friends?:

    Trust me that’s lighting and I really don’t believe there’s that many black men sporting the same type of hair. Most black men favor a highly groomed fade as the NORM( yes, I know about big afros, dreads, cornrows and twists), Keith seems to let his au naturel and like Bosho does not favor a comb. Having quite a few friends from all walks of life, I like to people watch and quite frankly Will Smith, Jamie Foxx, Denzel Washington, Chris Rock etc, would not be caught with their hair like that except for a role.

    Before anyone makes snippy comments, my family and friends look like the UN with over 14 languages spoken, all religious covered (including Wicca) and some weirdo vegans( YES, WEIRDOS! God wants me to recycle the hides(no fur) of animals by means of fabulous bags/ shoes/jackets and enjoy bacon cheeseburgers).

  • Tanisha

    @NO MORE CRADLE ROBBING: @#23: I don’t think Alex is gonna end up with some 30yo when he’s 60! That’s just gross cuz that could be yo daughter. Jeez! Eeek! I think he’s gonna date around until he’s almost 40 and prob in late 30s or early 40s he’s gonna settle down with a GROWN AZZ WOMAN around his own age. Kate is just a “for now’ relationship. This is what I hope for him and I honestly don’t see him perving out at 60 with some 30yo gold digging heffer. He seems much too good for that kind of B.S.



    Are you 12? Throughout history younger women have married much older men on every part of the globe. On what plane of reality do you exist? Stellan met Megan when she was over 30, she wasn’t a teenager…I’d have problems with that. What does their relationship have to so with this? Stellan stated the ENTIRE family including his ex-wife would be spending the holidays together. I’d say that a lot better than some families, even those whose parent haven’t divorced.

  • Leslie

    @Monique: ““what the fans giveth, the fans can giveth away” … ERRR, WRONG! It’s “What the fans giveth, the fans can TAKETH away”. Learn to read and write, ya dork! And I agree that he needs to work out more.



    Golddigging?? Yep, Megan is living in the lap of luxury in Sweden. From Stellan interview:
    “No signs of gold Rolex, Armani suits or expencive flashy jewelry.
    - There is nothing left of the money, he says.
    - A large part of my income has gone to renting houses for my family and friends of the family. During a filing in Rome he had 40 Swedes – all in the same house. He stays away from Hollywood-stars”-from Stellan interview .
    Obviously, she didn’t marry him to get exposure…so I’m thinking she actually loves him.
    Grow up.

  • Lousiana girl

    @MERRICK: Merric, you sound like a daddy chasing gold digger who got offended by someone’s honest opinion. I agree with that person’s comment who said she hoped Alex keeps it real and doesn’t go all pervy on us when he gets older.
    The point isn’t that Askar’s stepmom is a teenager. The point is that SHE COULD BE STELLAN’S DAUGHTER!! That’s sick. I don’t care how old the person is. The point is that they could be father/daughter. It also makes for a very uncomfortable situation for your family because it’s DYSFUNCTIONAL for a stepmother to be the same age as her stepson. It’s also disrespectful for Askar’s mom. It’s like telling her she was never good enough and he had to “upgrade” to better wife. Pull your head out of your azz, and open your eyes you dumb bish.


    @Lousiana girl:

    Shut up.

  • GoAway

    @Lousiana girl:
    Ummm…this post is about Alex, not his father. I guess you’re the same person that goes on about this on EVERY single forum. What? Is there no Stellan forum you can go to and b!tch about him? Freaking ignoramus.

  • Becky Pooh

    Okay, I see what some of you r saying about his shoulders and upper arms. I always knew he looked kinda scrawny but I never quite put my finger on it until now that u girls mention it. It’s the most obvious from the side profile. Click on the pic so u can zoom in and look at that area at the very top of his upper arms where they meet his shoulder. And you’ll see how tiny THE WIDTH of it is when looking at it from the side. He’s got very narrow upper arms. It’s the actual bone structure. It’s not about the muscle.

  • Blind Much?

    Obviously Bills bishes or JoeMange fans are on here, because what a load of rot that his arms looks small….laughable. Sad old competitive bishes.

  • Swedish-American Girl

    @MERRICK: Actually, Merrick, Alex’s dad makes a lot more money than his new young wifey. I don’t think she even had a job to be honest. And some of their neighbors have complained that they drive this really big SUV while proclaiming to be environmentally friendly. So I dunno about that. Alex’s dad is also known for having a very conceited and rude personality. I’m just going by what I hear in Sweden.


    Anybody ever see Magnolia? It’s a movie from 1999 starring Julianne Moore & Tom Cruise (before he became crazy). Julianne played a gold digger who married this really old fugly man for money & he was dying of cancer. She started to feel regret for screwing lots of other men while being married to him. The old man was a bad person so he was no innocent victim. But his death caused her to see how bad her life was and all the mistakes she had made. VERY FEW actresses could pull off a role like that. You could really feel what she was feeling. I was so impressed by her acting. The movie also has a great soundtrack by indie singer Aimee Mann.

  • Ashleigh

    ITA that a 60 year old senior with a 30-something-year-old wife is kinda creepy. It’s obvious that she has some kind of self-interest in that relationship. Maybe money, maybe she wanted to be with someone famous (atleast famous in Sweden), maybe she wanted a father figure because she didn’t grow up with a father. I don’t know what. But it seems very bizarre.

  • Niecey loves Dwayne Wayde

    Sorry ya’ll but if my pops were to remarry (my parents divorced 3 years ago) with some much younger woman who could my sister I would be like “HE11Z NAH!!” It would be too weird for me and would cause some serious problems in my relationship with my father. Just my opinion.

  • anne

    alexander who?

  • anne

    alexander who?

  • a little cut

    This post is about Alex, not his father Stellan.

  • Thespi

    He’s so hot!

  • Beerwolf

    Love him!

  • ChiliBear



    I have no idea why Mehgan (is that her name?) married Alex’s dad but I find it odd that now she’s trying to start a cooking career from his fame. I think she’s pulling a Katie Lee on him! Katie Lee is this chick who married singer Billy Joel. They have a huge age difference. Billy Joel is really old.
    So after their divorce she supposedly took a HUGE CHUNK of his money. But while still married to him and using his fame she started writing cook books and appearing as a guest on cooking shows. Now she has her career which she gained from his fame and a cushion of m money that she stole from him! LOL. This girl had a plan!
    Now Askar’s young stepmother has a Youtube channelwith cooking videos and I think she’s going to try to write a book or get a TV show.

  • CandyCane

    I hope he films near my neighborhood in NY. Good Luck, Alex!