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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: I Can Do A Southern Accent!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: I Can Do A Southern Accent!

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley stops by The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Tuesday (May 10).

Here’s what the 24-year-old British model and actress had to share:

On working on Transformers: Dark of the Moon: “I’d love to [do more acting]. I had such a blast in this movie … it was such a great shoot. The movie looks insane.”

On boyfriend Jason Statham: “I came back [home] from filming after about two weeks covered in bruises, like head to toe and he was like, ‘Babe, you got to wear your stunt pads! And so he’s very sweet. He sent me these like razor thin gel stunt pads that stuntmen wear on the movies that he does. Cause the regular ones make you look like an NFL football player.”

On being able to do an American accent: “I can do a Southern accent. I love a Southern accent. I do! I like, Georgia. Atlanta, Georgia. Real pretty.”

FYI: Rosie is wearing a white Dolce&Gabbana dress.

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  • Costa

    Rosie is incredibly gorgeous. I love her. She’s really beautiful and a really sweet girl.

  • YG

    She’s pretty, but I still like Megan better

  • no

    uhmmmmm, Rosie.
    I think that you are probably a nice girl. But whoever told you that you do a good Southern accent was LYING.
    Please son’t ever do thar again.

  • ha

    Southern accent?
    South of what?

  • http://jt sliiigo toress ^________^ cute

    rosie beautiful

  • http://ls Ka simply amazing!!!!!!!

    Lookalike candice??

  • s

    She’s muuuuuuch more beautiful, fun, charismatic than MF. Rosie is the sweetest girl ever. GORGEOUS.

  • Sun

    Cameron Diaz

  • Jordan

    How long until the fat ugly trolls come to hate on this gorgeous woman? I pray to god in heaven she does more movies. I can’t wait for her to do more press, simply beautiful.

  • Lena

    yeah, her personality reminds me of Cameron too, hilarious, happy person. love her so much because of that !

  • kat

    I want Rosie’s hair, seriously.

  • abc



    Megan used to sound arrogant, vulgar and stuck up. Rosie seems more sweet, sympathetic, grateful and down to earth.
    I wis her all the best in both careers.

  • carrie

    her “acting ” looks awful in TRANSFORMER3 trailer

  • max

    @carrie: hah… are you nuts or just a hater? There is no acting in Transformers 3 trailer.

    At least wait till July to say something like that.

  • fan

    ka simply amazing!!!!! candice more beautiful and rosie look younger

  • Sara

    @max: yeah,… but she does weird faces….

  • John31

    Jason Statham is a lucky man :D She is Beautiful!

  • An

    ka simply my favrot new model candice so different face and beautiful not like rosie

  • hiho

    She CAN’T ACT.
    AT ALL: but at least here she dressed like a no-hobo.
    I’d give her that.
    Her face is tweaked and her lips-nose-cheecks-eyes ratio is really ugly (for a supposed model standard), but dressed that way she covered her cellulitis legs (she has those, you can check any un-photoshopped set of her).
    She is also pretty dumb as you would expect: Jason S. is creepy because he could be her grandpa, and she’s even creepier because she allows him ruling her.
    So in the end: she can’t act at all, she is a mediocre model, but she probably give old men great services (which is the way she got her “acting” job, of course).

    I love to see how this untalented chick’s PR work the media to sell her as credible.

    Retarded much?

  • @hiho

    jealous much?

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o L

    …She’s ‘nice’ looking.

  • RebeccaS

    i like her hair lighter

  • pigbearman

    ordinary tranny

  • Julie

    Rosie is beautiful! I can’t wait to see her become a superstar!
    I hope she doesn’t just go the hot model route though. I want to see her on Vogue American and Harper’s Bazaar US covers! The BIG TIME!! xoxo

  • moon

    ka simply amazing are you crazy candice beautiful and rosie ugly

  • ka simply Amazing!!!!!!!
  • Super Cool

    I LOVE her! She seems to have an excitable personality which goes well with hot and smart. She seems like a really nice person.

  • goAWAYrosie

    who cares, bring Megan Fox back. She’s way prettier/.

  • who?

    dont know who she is but she’s dumb and looks like every other blonde on the street.

  • bryan davys

    I liked her southern accent it is very 50s

  • cgfd

    she is ok but I hate her nose. Its bulbous.

  • supersexy

    I know right? her nose is humongous..she needs a nosejob asap!

  • wam

    @pigbearman: LOL because every fat girl hiding behind their computers calls hot chicks trannies right? LOL. so predictable and boring!

  • wam

    @who?: and Megan Fox looks like every other porn star out there. She’s nothing but a plastic surgery nightmare now!

  • p

    ka simply idiots look so much candice in link much better and beautful than rosie

  • SpeakindaTruth

    Rosie and Candice look alike I’ve said that before, they look like ugly ducks except Rosie is waaay prettier.

    But wut’s up with all the supposedly “fat-chicks” comments? Nobody said anything, except Megan is prettier or bring her back to Transformers, which is all the truth. Dag you fat chunky Rosie fans are getting paranoid. Sitting at your computer, munching on ice-cream, dorritos and soda and trying to post fat comments about ppl who love Megan. Why was Megan being stuck up to you? Because she didn’t cheer at her own picture in Maxim Magazine? Rosie seems a little more stuck up that Megan and acts just like every other dumb model in Hollywood, her personality is nothing new, check Gisele, Heidi, Tyra, Candice, Alessandra for an example. Megan’s original.

  • WTF?

    @SpeakindaTruth: Funny comment, cause Megan Fox has nothing original left anymore, she’s all freaking plastic now.
    By the way, in case you didn’t realise it, this post is about
    ROSIE HUNTINGTON, not about Megan.


    @ SpeakindaTruth
    Apparently YOUR idol, Megan is even more DUMBER than all these women put together.
    I mean once must be a total cretin to deliberatly f*ck up one’s beauty, to sh*t on one’s only success, to insult left and right directors, men, fellow actresses, part of the population, young fans that one’s arrogantly refusedto meet TWICE , in other words to commit with the precision of an elite killer the biggest massive professional suicide of the decade.
    Now that totally reconstructed plastic face starlet, ultimate bimbo, queen of the dumb and dumber has downgraded from former front runner new big thing status to cheap lingerie dwarf model and wanna be actress making movies with equally plastic surgeries freaks, stupid movies going straight to DVD.
    You want to talk about BEING DUMB AS F*CK, look no other way than your stupid, totally cr*tin idole who doesn’t even qualify to the level of a dumb model in terms of IQ, brains and smartness !.
    Rosie is still the better model and now is starring in the better movie than that straight DVD Megan’s latest flick.
    All this, just because Megan is incredibly DUMBER than any REAL model will ever be and she destroyed her own career like the ultimate bimbo with no intelligence whatsoever !!!!!

  • Lover

    She’s SO pretty inside and out! Great personality, great sense for Leading the interview and not be led!
    If there’s only one critic against her is that I wish she would be more aware to how the fur clothing industry is working. I mean who doesn’t know these days (Or doesn’t want to)…?

  • hermit


    megan fox’s personality was not original
    i always thought she sounded as though she was reading an instruction manual on ‘how to appeal to men’
    she tries too hard to make herself seem badass and down to earth
    she tried too hard to come across as the rebel

    a real rebel/guy’s girl would never get plastic surgery
    if megan fox was so down to earth she would just leave hollywood

    she is just very pretentious, by creating the persona she did , she just wanted to double her hotness to men

    hey it worked, fools like you just lapped it up

    her persona was just as cliche as the hollywood blonde bimbo type