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Katie Holmes: 'Responsible Adults' with Chace Crawford!

Katie Holmes: 'Responsible Adults' with Chace Crawford!

Katie Holmes and Gossip Girl‘s Chace Crawford will star in the romantic comedy Responsible Adults.

The John Poll-directed flick is about 30-year-old-med student Liz Quinn (Holmes), who meets and falls in love with charming 22-year-old Baxter Wood (Crawford). Their relationship starts off well until they realize that she was once upon a time his babysitter.

Production for Responsible Adults is scheduled to start this fall in Los Angeles.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see Katie Holmes and Chace Crawford on the silver screen together?

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35 Responses to “Katie Holmes: 'Responsible Adults' with Chace Crawford!”

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  1. 26
    annie Says:

    If there is something that I ‘ve learnt about the internet , it’s you can’t always make out truth from fiction.
    There have been worse flops than Mad Money, with bigger name actresses, and you know it.
    The Romantics, yes I agree , the storyline was really bad, but the acting was good. But it did extremely well, opening in 2 theatres, better than most openings, something went wrong somewhwere along the line.
    The Kennedys was shown in the UK ,with triple the audience, for the channel . It will be shown on 22nd May in Australia, it’s been picked up by Germany and France, and it’s up for an award in Monte Carlo.
    So really , it can’t be as bad as you make out.
    What were the other movies, by Miramax, that have been sold first, and when are they coming out. I know one was with Hellen Mirren.
    So far , I’ve only read good reviews for DBAOTD.
    You and I both, don’t know anything about how her clothing line is going, other than that too , has been getting good reviews, and the people who have worn her clothes publicly look very nice in them.
    Can’t imagine getting a big salary, for doing I ndie movies, and the ones who do get big salaries don’t deliver the profits anyway, and that’s a fact, that you know very well.
    Look, unlike you, I’m very honest, yes she’s blown a few good chances, and I don’t make out that she’s the best actress, or best of anything, and maybe she makes indie movies inbetween bigger ones, her roles only take a couple of weeks and are always close to home, except for DBAOTHD.
    As I said before, I read good reviews for her Get Happy performance, from people connected with the dancing, theatre, and singing industry.
    The paps seek her , she doesn’t seek out the paps like a lot of the other actresses do, she never did.
    The only things that maybe disappoint me , a bit is , she used to do sometimes charity telethons, and stuff.
    Again, like I said I will support Katie, when things are said that don’t make sense, or are not true or fair. There are always 2 sides to everything.

  2. 27
    jenna Says:

    If they’re gonna pair Chace with an older women couldn’t they get a much hotter women who’s got personality and not the boring Katie who’s career is fading away? Katie’s got the Midas touch when it comes to flop movies. I hate to see Chace in a movie where nobody would even watch or care.

  3. 28
    jjjj Says:

    Oh no not Katie. Sorry to say this but she’s boring and talentless. She’s now known as Tom Cruz wife and Suri’s mother. Her acting career has died a long time ago after Dawson’s Creek and her dress line I don’t even know where to begin. She makes Victoria Beckham look like a genius.

  4. 29
    louanne lee Says:

    TOM CRUISE bought and paid for this straight to DVD production for his beard.

    Dayum for such a talentless, boring vacant woman, she is draining poor Tommy’s bank account with him having to pay for every gig she gets.

  5. 30
    @annie Says:

    Yes there are bigger flops than Mad Money and we all know it, but we are talking about one actress: Katie Holmes. And her string of flops. Kennedys by the way made no where near what it cost to make it.

    Name a few actresses who has made so little money in the films they have been in both domestically and abroad over the last five or so years that are still getting acting jobs in decent pictures. Aniston gets savaged for having flops, but most of her rom coms no matter how stupid seem to make money.

    I can’t think of any. Kidman flops in the states, but makes money abroad. The reason I’m naming her is because so many think she is such a failure/flop as an actress.

    And Annie if you are honest then you know that:

    If Katie were not Mrs. Tom Cruise, she’d have faded into obscurity by now.

    There is no way in hel$ that she would have gotten the part in AMS.

    There is no way anyone would have put their dollars and sense behind her as a fashion designer.

    There is no way she’d be on Eli Stone or YTUCD (or whatever) dancing and singing.

    She may be nice according to you. She may be beautiful according to you. She may be the epitome of fashion according to you. She may be able to actually act according to you. BUT THAT SAID–money talks and she doesn’t make any for the backers and if it wasn’t for CRUISE marrying her, she would not be afforded the opportunities that she so poorly parlays into non-advantages.

    You seem to know her by your obsessive fandom–is she stupid? Is she dumb? Is she, what? How in the world does one person manage to make such a mash out of her career with such poor choices?

  6. 31
    annie Says:

    Never said she was the best at anything. But she’s not what you make her out to be either.

  7. 32
    @annie Says:

    Then what is she? She certainly gives a great impression of having a great deal of air between her ears.

  8. 33
    annie Says:

    You really give Tom a lot of power, don’t you. Sorry if I don’t agree.
    Why shouldn’t she be on Eli Stone, I hated the dance performance, and the hair, the look didn’t suit her… but loved the way she sang Hit Me with a High Note, tho , and there was nothing wrong with her acting either.
    We go over and over the same things. The difference between me and you is that I’m more honest. Even tho I am a Katie fan, I will come out and say what I like , what I don’t like, what she’s done wrong , where she goes wrong, and I will stick up and praise when it’s deserved.
    You wouldn’t dream of doing that… all you do is criticize.
    For all any of us know, she may have had a bigger career , if she wasn’t with Tom. She most probably would have been in three Batman movies…..but she blew it. Nolan liked her enough to want her back the second time. No matter what you have to say.
    I’m going to wait, until DBAOTD comes out, because I think she’s good in those sort of roles, and then we’ll discuss some more.
    Let me sum her up this way…….she’s not the type to get dressed up , hair done up, short dress , legs crossed, breast feeding her son, and smiling for the cameras. That is called hungry ambition. Well she hasn’t got it!! Maybe that’s her failing!

  9. 34
    @annie Says:


    Well, she could hardly have been in three Batman movies since her character was killed off in Two. And her performance was roundly trounced. First statements out were that she was “fired” from Batman 2. Then Tom’s people got involved and suddenly Katie had “quit” to do Mad Money. Forgive me for being cynical, but having seen Mad Money and its lame script/plot – it is unclear why any of the three (Keaton, Latifa, Holmes) would have starred in this drivel let alone have given up Batman 2 for it.
    It is fine that she doesn’t want to dress up. But at least look clean and pressed. It is fine that she doesn’t wnat to do her, but at least wash it and brush it before you stick it in an outdated top knot. And Katie has worn many short dresses. Don’t know who you are referring to breastfeeding.
    But you still haven’t answered the question–what does she have between her ears. She comes off in her interviews as sounding brainless. You know Jackie Kennedy whom she supposed loved and admired and researched to the nth degree–had a breathy little voice, but something intelligent managed to come out of her mouth. Katie not so much. She overuses the same adjectives and you know the ones I’m talking about.
    Furthermore there is nothing wrong with her doing Eli S and whatever else she is doing–the point is she would not have been offered the parts if she wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise. No one would have had any interest in seeing Katie H on Broadway if she wasn’t married to Cruise and I can tell you that no one on Broadway would have hired her over other more talented actresses if she wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise. Having seen well over 100 Broadway shows, Katie’s performance fell way short of any type of excellence mark. Can you honestly sit there and tell me she would have gotten that part if she had been with out Tom Cruise? She was the weakest, and I do mean weakest, actress I’ve ever seen on Broadway in NYC, in London, Paris, Chicago or Toronto main productions. And can you honestly say she would be designing Holmes and Yang without being Mrs. TC? And can you honestly say she would have been on Eli S and SYTYCD without being Mrs. Tom Cruise? Hardly.
    Her failing is that she has limited talent in the performing and designing arts. She has the touch of lead. She would be in obscurity by now if she wasn’t Mrs. Tom Cruise. She can look stunning when she wants to, but she lacks the charisma that draws people to her. People don’t really want to see her movies.
    You can like her all you want. But the facts are she doesn’t sell movies, doesn’t sell clothes, doesn’t sell much of anything. And anyone else that had her opportunities and wasn’t selling the products would no longer being given parts.
    She does sell tabloids. And she knows it. By dragging that poor child out constantly Katie manages to get her name plastered in the blogs, social media and tabloids. She would have to be extraordinarily stupid not to realize it.

  10. 35
    annie Says:

    You know I don’t know what you want , she sounds sweet in interviews, she doesn’t try to get in as much as she can , or go on and on like some of them do, without making much sense, be a bit honest.
    You make it sound like you are in the know, on how her line is selling or not. How do you know?
    As far as I can make out , you’re the one who doesn’t like her very much.
    Why should Jessica Simpson have a clothes line or Mandy Moore….remember her,.. or The Olsen Twins or half of Hollywood for that matter. Not saying Tom’s name didn’t open doors for her. So what ,it happens all the time in peoples lives. Are you going to hold that against her. How do you know that she’s not going to make a success of Holmes/Yang.
    Sorry, but I read a lot about her on fashion sites, where they write what she wears , how she looks , her hair, makeup etc, Holmes/Yang, her endorsements she gets complimentary write ups, and that’s got nothing to do with Tom. Tom’s name can only go so far.

    She wasn’t the star in AMS, she just played the girlfriend, and it was good experience for her, it was the media that made it all about her.
    There is a video of her shopping at Barneys (the one where all the pics make her look pregnant.) she’s with a friend, she looks so cute, and casual, in a nice way, not a Jennifer Garner way, except where she she’s trying on the shoes and she realises that the paps are there taking pics of it.
    We keep on saying the same things. I don’t sit and analyse interviews like you do. She was an A student who got accepted into Columbia university, so she has a brain.
    She was more open in her interviews, when she first got married, but judgemental people like yourself , made sure she’s more wary of what she says. Not everybody is the same…..her husband is the opposite, no great schooling, dyslexic, hard upbringing, but he knows how to play whatever game you have to play in Hollywood, with a burning desire to succeed at whatever cost. Her upbringing was much more comfortable, she had everything growing up, maybe that plays a part, maybe that’s why she’s so laid back. Maybe she doesn’t listen to advice. Maybe nobody gives her good advice. Maybe she doesn’t have that burning ambition that you need to really succeed, no matter what.
    For me….Hollywood is a place where you have to convince people you’re something. The more you pretend, the higher you go.
    You don’t like me giving examples, but take Jlopez, I’ve seen what she looked like at the age of 20, you couldn’t even call her pretty, but she wanted fame and success so badly she worked on it, like there was no tomorrow.
    As for Batman2 Nolan said he was angry with Katie for turning down the role. I’m not a liar, I read that in an interview, he gave.
    Obviously Maggie wasn’t right , because he likes to keep the same stars in his movies, so he killed Rachael Dawes off altogether.
    That was her biggest mistake.
    That’s not the only successful movie she turned down, because of time scheduling. I believe she turned down 40 days and 40 nights too. Katie has been in some good movies, with good stars just not boxoffice hits.
    So maybe she doesn’t make the right choices, or something steps in the way at the time . That happens too in life.
    She doesn’t need to drag Suri anywhere to get her name in the tabloids all she needs is to wear a certain brand of jeans.
    We can go on like this forever.
    Can I ask you something, if she wasn’t married to Tom, and had no connection to Scie, would you still have this very obvious dislike for her.

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