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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Hockey Date!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Hockey Date!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban watch the Nashville Predators take on the Vancouver Canucks on Monday (May 9) at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn.

The 43-year-old Aussie actress shared a hug with Keith, also 43, during the game, in which the Canucks defeated the home team 2-1.

Last week, the couple watched another Canucks-Predators game in Nashville and shared a laugh with the Canucks Green Men – the team’s unofficial mascot!

10+ pictures inside of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban at a hockey game…

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Photos: Flynet
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  • boston61

    She looks like a freak!!!! Her voracious vanity had destroyed her. Hahaha!!

  • dgcg

    Love this couple! Thanks jared!

  • s

    Love this couple!
    cute ever.
    i wanna Sunday and Faith photos,Jared

  • fdgd

    I always wondered why those plastic surgery lists complied by doctors say she has the most frequently requested nose?….I always found it to be too piggy looking. and not to mention she had it done!!! its a fake one. Does anyone remember her big bulbous pig nose in Dead Calm???? Its good she fixed that thing!

    love her as an actress though. she’s great.

  • Lynn

    She is so beautiful! They make a happy couple.


    her face!!!!! SCARY

  • ———

    hahahah she has no wrinkles and she can’t smile. she’s a joke

  • mimi

    third lip

  • ALEX
  • anon

    Love how the green men scared her, priceless =)

  • anon

    Even better when the green men were petting carrie underwoods hair, lol

  • vee

    Just look at them! She has that little worried, busy “mommy” look. He has that tiny tummy, “I’m relaxed and love my life” look. Do they know how wonderful and REAL they are? What a fairy tale come true. They are such an inspiration.

  • http://ls Ka simply amazing!!!!!!!


  • Anon

    Soaking up all the PR opportunities possible. Too bad the Caunucks won. LOL

  • boston61


    What planet are you on? She is a plastic surgery nightmare.

  • sarah

    it’s funny how she’s lost the perception of her own looks after so many plastic surgeries and botox injections. Those completely destroyed her looks. C’mon, red arrow me, I don’t care less :-*

  • george


  • Alpine

    “She is a plastic surgery nightmare” said the sad bitter jealous sack of potatoes who is envious of a woman with a beautiful family and career.

  • susan

    I like Nicole and am so glad that she has found happiness with Keith and their children.

    but Nicole looks nothing like the woman she once was. She use to be very beautiful and regal. Her face looks so off and her hair looks unhealthy.

    I don’t know if it is because of plastic surgery (though I doubt it) or botox or fillers.. but she looks so much older and her face looks like clay. Such a shame because she had such an original look.

    This has nothing to do with jealousy. She looks happy and so in love. So does Keith. Good for them. but the truth about what she and other are doing to themselves is a warning to women. That botox and fillers will mess your face up in the end.

    Look at Teri Hatcher, Suzanne Somers, Courteney Cox and too many others to name.. They are looking like creatures instead of the attractive women they were.

    That is terrible.

  • Speak Now

    Haters need new material or need to be quiet. :) Move on, people!

  • fahime

    I love nicole soooooooooooo much
    she is sooooooo beautiful

  • tall grass

    Did she put her finger in an outlet? Prime example why you should not do procedures to your face.

  • MAY

    she is in no way 43
    she has got to be at least 55??

  • Miamia

    I find it hilarious that people really CAN’T admit that she has done a lot of plastic surgery and she can’t hardly move her face anymore.
    Yes, they are in love, yes she is great actress.. but that has NOTHING to do with how she looks.
    So, I know everyone is thrilled she moved on from Tomboy but that doesn’t mean we can’t be honest about her looks.
    So don’t thumb down everyone who is just honest about it. Just because her fans can’t accept that she looks very out of the ordinary lately. Wish her the best with her husband and children, but she should stop the botox

  • Lex

    I agree, Miamia.
    It takes more to produce a real smile than pulling up your nose and showing some teeth…

  • taco

    Dear Miamia, you missed a lot of Ms Kidman recently, in particular one movie: Rabbit Hole, if you dare think she can’t move her face.
    You can’t and you shouldn’t judge a face by few pics on internet. You’re superficial, dumb and silly like everyone else. You don’t know at all what kind of disaster plastic surgery can make (I think about Melanie Griffith). Fortunately Nicole is not one of those examples. You should keep your pathetic form of envy away from mature discussions.

  • Eliza

    The same old haters posting and reposting under different names.
    It drives them crazy to see this couple so successful and happy and leading such productive lives. So they fire away with the same old stuff about Nicole’s looks. If you’ve seen what THEY look like you can almost laugh as you picture them frantically typing away, bashing Nicole to make themselves feel better. Love is based on more than looks – except to shallow people who can find nothing else to criticize.
    I hope the love between Nicole and Keith continues to flourish.

  • moh123

    gorgeous Lady!

  • ravynwolfe

    She looks sort of angry. He looks kinda like Wayne Gretzky in the main photo. I love them though..just saying.

  • Jazzy

    I LOVE Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman! They are the world’s cutest couple. I didn’t know they liked hockey too but now I like them even more! So sweet!

  • Nash


    They’ve been sighted before at games but the nat’l media really took notice because of the playoffs. Proud of you Preds!

  • TorMapleLeafs

    Canadian hockey fan here! They are a couple others should look up to taking time for themselves. Nice people, talented people raising their family. Much blessings to them and their daughters.

  • beth

    I love Keith and Nicole.

  • Eve


    Nic and Keith bring their visiting Aussie friends to games too. They don’t go to every home game because they are busy and out of town for work but that’s the norm for alot of box members. Most people don’t know about their attendance unless you live here in town or catch the occasional star sighting on Twitter or a blog. Personally they are a welcome addition. Carrie seems like a sweet person but when she did things like drop to the floor and hide when she was shown on camera it annoyed alot of sports fans. FWIW hockey is one of the few sports I can watch and there is nothing like being at a game in person. TV just doesn’t do it justice.

  • http://yahoo lizzie

    To those who are eaten up with jealousy, a little note. The Urbans go out of their way to support Nashville. They’re dressed like fans, nothing more, nothing less. Nicole doesn’t have her hair or make-up done prior to stepping out of the house because she’s felt comfortable in the past just being a ‘normal’ TN gal. It would be so nice if the paps would accomodate the celebs who crave attention in NY and Hollywood. Nicole isn’t the devil incarnate, leave her alone. I don’t believe Keith or Nicole read this junk, but their fans do and it gets a little much, especially the same people spouting the same lunacy all the time.

  • Eve

    lizzie thank you! That’s one thing I forgot to mention. I really wish Ms Underwood was confident enough to come to games without the worried and bothered attitude and her hair perfectly coiffed. It’s disappointing she feels she needs to put up an image.

    Keith and Nicole, whether the old fans or ex-fans like it or not, are part of Nashville and support it on every level. They are involved in charities and volunteering locally, Keith still records here, Nicole brings business here whether its doing photoshoots or voicework. They could if they wanted to, just have a place in TN and not be bothered to be part of the community but that’s never been the case. Some people are living in a serious state of denial unfortunately about the family.

  • Jordyn

    They seem like such a nice couple, just trying to live decent, normal lives. I don’t think they deserve all the nastiness. Best wishes to them.

  • irene olson

    They are such a loving couple. Keith and Nicole are true soulmates. Nicole has always been a sports fan (especially football). They enjoy participating and watching sports together. He is so handsome and she so beautiful. They have paid their dues in life. Wishing them love and happiness in their life. Now a pictures of the four Urbans would be delightful. :).

  • boston61


    Young girls should know that this will happen to their faces if they use botox for YEARS. You are a moron.


    @boston61: Honey, a girl is better off getting their information from a public restroom wall than believing a troll!

  • fred


    clearly that is where YOU get your information, SM

  • fred

    Making an observation about the way that Nicole’s face is very clearly turning out is one thing …

    Making comments about the Urban relationship and/or their children is another (which really, ONLY the Urbans are privy to; and which photographs don’t give the full truth one way or the other) …

    To accuse people making the first valid and much-noticed observation as being “haters” and “jealous of their relationship/career/family” is simply ludicrous and lazy …

    It is quite funny how those that attack the people making simple objective observations on pictures that they are invited to comment upon, don’t see that they are themselves spiteful, hateful, negative and deeply rude … (the very things that JJ discourages)

    It simply shows their level of intelligence …

    And EVERY thread we have the same obnoxious people repeatedly attacking ANYONE who says anything that they simply don’t like, whether true or not …

    They don’t see what hypocrites they themselves are!!!!
    They rarely have anything to say about the Urbans; they seem obsessively focussed on the commenters only.

    And of course, this comment, like all others they simply don’t like, will get thumbed down; simply because they lack the wherewithal to discuss things like adults!

    Sure, there are some comments that do belong in the gutter; but not ALL of them. Sadly, the radical obsessors (largely one person; SM) are so blinded they can’t see the difference.

    Sad, really. I doubt that the Urbans care 2 hoots about their endless time-wasting witchhunt.