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Angelina Jolie Explains Coordinates Tattoo

Angelina Jolie Explains Coordinates Tattoo

Angelina Jolie and her Kung Fu Panda 2 co-star Jack Black sat down with Extra at the Cannes Film Festival to talk about their new animated film.

The 35-year-old actress explained the meaning of the latest set of coordinates added to her tattoo, which sparked adoption rumors.

“Well if they know that it’s latitude and longitude they would have figured out quickly that it was Brad‘s birthplace,” Angelina said. “It doesn’t take much investigation to figure that one out. It’s Shawnee, Oklahoma.”

Angelina said that her kids have seen the movie, which deals with adoption.

“They laughed out loud hysterically through the whole thing and they just loved it, and then I was serious-mom-in-the-car and said, ‘Does anyone have any questions?’,” she said.

“We talk very openly in our house, so orphanage, birth parents, are happy words in our house, and it’s not a thing. I think they felt more connected to Po [the panda] and they identified with Po, who they think is very cool. It seemed very normal and they loved it,” Angelina added.

Angelina Jolie Explains Coordinates Tattoo
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  • andrew

    hottest woman on earth. no one can replace her!

  • Kirsten

    Beautiful, unique and talented. That’s Angie. Great to see her and I know the movie will be great.

  • Alaia

    @andrew: Not with Alison Brie present!

  • joy

    God Bless the JoliePitts

    Love, love, much love to this family

  • Celia

    She’s so lovely.

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  • Sotos

    It was about time you had some new Jolie news.
    Great fun video!

    Angelina come back as Lara Croft!!!

  • gorgeous

    Such a cool woman beautiful and she makes sense and boy does she love that man or what…her face just lights up saying his name.

  • Ken

    love her!!!

  • *-*

    Yey, Angelina!!!

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  • soi

    There’s our girl- can’t wait to see you shine tomorrow. To all of the rest- Eat your heart out! You are one gorgeous girl.

  • chris

    “oh am i regular” haha love you angie!

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  • t.m.delafonda

    Finally, a new thread. Angelina is just….amazing! She is so poised and elegant without even trying. However, I, too (referencing a topic that was addressed in the last thread), wish that they would ask her about more than her womb and tats. She is and does so much more than the superficial. I would, for once, like to hear about the Maddox and Zahara schools and their future humanitarian endeavors. But, the sensationalist media only wants to hear about controversy or any tidbit that would garner an inflammatory reaction.

  • soi

    Alison Brie- are you for real?

  • Lara

    Beautiful, talented, funny and with a heart of gold, love her. We knew it was for Brad, she loves her husband and children so much, and they her; god bless them.
    Waving to Neleh, sending love and ((hugs)) your way. Take care and god bless, muah.
    Catsup, thinking of you, just caught up with the threads, god bless you and your family.


    Soooooo stunning. As usual, it’s Angelina’s world, trolls are just squirrels trying to get a nut. Hahahahaha!

    Anyone else think it’s hilarious that queen huvane is now getting trashcan Chelsea handjob stupid romcom roles that maniston can’t get anymore. Afterall, Maniston is what? 7 years OLDER than that ugly ho’! Bahahahaha!

  • soi

    These two are so funny and cute together/great chemistry.

  • Lurker

    Angie glows when she talks about Brad and her children.

  • Glee

    Doing it and Doing it and doing it well


    Doing it and Doing it and Doing it Wwwweeeellllllllll


  • busted

    I’ve been looking at all the interviews. They are all super cute and she looks wonderful.

    Can’t wait til tomorrow for more interviews.. Does anyone know if there will be a photocall tomorrow. I hope so.

    The fans figured out the coordinates ages ago.. lol..

    Thanks for the thread Jared.. She looks so beautiful. Not much make up and still simply stunning.

  • angel aka lurker

    she is gorgeous and glowing

  • angel aka lurker

    she is gorgeous and glowing



  • marta

    I like how Angelina’s fans love her, there are so many fans, I love her too, she has some power!

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  • Beautiful & Sincere

    She’s sooooo beautiful

  • noplace

    05/11/2011 at 7:55 pm MARIA FROM TEXAs

    Did you see the embarrassing pick of Ticky with banana? That is ZZZZZZZZZ


    Brad is one lucky man. Angelina looks so beauitful and relaxed. The Jolie-Pitt fans are going to have an amazing week. Brad and Angelina will walk the red carpet at Cannes on Monday. I can’t wait.

  • lexis

    Angie is gorgeous and looks so happy. Her and Brad have made such a lovely relationship. Can’t help but love both of them.
    I took my kids to see KFP1 and they loved it so will be taking them to the second one. Angie and Jack and the rest of the cast did a fantastic job on this film. Kids love it ,it’s so cute. Wouldn’t miss it.

  • toy1

    Angie – just beautiful, elegant and poised as usual!

    Why does JJ have the Jolie sandwiched between those two hacks Ticky and Fishstix? Just wrong…

    Many of you called it but I just couldn’t beleive Ticky would be so crass (well I can but was hoping not)…I mean can the JPs have a moment without her trying to get her 2 mins too…geesh!!!!

  • yayay

    ah jared, do you really have to put that woman on the top of Angie here. From all the days they can do it they go to be next to Angie today. It is annoying . But as hat is not enough, you put her next to Angie here. Why you like to disgust us jared?yck

  • laya

    Stunning! I love her she is so cool.

  • anustin

    beautiful!gorgeous!brad, one lucky poppa.

  • yayay

    That being said Ange looks great and she looks happy. I like she and jack together they have a nice air. But like I said in the other thread they should let jack talk more ( the interviewers). He is a man and you know they don’t like it to be you know..

  • noplace

    why is the Horrible trash replacing Angie’s interview?

  • Jolie = Lying CUNT


  • Sci

    OOOOHHH that it i was hoping to see her and Brad on the carpet at canne

  • bermy girl

    That’s my girl!!!!

  • NHT(now hear this)

    Observation: Being tucked in between those two (Paltrow and Aniston), she looks all the better. A true beauty, with brains, talent and compassion thrown in, just for the fun of it.
    Be grateful Brad, be very grateful.

  • mickey

    What a sweet video. I loved watching Angie and Jack. Can’t wait to see KFP2. Angie is the most beautiful woman i have ever seen.

  • shIit

    why jared why you like to turn us off? how much they pay you for this kind of things?ewww

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    looking weird, like her face was caved in

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    someone posted on the last thread,like”cannes time…Maniston show up with her stinking azz…bwahahahha…she not only showed up with her azzbellybuttonhor.nypanties…..accompanied by a banana on her mouth!!!! the woman is full of shi.t!!!

  • A says Yes to More Kids

    HAHAHAHAHAHA looks like the troll can’t endure the love and devotion Angie recieves from her many Fans. lol tough ti.tty

    See that thang below Angie looking like the tramp she is. AUG!

    And then there is our Angie in all of her beauty with her soft articulate voice talking about her man Brad and their 6 children which she just said more or less they are on their way to adding more children to the crew or oops the football team. Yayyy!! Go Angie!

  • yaya

    Manny is nothing if she not predictable. She is a real life coke sucker while milking pity and using divorce.

  • yolly

    NIce interview & beautiful Angelina, she has no make up & still looks fabulous. I can’t wait on Monday on their red carpet appearance for The Tree of Life. So excited. God bless them always.

  • anustin

    hmhhmmh…caling anjie’s name… wrong on so many level!!!!!!look at Maniston,look at her? ugly,dump’eed by so many men,urinated,no love!huh.